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The First Time The Girls Feminized Me (Part 9)

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I have had such an amazing afternoon with the girls and being dressed as a girl myself.  I didn’t want it to end.  Dressed as Bethann, I had got to kiss Kaylee and Cindy.  I really wanted to try kissing the other girls too.  Especially Megan.  I’ve always thought Megan was really cute and sexy.  I thought that if Kaylee and I ever broke up, I would go after Megan. Sometimes, and maybe it was just my imagination, I thought I noticed Megan checking me out too. And today maybe I could have a chance to kiss her with no repercussions.Not only did I want another chance to kiss Megan and all the other girls too, but I also liked watching them kiss each other.  I especially liked watching Kaylee and Megan kissing.  My real girlfriend and my fantasy girl.  I also wanted to see Megan kissing my sister, Amy.Megan was short, around 5’4″ with long brown hair and big brown eyes.  She looks so cute in her cheerleader outfit, and when the girls are cheering I find myself watching her instead of my own girlfriend, Kaylee.  I mean I really like Kaylee, and I have no complaints.  But a guy can have fantasies, right?I decided to bring up the subject of kissing again and see where things go.”So, since all you girls have kissed each other many times, who would you say is the best kisser?” I asked.”You are, Bethann,” said Kaylee.  Well, she was being nice since I was her boyfriend.  “But after you, I would have to say that Amy is the best kisser.””Yes, definitely Amy,” said Margo.”Actually, I think Margo is the best,” said Kylie.”And I think you are the best kisser, Kylie,” said Cindy.”Who do you think is the best, Bethann?” asked Cindy.”Well, Kaylee is of course.  But in all fairness I have not kissed most of you – just Kaylee and Cindy.””Let’s have a contest,” said Kaylee.  “We’ll all line up and kiss everyone and then we’ll vote on the best kisser.””Yes, that’s a great idea!” said Margo.  “The vote will be by secret ballot so it’s fair and no one’s feelings will be hurt.”All the girls agreed.  They got up and formed a line for the escort bayan contest.I got up too and said, “Don’t forget about me.  Like you said, I’m a girl today too, and I want to be part of the contest.””Yes, of course, Bethann.  You come up too,” said Kaylee.We were all lined up, side by side in this order: Margo, Cindy, me, Kaylee, Kylie, Megan, and Amy.  Margo was first up.  She turned and started kissing Cindy.  After they finished, she came to me.  I tried to give her the best kiss I could.  I wanted to do well in the contest.  Besides, I really enjoyed kissing these girls.  After Margo and I made out for about a minute, she went on down the line, kissing each girl.When she got to Kylie, and they started kissing, Kylie began to rub herself against Margo in a sexy way.”Oh no you don’t, Kylie,” said Kaylee.  “That’s not fair.  Just kissing!””OK,” said Kylie.  “You can’t blame a girl for trying.”After Margo had kissed us all, she came back and took her place in the line.  Next, it was Cindy’s turn.  She started with Margo, then kissed me.  I had kissed Cindy earlier.  She was a really good kisser.  Our kiss just confirmed it for sure.  Cindy went on down the line, kissing each girl, then returned to her place in the line.I was next!  I started with Margo.  She was a great kisser too.  Then with Cindy again, and next came Kaylee  (I have kissed her many times), but we still had a very nice kiss. When we finished kissing, she whispered to me, “Don’t feel like you have to vote for me, Jon, just because I’m your girlfriend.  You should vote for whomever you really think is the best kisser.””OK”, I said.  “And the same goes for you.”Next I kissed Kylie.  She was a good kisser too.Next was Megan.  This is what I have been waiting for.  I tilted my head and smiled at her.  I moved in close to begin our kiss.  She had closed her eyes and was puckering her lips.  I just gave them a little lick and then stopped, teasing her a bit.  She opened her eyes in surprise and looked back at me, and I just smiled.  I wanted to kocaeli escort bayan give her the best kiss ever.  