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The Craftons Ch. 02

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This story contains incest, interracial sex and bisexual sex. If any of these themes offend you, go no further! This story is not for you.

Chapter 1

Halvatia Curry hummed softly as she cleaned the collard greens for dinner. The murmur of laughter caused her to look up and out the kitchen window. There in the gazebo sat the Crafton’s, Carter and Caitlin along with their mother, June. June was nearly 27 weeks along and developing that round shape that all pregnant women have. She looked radiant. Obviously enjoying her pregnancy despite its incestuous beginnings.

They were laughing at Baby Gabrielle who was chasing Christian, Halvatia’s brother, around the yard. Christian fell to the ground, pretending to be in great distress, as the baby climbed on his back and began to pummel him.

“Gabby baby, you can’t beat Uncle Christian up like that,” Caitlin laughed.

“He won’t play horsey,” Gabrielle complained, wrapping her tiny arms around Christian’s massive neck.

“It’s okay, Miss Caitlin, she be a pure joy!”

Halvatia lost sight of Christian and his rider as they disappear around the corner of the house. Her eyes trailed back to the gazebo just in time to see Carter absentmindedly stroked his mother’s belly. She gave him a beatific smile and covered his hand with hers.

She clucked to herself as she thought about the strictures that society placed on relationships. There be three people who were deeply in love with each other and the sex they had only made it better. The fact that they were mother, sister and brother should not interfere with the love they felt for each other.

The clatter of the elevator drew her attention. The Prendergast’s, Anne’s parent arrived earlier that day. This was their first visit. Anne asked them to come meet Carter and his family.

That Wanda Prendergast smoldered deep inside, Halvatia thought. There was a fire in her. If it were released it would consume her. Her husband was the typical White husband, more concerned about his career and sports than his wife.

* * *

Earlier, Ed and Wanda Prendergast chatted idly as they unpacked their suitcases. The casual opulence of the rehabbed Victorian impressed them.

“This people definitely live well,” Ed offered.

“Yes but June said the house was in a terrible state when they bought it. Several coats of paint covered the oak floors, railings and woodwork. She said it was arduous work making it livable!”

“Yes, I’ll bet it took a lot of money!”

Wanda shook her head. Her husband was an inveterate social climber. He saw these nice people as a possible rung on that ladder. She unbuttoned her lavender silk blouse, placed it on a hanger and hung it in the walk in closet. She unzipped and stepped out of her skirt and hung it up. She admired herself in the large dressing mirror in the closet.

Her sensible white cotton panties hugged her full hips. She frowned as her eyes travelled over her belly pooch to her ample bosom. I could lose twenty pounds and never miss it. My bra size has increased to 36C from the 34B I wore when Anne was born. She turned and looked down over her shoulder at her rump. And my ass is bigger than my breasts! I am starting to look like a pear.

She pulled a dressing gown from her suitcase and donned it as she walked back into the spacious bedroom. Ed was stripped down to his wife beater tee shirt and striped boxers. His belly protruded out and drooped over the waistband, partially hiding it. His chest formed small breasts dents in his shirt. I guess we both could lose some weight. Ed packed 230 pounds on his 5′ 10″ hirsute frame.

She noticed the small bulge in his boxers and smiled. I guess I should get that out of the way.

Wanda walked over and set on the edge of the queen size bed. She beckoned her husband to come closer. She extracted his semi hard cock from his shorts and gave it a long languorous lick. She heard her husband grunt as she took him in her mouth. With her other hand she pushed aside the gusset of her panties and let her finger slip into the moist crevice of her sex. She slowly moved her head back and forth on his cock, trying to prolong it as she eased her index finger into her needy hole.

She frigged her pussy faster as she felt her husband’s cock swell. Then, as her arousal grew, he shot two quick squirts in her mouth. She sighed, swished his come around in her mouth and swallowed.

“Mmmm, that was great, baby!”

Wanda smiled at her husband. When she stood and tried to kiss him, he turned his head. “Brush your teeth first, Wanda!” She nodded and walked into the bathroom. “We had better hurry and dress, dear. The Crafton’s are serving lunch in the gazebo.”

* * *

The Prendergasts walked quickly across the large foyer and into the dining area. To the right they could see the housekeeper Halvatia Curry standing at the kitchen sink. Through the glass-covered solarium, they could see the Craftons sitting in the gazebo laughing.

