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The Education of Samantha Ch. 3

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After Sam and I got through licking dad’s cum up we were still VERY horny, and instead of wasting the mood we began kissing. Before long dad was sitting up at the head of the bed stroking himself as sis and I moved into a sixty-nine and lapping at each other’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. When I noticed daddy was hard again and pounding his cock harder and harder I reached over and stopped him.

“You can’t cum by your own hands tonight daddy,” I said. “You can only cum by our mouths, hands, or other orifice of your choosing. We are both still tight little virgins if you would like to be our first I know I am willing. You helped create what you see here, it is only fitting if you were my first.”

He stared at me dumbfounded. “You must be joking,” he replied. “I never joke about sex, dad.” I moved off Sam’s greedy mouth and poked my ass into the air in front of him. “Here I am, take what is yours if you want it.” Sam moved under me and I went back down on her sweet pussy. Licking her up and down her slit and clit until it was hard again. Then I took it into my mouth, and sucked hard as my tongue made circles around her nub. Soon I felt the bed move and hands roaming over my ass and lower back. I groaned as his hand fell down and smacked my ass again and again. “You are a very naughty girl, Sophi. You deserve what I give your mom when she is bad!”

I felt him get up and I stopped my licking to see what he was doing. Out of his bedside table he pulled a 12 inch vibrator and a paddle. The vibrator was about one and a half inches thick, and the paddle had what appeared to be a cat-o-nine tails on the ends.

He got back in bed and told me to put my ass in the air again. Then he told Sam to get out from under me and come over to him. “Sam, you will use this vibrator on your sister or you will get popped by me.”

“Dad this thing is too big for her or me” With that comment daddy popped Sam on the ass and the tails wrapped around her waste and hit her pussy, drawing a little yelp from Sam. “No arguing! You wanted a piece of your daddy and now you will get it!”

“Sophi, you will not utter a single sound when your sis starts or you will feel this paddle.” pendik escort bayan That being said he popped me on the ass backwards so that the tails went under mine and hit my whole slit. I just moaned. I was too excited by the thought of finally getting fucked. Sophi began rubbing my pussy to get it wet again, and spread my lips with her fingers. She put the head against my hole and started pushing. I moaned with pleasure, and began pushing back so she would not feel bad about hurting me, and hurt it did. To my virgin hole this was like putting a baseball bat in me, but it also felt good. Sis got half the thing in me and dad told her to turn it on. As the vib’s speed increased so did my bucking against it. Dad then got Sam out of his way and started rubbing my ass hole with his finger.

He put Sam on her knees and told her to lick me to get me ready. Sam quickly started licking my ass fearing another hit by the paddle. Soon I was cumming, from her tongue and the vibrator. Dad turned the vibrator off and let it sit there and told Sam to watch what was going to happen to her next. Dad put his head against my back entry and began to push. Soon his whole cock was buried inside my ass, and he turned the vib on low as he started pumping in and out of me. I was in heaven! Both my holes filled up and the motion of getting banged back and forth by daddy’s thrusting. It was not long before I was cumming.

I told Sam to get back down in front of me, but daddy told her to get on her belly. She looked at him strangely, but did as she was told. Daddy pulled out of me and told me to get her ready for him. I moved over her and spread her ass apart. I began rubbing just her pussy to ease the tension out of her, and soon she was moaning. I began rubbing her juices up onto her ass hole and lubing it up good. I rammed two fingers into her ass as I rubbed her clit and she immediately came all over my hand. Daddy knew she was ready and got behind her. Without warning he pushed into her ass and she yelped almost inaudibly. I moved in between daddy’s legs and rubbed his balls as I reached up and began licking and sucking on Sam’s pussy again. Soon she was cumming on ataşehir escort my face and daddy groaned as he came inside her ass.

Exhausted, we all fell into a heap and drifted off to sleep. The next morning we woke to the sound of the crackling TV that had been left on and the tape ejected from the VCR after it reached the end. I was a little sore from the reaming, but felt very good. Sam and I went to our bathroom and took a shower.

“Boy, did you imagine that would have ever happened?”

“No, Sophi, I never knew daddy could be that way. I wonder if it is like that with mom?”

” I don’t know, but I intend to find out as soon as she gets home!”

“Just how do you plan that?”

“Easy, I can be forceful when I want. I will just make sure they are both in the mood when I make my move. I am sure after last night, daddy will want mom as soon as she gets in the door. When they get into it I will sneak in with….well, you will just have to be there to see it.” I giggled devilishly.

Sunday evening came and mom got home early that night. We had a quiet dinner and mom made the excuse she was tired and left Sam and me to clean up. Daddy just smiled and patted us both on the ass as he hugged us and left the room with mom. Sam was quiet as we cleaned the dishes and finally I asked her what was wrong.

“I am just wondering what you are going to do.”

“Just follow me and you will find out.”

We crept down the hall and I stopped in my bedroom where I grabbed my strap on and took my close off. I told Sam if she was coming with me she had better strip and be prepared for a good family fuck. It was time to see if mom was bi or not. I had my suspicions, but wanted to know for sure. We got back to their door and it was not locked and was opened just a little. Sure enough there was daddy with mom on her stomach blind folded. I pushed the door open quietly and moved up to daddy kissing his back. He turned around and seeing me all strapped up moved out of my way. I moved up to mom and began kissing her ass. With her in this position her ass hole and pussy were wide open to my tongue. I moved my kissing into her crack and licked her kadıköy escort asshole. She started to moan and really began squirming as my hand moved in to rub her pussy. Umm, I did not know you had called Tara, Stan.

I stopped and daddy just grinned when I looked at him. Tara is our aunt. She is very attractive and I would have never guessed she was bi or into her brother. I went back to mother with a vengeance then licking her ass and rubbing her pussy. I felt her body tremble and I stopped, she began to protest, but daddy hit her ass and said for her to stay quiet. Sam moved in front of mom and laid down, daddy told her to eat Tara’s newly shaved pussy. Mom felt her way around and found Sam’s gaping pussy inches from her mouth. She began to lick and suck at Sam’s sweet pussy. Dad moved the chair beside the bed to the end of the bed and sat down and began stroking his cock and rubbing his ass. He motioned for me to proceed. I got up behind mom and pushed my “cock” into her pussy. Soon, she was bucking into my every thrust.

As she began to cum, so did Sam, and being the squealer she is, she let out a sharp one. All motion stopped from mom, and knowing that Tara never yelled out like that she pulled her blindfold off her face. To say she was shocked at what she found grinning at her would have never quite been right. Then to see daddy in the chair and look back to see me with a strap on still inside her she damn near passed out. She began to protest, but I smacked her on the ass and told her to shut her mouth. She was enjoying our romp before she knew it was us and now she was going to finish what she started. Daddy moved over and said, “Sara, our little girls are not little anymore. They did this to me just the other night. Just enjoy the ride, my pet.”

Sam sat up and grabbed mom’s tits in her hand and pinched the nipples, and I resumed thrusting in and out until mom was moaning again. Daddy moved behind Sam and pushed deep inside her ass again as I finished fucking mom. When daddy was done mom got off me and grabbed me by the strap on and pulled me to her and we kissed. She ripped the strap on off of me and told daddy to get out of the way. That was her little girl he was fucking and she would be damned if he was going to get her REAL cherry. So, daddy moved off of Sam and told me to get down in front of Sam. Laying there face to face, mom behind Sam and daddy behind me we kissed as they both popped our real cherry together.

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