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The End to a Great Weekend

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The End to a Great WeekendMy weekend started off with me getting up at 3:30am and making a four hour drive to San Antonio to a convention to meet a couple of actors whose autograph’s I wanted to get. I arrived at the venue an hour before doors opened. The weather was cool so standing outside was not a problem. I entered the convention and quickly located one of the actors and their schedule times of appearances. Not being able to locate the other actor, I asked a staff member who informed me that they had cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. Since this was the reason I had come out here I was a little disappointed. I wasn’t long after that I learned of another actor who was a last minute replacement. Someone whom I thought I’d not be able to obtain an autograph from so I was excited about this new opportunity. I acquired my autographs and walked the convention floor for the next six hours, both talking and buying different things from the vendors. I decided it was time to head home which was a little earlier than I had planned. So I started the four hour drive back.About two hours into the drive I realized that I’d be home earlier than I planned, so I decided to see if I could get some action from the wife when I got home. Not being shy to ask, I texted my wife informing her that I’d be home earlier and wondering if she would like to play a little when I got home. I was expecting a no, you’re probably going to be tired or no I’m tired. Instead I got the thumbs up signal with an approximate time request for my arrival. I texted back canlı bahis şirketleri the answered and continued driving towards the ultimate goal that was being offered. About thirty minutes out I texted my wife informing her that I’d need a shower and invited her to join me. The text back was a little disappointing as she was soaking in the tub, but would be ready when I got home. I arrived home and discovered my wife dressed in her standard night attire, flannel pants with a t-shirt. I noticed that her nipples where hard and she informed me she had been playing with them thinking about what was in store for her tonight. She reminded me of my shower and told me she’d be in the bed when I came out.I finished my shower, then put on some shorts and went into the bedroom where she was waiting in the bed under the covers. She motioned me to stand by the bed and she made her way over. She lowered my shorts unleashing the hard I had from the confines of my shorts to open air. She reached out grabbing my cock and slowly stroking it while fondling my balls with her other hand. “Is this hard thing for me!” she exciting says. “Consider it the key to you love box.” I say as she starts licking my cock from the base to the top of my swollen mushroomed head. She then rolled her tongue around the tip of my cock allowing the pre-cum to stretch as she moves away. She then takes my cock into her mouth and begins giving me a blowjob, my left hand on her head forcing my cock deep into her mouth until I was about to cum. I stopped her “What’s canlı kaçak iddaa wrong didn’t you like it?” she asked. “Yes, but I want more than just a blowjob.” I replied. “Like what?” she asked, while flicking the head of my cock with her tongue. “I’d like to make love to you for one” I stated. “Make love or fuck me, seems either way your cock is in my pussy” she says. “In time, but let me change positions” saying as she threw back the covers and rotated her body around to where her hips where near my face as she took my cock back into her mouth. This was when I noticed that she was totally shaved, something that doesn’t happen often. I reach out rub her bald pussy slowly working a finger then two inside her. She was warm and moist. “What are you thinking about?” I hear her say “Never mind, I think I know” as she throws her left leg over my head positioning herself into a sixty-nine position as I bury my tongue into her lapping up the moisture dripping from her pussy. She doesn’t like this position often, so I was loving it. One of my favorite things is eating pussy. She was getting into tonight and was continuing to suck my cock. “I’m going to cum!” she yelled as her orgasm hit. I grabbed her hips and buried my face in her pussy sucking hard on her clitoris. It was then that I felt my nuts tense up and I exploded in her mouth. She didn’t miss a drop as I unleashed my load. She continued sucking my cock until I went limp. She then climbed off my face and lay down beside me licking her lips. “What a pleasant surprise you gave” canlı kaçak bahis she said as she was massaging my balls. “I hope this wasn’t all I’m getting tonight” as she continued to play with my cock and balls. We kissed and I started sucking on her breast as my hand reached her pussy. “Not if I have any say about it, that’s not all you’re getting. I intend on playing more with this body of yours”, as I slipped a finger inside her and we kissed.We continued to kiss as she continued stroking my now hardening cock. I was massaging her clitoris when she turned and took my cock into her mouth. Slowly sucking it until I was hard, “That’s better” she says as she throws herself over and above my cock reaching down between her legs, she grabs my harden shaft and rubs my mushroom head against her opening coating the tip of my cock with her pussy juice. Slowly she lowered herself onto my cock and began slowly riding me while I grabbed a hand full of her breast, “You’re fucking hot tonight and my cock feels go inside you” I mentioned as she rode me. “Pinch my nipples I think I’m about to cum” as she continued rocking on my cock. I pinched her nipples and could feel her pussy contracting on my cock as she reached her orgasm, then collapsed onto my chest with my cock still inside her. We kissed and she slowly rolled off me and laid beside me. “It’s your turn now” as she spread her legs wide, “Bury it right here” she said as she spread her pussy lips open. I rolled over and slipped my harden cock inside her and starting fucking her. Within minutes my balls were about to bust, “I’m about to cum baby” I said as I started to unleash my load inside her as she was holding me tight. I continued thrusting inside until my cock began to soften. “Not bad for an old man”, she said as I rolled off her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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