“Good güvenilir bahis morning, Halvatia,” Ed Prendergast said expansively. Ed prided himself on his liberal views. He intended to treat Halvatia just as you would any other servant.

“Good mawning, Mistuh and Missus Prendergast! The family be outside in the garden. I’ll be serving lunch out there shortly.”

“Good morning Miss Curry,” Wanda said. Despite the fact, she had met her only a few hours ago, Wanda felt comfortable with this large Black woman.

Wanda and Ed opened the screen door and stepped into the warmth of the early May day. The garden was a riot of color from the flowers and flowering bushes that circle the expansive yard. The aroma hung like a floral scent over the verdant yard. In front of them, under a vine covered gazebo, sat the Craftons. The innocence of the scene struck Wanda. There sat a pregnant mother with her son and daughter on either side. Her second impression was of a subtle sexuality that seemed to pervade the scene.

There was an intimacy. An intimacy that seemed to be more than a familial intimacy. Wanda shook her head at her foolishness and waved as she walked toward the gazebo.

“Good morning! Good morning! How are you all this morning?”

“Just fine Mr. and Mrs. Prendergast! Come join us.”

Carter patted the empty bench next to him as Wanda and Ed made their way across the expansive yard. As they entered the gazebo, June rose clumsily to greet them. She extended her arms to hug first Ed then Wanda. Carter shook Ed’s hand and warmly embraced Wanda.

“June, you look just amazing! Ann told us you were pregnant. You just look fantastic! You and Tom are just so lucky.”

“Why, why…uhh… Thank you so much Wanda,” June said somewhat nervously.

The deep rumble of Christian’s laughter followed by Gabrielle’s high pitch giggling preceded them as they turned the corner of the house. Gabrielle had a firm grip around Christian’s neck. He feigned a gallop, pretending to be a horse. She smacked his big shoulders, urging him on. They turned the corner and pulled up short at the sight of the guests in the yard.

Wanda felt a tremor in her nether regions as she beheld this man mountain. He was sweating profusely. It streamed off his brow, ran down his cheeks and dripped from his chin. His broad chest and heavily muscled arms glistened with perspiration. He was shirtless, wearing his customary bib overalls. They were faded almost white from long use. Flip-flops encased his massive gnarled feet

Christian lifted a squealing Gabrielle from his shoulders and gently sat her on her feet. Before he could acknowledge the assemblage, Halvatia yelled through kitchen window.

“Christian! Get your sorry ass in here and shower so you can help me serve lunch.”

Christian nodded and plotted passively past the gazebo and headed into the kitchen to shower in his sister’s room. A soft breeze carried the musk of his exertions. Some wrinkled their noses; Wanda felt a dampness between her legs.

Halvatia watched the interplay of the assemblage. Carter was being a good host, making Anne’s parents welcome and comfortable. The boy was coming into his own. He had an inner strength that was manifesting itself. She had begun his obeah instruction. It would help him understand how a knowledgeable person could use Nature and her creations. She shook a little of her special herb blend into her gumbo. The secret ingredient added that special flavor to her gumbo. It also added a little spice to people’s lives also. The summer will be interesting, she thought with a smile

Chapter 2

Dusk was falling when Tom Crafton punched the security code into the lock and pushed the door open. He stepped into the familiarity of his foyer. This house was becoming more refuge than home. As Carter took more interest in the business, he found himself retreating more and more to Allen’s arms.

A quick smile played across his lips. The aftertaste of Allen’s cum was still in his mouth. He shifted his legs slightly as the pleasant ache in his anus reminded him of Allen ravaging his ass. He called him his married bitch. He loved that. He loved the way Allen used him. In some ways, Carter was treating him the same way.

A sour frown played across his lips. He glanced upstairs. I share this house and my wife with her lover, my son. Months before Carter sat him down and told him about his incestuous relationship with June. Outrage had exploded from Tom in a stream of vitriolic curses. Carter had sat quietly while Tom stomped about issuing threats and recriminations.

Then Carter related the scene he witnessed in the dressing room of the costume shop last October. He described watching his father on his knees sucking cock. He went into detail about watching Tom Crafton greedily gulp down Allen’s cum.

Tom recalled his terror at being found out. Visions of public disclosure and humiliation flashed through his fevered mind. Then Carter türkçe bahis calmly pointed out that this family, like most families, had secrets. Those secrets need to be kept.

