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The Experience Room Story 04 Pt. 10

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Chapter 10 – Back At The Salon

She gives the wheels a push and we head into the mall. I notice that some of the stores are already closed and the mall is almost empty. She sets a brisk pace and I find that my whole body is moving in ways that I am not used too. My hips are swivelling more as a result of my taller than normal heels and my braless breasts are bouncing inside my blouse, stimulating my nipples.

She sees that I am falling behind and slows down, allowing me to catch up to her. We’re near to the salon when the light above the door turns off. The good-looking guy with the retainers is just walking from the back of the salon to lock the doors when we arrive.

“I have one more person for you today if you have time to talk to her. She saw what an amazing job you did with my nails and would like to talk to you about doing hers.” I haven’t opened my mouth very much and my lips have remained over my new braces.

“Come on in and I will lock up behind you while we talk.” He gives us both a smile and I am disappointed to see that he isn’t wearing his upper retainer anymore.

Just as I am about to walk through the door, I pass over the vent and a warm breeze blows up between my legs and over my naked pussy lips, cooling the moisture on them. I try to suppress the moan that rises through my throat, being partially successful.

I walk over to the chairs in the waiting area, intending to sit down, when a display catches my eye. With the lights in the salon dimmed, the blue light above the display makes the colours of the display glow. I look at my nails and see that the white of the basecoat is glowing along with the purple ring he placed so that it looks like it weaves over and under. I turn my head in the direction of the lady in the wheelchair and give her a smile, holding my hands under the light. She begins to laugh.

“Have you seen yourself?” Turning to the guy she asks, “Do you have a hand mirror that she can use?”

Up until now, he has been behind me, so he hasn’t seen the metal brackets on my teeth. Up until now, everyone that I have talked to has known that I have braces. My automatic response is to try and hide them from him. When he walks over with the mirror and hands it to me, I am reluctant to open my mouth.

“You might as well get used to talking to people. It’s not as if you are going to be able to hide them, even if it is only for a short time.” She’s right, I can’t hide from everybody I know or come into contact with, even if it is only for the weekend.

My mind is conflicted. If I want too, I can have then taken off in a couple of days, but just the idea of not having MY BRACES anymore is disturbing. I don’t want to have them removed. I look into the mirror and begin to smile, MY BRACES coming into view. I don’t know who is more surprised at how they look in the light from the display, me or the guy from the salon. The purple ligatures are glowing, making it very obvious that I now have braces glued to my teeth.

I take the time to get a really good extended look at my teeth and the braces affixed to them. I have never noticed how they lined up with each other and the braces show just where they are out of alignment. I trace the wires with my tongue and feel every little dip and bend in it. There is something sensual in the act of running my tongue over MY BRACES.

I look up and see them watching me, her with an amused look and him with a look of fascination. His statement takes me by surprise. “If I had known that you were getting braces and the ligatures would look so amazing crossed that way, I would have done your nails with the same pattern. I hope that if I can ever afford to get braces, that I will look even a quarter as good as you do with them.”

“You were wearing your retainers earlier today, and I thought you looked very good. I was disappointed that you weren’t wearing both when we came back.” I take a closer look and see that he is still wearing the lower device.

“These aren’t retainers, they are what is called an activator. They are supposed to move my teeth into a better position before the braces go on. The guy that I was seeing stopped treating me when he found out I couldn’t make a big secondary payment. He told me to keep wearing these until I could afford to pay for treatment. At the rate that I am going, that may never happen.” He has such a look of sadness on his face that I really feel sorry for him.

“Would you mind if I take a look at your mouth? There may be something that I can do for you.” Both of us look over at the lady sitting in her wheelchair. She has a big smile on her face and her braces are visible. “I have some experience, both as someone who has braces and someone who owns a business that installs them. I do have an idea in mind that could benefit both of us.” She looks around the salon and asks, “do you have a chair that reclines almost horizontal?”

He points to the sinks where they wash the hair. “Those are about the best I can do. They escort izmir go back far enough that the water doesn’t run down the client’s back. Will that do?”

She rolls over and takes a look at the chairs, comparing the height of the chair to her wheelchair. “Will it go any lower?”

He shakes his head. “They do go up higher for when we are cutting and styling hair. Will that work?”

I can see right away that there is no way that she can possibly check out his mouth while sitting in the wheelchair, the difference in heights is too great. She is way ahead of us in thinking of ways to make this work. She twists in her chair, reaching around to grab the crutches. As she swivels, her skirt slides up over her stump, displaying more of her legs. Both of her upper legs look to be well-muscled, as though she exercises regularly. Her right leg below the knee is less well defined, though it looks as if she has done quite a bit to maintain and build up the muscles.

After making sure that both wheels are locked and that the chair is stable, she shifts in the chair, placing her foot on the floor and centering her body over her right foot. She leans forward until it looks as if she is going to tumble over, and using the crutches for balance, stands up. The joints at her ankle pivot forward, allowing her foot to remain flat on the floor while restricting any sideways movement. The attachment between her foot and her lower leg is so well made that there is no strain placed on her ankle joint. As she straightens up, the locks on the sides of the leg brace at the knee click into place and her whole leg is supported all the way from the floor to her upper thigh.