Now I moved in for our real kiss.  I started by lightly licking her lips, and then gave her the best, most passionate kiss I could.  We made out for at least a minute.  I was enjoying kissing Megan so much.  She is my fantasy girl, for sure. As we were kissing, I could feel my dick getting hard again in my panties, even though I had just had a blowjob a few minutes before.  Part of me hoped Megan wouldn’t notice it, but a part of me hoped she would.  Finally, I figured I better finish the kiss with Megan before anyone noticed I was enjoying it too much.I really enjoyed kissing Megan.  Boy, I definitely had a crush on her.  I wondered what she thought of me.  Here I was fully feminized, wearing a little dress, and acting like one of the girls.  She probably thought I was a sissy.  Would I ever have a real chance with her now, as a guy, after she has seen me like this?Then I got to Amy, my sister.  I said, “Wait a minute.  I can’t kiss my sister.””Oh yes, you can,” said Margo.  “The contest won’t work unless we all kiss everyone.””Yeah,” said Cindy.  “Come on, we want to see you two kiss!”Amy whispered to me, “It’s OK, Bethann.  You’re not my brother.  You’re Bethann, just one of the girls.”  With that, Amy closed her eyes and puckered her lips.  I leaned in to give her just a peck, but she opened her mouth and slipped her tongue into my mouth.  I reciprocated, and before long I was full-on making out with my sister.  I felt so naughty.  I started getting a boner in my panties from kissing my own sister!  I took a little step back while we kissed, to make sure she wouldn’t feel it.All the other girls had moved in close to watch us kissing.  When we finished, they all clapped and cheered.  I was so embarrassed and blushed a deep red, and went back and took my place in line.The contest continued with each girl going down the line, so I got to kiss them all again – including kocaeli escort Megan and even Amy.  I could hardly believe I had kissed my sister, but then again the whole afternoon was pretty unbelievable.  I tried to put that out of my mind and just remember how nice it was making out with Megan.With the contest now over, Kaylee said, “OK, now we vote by secret ballot.”Margo got a sheet of paper and cut it into seven pieces.  She gave each one of us a piece.  I knew I was going to vote for Megan because I had a crush on her.  But in all fairness, I knew Amy was the best kisser.  She just had something she did with her tongue that felt so nice.We all voted and turned in our folded papers to Margo.  She went through them and tallied up the votes.  Amy got four votes.  Margo got one, and Kaylee got one.  And Megan got one vote too – my vote.  I didn’t get any votes.  I figured Kaylee must have voted for Amy.  I wondered who voted for Kaylee.Margo said, “OK, that settles it once and for all.  Amy is the best kisser.”We all clapped for Amy and she took a bow.Cindy said, “Well, it’s getting late and I need to get home for dinner.””Yeah, me too,” said Kylie.”My mom will be home in a couple of hours,” said Margo.  “Let’s get all these beer bottles cleaned up.””And let’s get me back to being Jon, so I can go home too.  Kaylee, will you help me get out of this dress and get the makeup off?”Cindy and Margo said their goodbyes, and they both left.I grabbed Kaylee’s hand and started walking back to Margo’s room to get changed.Amy said, “Wait a minute, Jon.  I think you should go home dressed as a girl and see if we can fool Mom.””Yeah, that’s a great idea,” said Kaylee.  “Let’s do it, Jon.””No way, I’m not leaving this house wearing this dress.  It looks like a little girl’s dress.  No offense, Margo.””It is a little girl’s dress,” said Margo.  “Why do you think I never wear it?  You can keep it, if you want, Jon.””You’re right, Jon,” said Amy.  “You’ll never fool her in that dress.  What we need is to put you in some of my clothes, and then maybe she’ll just think it’s me.””I know,” said Margo.  “How about my cheerleading uniform?  Then she’ll just think he’s Amy in her cheerleader uniform.””That’s a great idea!” said Kaylee.  “Please Jon.  Go home in a cheerleader uniform.”

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