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The Enforcer Ch. 12

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As we got closer to the lake the ambient noise kept rising, and we began to meet more women on the way. The closer we got to the beach the fewer clothes were worn. The first person we met was in a tiny bikini, and then we ran into a pair of cute girls going topless, just like everybody we met they smiled and said hi to me and the girls. We then ran into a group of five women sunbathing nude; when they saw me they all got up and said hi. Just a hundred feet from the beach we encountered a frisky pair of girls making love. It surprised me that as one of the two noticed me she said to her partner: “Vinny’s here get up say hi!”

They both got up and said hi to us and welcomed us to the beach. Maya and Candy were smiling and very happy with their choice by now. We continued down the path, and the girls returned to making love. We finally reached the beach; it was strewn with naked women, many of them engaging in sexual activities. But the second I was noticed, more than half the beach got up and headed towards me. Every woman said hi to me and most gave me a hug and quick peck on the cheek. Maya and Candy just watched, happy with the result. I was starting to wonder what their intentions for me were.

I was happy with the visit so far, but I was also curious why almost everyone was naked, and why they felt no need to keep their lovemaking secret. I asked Sarah: “What are the rules of this beach?”

Sarah smiled as she said: “The rules are simple. The first rule is no men are allowed to visit or even be here, we define men as any boys older than twelve years old. The second rule is a double whammy, first part, no children are allowed here, except on family days, and of course on family days, no public sex is permitted. The Third rule always applies, which is since this is a clothing optional beach, you do not have to wear clothes, but you are not allowed to even visit the beach if you are not wearing swimming gear.”

I looked at myself and the girls and said: “Is what I am wearing acceptable?”

Sarah replied in a submissive voice: “Well, that’s a little harder to answer, but if you will let me finish the rules I am pretty certain you will have your answer. However since we are on the subject, Candy and Maya are not up to code yet.” Maya and Candy had spandex shorts and tank tops on, but they were wearing their bathing suits under them. They removed their shorts, exposing the tiniest string bikinis I had ever seen, and then their tops came off, revealing equally diminutive bikini tops. Sarah smiled and said: “Now that passes the dress code.” The girls smiled and hugged me close.

I spoke in a casual, yet gentle tone: “Ok, my loves are up to code, now let’s hear the rest of the rules to see what I have to do to obey them.”

Sarah was a little shy as she continued: “The fourth rule is by far the most respected one, and the one we all hold very dear, under no circumstance can you do anything that is not consented to by all involved parties. We only permit actions that are enjoyed by all those involved, but if that rule is followed, pretty much anything goes.”

I solemnly said: “I definitely agree on that rule. Are those all the rules?”

Sarah replied, as her face turned red: “No there is one other rule, one that has never been enforced, but was written and agreed upon by all those who come here. It is our most important rule, we wrote it, but we never thought it would ever be called upon, but, oh well, it seems it has value.”

I smiled and said: “I enjoy hearing the history and importance of information given to me, but would it be possible to hear this most unusual rule?”

Sarah replied, in a submissive voice, looking down, and her face was beet red as she said: “The final rule applies only to you Vinny, and it is simple. All other rules do not apply to Vinny, the current leader of our gang; He is free to do as he pleases. We created the rule, both out of respect for you, and also to see if you would show as much honour with us as you do with the men.”

I lifted Sarah’s face to mine, and placed a soft kiss on her lips and then said: “Thank you Sarah. I realise how hard it must be to tell a man, especially me, that you have ordained that he is above the law. I accept this responsibility and will treat it with all the respect it deserves.” Sarah’s face clouded over with a mixture of love and respect. Maya and Candy moved to her side and held her as she recovered.

Sarah took several minutes to get her voice back, but the only words she could mutter were: “Thank you Vinny.” I hugged her to me and let her cry tears of joy into my chest. Maya and Candy set up their towels and then returned to me and Sarah.

When the girls returned I drew Sarah to arms length and softly said: “Sarah, may I ask why you were so emotionally moved by my presence?”

Sarah replied in a low tone: “I, well actually, we, all of us, are, like the men, in awe of your leadership and power, but it goes a little further for us women; we have seen how well you treat Maya and Candy, and we are a little envious of them, you are nicer than any other member of the gang. But don’t get me kartal escort wrong they treat us fairly, it’s just that they don’t have that loving tenderness you have.”

