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The Downhill Run Pt. 05

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I woke up alone with the sun streaming into the room. My head was pounding and so was my rigid hard on. It took me a minute to even realize where I was and then the events of the previous evening flooded back to my mind. The more I thought about the night before, the more my dick throbbed.

My hand encircled the base of my dick and I started to slowly stroke myself. The inside of my thighs began to quiver as the warm familiar tingle of the impending orgasm began to surge through my body.

“Need a hand, amigo?” a female voice called out with a laugh from the doorway.

Opening my eyes, I saw Celia standing in the doorway, wearing only a loose fitting t-shirt the ended right where her black pussy hair began. As she stepped into the room, her father came in behind her, reaching around to fondle her flopping tits. She grinned and rubbed her pretty much bare ass back against his crotch. As they stepped closer to the bed, I could see Humberto’s stiff dick pushing out against his daughter’s butt through the thin material of his shorts.

“We both have helping hands, don’t we, Papa?” she cooed, taking one of his hands off her left breast and placing it on my dick.

Humberto’s fingers tightened around my shaft as Celia slipped her hand down to cup my balls. I squirmed a little, perfectly willing to spurt my cum in his hand. Celia sat down on the bed, turned to her father and pulled his shorts down below his knees. She gently kissed the angry looking purple head pushing out from its fleshy sheath and I felt his hand tighten on my dick.

Keeping her tongue flitting back and forth in the slit of his dick, she rolled her eyes to me and smiled wickedly. She pulled back and stuck out her tongue for me to see the droplet of her father’s precum before bending forward and jamming that tongue into my mouth.

I was getting really close to blowing my load and both of them knew it. Celia crawled up on top of me and straddled my hips as she slid her dripping pussy down over my cock. She didn’t ride me up and down but rather just leaned forward, pressing her tits into my chest and ramming her tongue back in my mouth.

Just as I started to thrust up into her, I felt her her father lick and suck my balls and his finger plunge into her asshole to rub against my cock. Then Celia started thrashing uncontrollably and my sperm gushed deep inside her. She rode me hard and fast until my dick slipped out of her.

She rolled off me on to her back and her father pushed her thighs apart and scooped my cum out of her pussy with his tongue. She climaxed again, spraying her father’s face with her pussy juices before clamping her legs around his head.

When her legs stopped quivering she wiggled around to sit with her legs dangling over the edge of the bed and took her father’s throbbing dick into her hands. She licked the entire length of his dick like a dripping ice cream cone and then looked over to me.

“He tastes really good, too,” she moaned lowly, extending a hand to me.

I crawled over to them, cupped his balls in one hand and began licking his cock along with her. When his back arched and he groaned loudly, Celia sucked him in deeply so the first spurts of his cum shot into the back of her throat. Then she pulled his dick out of her mouth and offered it to me, even as some of his jism splashed on my face. I eagerly sucked him down and kept his cock in my mouth until the last droplets of his sperm dribbled down my throat.

Humberto’s legs wobbled for a moment before he kissed his daughter, pulled his shorts back up and walked out of the room. I flopped on my side and eyed her critically, the rapid heaving of her breasts slowing as she regained control of her breathing.

“Neither man or woman lives by cum alone,” she grinned impishly and climbed off the bed, “let’s go get some breakfast.”

I got up to join her and realized I left my clothes downstairs the night before. When I said something, she just laughed, threw her t-shirt into the corner and together we walked naked down the stairs.

Apparently dressing for breakfast was optional or, to say the least, a casual affair. Bonita was placing platters of pancakes on the table when we walked in wearing only an untied robe that hung loosely from her shoulders. Her sagging tits swayed around freely as she moved. Best as I could tell everyone else besides Humberto in his shorts was completely nude.

Their happy chatter didn’t even pause when Celia and I walked in and found a place to sit. We dug into the coffee and food, not discussing anything consequential during the meal. After finishing, we retired to the open courtyard for more coffee. I grinned noticing the way Amy and Trish seemed to be trading off, with Amy sitting on a couch between Humberto and Manny while Trish sat very close to Nico.

I smiled questioningly at Celia who grinned back at me then motioned for Jerry to join us on another couch. When he sat, she took both of our dicks in her hand and leaned back with her legs splayed open.

