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The Delaney’s Holiday – Day 04

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All the characters in this story who engage in sexual acts are over 18.


Around noon on the fourth day of their holiday, Sammie, the youngest girl, had been making sly comments and obscure hints all day. Finally her brother got her alone over by the fallen tree.

“Sam. What on earth do you keep going on about?”

“Well, let’s say I was tired of swimming yesterday but Lizzie wanted to stay and sunbake by the riverbank. And let’s say I came back to the cabin before her. And let’s say…”

“How long before her?”

“Long enough. Long enough to see what my big brother was doing to our mother…”

“Oh fuck Sam. You didn’t! Oh fuck. Sweetie you can’t ever tell anybody. Sam, I…”

“What was it like?”


“Fucking. What was it like?”

He was taken aback. “OK look. This is serious. We got carried away and it was just one time and..”

“It wasn’t one time. You watch her and jack off all the time. And don’t forget what you’ve been doing with Lizzie and me. Of course I won’t tell, or they might find out about us three as well. So tell me, what was it like?”

“Bloody amazing Sam. Think of the best orgasm you ever had and double, no triple it. It’s just the most wonderful thing, sex. Wonderful.”

“Show me.”

“What? No. Sam, I can’t.”

“You can pork your mum but not your sister? How so?”

“Because mum takes the pill. You don’t.”

“Lizzie takes the pill. Would you do it to her?”

“Sam don’t ask me stuff like that.”

“That’s a yes, then. OK you owe me. One day, soon, I want one of those tripled orgasms from you, OK?”

She smiled. Mike had another incestuous idea.

“I’ve heard it can be pretty mind-blowing if your lover used their mouth, you know.”

Sammie blushed, remembering she’d taken the end of her brother’s cock in her mouth briefly to taste his cum.

“Sammie. I’ll show you that if you want.”

“OK. Um, now?”

“Over there by the old shed.”

“Eeww no! Spiders and stuff… I know! The fork tree! Come on!”

His little sister’s girlish enthusiasm was eclipsed only by her ingenuity. The fork tree had one central trunk extending up a metre, then it split almost horizontally in two before the two arms extended skywards. A person could sit in the crook comfortably, as Sam demonstrated.

“I can sit here. OK?”

Mike nodded. He was about to get his first taste of a girl’s pussy on the same day as his first fuck.

Sam hooked her thumbs inside the waist of her shorts and pulled them down with her panties. She rested back on the tree, opened her legs and motioned to her brother. Mike knelt, eased her pussy open and her blonde fuzz aside with his thumbs, and licked tentatively at her slit. She trembled like she’d had a mild electric shock.

“Oh yes. That really is nice.”

Mike went back to her salty pussy and began probing her with his tongue, licking up and down her pussy lips, and kissing at the little bud he found in the hood at the top. He knew about clits, but until now he’d paid no attention to one.

Sammie’s mewling told him he was learning fast. She whimpered at his probing tongue in her pussy and bucked hard whenever his tongue flicked her tender young clitoris. But most of all she loved when her brother put his lips over her clit and sucked.

She güvenilir bahis began to exude salty cream which he lapped up eagerly. Sammie grabbed her brother’s head and held his face hard against her pussy and crescendoed in a trembling frenzy. She almost screamed and bit on her finger to make sure she didn’t. Still her brother’s unrelenting tongue took her higher. She squirmed and throbbed against him so much that he nearly lost contact a couple of times, but always returned to the spot that was driving her crazy.

She screamed into her hand as wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her. Her thighs clamped Mike’s ears at the last, then her whole body shuddered twice before loosening all over. She slumped onto her brother, who tenderly held her steady as the last twitches faded.

“Oh Mikey. Thank you. Thank you. It was sooo wonderful.”

“You mean like a triple?”

“Ooh, more like a double. But you can practice with me another time until you do manage a triple…”

He slapped the little minx’s backside and made her squeal. Then she threw her arms tenderly around his neck and kissed him with real sensual passion, darting her tongue inside his mouth to fence with his own, not caring that she was simultaneously tasting her own love juices.