I smiled as Candy said: “He is one hell of man.”

Maya added: “He is the only man I have ever truly felt passion and love for.”

Sarah smiled at the two as she added: “You two are the luckiest women in the world.”

Candy looked at Maya then at me, before she said: “We need to talk with Vinny for a few seconds, about a deeply personal matter, but we want you to stay close by. If the talk goes as planned we may have an offer for you, one I am certain you would take us up on.” Sarah smiled and walked a few feet away, just so she was out of earshot, then stood there patiently waiting.

Maya and I came in closer as Candy started to whisper: “Ok, I know why I wanted to come here, I need to know why you agreed to come here Maya, but before, I am pretty certain I know why Vinny’s here, so let me ask if I am correct. Vinny I am pretty certain you are here because we asked you and to relax.”

I replied in a soft whisper: “Almost. I am here to make you two happy, and to see what you have planned for poor little old me.”

Maya whispered with a sneer: “There’s nothing small about you Vinny. But since we are on the subject, I came here to have fun, to help Vinny relax, enjoy himself and to take his mind off all the occurrences that have plagued us for the last few days.”

Candy picked up the conversation: “Good, we are all on the same page, but since we arrived here I have also formed a new plan, purpose, whatever, something I want to see and do.” We waited for her to continue, she blushed as she said: “I love the both of you, and would never do anything to endanger that, but seeing all these women, I want to have a little fun with them, and I would love to see the two of you also have fun with them.”

Maya smiled and said: “I’d like that. I’ve seen a few women I wouldn’t mind getting into mischief with, and I am fine with you two having fun with them also.”

It was my turn, so I replied honestly: “I do not need any other women, you two are more than enough for me, but given the circumstances, I think there would be a lot of disappointed women if I didn’t play with them. Now don’t think of this as an excuse, but as a good leader. I feel almost obligated to make a few of them happy. But I will only do it if you two want me to.”

They snickered a little then Candy replied: “We would never want our mighty leader to fail in his responsibilities, go and make them happy, I am certain they will be grateful.”

Maya added: “We will just have to suffer and play with them also.”

Candy turned and motioned to Sarah to come back and she quickly walked up to us. Maya said in a solemn tone: “We have come to an understanding. We will permit Vinny to make love, or to play any sexual games, with all that are willing, but there is a minor catch; we also want to have fun. Do you think anybody would want to play with us too?”

Sarah’s face filled with surprise, but she was able to answer joyfully: “I don’t think there is a single woman who would pass up that offer, just ask around.” Sarah looked at me with lust and happiness as she asked: “Vinny, have you chosen who you will take first?”

I smiled and replied as I swept Sarah into my arms: “I was hoping you might want to be thanked for all the wonderful guidance you provided for us today.” Sarah’s face filled with happiness as she hugged her face to mine. We kissed deeply, lust filling our minds and guiding our actions. Maya and Candy skipped off to find some volunteers of their own.

Sarah was barely dressed, just a small two piece suit, I carried her over to the towel that Maya and Candy had laid out for me. I let Sarah stand on her own again; she never permitted our kiss to break. I held her small body to mine as I began to freely explore it. After several minutes she finally broke the kiss, her face was quite flushed and she smiled as her eyes glazed over with admiration and lust.

I softly whispered: “Just relax and let me do the work, I promise you will enjoy it greatly.” She just nodded her head slowly.

I moved my hands to her back, taking the time enjoying the suppleness of her soft skin. My hands wandered to the dainty bow that was tied at the back of her bikini, its symmetry was perfect, Sarah had obviously not tied it, but it was tied with love and attention to detail. I asked her with tenderness in my voice: “Who tied your top on? The bow is perfect! It must be someone who cares deeply for you.”

Sarah was barely able to reply, but in a weak voice she said: “It was tied by my lover. I really love her.” She averted her face from mine as it filled with shame when she added: “I love her deeply, but our love is too private for us to share it, even here, a place of great acceptance, but we are too scared to even be together here.”

I moved my hand to her face, softly I caressed her cheek as I turned her eyes back to mine and said, in a soft and loving tone: “Surely there must be a reason for your worry when pendik escort women who love each other surround us. What is that you two are scared of?”

