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The Day My Mother made Me a Man

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The Day My Mother made Me a ManThe day I saw my mother in her lingerie set, white bra and girdle with garter straps holding up silk stockings, a switch flipped in my mind that I knew would never turn off. I needed to bury my cock in my mother and some how, some way I would.Mom had left her bedroom door open as she was taking off her dress. It wasn’t the first time I had seen her undressing. I had never seen her naked, nor had I wanted to. But puberty must have struck because when I saw her silken body this time, a lightning bolt hit me. I needed my mother, needed to be inside her, needed to bury my cock in the placed it had been when I was born, needed to fuck my love into her. I need to make my mother, my wife and my whore. I had a large, thick cock. I wouldn’t have known except my sister who was always fucking guys, saw mine when I was staying over sarıyer escort at her house. She said, “you have the Rockwood cock, just like your brother. Not every woman will be able to get that bad boy in her, but those who do will suck you and fuck you silly. It must come from Mom ‘cause Dad’s cock is pretty small”. I wondered how she knew. As I saw mom, now sitting at her dresser, taking off her make up, her bra proudly sticking out straight, I remembered my sisters words, “dad’s cock is pretty small”. Mom didn’t know the pleasure of being filled by a big cock. I knew right then that I could make her feel something amazing, something she had never felt before. My cock turned to wood. Mom turned as I walked into her bedroom and said “hi”, but her eyes went to the tent esenyurt escort that had preceded me into the room. No sense pretending. “Mom, I’ve seen you like this before, but something’s changed. You’ve made me hard in a way I have never been hard before”. Mom looked at me in complete surprise and with a bit of a suppressed smile on her face. “Oh son, you’re a man now. You can make love to a woman and put your penis through her vulva into her vagina. But I shouldn’t be making you have erections so in the future I’ll have to be more careful about closing my door when I am undressing.”“No” I exclaimed. “I love what I’m feeling. I’ve never felt this good before.” I went over to her and wrapped my arms around her as we looked at each other in her vanity mirror. I moved my hands from under her breasts avrupa yakası escort onto her breasts. My cock was poking into her backside. Her breasts felt soft and firm at the same time. I was in heaven!Mom used her hands to try and move them away but my fingers tweaked her nipples through her bra and she jumped and then froze, helpless and horrified. She gasped for air and let out a deep, low keening cry that sounded like an a****l. Her nipples were hardening and protruding from her bra. “No,” she tried to say but began to groan again as her body slumped and her legs fell open. I started sucking her nipples through her bra, sucking them gently through my teeth as I got on my knees in front of her. I began to rub her pussy through her panty with my left hand and moved her bra straps over her shoulder with my other hand. I pushed my hand through the gusset of her panty that was tightly clinging to her vagina. As I moved my hand inside my mother’s panty, mom’s pussy was so wet and sloppy that my fingers just slipped into her. Mom went crazy and began to hump me, thrusting her hips into my hand. There was my mother, legs spread wide, fucking my greedy fingers with her might. I knew then that mom was mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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