“Nico, if you don’t mind, I have a couple güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri of questions,” Jerry said while rubbing his hand up the inside of Celia’s thigh until his little finger brushed against her thick pussy hair.

“Sure, go right ahead and I’ll try to answer anything I can,” Nico answered moving Trish on to his lap so he could cup one of her tits in his hand.

Celia took my free hand and placed right over her hairy mons then began thumbing the tip of my cock while stoking Jerry. No doubt in my mind I could get very used to this kind of Costa Rican hospitality.

“Well, we told you about getting the boat ready with Mel and our voyage down here so far,” Jerry continued, ” but we don’t know why we are here or how you knew my grandfather.”

Before responding, Nico took a deep swig of his coffee then put the cup down on a table next to his chair. Bonita came up behind him, leaning forward with her arms over his shoulders so her tits brushed against his back. He tweaked Trish’s nipple and placed his hand down between her legs which she obligingly spread so his finger rested between her pussy lips.

“We knew Gerald and Mel because we sailed with them years ago, both Bonita and I, for close to two years,” Nico began, a dreamy look filling his eyes. “That was before your grandfather had much more than the boat, but it didn’t matter to any of us. It was the great adventure of our lives and we lived every minute of it to the fullest.”

“But…but why then was Bonita so angry when we first met?” Jerry asked, his cock now almost completely stiff in Celia’s hand.

“A couple of reasons, Jerry,” Bonita answered, swirling both of Nico’s nipples in her finger. “I was shocked seeing you…looking exactly as I remember Gerald…like you were a ghost.”

“Then why smack me?” Jerry asked breathing just a touch more raggedly.

“When I last saw Gerald I was totally pissed off at him, because I…I thought…,” Bonita’s voice trailed off.

“Because she was pregnant with Celia and Manny’s mother and thought Gerald could be the father,” Nico finished for her. “He and Mel brought us back here and were getting ready to sail for home. Neither of them wanted to even consider it was them, although in all honesty, it could well have been any of the three of us. Anyway, when they left, we were not on the best of terms.”

“Mel never told us any of that,” Jerry muttered, “but if that was the case, what happened to the baby and why are we here?”

“We raised her as our own, since she could well have been,” Bonita added with a sigh, “along with her brother who was definitely ours.”

“But my sis…er…wife died during childbirth having Manny,” Humberto added with a sigh and the whole room fell silent for a few minutes.

“So why did Mel tell us to come here?” Amy chimed in while taking Humberto and Manny’s dicks in her hands.

“After Gerald started to build his wealth, he must have felt guilty.” Nico went on. “In any case, he started sending us money regularly and shares of stock each time he started another business. In consequence, our fortunes rose with his to the point we are quite comfortable.”

“Then about three years ago, he sent a letter saying he was quite ill. He included a sealed note and instructed us to give it to you if you ever showed up. So here we are.”

We all sat silently again for a few moments. Then Bonita leaned down and kissed Nico on the top of his head and walked to another part of the house. She returned a couple of minutes later and handed Jerry a yellowing plain envelope with his name neatly printed on it.

Jerry just stared at the envelope for a minute before tearing it open. Some sort of key fell into his lap as he unfolded the handwritten letter inside. He read it carefully, maybe twice, then handed it to me without saying a word.

I read it then looked up at him. He smiled wanly and nodded for me to read it aloud for everyone.

Hi Kiddo,

If you’re reading this, I’m dead. More importantly, you hooked up with Mel, fixed up the boat and made it to Jacó. Congratulations!

Please give my best to my very old friends Nico and Bonita. I hope they are showing you the very best of their exquisite Costa Rican hospitality.

I suppose you’re wondering why I’m asking you to do all this. The answer is pretty simple like I hinted at in the first letter…money…lots of money. But I want you to earn it and learn a few things about yourself before you get your hands on it, just the way I did on that voyage so long ago.

The key in this letter is for a safe deposit box in your name in Hilo, Hawaii, account number 032-4425-9691. The trick is which bank. For that, you need to find Mele. She will tell you which bank so you can get the instructions for the third part of your adventure.

Tell Bonita I still often and very fondly think about that very special things she does.

Have fun and good luck.


I handed the letter back to Jerry and looked around the room. Bonita was blushing güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a deep red, with a tear trickling down her cheek. Nico just stared off into space.

