Mar 26

the cuckold fun

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the cuckold fun”So, gorgeous, where does your husband think you are when you’reactually here with me?” Craig asked.He’d just gotten me off yet again and was trying to cool down a little,hold back, so he wouldn’t cum again too quickly himself. He wasn’tinside me for the moment — instead he’d just been sucking my tits,which seemed always to get incredibly sensitive as his lips enclosedtheir nipples. This lovely massive man — average body but massivewhere it most mattered — knew I wanted one more orgasm this session,and he knew he could provide it if he delayed his own final climax justa little bit longer. Usually, he told me, he did it by distractinghimself, thinking about the weather, or ball scores, or truck rentals — he was a building contractor. This time he was doing it by thinkingabout my husband. The husband he was screwing by screwing his wife.That was his style, score off the one while scoring with the other.He’d already gotten me to confess that he was the bigger man down belowwhere it mattered, and that I came harder when he fucked me. As ifthat mattered. But he couldn’t stop gloating!Guys! They like to do that kind of thing. Fuck the wife and thehusband each in a different way. Kill two birds.”What do you mean, where does he think I am?” I confess I wasdistracted a little myself, moving down to settle onto his crotch afterhe’d nursed for a while on my highly aroused tits. I was ready to goagain. My knees were already planted on both sides of his body and mypussy was centered over his crotch and I was about to impale myself onhis erect prick. To use it to fuck myself, as always — this was sex,not love. To fuck him in the process of course — with sex, to receiveis to give. But with Craig my own pleasure would always come first.He tried pressing me down onto him by my shoulders. “I mean, here youare,” he said. “You spend every Friday night with me and you don’tleave till midnight. Except for the Friday once a month when you meetwith your girlfriends, I mean. When you get home to your husband Iknow you’re all fucked out, because you look it. We both look it afterwe’ve been together all evening. Most every Friday for over a yearnow. It has been over a year now, you know? Since I ran into you atMartine’s Bar, and we ordered drinks and then decided not to wait forthem and came straight here to my place? Your husband’s got to bewondering what you do Fridays ever since then. You can’t be tellinghim you’re working late at the ofice — nobody works that late all thetime. Does he know it’s that you’ve found a better man to fuck?”Bastard! He has no idea! But now he’d planted a teeny idea, and Idecided to let it grow and see what kind of fruit it might bear.”Oh, Wendell’s no problem,” I said with a quiet smile, adjusting mylabia on either side of the tip of Craig’s cock, then sitting back downon the crown. All the way down, and it was in! Deep! God, Craigalways feels so marvelous inside me even when he doesn’t move! Thatreally thick meat of his! I raised myself up and felt empty, void,then lowered myself again and … felt full again! Completed! “Ohhh!”I didn’t want to give him that satisfaction so soon, but I justcouldn’t help moaning!Craig had already cum into me twice and was going for three, andtonight I’d been so fully orgasmic I’d lost count of my own peaks. Bynow I was so full of his jism that my cunt made a squooshing sound as Icame down, and the goop squirted out all around the edges. Still, thatmarvelous yearning sensation shot through me again, so I lifted myselfup and crammed down again! Oh, God, it intensified, wonderful! I feltbreathless!”Wendell thinks I’m out with the girls,” I reminded him. “That this ismy regular Friday out with the girls. Every Friday, not just once amonth. He trusts me because he wants to trust me. He’s so sweet! Hedoesn’t want ever to suspect anything, so he never suspects anything nomatter how late I come home. That’s how we are. It’s a goodmarriage.” It was, too!”But,” Craig went on. Sometimes he doesn’t quit! “I mean, look howyou are when you leave here. Physically worn out after our five, sixhours or more of steady humping. Drained, except for your pussy –that’s always overflowing! You never seem to clean up or anythingbefore you leave here, shower or douche or anything. Not even blot.You just seal up all my sticky stuff inside you with that tight pantygirdle, whatever you call