Sarah was still very hesitant as she said: “The woman who I love is my younger sister, Kimberly. Our love has never been accepted by our parents, and to this day we have never permitted it to become known that we are lovers, in truth our parents only let us be, after we promised to never make love again. Kimberly and I have had to keep our secret from all; it has been a dreadful burden. I am actually not certain why I am telling you, yet I feel that you won’t mind. It actually makes me feel better to know that you are aware of our deepest secret. Please just hold me for a little while.”

I hugged her and we stayed in the embrace for a long while before I said: “Sarah, may I ask you a little about your parents and sister?” She nodded, I continued: “Where are your parents and may I meet your sister?”

Sarah held on to me as she said: “My parents are in town getting some supplies for themselves, they are both members of this gang. As for Kimberly, she is watching us right now; in fact she is probably curious about what is happening. She was too shy to come and see you earlier, but I know she would love to meet you.”

“Sarah, I am glad to see that you love, and are loved, and I, at the moment, hold no greater desire than to meet your sister. But above all else that may happen between us today; I would like to help you. I also offer if you and your sister want to, that we do this together. Nobody will dare to defy me and I am certain that you and Kimberly must realise that. I am more than willing to speak with your parents and make them understand.”

Sarah was quite taken aback by my statement and muttered: “I… We… There’s no way this… I mean, even if you could what would… But then again, what if she… I have to talk with Kimberly, I need her advice, I can’t even contemplate such a thing alone.” She pulled away from me, looked me square in the eyes and said in a confused but determined tone: “Will you meet with her, now, if that would be possible.”

I smiled and replied: “I would be honoured to meet your sister. Where is she? I shall go and fetch her, which should give you a little time to compose yourself.”

Sarah replied: “I will motioned for her to come; she will no doubt refuse, but once you know where she is you can go and get her for me, but please tell her nothing of this plan till we are all together.”

I agreed. Sarah turned around and waved for her sister to come and see us. She shook off the invitation, but I had no problem locating her. She was smaller than her sister, but just like Sarah she had lovely red hair. Sarah looked at me and asked: “Did you locate her?”

I replied: “Yes Sarah, I will go and get her and, unless she is opposed to it, I shall carry her back her soon.”

She replied: “I would love to see that happen. She is quite independent and won’t let anybody even open doors for her.” I smiled and headed towards Kimberly.

When she saw me walking towards her she froze in disbelief and, as I got closer her face filled with fear, then with surprise. I was a mere five feet from her when I said: “Kimberly, I am Vinny; Sarah has told me that you were too shy to come and see me earlier.”

Kimberly was frozen with shock. I moved closer and reached my hand out to her face and tenderly said: “Would you say hi little one?”

Kimberly softly stuttered: “I, I, I am… happy to s, s, s, see you, and to meet you Vinny.” She composed herself before adding: “I am still surprised to meet you Vinny. You are such an imposing person, and I never thought I would ever get to meet you.”

I smiled and placed a soft kiss on her left cheek, then on her right. She was frozen as I said: “I am happy, even honoured to meet you Kimberly. Would you like to join me and Sarah? We should speak. But I see that you are still a little unstable from the shock so I would be honoured if you would let me carry you. I would not want to see you fall. I mean, what would your sister think if you fell while in my presence? That would be unacceptable.” She just weakly nodded her approval so I picked her up into my arms and headed back to a shocked Sarah.

Kimberly had her head pressed softly against my chest and cuddled close to me as I walked. I felt very protective of her at that moment and decided that I would help these two girls be happy, no matter what their parents said. We soon reached Sarah, who said: “Vinny how did you ever get Kimberly to let you carry her here?”

I replied softly: “I simply pointed out that she was incapable of walking, and that me letting her stumble here was not acceptable.”

Kimberly replied: “Don’t make such a big deal of it, sis. He carried you a few minutes ago too. Why would there be such an issue if he carried me?”

Sarah replied in a teasing tone: “Oh, it’s nothing. I just told him that you were too independent to let any man help you.”

Kimberly replied in an aggressive tone, while still cuddling close to me: “No man has sway over me! kurtköy escort I don’t need men and they can’t make me soften with their words or actions.” She hugged me closer, in a child seeking protection way, before she added in a calm tone: “Well ok I admit, Vinny here has sway over me, but he can reduce a mighty warrior to a willing servant without even trying. These are not normal circumstances.”