“Who’s Mele?” Amy asked sensibly, breaking the silence in the room.

“I want to go with you,” Celia piped up, “just like Nanny did.”

“Me too,” Manny added but I’m not sure anyone else heard since the room broke into total confusion with everyone trying to talk at the same time.

Jerry just stared off into space and slumped back on the sofa with even his dick limp in Celia’s hand. She didn’t even notice as the first drops of my precum dribbled down over her other hand.

After a few minutes of chaos, Nico finally got everyone’s attention. Bonita came around and sat next to him and she and Trish idly fondled each others tits while listening to him.

“OK, OK… everyone hold on and let’s see if we can get all the questions answered,” he said loudly, generally quieting the room.

“Mele was the…uh…other woman on the voyage,” Bonita added with a wan smile. “We dropped her at home in Hilo before sailing back here. We haven’t talked to her since and have no idea what Gerald or Mel might have done.”

“It sounds like someone got in touch with her,” I said, squirming around a little to stave off the beginning of an orgasm, “since she apparently knows about the safe deposit box.”

“So how would we find her in Hilo…hell…I don’t even know where Hilo is?” Amy asked as she snuggled back against Humberto and he pushed her legs even further apart.

“We have an address of sorts somewhere, but it goes back to when we left her there.” Nico explained. “I suspect finding her is part of Gerald’s charge for you.”

“I want to go along,” Celia repeated squeezing my dick just a little harder than was comfortable.

“I’m not at all sure about that,” Humberto chimed in.

“Me either,” Nico added, “since I’m not at all sure the lot of you are ready for such a voyage.”

“We made it here didn’t we?” Jerry finally spoke up.

“It’s one thing to sail down here barely out of sight of the coast and entirely another matter to sail across the open ocean to Hawaii,” Nico stated flatly.

This discussion went round and round for the next half hour, all the time my dick throbbed in Celia’s hand. The occasional sly smile she gave me told me she knew exactly what she was doing and it was all I could do to keep from spraying my spunk out over her hand in front of everyone.

We all finally decided the first order of business was for Nico to take a really close look at the boat. As the others rummaged around looking for their clothes, Celia led me down a hall to a small room that looked like an office. She pushed me down in a chair and knelt between my legs, licking the throbbing tip of my cock and the next spurt of precum leaking from the slit.

“I’m surprised you didn’t cum in my hand,” she cooed before swallowing my dick half way into her mouth.

“Me too,” I moaned and thrust my hip up, just far enough she could slip a finger into my asshole.

With that I tensed and shot several sticky streams into her throat and Celia eagerly gobbled down every drop. When I finally went limp, she stood and led me back to the courtyard to find my clothes.

Celia walked between me and her brother as we followed Jerry and Nico and Bonita to the boat. We both had a hand around her waist resting on the top of her ass while she draped her arms over both our shoulders. Trish and Amy stayed behind at the house with Humberto and I could only imagine what they were doing to him while we were gone.

We gave them the cook’s tour of the boat and Nico seemed mightily impressed. He had a number of technical questions about some of the new features that Jerry addressed in some detail. Meanwhile, Manny seemed overly interested in the sleeping area, slowly shepherding me and his sister in that direction. When he bumped against her ass, Celia looked back over her shoulder and grinned at him evilly.

“My, my littler brother, look how much you’ve grown in the last few minutes,” she laughed rubbing her hand over the obvious bulge in Manny’s shorts.

“That seems to be the effect you have on everyone,” he grinned, leaning forward his tongue darting into her ear while reaching out to brush his hand over my crotch.

I stepped a little closer facing Manny and Celia turned to put her arm around us both. He started moving his hand over my stiffening dick as I felt Celia squeeze my ass, bringing me even closer to them both. I bent forward and flicked my tongue out at Celia’s lips. Her tongue flicked out to meet mine and, a few seconds later, so did Manny’s.

My dick was throbbing as we fell on to the bed together. Manny and my hands crept up under Celina’s tank top, pawing her breasts and pinching her tits. Her hips thrashed wildly as her brother moved down and pulled off her shorts then loosened his own belt and threw his own shorts to one side.

“Doesn’t my little brother have a really nice güvenilir bahis şirketleri cock?” Celia growled into my mouth and then pushed my chin with a finger so I was looking right at the tip of Manny’s dick mere inches from my face.