it, and then you head straight home. There’sno way he doesn’t notice what happens when you pull that thing off!What does he think is leaking out of you and running down your legs andall over the floor?”We began moving our groins against each other, and he began diddling mynipples with those strong fingertips — who knew such large hands couldfeel so … so delicate. It wouldn’t be long! Then he lifted himselfup and leaned forward took one breast into his mouth again, diddlingthe tip with his tongue. An electric stroke shot through me! Hisother hand reached for my clit and pinched it, and I almost melted!I forced myself to reply. “Me, Craig. He thinks it’s all me, all thatjuice. He thinks my pussy excretes it when I’m away from him. And itnever reaches the floor. When I get home I want to share everythingwith him, all the pleasure you’ve given me. So I always ask him toclean me out with his tongue, to suck on my twat till I’m bone clean!So he does just that, every night, sometimes all night! He’s gotten tolove the flavor, and he especially loves how sucking it up and drinkingit down gives me two, maybe three more orgams!”Craig looked hard at me to see if I was joking. I wasn’t. Way backwhen I first started bringing all that drippy semen home, Wendell waspuzzled. He couldn’t figure how I got so juicy down there. I told himthat’s how I am, that’s all, that when I’m away from him the thought ofwhat he’ll do to me when I’m back excites me. Which is true one way.I always find Wendell’s tongue such a comfort after I’ve been poundedfor hours by Craig’s huge thing. I mean, my labia get stretched outand puffed up, and sometimes inflamed, especially when he’s done medoggy style over and over. So as soon as I get home I wrap my legsaround Wendell’s head and hug it as tightly as I can, as if I neverwanted my hubby’s mouth anywhere else! In fact, over the months, asCraig has stretched me out and Wendell’s little wiener has come tomatter less and less, his mouth has mattered all the more! It’smiraculous how it soothes and excites me, both! I love it! I adoreit! And Wendell more than ever!Fortunately, Wendell never questions anything I’ve ever asked him todo. My wish is his command, and so on. He loves making me happy,doing whatever I ask. If he ever did have any suspicions about myFridays with Craig, they vanished long ago. He sees how eagerly Irespond to his lips and tongue as they suck out Craig’s semen and myown secretions too and he fills his belly. How my pleasure risesuntil at last I’ll finish with a staggering, ecstatic orgasm thatgushes so much cum all at once from way up in my twat that he canscarcely swallow it all.Why should he object?? That’s pretty much become our sex life.Wendell is nowadays as eager to give me head as I am to get it. He’llstill fuck me now and then, but I’m never that all responsive with hisprick in me. How could I be after I’ve been fucked for hours by a manlike Craig! So most nights he doesn’t even bother to try.Craig pulled away from my breast for a moment, still holding it in hishuge hand, and looked at me, “No, seriously. I mean, if he knowsyou’re here with me and he doesn’t mind, why not invite him over too sohe can suck my cock while I’m waiting to recover and fuck you yetagain? I’ve wondered what it’s like, getting a guy to suck my cock.I’m no queer, but for you I’d let him do it!””For me, would you let him fuck you up the ass,” I asked him slowly,lazily, as delicious sensations rose from his prick to set my wholegroin in motion. “Or would you fuck him, since you’re no queer, so onehole’s the same as any other to you?”No answer. I’d insulted him, as I’d intended. Putting down my darlingWendell! This stud could get so arrogant sometimes!Still, I thought I’d better give him a whiff of the truth. “To answeryour question, where does Wendell think I am when I’m here, he thinksI’m with my girlfriends. As I actually am the first Friday of everymonth, the one Friday I don’t spend with you. He envies me the the waythese nights out with the girls leave me feeling so utterly satisfiedby the time I get home.””He isn’t jealous?” Craig was starting to pump as well as make figureeights. The old magic was rising higher in him too.”No, but he does get lonely.” I said reflectively. “So right off lastyear, I took him to a meeting so he could see what went on. We havedifferent meetings each time — mostly we go to a Club and drink andjoke with each other and dance with different men we