Tom remembered mechanically nodding agreement. A deal was cut. No blackmail, just a gentleman’s agreement.

They both dominated him. Allen made him wear lace panties to work. Allen expected him to suck his cock anytime and anywhere he wanted.

Carter fucked his wife anywhere, anytime he wanted. The only difference was Carter was not fucking him and Allen was. A tremor shook his body. Would that be the ultimate humiliation or the ultimate submission? To have his son fuck him!

Tom flashed back to a few weeks ago. Instead of taking the noisy elevator to their second-floor apartment, he had decided to take the stairs. When he reached their apartment, June was not there. However, he thought he heard voices above him. For some reason, stealth seemed to be the order of the day. He stole silently up the stairs. When he reached the landing, he laid his head against the solid oak door.

He could hear soft moans and quiet voices. Slowly, carefully, he turned the knob on the door. Using a stealth that he never knew he possessed, he eased the door open a crack until just one eye could see into the room.

June Crafton lay naked on the floor. The slight pooch of her pregnant belly shook as she plunged the vibrator into her pussy. Carter lay fully clothed between her legs. His face was barely a foot from her throbbing wet pussy. He quietly coached her and complimented her on how she looked as she masturbated for him.

“Mmmm, mom you should see how your pussy lips swell.”

“Tell me how they look, baby.”

“Mom, they swell and blossom like the petals of the Morning’s Glories in our yard. As you get wet, your juices are like the dew on those flowers.”

June tittered like a schoolgirl. “Is my pussy getting bigger?”

Tom watched entranced as his son nodded his head. The intimacy of the scene was revelatory. He never talked to his wife in this way.

“Mom, your pussy is always puffy and swollen as though you wanted to fuck. It’s always been a light tan but now it’s a deep dark, almost bluish black.”

“Oh Carter, I am always horny! There are times after we make love that I have to use my vibrator.”

“Mmmm, you are my slut mommy!”

Tom felt a tidal wave of emotions washed through his body. There was outrage at the intimacy of his son and his wife. He felt betrayed that his wife would share herself with another man. Finally, he felt humiliation that another man, his son, could be this intimate with his wife. He was a little surprise to feel the tightness in his pants. The intimacy of the scene was arousing.

Tom watched as June reached her orgasm. He saw her hips began to pump rhythmically up and down. A thin sheen of sweat covered her body. Guttural moans issued from her mouth. The whole time Carter lay mere inches from June’s pussy as her juices flowed. First through her swollen labia and then in rills down the crack of her ass. Tom backed away from the door, overcome with humiliation and lust at the scene he had just witnessed. He heard Carter’s voice say:

“Mom and I love your new pregnant aroma. It is so rich, so earthy and tantalizing!”

* * *

The smell of Halvatia’s cooking snapped Tom Crafton back to reality. As he walked into the large ballroom, his stomach growled in anticipation as the aromas of Miss Curry’s cooking assaulted his nostrils. He shook his head. It seemed that woman was always cooking! His waistline was the proof of it!

“Good Evening, Mistuh Crafton! I got some ice tea on the serving table. And I totted it up wid some black rum my cousin makes!”

“Thank you, Miss Curry; I could use a pick me up!” How many cousins does that woman have? Smoked hams, sausages and now rum from her huge family filled their larder.

“Is my wife home?”

“No Suh! She took the Prendergasts for a walking tour of the neighborhood. Mistuh Carter and Miss Anne be out too. Miss Caitlin is home though!”

Tom took a long sip of the spiked ice tea. He could feel it simultaneously cooling and warming him as it moved through his body. Caitlin had left a message at his office saying she needed to talk to him. He frowned. Johnny told him that he wanted out of their arrangement. It was probably just as well. At least the marriage kept his granddaughter from being born out of wedlock.

He refilled his glass and started toward the sunroom. “Miss Curry, I’m going to run back to the coach house to see Caitlin.”

“Suh, you should put on a jacket! It’s a bit chilly this evening!”

“I’ll be fine!” Tom opened the door and made the short walk to the coach house.


Halvatia smiled as she watched Tom move quickly across the concrete apron and enter the lower level of the coach house. Her incredible instinct for people told her what was about to happen. Missus Caitlin was going to tell her daddy that she was güvenilir bahis siteleri divorcing Johnny. Halvatia saw that coming for a long time.