There was already a string of his precum stretching toward the mattress as Manny reached down and pulled my shorts over my knees and off my ankles. He straightened back up on his knees and Celia cupped his balls, pulling him closer until that dripping tip brushed over my lips.

“He tastes really good too,” Celia cooed into my ear, followed by a slobbering wet kiss.

Of that I had no doubt as his dick slid between my lips. I thought I caught a hint of pussy on that cock but I wasn’t sure if it was Amy or Trish’s since I had no idea which one fucked him earlier or, at least, last.

Celia continued licking and sucking his balls while her brother’s dick plunged into my throat. I gagged and pulled back, only to have Celia’s tongue joined Manny’s dick in my mouth. She stayed their a few seconds then licked her way down my body to swallow my cock.

I fell backward with Manny kneeling next to me, thrusting his hips as he face fucked me. Celia climbed on to my dick, lunging wildly while giving her brother a deep tongue lashing kiss. My cum exploded in her pussy and I flailed frantically until my cock deflated and slipped out of her.

She rolled off me and pulled her brother on top, wrapping her legs around his waist and locking her ankles behind his back. His engorged dick pushed against her pussy lips for just a second before he slipped deep into her cunt. Celia groaned and thrashed, climaxing on her brother’s dick even before he started to cum in her.

Manny held his weight off her voluptuous body with his arms on each side of her as he pummeled her cunt. I leaned on my side to watch his cock going in and out of her pussy while her ample pancaked tits flopped around unrestrained. After his cum gushed into her, Manny rolled to one side and a veritable river of sticky sperm dribbled from her hairy cunt.

“I do hope you children are playing nice,” Bonita laughed from the doorway, her erect nipples pushing out against the thin material of her top.

“Oh yes, Nanny,” Celia cooed reaching again for both of our cocks, “and we all would be happy to play nice with you too.”

“Later, sweetie, right now we need to head home,” Bonita just giggled and turned away.

Right about then, the boat began to move. I jumped up and rushed out of the cabin, not bothering to put on my shorts. Jerry and Nico stood at the helm and, after they stopped laughing, explained to me they were simply moving the boat to a slip next to Nico’s fishing vessel.

Jerry was raring to get going but Nico insisted we stay for a little while longer. He made a good point that we needed to sharpen our sailing skills before embarking on such a voyage. Somehow that translated into Jerry and me waking up at four in the morning six days a week and working our asses off on his fishing boat.

We did that for about a month and I had to admit, both of us were getting a lot more fit. Hauling in nets ten hours a day had a way of doing that for you.

Not that the stay was all work.

Jerry and I both learned all about that very special thing Bonita did. It turned out the first night was barely an introduction of what that woman could do to our dicks with her pussy. The best part was, Celia was well on the way to acquiring the same skill and, once they found out about it, Amy and Trish insisted on learning as well.

It also turned out that they were related to half the town or so it seemed. Every night there was a constant parade of aunts and uncles and cousins coming through the house, sharing in the meals and tequila…and the four of us.

Starting the first night, I slept in Celia’s bed although not necessarily with her and almost never alone with her. The family apparently found it easier to put us in different bedrooms and then rotate around to us. Usually the nightly fun began after dinner, although it was hardly uncommon to give or get a blow job or quickie fuck in the courtyard or the shower after work.

Most nights, a few of the aunts or uncles or cousins would either stick around for dinner or show up shortly thereafter for what became basically a nightly orgy. I got the strong impression Bonita was teaching more than a few female relatives her special technique.

Finally, Nico appeared satisfied the hurricane season was over and we wouldn’t sink the boat and drown ourselves, or more importantly Celia and Manny, in some other fashion. It took quite a bit of arguing back and forth, but finally everyone agreed that the two of them would accompany us.

Now space on the boat was pretty cramped to start and adding Celia and Manny meant we had to get really creative. I had all the faith in the world that Amy and Trish would figure it out.

We spent another week making sure everything was ship shape and stuffing supplies into every nook and cranny of the boat. Celia took Amy and Trish off one day to see the brother of some guy one of her cousin’s sister-in-law’s nephew’s next door neighbor knew from the army and, after apparently fucking half of the local cartel, came back that night with more than enough weed to last us for the estimated seven or eight week voyage.

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