know. Butsometimes türbanlı eskişehir escort we’re an Oprah book club and talk about whatever she’srecommended we should read. The one I asked him to sit in on was justplain card playing at Berry’s house, and just plain gossip. You know,we don’t any of us have k**s yet, so we talk our other girl things.Mostly fashion and styles in clothes and in makeup. Recipes, who’scheating on who else. Most of us are, of course, or we’re thinkingabout it, but we have a rule, we never talk about each other unlessthere’s a problem. Well, Wendell was altogether at a loss, the poordear — I couldn’t tell if he was confused or plain bored! I mean, hecouldn’t tell a shirred neckline from a stirred martini — or a bobfrom a cloche. He had nothing to say.”I looked down at Craig, and saw I was losing him.”It meant nothing to him when Bell told us how Maddy Reynolds pulled atrain with all the groomsmen at her sister’s wedding out of sheerjealousy. All the ushers. Or claimed she did. The truth was, though,that she’d already fucked the groom dry and was worried he’d tell hersister when he couldn’t perform on his wedding night. I mean, Wendellhad never met Maddy, so why should he care? He didn’t even knowMaggie’s brother, who seduced Maddy’s husband at that same weddingpractically that same moment!”The light in Craig’s eyes dimmed. Craig likes stories about cuckoldingguys, I knew. He’d done a lot of it before his wife did it to him andafter she left I began to monopolize his time. But when it’s the otherway around he’s less interested.”So I confidentially asked the girls what to do. They all thought myWendell was cute, with real possibilities, but they suggested that fornext time around I should teach him a few things so he could join inmore in our conversations, have things to contribute. Helen Dworski’sa beautician, and she looked at me steady to be sure I understood whatshe was really suggesting. And that told me what to do with him whenI’m with you!”By now Craig was baffled. “What?” he muttered into the space betweenhis mouth and my boob.”I asked him if he’d like to join us, talk the talk and walk the walkwith us. Do whatever it is we do. My poor dear leapt at it! Then Itold him we do all kinds of girl things, so if he joined us he might bebored or baffled. Because guys can’t ever really understand most ofthe things girls care about.””True enough,” Craig muttered, his mouth again muffled by my breast.”I never can figure out why women are interested in all that stuff.”True enough for men like Craig, but I didn’t say so.”Well, Wendell said that anything women care about, anything they likedoing, a man can do just as well. I challenged him to prove it. Hedoes love showing me he can do whatever I ask, it gives him a charge,you know? You don’t? Well, too bad, Craig, your loss I suspect. Thatsimple statement gave me a terrific opening to get him thinking aboutall sorts of feminine things. To get him accustomed to thinking aboutthem, even trying out some of them. I figured why not, why not all ofthem? It’ll keep him busy whenever I’m here with Craig. And it did!Oh, God, more of that, yes, yessssss!”The spasm subsided and I resumed. “So that’s how he spends Fridayswhen I’m here with you or out with the girls. I give him things tolearn, things to do, things to practice. In fact he’s gotten as goodat most of the things women do as I am, and he’s come to feel the sameway about most of them. He understands practically instinctively bynow.”Craig wasn’t listening. Eyes closed, he was in his own world as heslid in and out of me. But he’d started me remembering how I’d begunwith my lovely Wendell. By telling him how I was thrilled, reallyexcited whenever I bought a new pair of heels or a pretty necklace.That he should learn all about the different kinds and uses of each forexample, so he could hold up his end of any conversations about them.And try them on, feel the thrill. And if he ever had many to chooseamong, to show reasonable good taste in his choices. That’s what wouldqualify him to be with me and my girlfriends on Fridays.He’d nodded, and I’d smiled and brought out my darling’s first heels ofhis own, in his own size, a simple court shoe, black with a three inchheel. And a turquoise pendant on a silver chain. He put them each on,and I told him they and things like them would occupy his Fridays fromnow on — he’d wear them, get accustomed to them, learn more abouteach, study the sales catalogues and fashion magazines, and all