I watch as she shifts her whole body until she is balanced, then crutches over to the chair beside the sink. “Have a seat and let’s see what condition your jaws are in.”

He walks over and sits down in the chair. She motions for me to come over as well. “I am going to need you to be my assistant. There are many things that I can do by myself, but I won’t be able to adjust the chair while using my crutches. It would be almost impossible for me to pump up the chair. If you could raise him up a little, I want to check how his bite looks while he is sitting upright.” While I adjust the chair, she asks him if he has any latex gloves and he points to a cabinet a couple of sinks away. After the chair is adjusted, I bring over a couple of different sizes for her.

She has him clench his teeth together to check how the front teeth line up, then open and close several times to observe how his jaws align while biting. When she goes to do a closer examination, she runs into a problem, when she tries to see into his mouth, her body blocks the light from behind her. She looks around and spots a portable lamp that has an adjustable head and appears to have a bright bulb.

She has me bring it over and plug it in, then adjust it until it is shining into his mouth. I watch as she leans back against the counter and, keeping the crutches under her arms but not holding onto them, puts on a pair of gloves. Her stump twitches underneath her skirt, the tip of it showing below the hem, as she uses it to maintain her balance. She crutches around to the other side of the chair so that her body isn’t going to be blocking the light from around the mirror and begins to look closer at his teeth.

I am wondering how she is going to do a thorough exam when she looks at me and gestures for me to come over. “Take this crutch and put it against the counter. That will free up my right hand to work with. Put on a pair of gloves and I will get you to give me a hand.” She hands me her right crutch, which I put where she said, then get ready to help her. “I want you on the other side of the chair from me. You are going to use your fingers to ease back his lips so that I can see all the way to his molars.”

She adjusts the light so that it is shining into his mouth and has him clench. I slip a couple of fingers into the side of his mouth and spread then slightly so that she can see between them and check out the molars on that side. She places her stump on the seat of the chair to help maintain her balance, right beside his hand, and leans over to look inside his mouth. She has to adjust her position several times before she can see all the angles. Each time she moves, her stump moves as well and several times it ends up pushing against the outside of his hand.

She has me move my hand to his other cheek and turns his face so that it is facing her body. He shifts his body slightly towards her and turns his hand so that it is palm up on the chair. I can see that his eyes are looking directly at her chest. Her blouse has been tailored to fit her body and it does a nice job of covering everything and still showing that she has a nice though modest chest. As she again shifts position, the tip of her stump slides forward, this time ending up resting in his palm briefly.

I have been watching everything that she has been doing as she escort izmir checks out the condition of his mouth and teeth, as well as watching how she moves her body to accommodate her altered body shape. It seems as if she moves her stump more than is really necessary, but I can’t be sure. She leaves her stump in his palm as she shifts again, taking a look at another area of his mouth. This time the end of her stump slides further, pressing against his leg, placing her leg firmly in his palm.

I watch as his fingers curl up against the outside of her leg with his thumb resting against the inside of her leg. I don’t know just how much of the inside of her short leg he can see, but suspect that he can see the lace at the top of her stocking. She leaves it there briefly before lifting it and removing it from his palm. This time I know that he could see quite a bit beneath her skirt, since I could see the lace at her stocking top from where I am.

“Would you get me my other crutch please, I have enough information for right now.” I walk over to the counter and pick up the crutch, then walk around the chair and hand it to her. She slips it under her right arm, still using her stump to support herself as she moves the crutches behind her and shifts her body back. The leather and metal of her leg-brace creak slightly as she shifts her body and turns, returning to her chair. She lines herself up with the wheelchair, grasps both crutches in her right hand and bends forward, slipping her left hand down between her legs to her right knee and unlocks the leg-brace. The hinges at her ankle and knee bend as she lowers herself into her chair, and I can see why her upper right leg is so strong-looking as the muscles flex when she sits down.

She looks directly at him and, with a small smile on her face, says, “I have an offer for you. Before I make it through, I need some honest answers from you. Do you think that you can do that?”

“I will do my best to answer all your questions. I can’t promise to answer all of them.” He has a look of concern on his face.

“That will have to do for now. I have taken as good a look at your teeth as I can without more equipment. From what I can see, your teeth are healthy. The person that started your treatment should never have quit without first making sure that your bite was stable. Have you been making any adjustments to your expanders?” He shakes his head ‘No’. “That is good, the expanders have been acting as retainers rather than doing more damage. I need to take X-rays to confirm that your roots are still okay, but I don’t see anything wrong yet.”

“How much money do you have for treatment? With the number of things that need to be fixed, especially after the way that you have been treated so far, it will not be cheap. I have considerable discretion in negotiating the price, but there is only so much I can do.”

He has a sad look on his face as he replies, “I don’t have much. I have finally paid off all my debts and am just starting to be able to save again. I won’t be able to put much money away.”

“What are you willing to do to get enough to have your teeth fixed? Can you work overtime here or are you limited in the hours available? Can you find work anywhere else or work for someone else when you are not here?”