“Michael Delaney, one day soon you will fuck me.”

“OK little sis. OK.”

Night. A little rain made the cabin hot and humid. The father, Paul, snored loudly. He’d drank the last of the beer and was out for the count. The rest of the family lay fitfully on their beds, dressed only in tees and undies against the heat. It was still hot.

Suzanne peeked under the curtain to check on her daughters. They appeared to be asleep. She crawled over to Lizzie and saw her daughter laying on her back, one leg crooked wide apart. She wore loose underwear, satin shorts really, and in the dim light Suzanne could see the outline of her daughter’s pussy against the fabric. She thought to herself: ‘The little fox. I think she’s shaved her snatch!’

Looking around to check she wasn’t observed, she bent low to try to see. Gently she pulled the leg aside and now there was no doubt. Her daughter had a perfectly smooth pussy made all the more enticing with the sheen of sweat on her equally smooth thighs in the moonlight.

She checked Sammie, who was also on her back. Her top had ridden up exposing her flat tummy. ‘I wonder if she’s bald too?’ She eased the panty leg aside and saw Sammie’s blond fuzzy pussy, thinking ‘Just like mine, only younger! I make pretty babies’ she told herself.

Glancing towards Mike and thinking he was sleeping soundly, she decided to go outside hoping for a breeze. Sitting on the fallen tree, she heard rustling in the leaves behind her. Turning, she saw Mike, wearing only boxers. His smooth torso glistened with sweat in the moonlight. Whispering so as not to disturb the others, she said: “Hi honey. I thought you were asleep.”

“Too hot. Good job the girls are asleep though, right?”

“Um, why?”

“They might be freaked out by their mum checking out their pussies.”

She giggled. “Oh you saw. I was curious, that’s all. Anyway I bet you’ve seen them plenty of times through the peephole in the shower. Gorgeous, aren’t they?”


“Mike? Have you ever done more than look? At your sisters, I mean?”

He shuffled on türkçe bahis his feet awkwardly. She knew he had.

“Honey you have to be careful. Oh hell. I think it’s in your genes. I love sex and my poor kids have the same genes. But don’t hurt them in any way, OK?”

“Of course not. I love them. And you. I wouldn’t hurt any of you, ever.”

She squeezed his hand and pulled him onto the fallen tree beside her. They sat holding hands, Suzanne put her head on his shoulder. After some minutes, she said: “Mike honey, I want to explain something. What we did, that was incest. I do not believe it’s wrong between consenting adults but I don’t know if your dad would see it that way. My first sex was with my uncle Tommy. And I had sex with both my brothers before they were killed in the boating accident. Was I your first?”


“I’m so proud honey. Honoured. What have you guys done together?”

“Oh mum. I…”

“It’s OK. I want to know.”

“OK. Oh. Um. We watch each other a lot…”


“Well, I jerk and they finger sometimes. We watch each other pissing. We all like that!”

Suzanne got that familiar wetness between her legs. She turned slightly and opened her thighs.

“Touch me while you tell me Mike?”

He did. Her wetness made her lightly-thatched pussy lips slippery and inviting. She cooed and groaned as his middle and index fingers entered her.

“Well, Lizzie jacked me off once.”

“Oooh, did you cum?”


“Nngh. Where?”

“On her tits.”

“Oh god. Oh that’s hot. Mmhh. Did you touch her?”

“No! I just realised I never have!”

“That’s one you owe her then.”

Suzanne reached into Mike’s boxers and began stroking him.

“And Samantha?”

“Um, yeah I touched her. So did Lizzie.”

Suzanne twitched on her son’s finger.

“Ooh, oh. Did she cum?”


“Oh fuck. I can’t stand it. More…”

Mike was warming to the game and he was proud he’d made his mum gutter-mouth for the first time ever.

“Mum, Sammie has the nicest little pussy you can imagine. It’s perfect, slick, tight, and…”

Suzanne was squirming: “And??”

“And it’s delicious. I licked her and she came on my face.”