weeklong observe how other women wore theirs. And each Friday I’d addsomething else he should learn, clothing or makeup or behavior. Untilhe was comfortably one of us.Then I’d left the house and came here to fill myself with Craig, tofuck Craig blind. That was a year ago. Now, a year later, my husbandhad been transformed. He was ready to join us. In some ways hisconversation and concerns were more womanly, more feminine, betterinformed, than some of the naturally-born girls in our group.Which posed another problem I hadn’t yet solved, I was thinking as myhips rose and fell over Craig’s cock. Wendell was now fit to attend mygirls’ meetings as one of us on one Friday each month. But how could Iaccount for the other Friday? I hadn’t considered the other Fridays,my fuckfest Fridays with Craig, several each month. How could I occupyhim then, now that he’d already learned to be a woman? A few weeks agoI’d posed this to the girls, and they’d agreed it was a problem.Maggie offered to introduce him to her gay brother to date on thoseother Fridays, maybe also to introduce Wendell to the gay scene. But Ididn’t like that idea. I worried that they might fall for each other,or Wendell might fall for some other guy. And Wendell was mine! Istill want him!Yet I hadn’t thought of an alternative, not yet. And I had to.Because I do love fucking Craig!Craig changed his rhythm and lunged up at me, so I shoved back down onhim as hard as I could. Our juices squeezed out of me yet again. Thatswollen piston now seemed to be jammed in me airtight, immoveable, so Iclenched down on its base and rose and fell on it, and found it wasn’tslipping in and out of me any more. Instead, my pussy was jerking himoff! That was a first! I quickened the pace and felt another mini-orgasm, a distant fanfare announcing a triumphant crescendo I knew wascoming! So I kept jerking him off with my cunt as if it were my hand,and continued my explanation. He’d need to be distracted now, givenwhat I was doing. My pleasure had to came first!”I’ve been helping Wendell get ready. Every Friday while we’re herefucking he’s home learning one more feminine skill. That keeps himbusy. Whatever I tell him or show him, he has to do it over and overuntil he’s perfect at it. Until it’s second nature and he does itwithout thinking.””Like cook dinner? Or carry out the trash? Or suck my cum out of yourcunt?””Our cum, Craig.” I looked down on him. That superior sneer had nowearned him a painful squeeze of his balls before I leave him tonight, Ipromised myself — no one disses my Wendell! But first he needs to getme off again! He didn’t realize it, but for months, maybe from thebeginning, I’d been using him the way men use whores, strictly for mypersonal pleasure. He was my whore, but with his ego he’d never see itthat way.”Yes, Wendell sucks me, cleans me out whenever I get home. And that’shis reward. Every Friday before I leave him to come here I teach himsomething new to practice. How to put on eye makeup suitable for amorning visit to a neighbor, or an afternoon card party, or a formaldance at the club, three different styles of makeup every girl shouldknow. While we’re here having sex here he’s home practicing, and bythe time I get back he’s always got it down! Perfect! Last Friday itwas putting on lipstick as if quickly refreshing it after a lunch or asif slowly sliding it on, teasing with it while a lover watches. TheFriday before that it was clipping a bra onto his boobs the way girlsdo it, by leaning forward and catching them and then reaching way backto hook it up. Way back it was simple things, like walking in heels.Now it’s how to look sexy when you’re being finger-fucked, or there’s adildo in your mouth, or in your rear end. How to enjoy his dildo theway I enjoy your cock I mean, especially whwn I let you use my rear, Imean. Though my poor darling Wendell has only his dildo, not that hot,stiff cock of yours. And only one hole in his bottom, not two. Thepoor dear.”Craig stopped moving as I talked, and looked at me bewildered. “Yourhusband is practicing what exactly?”I figured I’d gone too fast for him. I smiled a superior smile at himand began rolling my pelvis around and around on that stiff pole ofhis. Round and round. The old incredible sensations rose into from mygroin and started to spread türbanlı eskişehir escort bayan through my body. God, this one was goingto be so great, I was thinking! This man feels so delicious!I had to speak plainly. “Wendell