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The first day with my black lover

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The first day with my black loverVictor had warned me his business trip would take at least two weeks.Before leaving he had fucked my ass wildly, bearing in mind I was on my period. Later his assistant Jennifer had fingered my wet cunt in the bathroom, being my husband unaware of her presence there…By Tuesday I was feeling fine, but also very horny. Then I called my black lover Jimmy, as I had promised him. He was very excited and so was I that I had to finger myself to get rid of a bit of the sexual excitement that was invading me…During morning I went on shopping. I wanted to purchase something sexy to wear for Jimmy. I finally got some tiny silky thongs and a see-through black sexy nightie that barely covered my buttocks. The rest of the day went by and again I found my pussy extremely wet and I was definitely very horny. No doubt I needed a man between my legs…Later I took a shower and shaved my soft pussy for my lover.I put on a casual knee high dress. I had a light supper and messaged Jimmy, he answered that he would be home in less than twenty minutes.Anxiety kicked in as I watched TV, feeling my pussy getting wet. Suddenly Jimmy called me, saying he was outside.I said he could come inside by the back yard door We went directly to my bedroom. I told Jimmy that he needed to do everything I said. He replied it was fine for him and then I ordered him to strip me naked. After he got my thong off my body, he smelled güvenilir bahis it. Then I laid down naked on my bed and asked him to strip him off his pants.He did so as I watched him revealing his handsome muscled body to me making my pussy all the more wet.Then I put some whipped cream on my nipples and ordered him to lick me.Jimmy did as he was told and started to suck my erect nipples causing me to exhale soft moans. Once his mouth left my hard nipples, I squirted the whipped cream onto my clit and pussy lips. My black lover wasted no time in making his way between my legs to muff my pussy and lick up the cream and my juices. His tongue licked up and down my wet pussy and clit, making me moan from the oral pleasure he gave me. My legs soon tensed up and my body quivered as my lover brought me to my first orgasm with his tongue. After I finished orgasming I asked him to stand in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I removed his boxers, releasing his hard cock. I covered it with whipped cream and then started to suck it, giving him a hard blowjob.Once all the cream was properly sucked off his cock, Jimmy took control and pushed me to lay flat on my back while still on the edge of the bed. He lifted my legs up over his strong shoulders as he moved forward and entered his cock into my tight wet pussy. He held my thighs against his chest as he started thrusting hard and rough in and out of my wet pussy making türkçe bahis me moan from the pleasure. His cock hit up against my pussy walls and after two minutes pumping me, jimmy groaned wildly and he made a harder thrust as his cock exploded and shot his cum deep into my wanting horny cunt.After the last of his cum was shot out, Jimmy pulled out and we laid onto the bed so that we could catch our breath.We laid cuddling for a while and then got up for having a shower.I wiped most of my lover’s cum form my pussy and then we hopped into a hot shower together. Suddenly Jimmy made me bend over the wall and he entered my horny cunt from behind, as he held me tight against his hard body.He cum again inside me and I asked him to let me have a break.We dried off our bodies and went down to the kitchen, still fully naked.My lover poured some glasses of whiskey. Then I told him to wait for me there as I went upstairs. I came back five minutes later, wearing just my black see-through nightie and high heels.I saw Jimmy’s black dick rising up again as he stared at me.He moved over me saying he would fuck me; but I swung around him, telling I would make some dinner before a new sex session.As I cooked showing my bare ass, my black lover struggled to keep his hands off my round buttocks and he gave me a few spanks on them, as he whispered in my ear he was going to fuck my ass later.Dinner was soon served and after eating Jimmy removed güvenilir bahis siteleri his pants and showed me his hard huge erection. I sat on his lap, resting my wet pussy lips onto his hard dick. He squeezed my ass cheeks and we chatted while having some few drinks, talking about our jobs, his wife and my husband… I felt Jimmy’s dick growing hard under my pussy lips. He smiled at me and all of a sudden he grabbed my hips and made me raise over his hard on. He made me slid down and soon I got impaled on his huge black cock.After I moved back and forth during few minutes, feeling his magnificent cock filling my cunt; Jimmy grabbed my ass cheeks and he woke up from the chair. I then put my legs around his waist and he moved upstairs to the bedroom, having me still impaled on his dick.I dived onto my bed and laid on my back, but Jimmy ordered me to get on all fours. He moved at the edge of the bed and took a Vaseline tube from his trousers lying on the floor. I was on my hands and knees, when I felt his fingers entering my tight asshole, greasing my inner walls with that cold Vaseline.Soon he grabbed my hips from behind and his huge hard black dick invaded slowly my tight anus. It felt so fucking good.He started to increase his pace and soon I heard myself crying like a bitch, as his dick destroyed my asshole. I was too horny and after few minutes of feeling my anus wildly pumped, I just passed out due to exhaustion…The next day I woke up with the sun on my face. My anus was itching and I felt Jimmy’s semen was oozing out of my now stretched asshole. I was alone lying on my bed; but on the pillow I found a piece of paper:“I will be come later…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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