“Oh fuck, ummh, nngh…”

“Down at the river she even put the tip of my cock in her mouth…”

“Ohh goddd…”

Suzanne’s inner muscles gripped her son’s fingers as she shuddered in a little orgasm, then pleaded with her son: “Fuck me now or I’ll die.”

She bent over the tree and Mike got behind her, thrusting easily inside. They were too immersed in lust to care that any of the family looking over here would clearly see.

Suzanne was near another peak and needed little to push her over the edge. She pushed back on her son’s rigid cock, groaned hard, shuddered and splashed her cum onto his thighs. Mike stayed there until her shuddering subsided, and she abruptly turned and knelt to take her son in her mouth.

Mike groaned aloud as her hot wet tongue lapped at his shaft, her expert lips opening for the downward and gripping for the upward motions while her hand worked the shaft. He realised why Sammie had loved it so much. Getting head was pure ecstasy.

Suzanne cupped his balls in her other hand and squeezed oh so gently. She knew how to make a man güvenilir bahis siteleri cum. Mike put his hands on her head and his hips involuntarily thrust so he was fucking her mouth. She took it, adjusting her own bobbing to compliment his motions.

She felt the first jet of jizz hit her throat as he tensed, then the second, third. She withdrew her mouth slightly in a sucking motion to maximise his pleasure as the rest filled her mouth. After the final twitches passed and he was spent, she kept him there for a few seconds before noisily slurping off the end of his dick and closing her lips to swallow.

She looked up into her son’s eyes and saw love and lust. Looking around in case they’d been seen, she kissed the top of his pecker and helped him put it away. They sat side by side again, her head on his shoulder, him with an arm all the way around and gently cupping her breast.

Silent minutes passed until Mike told her he was going to ‘take a leak’.

“You know, I’ve done a lot of things but I’ve never held a cock while it pissed. Can I?”

“Of course. After all, it’s only fair. I’ve seen you!”

“Yeah. And if you hang on a minute you’ll see me again!”

His cock stiffened again in reaction. They went behind the bush near the old shed. Without ceremony Mike took his boxers off and grabbed his half-hard cock. Suzanne took her bottoms off too, then thinking ahead she threw aside her old t-shirt as well. Both naked, she sidled towards Mike and took hold of his penis

“Mum, if I get hard I might not be able to piss.”

“Oh you will eventually. Come closer.”

Facing each other they bowed their heads so their foreheads touched, she holding his cock while Mike reached up to fondle her fantastic D-cup breasts. Suzanne put the head of his cock against her pussy lips and he understood, but couldn’t relax enough to pee. Suzanne had no such problem.

Her pee splashed out over his dick, his thighs, his lower belly. He watched his mother’s gushing stream, glinting in the moonlight. The hiss and the slightly itchy feel of it joined with the splash as it hit the dry leaves on the ground; it was intoxicating and he became rock hard again, pushing forwards into his mother’s still-squishy pussy. On the in-stroke his skin folded back over his head, on the outstroke he got another spurt of hot pee until she was empty.

They fucked like that for three or four minutes, knees bent pushing their hips at each other until the inevitable. Turned on to fever pitch, Mike came inside her again, grunting and thrusting, then held there to fill his senses with the feel of her hot pussy enfolding his deflating cock.

The urge to pee returned. His cock slipped out of her, noisily pulling a gob of his come with it to trickle down the inside of her thigh. The piss erupted and he aimed it directly at her clit. Suzanne pulled the hood away and the lips open to increase the tantalizing sensation.

Before he ran out of pressure, Mike raised his aim and was able to hit the bottoms of her tits then finished on her thighs.

“That was nice honey. But we’ll have to wait to dry off a while. Or we could go for a dip in the river and wash off?”

“Yeah, perfect. And mum? This is the most perfect day of my life. Ever.”

Suzanne kissed her son tenderly and they began the short walk to the bend in the river, arm in arm like young lovers. He had a point. In one day he’d licked his youngest sister to orgasm, fingered his mother and fucked her twice, came in her mouth and then they’d shared some watersports. And the holiday was only half way through.

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