is practicing everything a girl oughtto know before she goes out with other girls for an all-girl evening.Because we do talk about sex now and then, so he has to know how girlsfeel about sex. And how sex as a woman feels.” I didn’t add that Ihaven’t yet confirmed him in his new womanhood by introducing him to aman, so he can get to know how sex as a woman actually feels. That Iwant him to anticipate and enjoy the heat of a cock in his mouth orpulsing in his body the way I do. To learn how to tempt men to givehim a cock whenever he craves one!Craig got the message, and closed his eyes and began lunging into meagain. I decided to keep talking — I wasn’t there yet. “I didn’tstart with him that way, but that’s how it’s ending. He got lonely,and saw how satisfied I always seemed to be when I come home. Hethought it was from all from being with my girlfriends and wanted tojoin us. He has no friends of his own — I didn’t like them when wefirst got married, and discouraged them. So every Friday he prepareshimself to join us. Learns our talk, our mannerisms. I’ve even taughthim how to do the harmless flirting we sometimes engage in.” Sometimesnot so harmless, I added to myself.”Your so-called man wants to be a sissy,” Craig muttered under hisbreath. By now I was riding him like a horse — he was doing all thework, loping, and I was effortlessly riding him, posting myslf in thesaddle and enjoying the feel of all that a****l power between my legs!””Well, duh! Yes, you could say that. That’s what he is. He didconfess to me one time that the desire isn’t new. That when he firstturned thirteen he’d wanted to be a girl like his big sister, becausegirls seem to have all the fun. He’d put on her clothes now and thenand pretend. He’s come a long way since then. Now h can be a realstunner when he takes the time to do Wendy properly.”Craig began to get breathless. “Wendy? Who’s she?”He wasn’t listening closely, I guess. “Next week I intend to takeWendell out on the town with the other girls I hang with and let himattend one of our get-togethers, so he can experience for real whathe’s been dreaming about all these months. Maybe all these years sincehe was thirteen.”At that moment I decided I’d move Wendell even further! My body wasradiant with the joy Craig was spreading through it! Why shouldn’t myhubby know that same joy? “I’ll get him properly laid by a real manfor once,” I added, mostly to myself. “See how he likes it. How shelikes it, I mean. Because if she does like it, that’s what I’ll wanther to be from then on. A woman.”Craig was now going at me full force, his eyes closed. I kept talking,though it was now clear he was listening only to distract himself fromhis rising urge to ejaculate. Not really listening — he was losingthe battle. I could tell that the urge to pump semen into me wasoverwhelming him!”Everyone in his office already thinks that’s what he is, even thoughhe comes in completely dressed up only on dress-down Fridays. We tooka two week vacation at a beauty spa a few weeks ago and spent the wholetime being girls, getting our hair and nails and complexion done and soon. Dancing with guys in the evening. He loved it, and of course hedidn’t want to hide his new look when we got back. I forewarned hisboss and the girls on his staff, and asked them as a personal favor notto seem to notice except maybe to compliment him, ask who’d done hishair and so on. Some of the girls invited him to lunch with them, andwhen he came home that evening he was absolutely ecstatic! He’d beenwith his own group of girlfriends! That was when I decided he wasready to join my group. I couldn’t stall him longer. So it’ll happenat our next regular meeting, next Friday.”Craig suddenly flexed, then violently rolled me over, and once on tophe slammed into me. Then again. And again! My legs splayed out oneither side of his hips and his full body weight crammed his prick deepinto me and my ass deep into the mattress. This was it! What could Ido? I wrapped my thighs tight around him and hooked my heels into hisback and rode beneath him while he thrust into me over and over, fasterand faster, harder and harder. It was as if he were trying to jam hiswhole body into me with each shove, and to judge by how full my pussyfelt, how stretched out, he was succeeding! Forget talk! With eachslam I met him half way, and the two of us got really violent. Thenfrantic, each of us reaching for our ultimate peak! Then I felt him goover the