Sarah was about to argue but, as her eyes caught mine, her demeanour softened and she said: “Ok, agreed, Vinny is not your average person; he is very special, unique even.”

I softly said: “I am not that special. Just treat me nicely and you will find me to be extremely friendly and caring. But of course you have seen me when I am threatened or challenged, and that is a most fearsome thing to behold, I am told.”

Sarah replied: “You are a downright inhuman monster when you fight.”

Kimberly added: “I still can’t believe that you are the man who crushed Snake and his boys. From what I heard they all had multiple broken bones and severe internal damage.”

I replied solemnly: “I really did not want to hurt them, but they were not wise enough to see that and I had to make certain they would not take their revenge on their underlings, so I hospitalised them. I hope they have forgiven me for my actions.”

Kimberly added: “Our father was one of the enforcers. He holds you in great respect and has no bad blood for you. He would be most happy to meet with you someday.”

I replied in a thoughtful manner: “Well, it’s strange that you bring that up. Your sister has spoken with me a little and wishes to discuss something with you before she let’s me proceed. But if you are willing, I am planning to talk to both your parents on your behalf. Will you listen to what she has to say and consider my offer after?”

Kimberly was a little wary as she said: “Sarah has told you about us, hasn’t she?”

Sarah sheepishly replied: “I am sorry sis, I don’t why, but I felt that it was alright if I told him. I mean I feel so safe in his arms, I can’t imagine Vinny would ever hurt us.”

Kimberly replied: “I want to be mad with you, but just being close to him I know that you are right.” She looked into my eyes and said in soft voice: “How come I feel safe in your presence? I mean you’re just a normal man.” She paused and then said: “Alright, I don’t even believe that you are a normal man, but how do you do it?”

I softly replied: “I do not know, and I really don’t want to, I am just happy that I can inspire confidence in others. It is also nice that people trust in me. I just try to always be true, there is no reason for me to fear those who can remain around me, but I am happy to be surrounded by wonderful people, like you and your sister.”

They both blushed, then Kimberly said in a loving tone as she cuddled up to me: “Ok you have both convinced me that it was a good thing for you to share the info about the relationship that Sarah and I have, but what are you proposing to do?”

Sarah shyly said: “Well, Vinny has two proposals for us. The first is the one I am really interested in, but the second is the brashest, yet I believe he can pull it off. So which do you want to hear first?”

Kimberly replied softly: “How about the one that you think is brash, as you put it?”

I replied: “I want to confront your parents with the truth about you two, and I will convince them to accept it, and if possible give you their blessing. Should I fail in my attempt, you have my personal protection extended to you, and I will make certain that you are never bothered again by your parents. I have a few associates that would be honoured to guard you if it was needed. These are people who I trust implicitly.”

Kimberly replied in a low voice: “Ok, so now that I know that you’re completely nuts, but at least you are looking out for us, I will have to think about it for a little while. What is the other proposition?”

Sarah smiled as she said: “Candy and Maya have given Vinny permission to please any women on the beach, and Vinny has already picked me as his first. He and I would love for you to join us in our little escapade. So what do you say?”

Kimberly thought for a few seconds then said: “Guess I have no choice about that first decision, I will not pass up an opportunity to make love to Vinny, so I guess since the whole beach will know that we are making love to each other after this, I guess it’s a go on both then.”

I placed a soft kiss on Kimberly’s mouth then said: “I promise all will be fine. That and I personally guarantee a day you will remember for a long time to come.” Sarah and Kimberly smiled at my promise and both knew they were in for one hell of a day.

I finally let Kimberly stand on her own, she was a little disappointed. Sarah came to her sister’s side and they kissed passionately. Their love was a thing of beauty and I found myself fascinated by how pure it was. I was close to them, but waited for them to take the first step. Sarah reached her arm to mine and moved my hand to her sister’s right breast. Kimberly sighed softly as they broke their kiss. I slowly moved my other hand to Sarah’s right breast and tenderly teased their nipples through the supple fabric of their bathing suits. Both sisters looked at me lustfully as they moved my head down and they each kissed me on the lips in turn.

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