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the final chapter of jane

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the final chapter of janeWhen summer came along and school was out we would spend many days out by Jane’s pool, swimming laying in the sun and fooling around. Then one day her Mom took the day off from work and said we should have a small BBQ just the three of us.Now here I was helping out with the grill as Jane 5’6″ long blond hair and a 110 lb athletic body with nice B cup tits and her mother also about 5’6″ short shoulder length blond hair and a 115lb average body both in bikinis laying by the pool glistening sun tan oiled skin causing my cock to grow in my swim trunks. When the burgers and hot dogs where done I put them on the plate and ran and jumped in the pool quickly washing I needed to cool down from the heat of the grill.After my quick dip we ate lunch by the pool and then payed in the lounge chairs relaxing. As I was laying there suddenly a bucket artemisbet yeni giriş of cool pool water was dumped all over my sun warmed body and made me jump up out of the chair. When I opened my eyes I saw Jane and her mom standing over me laughing. Since they where standing between me and the pool I jumped out of my chair and tackled them both into the pool. Ada we started splashing and pushing each other under our hands all began to roam. First it was just me and Jane. I would grab her from behind and place my hands on her tits with her nipples poking through the material and her hand grabbing my growing cock under the water. Then her mom became more physical pushing and shoving me. The next thing I knew I had Jane on my back and her mom in front of me as they where trying to get me under water when I decided to grad her mother artemisbet giriş in my arms and take them both under water with me. As I did this my rock hard cock pressed hard against her mothers stomach. As we all came back up above the water I noticed her mother was still holding onto me tightly. After a minutes of more wrestling Jane said she had to use the bathroom and dried off and ran in the house.Now it was just me and her mother alone in the pool still playing around when she grabme from behind and quickly shoved her hand in my shorts and as she grabbed my hard dick asked me if I liked playing in the pool. I was in total shock. I knew she liked knowing that me and her daughter where fucking when she was around but I didn’t know she wanted to be in on the action. Never letting go of my cock she turned me around and began stroking artemisbet güvenilirmi my cock. As she did this she told me how wet her pussy was and that she wanted me to feel it for myself. As I slid my hand into her bikini bottoms I was shocked to find that she was shaved clean. When my finger reached the slit of her pussy it slid right in to her. As she let out a soft moan she told she’s been waiting for this for such a long time. As we herd the sliding door open as Jane came back outside neither of us let go of the other. Jane asked if we were done playing arond and her mother just looked at her and we are just beginning and that she should come back in the pool with us.As Jane swam over to us her mom reached out for her with her free hand and pulled her up to us almost like a group hug. This is when Jane realized what was going on. She looked at her mom and asked what she was doing and her mother answered I hear you two fucking every night and stand by your door and rub my pussy. I have to feel what its like to have him inside me just once before I go crazy. To my amazement Jane looked at her mom and said your gonna love it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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