top and begin spurting, pouring hot jism deep into me, and Icame too. I tensed my legs and squeezed his body almost tight enoughto break one of his ribs, maybe, and I entered paradise! Ecstasy! Itwas sublime! I felt a euphoria so great that I passed out!When I came to and opened my eyes, Craig was standing alongside the bedlooking down at me. “I was a little worried about you,” he said. “Iwas thinking of calling 911 and telling them I’ve just fucked mygirlfriend to death.””You wish,” I replied. “I can outlast you any day. No contest.”He grinned confidently. But we were both played out — no way couldeither of us take up the challenge again, take no prisoners. So hejust said, “We’ll see. We will see.”Then to change the subject he reached toward the last thing I’d saidthat he remembered. “What do you mean, he’ll join your group nextFriday, this nancy husband of yours. What group?”Jesus! Talk about a short attention span? Well, he was fucking me atthe time, so I supposed I could forgive him. “He’ll join some of myother girlfriends who also see boyfriends on other Fridays, like me,” Iexplained carefully. He’ll become one of us. We all get together atthe Sutton Hotel once a month, remember? That’s what’s coming up. Hedoesn’t know there’ll be any men there, of course, but it’s set up sothis time we’ll each happen to see some guy we know and invite himover, and dance with him, and so on. Maggie will introduce her brotherand my Wendell may become a complete woman before he ever finds out howwe all spend our other Fridays. If he can get himself properly laidI’m sure he won’t care any more. Then we can really and truly begirlfriends as well as husband and wife. Though our marriage willcontinue on a different basis I suspect.””You mean, you won’t mind being married to a faggot? A guy who sucksother guys’ cocks and takes it up the ass?” Craig seemed amused, butalso edgy. Aggressive. Was he really homophobic? A lot of arrogantlymasculine guys like Craig preen themselves by detesting queers!That idea I’d had earlier now broke ground and started to grow. Idecided to let it.”No, my sweet Wendell isn’t really gay. Only a transvestite. A manwho now and then likes to imagine that he’s a woman, and dress thepart. I suspect he’s partially transgendered, one of those men whoreally are women in some ways, at least in their own minds, but afraidto confess it maybe even to themselves. Some transgenders really arefull scale women born to believe they aren’t because they lack awoman’s body, but they’re women even so. I don’t think Wendell is oneof those. He’s always loved his body. Though I’ve got to say, heloves it much more these days, now that the hormones I’ve fed him allyear have taken hold, and he’s grown some lovely breasts and a sweet,tight ass, and has learned to be proud of them, and knows how to dressto show them off when he has the opportunity. I can’t blame him — hereally does have a figure to die for.””Gross,” Craig said automatically. For him, maybe. He was all man.Not for my darling Wendell. Not any longer. He’d always admiredwomen, and envied them it turns out, and he was now no different fromany. Well, a little different, still. “He still sounds like a faggotto me!” Craig added.”No,” I replied. I pulled my shoulders way back and thrust my breastsstraight up at Craig. Might as well torment him, now that hiserections were over for the evening. He’d managed three tonight,commendable! “Wendell isn’t gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, but hejust isn’t a man who loves other men. He’s a partial woman who lovesbeing a partial woman. He still loves women. The woman in him mightlearn to love men too, but only as a woman. The man in him loves me.He needs to take one more step and learn to love men the way most womendo, that’s all. Then he’ll be as complete a woman as he can be. Buthe’s no way gay.”This was a little too complicated for Craig. He looked puzzled. Igestured for him to start caressing my breasts again with those hugehands of his to give him something to do. That he understood, and did.At the same time I began caressing my own clit, and realized that Imight yet türbanlı escort eskişehir get off one more time. “I’m rather proud of my sweetheart,”I said. “I made him what he is today, and I do hope he’s satisfied.Or will be. I think so.””So he spends all these Fridays flouncing around like a woman? Whilewe’re fucking each other? Every Friday for a year now? And he callshimself a