He brightens up a little. “They only have me working part-time here. I was lucky to get this job because most places didn’t want to hire me because I am a man. The owner has said that I should find another job if I could.”

“What other things can you do? Can you do hair cuts, styling and colouring on men and women? Can you work with wigs and toupees? If so, I may be able to help you out a little.” The smile on her face says that she might have something in mind.

“I can do all those things and more. I also have a degree in clinical rehabilitation and massage therapy, but couldn’t find work in that field around here. Much of my debt was from taking the courses to get my degree.”

The smile on her face gets bigger and the large brackets on her teeth are fully exposed. “Here is what I am going to offer you to start. I will set you up with an appointment to have a complete pretreatment examination done at my office at no cost to you. In return, I want you to give me a manicure and paint my nails similar to how you did hers. You can do it when you aren’t working so that you won’t lose any money.”

“If I find that your teeth and jaws are healthy, I have a way that you could make enough money to start getting treatment. I own a building that has an orthodontists and dentists office in it, and there is a small rundown hair salon in the back of the building. I was going to sell everything and use the space for storage, but you may be able to make me some money.” She looks thoughtful for a while as she runs over ideas in her head. “I know of a few people who would be interested in using your talents and be willing to pay well for what you are trained for, but you might be asked to do things that are in the grey area of the law.”

“You have already shown me that you have the ability to be discrete and still let me know that you find my unique attributes attractive without going too far. When I was using my stump to balance myself, you didn’t flinch away when I touched you. Then you laid your hand palm up rather than move it away and held my leg when I put it in your hand. When I positioned myself so that you would see up my skirt, you looked without making it obvious that you were doing so and did it so that I could still maintain my dignity.”

A small smile crosses my face at the remembrance of how he had done the same thing when he had me in the chair. That was before I was accidentally given MY BRACES.

“There are a few women that I know from rehab after my accident that could use someone like you to build up their self-esteem. You might have to do a little more than what you did with me which is where the grey area might transpire. Would you be okay with that?”

I feel my lips rub over the brackets on my teeth as the smile spreads across my face. He does seem to have an affection for women’s legs and also for looking between them. “I only met him today, but he does seem to have shown us what he does. I had a similar experience while I was in the chair as well, only my experience was a bit more exciting and stimulating than yours. I had the advantage of being in the chair at the time. He also wore his top expander while he was doing it, which I found to be exciting by itself.”

I have to take the time to explain what happened during my salon appointment, then he is questioned about what had happened, how and why.

She doesn’t quite understand about the chair, so I suggest, “Why don’t you carry her over and give her a demonstration of the chair?”

He looks at her sitting in her wheelchair and receives a nod of agreement from her, so walks over and kneels at the side with her stump facing away from him. He slips his right hand underneath her right knee and takes her stump in his hand. When she leans forward, he slips his other arm behind her and waits until she puts her arm around his neck before slipping it lower and lifting her out the chair, his hand ending up on her ass cheek to support her. We walk over to the chair that he used for my appointment and sets her in it, taking the time to give the end of her stump a gentle caress. He switches on the chair and it begins to gently vibrate.

He sits down on the stool, takes her left hand in his and looks at her nails. “How about I do something about your nails? I won’t do all of them, but how about I do the thumb?”

She nods permission and he begins, first removing the old polish and then starting with a fresh bottom layer. He matches the colour of her other nails, then slips her hand beneath the blue light for a quick dry. The square bracket that he paints on next is a perfect match for the ones on her teeth. Even the wire that he recreates seems to have a flat edge to it. The way he paints in the ligature, matching the colour already on her teeth, crisscrossing over the bracket stands out.

Before applying the clearcoat to the finished design, he slips her hand under the blue-light, shielding her hand from her view. He has used a couple of polishes that react under the light to recreate a three-dimensional look. From my angle, I can see what the result is. After applying the final layer, clear coating all her nails and curing them, he leaves her hands underneath the curing light and removes the towel to show her the final result.

The chair has been having an impact on her and she has spent half her time in the chair with her eyes closed and a braces exposing smile on her lips. I think that I heard her moan a few times, but I can’t be sure. Knowing the way the chair made me feel, it wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

He begins to rub the end of her stump, trying to get her attention. This time I am sure that she moans. It isn’t until he begins to run his hand up the inside of her leg that she opens her eyes. “That is one very pleasant way to get a women’s attention, especially one who can use an ego boost.” He points to her hand and says, “What do you think of this design? I made a couple of changes to how I did the design. I used polishes that will react to blue-light to add depth to it and make it more three-dimensional. I also did the crossover design with the ligature.”

She turns to me and asks, “What do you think? Is he someone that you think I should hire? I like how he handles himself and deals with the women that he is in contact with. I could use another woman’s opinion.”

Without even hesitating, I smile and say, “Yes. In the short time since I met him, I have enjoyed everything he has done and he seems to be very respectful. I would definitely come back if he can make me feel this way every time.”

“Put me back in my wheelchair and then we can talk about what might happen next.”

This time, when he picks her up, he has her stump cradled in his palm and his other hand is lower on her back, cupping her ass cheek. He very gently sets her in her chair and takes his time removing his hands.

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