Caitlin, Carter and Anne would probably end up living together in the coach house. Those three had something different and special going. Then there was Missus Crafton. She was happy as she could be. Seems she liked the idea of having Mistuh Carter’s baby. Halvatia shook her head ruefully. That boy is a baby factory! If he ain’t careful, he’ll have all the women in the house pregnant.

The way Missus Carter was glowing, she probably wished she could have another as soon as the twins popped out!

Halvatia poured herself a glass of the spiked ice tea. She used the same mushrooms in it that she used in the Halloween punch. It would warm them and make them relax.

Chapter 3

Caitlin lay nude and alone in her marriage bed. She and Johnny had been married more than two years. After the first rush of marriage and the subsequent birth of her daughter, he was home less and less. She sighed and absentmindly played with her nipples. What could she expect from a marriage built on a lie? Her daughter Gabrielle was Carter’s baby. Moreover, Carter was the only man she really loved. It was time to stop living the lie.

Sex with John Hampton had become perfunctory and formulaic. It was not quite wham, bam, thank you ma’am. However, it was so close that she expected him to pay her. He was just getting off, doing his duty, not making love to her. Carter and Anne made love to her.

She groaned, as she pulled hard on her nipple. She recalled the many sessions she, Anne and Carter had together. She squirmed as she recalled them each suckling on her nipples while they alternated finger fucking her. Her full hips pumped lazily up and down.

Caitlin stretched her legs out and spread them while raising her hands over her head and spreading her arms. Her pussy twitched as she recalled them tying her to the bed and teasing her unmercifully. They nibbled on her nipples, spanked her pussy with the riding crop. She loved the feeling of helplessness. She opened her mouth and moved her tongue in a licking motion, remembering Anne’s pussy tantalizingly just above her face, dripping her juices on her face. So near yet so far! What her brother and his girlfriend did to her was an exquisite torture.

Carter had told her Johnny was bisexual and that he and daddy were lovers. That did not really bother her. She was bisexual and had been for as long as she could remember. Caitlin let her finger slip between the folds of her vagina. Her tongue licked the air again as she imagined she could see Anne’s pussy above her. Her labia were like flower petals. They were pink and folded back. When she was aroused, they swelled and blossomed like a fragrant flower.

No, she had no problem with bisexuality, but she did have a problem with halfhearted sex. She would talk to Anne and Carter about it. Perhaps the three of them could live together in some kind of group marriage.

She needed to talk to her father also. He arranged this marriage. He needed to know it was over.

* * *

Later, Caitlin slowly closed the door of the nursery. Gabby was sleeping peacefully. Caitlin sipped her ice tea as she walked across the hall to the stairwell.

Back in the day, the upper floor of the coach house were the livery servant’s quarters. The first floor was where the horse drawn coaches were stored and maintained. June Crafton remodeled it into a two-story apartment with two large bedrooms and a sitting room. The lower floor was a great room with an open kitchen and oversized bath. A narrow spiral iron staircase connected the two floors.

As was her custom, Caitlin wore only a large tee shirt. This one just barely covered her pussy. She walked down the narrow metal spiral staircase. Partway down, it faced the airlock door. June had frugally installed an inner double pane glass door. Combined with the oak outer door, it formed a small vestibule that made the coach house more energy efficient.

Tom Crafton stood in this vestibule preparing to ring the bell when he looked up. He saw his daughter descending the stairs. He also saw her shaved pussy with its prominent labia. From his vantage point, it seemed to glisten as if moist. With a herculean effort, he pulled his eyes away, only to have them recoil back. Then Caitlin raised her hand to wave, causing the shirt to rise even higher. Tom swallowed hard and unconsciously adjusted his cock to a more comfortable position.

Caitlin smiled as she saw her daddy. Then she saw where his eyes were fixed. She glanced down and realized she was flashing her pussy at her father. She made a halfhearted attempt to pull the shirt down. However, since one hand held her glass of ice tea, she was not successful. She shrugged and continued down the stairs. She opened the inner door and affectionately threw her arms around her father’s neck.

Tom embraced his daughter. He tried to keep his hard cock from rubbing her belly. He could feel her warmth through the thin tee shirt. Her small breasts pressed into his lower chest. Horrified by his arousal, he placed his hands on her waist and pushed her away.

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