man? He likes it?”There was no explaining it to Craig. I really should give it up, I wasthinking, and let his hands on my boobs do all the talking. But I owedit to Wendell. Or Wendy, as I hoped he’d end up after next week. Mylovely Wendy! My germinating idea at last flowered! It was bearingfruit! Why hadn’t I thought of it earlier?”It’s only fair,” I said. “We spend hours here satisfying each other. Why shouldn’t Wendell spend his hours at home satisfying himself?That’s what he’s been doing.””Masturbating?” Hard to believe Craig had so little memory. Or was hebeing deliberately snotty?”No, fulfilling his boyhood desire to be a woman sometimes,” I replied.All this was beyond Craig. There were men, and there were women, andthere were gay men and women, and the gays included sissies. And thatwas that. He’d never understand anything as complicated astransgendering. Our fucking and the memory of fucking and ouranticipation of more fucking marked the edge of his interests andabsorbed the whole of his attention.Well, to each his own. But I’d try one last time.”Craig, way back, even before I knew you, Wendell confessed to me thatnow and then he gets an urge to play with my lingerie. Not just play,he really gets into it!””So? Lots of guys do. I used to wrap my ex’s panties around my cockand masturbate with them. All the time. It felt great!””No, I mean he’d put them on. Wear them. He told me he always wantedto wear my panties. My bras too. He’d always enjoyed thinking he’s agirl and pretending that’s what he was.”Craig gave out a guffaw! But his hands continued to knead my breastsand his thumbs rubbed the tips of my extended nipples, so who cared?”No, seriously, soon after our marriage I caught him at it oneafternoon when I came home from the office early. Even then, with notraining at all, he looked cute! I hadn’t thought of it before, nevernoticed, but last year, even before I started lacing his food withhormones, he already looked good as a girl! I mean, he’s always beenthin, with small features and small shoulders, a naturally androgynouslook. Now on that thin chest his little boobs look huge, sticking outthe way they do, and his bras are no longer optional — he needs them. Yet, even way back he made a persuasive female. He never looked like aguy in drag. He’s a natural. A natural woman!””Hmmp!” Craig muttered. Plainly he didn’t believe me. A guy is a guyand a girl is a girl and you can always tell which is which.”Of course he lacked finesse. Even now, now and then he’ll mix andmismatch clothing. Plaids on prints! Taffeta on wool! Can youimagine? And he still wears purple lipstick even though purple hasn’tbeen fashionable for years! But he’s learned so much! YES, do thatagain.”Craig had begun kneading each of my breasts from base to tip, pinchingtheir nipples before letting them go, and each time they felt twicetheir size and gave me twice the pleasure! Obviously he wasn’t at allinterested in the women’s things Wendell cared about. Or how hismismatching of women’s clothes had driven me early on to want to trainhim properly. Most men won’t ever understand women’s clothing, I’ddecided long ago. But these days my darling advises me!The thought struck me, maybe he’s not really a man at all any more?Maybe next week with any luck he’ll be a full woman? Enough of a womanto stay that way in his head and in his desires. To be my full timegirlfriend? Could I want more than that from him? While I have Craigto fuck, that would be perfect!”When I first found out he was a crossdresser he was so ashamed! Hewas petrified that day I came on him trying on my undies. He tried tohide in a closet, and he called to me to go away, he’d explain later.And then he actually started to cry! My poor darling dear actuallylost it! Can you imagine? Well, my heart went out to him. I had tohelp him. Oh, God, do that again with my breasts!”Then and there I came! Just from what Craig was doing to my breastsand me to my clit! It was heaven! I had to do that to Wendy too! Orfind him a man to do things like that to him! Maggie’s gay brothermaybe for openers. Despite the risk!Craig was amused to see me shudder, but also pleased. He said, “Sothat’s it? You find you’re married to a sissy faggot, and that’s howcome I get to take care of your real needs?” He grinned. What asimple world he inhabited! I’d try once more. A reason was emerging.”No, that’s how I found I was married to a man who’s partiallytransgendered, who could really understand