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The Flight

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The FlightMy life was not what one would call Adventurous. I had a simple job in a simple little town. I was a shift supervisor in a plastics factory. Then our company got bought by a big Silicon Valley company who wanted to use our cheap sturdy plastic as casing for a new tablet PC. I suddenly found myself promoted replacing the recently dismissed COO. That brings me to where the story begins…in a cab to the airport. The Company was flying me Business Class to California to handle last minute merger details. I was very nervous for two reasons:1. I was way over my headAnd2. I had never actually flown before. I got out of the cab and grabbed my bags. I already had my ticket so I went straight to the gates bypassing the whole Homeland Security hoopla (a perk of working for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company). While my attention was elsewhere, trying to spot my departure gate I collided with a woman and spilled her iced coffee all over her suit. “Idiot!” she shot at me. I tried to apologise but she was having none of it, she stormed off to the ladies room to clean up muttering “If I miss my flight I’m gonna castrate…” Me presumably, her voice trailed off after that. I made my way to the gate and then onto the plane. Business Class was incredible, very comfortable seats with Leg room and hot towels for some reason. I found my seat, 34B and sat down. After reading the safety manual and sipping a small can of Cola I settled in for the flight. “Oh you have got to be k**ding me!” a familiar voice griped. I opened my eyes and saw that same woman standing next to my aisle. “Oh hey.” I innocently said looking up. “Oh hey!?” she said with a condescending air. “You spill coffee all over me, don’t apologise and all you say is…Oh hey!” “I tried to apologise, you waved me off.” Her charcoal grey suit was gone replaced with a very conservative Sundress, canary yellow. It reminded me of something Emma Rosemont would wear to the annual Chruch Picnic. “That’s a very lovely dress.” I said trying to break the tension. “It was the only thing canlı bahis in my size at the Lost & Found”. she said sitting down. “Well I think it’s lovely.” I said with a smile. “Yeah whatever.” I put my head back and closed my eyes, I could feel that this was turning out to be an awfully long flight. After takeoff the Flight Attendant came around pushing the drink cart again. I got a soda and my lovely companion got a vodka on the rocks. “Soda…way to live on the wild side!” she smirked. “I’m not much of a drinker…besides I have to have a clear head if I’m gonna get these sales projections down.” “What do you do?” she asked. “I work for Reymer Polymer, we make…” “Industrial Plastics, I read the business section. You guys just got bought by Tech-Com right?” she asked. “I heard Tech-Com promoted some lowly shift supervisor named Derek Snow to COO, what’s it like working for someone whose clearly in over their head?” she said. “I don’t work for him.” I said. “But I thought you said worked for….he’s you isn’t he!” she choked, her cheeks flushing Red. “Derek Snow, the COO whose in over his head.” I introduced myself while holding out my hand. “I’m so sorry…it’s just flying brings out the worst in me. I’m Annie Barnes, I’m an accountant for Manchurian Global.” she said shaking my hand. “You’re right though, I am very much indeed in over my head. I have 300 employees whose jobs are on the line over this merger, not to mention the town. The plastic plant is the heart of the town, if we go under so does the town!” “Wow!” she said looking at me. “I thought you were some hick who got bumped up to first class, turns out you really care.” “Oh I do care very much…and I am very much a Hick.” I said. She started laughing so loud that people turned their heads to see what was happening. As the day turned to evening and dinner was served Annie and I started chatting not about business but of personal stuff. Of our lives, our hopes and unfulfilled dreams. She wanted to be a Marine Biologist and I wanted to be a teacher. “Why didn’t you?” she bahis siteleri asked. “I was ready to go to college, I literally had my bags packed and was out the door when my Dad died. I have 6 brothers and sisters all depending on me so I had to scrap my plans and get a job at the factory. First as a mixer, then as a cutter, then finally as a shift supervisor.” “So how did you get the job anyhow?” she asked. “I was a shift supervisor for six months when I first met the CEO, Brad Clarke. Thing is I knew Mr. Clarke for years before that, one of the benefits of living in a small town. In fact I took his daughters to Prom.” “Daughters…?” she asked. “Yeah Twins Emma and Emily.” I said. “Taking twins to Prom, which one did you hook up with afterward?” she asked. “Yeah, which one.” I said. “You don’t mean…both do you?” she asked. “I wasn’t interested but the Twins were…very persuasive.” “You had a threeway with twins! What was that like?” she asked. “Very, very wild especially when they started making out with each other. You could tell it wasn’t the first time.” As I talked about my sexual conquest I could feel my cock start to stiffen in my pants and to hide it I casually crossed my legs. We continued to talk until the night came, creeping up on us. The flight attendant started passing out tiny pillows and thin blankets and we each grabbed a pair and dimmed the lights to try to get some sleep. As I lay in my reclined seat I catch a glimpse of Annie, her shoulder length auburn hair which smelled vaguely of Lavender, her soulful hazel eyes and the noise she made as she took short breaths. I closed my eyes and felt a hand grasp mine, I opened my eyes and found hers looking deeply into mine. She looked around at the darkened seats and slowly slid her hand underneath my blanket. She silently unzipped my pants and reached inside pulling my cock ouy through my Boxers. The feeling of her soft digits wrapped around my member and the knowledge of what was to come caused instant hardness. She started off slowly, with short a sweet tugs. flying güvenilir bahis just under the radar to erase suspicion. Not wanting her to be left out I tucked my own hand under her blanket and made my way around the Cotton Frill of her dress and into her inner thigh. My eyes went wide as I discovered Annie was not wearing any panties. As she began to increase her pace I started gently probing her pussy. I Started moving my hips up and down slowly at first then faster and faster. We were locked in eachother’s embrace having the closest thing to sex we could on an airplane. “I want you!” she whispered. I looked to the back and saw the bathroom, a green light above the door seemed to sing “GO FOR IT!” I slowly got to my feet and ran to the Lavatory. Closing the door behind me. A few minutes later there was a knock. “It’s me!” Annie said. I slowly opened the door and Annie entered. “What are we doing?” she whispedered I bent down and began to nuzzle her neck as she moaned and moved her hand gently to my pants. She slipped them off and guided my stiff cock inside her warm, wet pussy. It was as if time stood still, our bodies becoming one. Writhing in a lustful symphony. I pulled the dress down to her waist and began to lick her stiff nipples. The feel of her body pressing against mine was absolutely maddening. Coming in unison, we fell into eachothers sweaty embrace. We sat there for what seemed like an eternity, then zipped up and returned to out seats without incident. As the plane landed we exchanged numbers, stole one last passionate kiss and went our own separate ways. The cab came to a stop in front of the hotel, a huge building like I’d never seen. The Bellman grabbed my bags and helped me bring them inside. I checked in and made my way, key in hand to my room. “Hold the Elevator!” a voice cried out as the doors closed. “It can’t be.” I said pushing the stop button. The doors opened and there was Annie standing there with her bags and key. “Oh wow!” she said realising what was happening. She bolted into the elevator and into my arms. “Your room or mine?” she said in between kisses. “You decide.” I said. I was so sad thinking that the most incredible Flight in history was over, turns out it was only just beginning. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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