and appreciate women, andnow does. Who’s really is one, in some ways. I suppose you can callhim a sissy — he wouldn’t mind that now, because he’s accepted himselfas he is and that’s what he is. He’s loved being a woman with myhelp, and little by little that’s what he’s become. Transgendered menaren’t really gay, Craig, the term doesn’t apply. So I don’t think youcan call him a faggot. As a man, what’s left of the man he once was,he still prefers women. And as the woman he acknowledges in himself,he should care about men, but he doesn’t. Not yet.”Craig leered. “Maybe he just hasn’t met the right one?”What an opening! Craig meant his remark to be contemptuous, but itcontained a truth! If Wendy doesn’t yet care for men, could it bemerely lack of experience? Lack of opportunity? I’d assumed, when Ibegan helping my lovely man learn to be a woman, my best girlfriend,that he’d end up a lesbian. But I did want him to find out what he wasfor himself. He ought at least to try to confirm his womanhood with aman. If he can’t, I’ll be justified in declaring him a lesbian. Butwe both have to know. Maybe he can end up as a woman who swings bothways?”I could say that about you too, Craig,” I said. Time now to getdressed and return to my girly- hubby. But first I had to stick it toCraig a little deeper. “I bet somewhere there’s a man with a cock thatfits your mouth in exactly the right way!”Craig wasn’t buying. Not even hearing me. That’s how it is with all-man men, I suppose. They’re so sure of their masculinity they can’t beinsulted by being called queer. Yet, I knew a man with a mouth thatfits Craig’s cock, with an ass that can do the sdame thing. The ideaI’d been germinating now became fruitful.”It’s obvious, you come fleeing here from your sissy wimp to me inorder to fuck a real man!” Craig said, staring possessively at me.He just couldn’t let it go. So I made up my mind. Not Maggie’s gaybrother but Craig would be Wendy’s first man. It seemed only fair.Share and share alike. “No, I’m a little unconventional, ” I said. “Ilove my sissy wimp.”This was inconceivable to Craig, but it no longer mattered. Craigwould never knowingly help me complete Wendell’s transformation, nomatter what how convenient we’d both find it. So he’d helpunknowingly. The idea I’d been germinating was now fully ripe.”Speaking of real men, Craig, you remember how you’ve been wanting meto set up a three-way? How you want me to bring in a girlfriend so wecan play with the permutations?”He perked up. “I sure do!””Well, it occurs to me, next Friday an old friend will be in town.Wendy, you may have heard me mention her? She’s ripe for both of us totake her on, I suspect. Why don’t you join us girls for dinner the waytheir guys do sometimes. The Sutton Hotel at seven. Happen to noticeus and be invited to sit down, and then later dance with some of us,and so on. Wendy will be there, and if she’s willing she and you and Ican return here.”He didn’t hesitate. “You bet!” he said.”The Sutton!” Repeat it until he gets it.”Sounds good.””Great! Let’s shake on it.” I reached for his balls and gave them thesqueeze I’d promised them earlier, and threw in a hard yank.His eyes grew huge and shut tight, and he doubled over. I smiled.Thus much for any man who trash talks my Wendell. My Wendy. If a manhaving sex with another man is what makes a faggot, Craig was about tobecome a faggot. Sure, Wendy would blow him, suck on his first realmeat penis, but I was going to make sure that Craig also blew Wendy’s’clit’ and thought it a special treat, an extra-large clit. I wassure I could get him to fuck Wendy in the ass too. If he thought ofentry into my ass as a privilege, imagine how he’d feel about Wendy’s! Maybe afterward I’d let him know what we’d all done together, who Wendywas, but maybe I’d wait for a few Fridays before telling him. MaybeI’d never tell him.I rose, dressed, picked up my purse, kissed Craig once again, and lefthim. Why hadn’t I thought of this months ago, and saved myself thosepangs of conscience that had afflicted me now and then? I couldn’twait to get home to tell Wendy that from now on I would never abandonher for the girls on Fridays. I would never desert her for others.That we’d each be all the girl we ever wanted to be with each other,all the time! That it was time she joined me.Then next Friday Craig would fuck both of us, and we’d both fuck Craig.Each of us killing two birds!

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