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The Flight of the naked Goddess – End

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The Flight of the naked Goddess – EndAnd to my utmost surprise Kundali unties my aching wrists and whispers into my ear: »Come!« She takes me by the hand and on the tips of our toes we are heading for the door. I think this as an extremely unwise move and I hope that Kundali knows the bitter consequences of her betrayal, but Sheik Habib seems to be sound asleep behind us. Even the armed guard outside snores like a plank-saw in the corner and also otherwise nobody takes any interest in the bold escape of us two naked women. The guardians of the gate hardly stir in their sullen dreams as Kundali quietly lifts the bar and we sneak out into the starry night.I’m still puzzled by the sudden changes of events, but I have to wait for an explanation. Silently we run through the warm sand together until we reach two young camel drivers, seemingly just waiting for us. Kundali hugs them with visible joy as they just sceptically muster me like a free surplus of their risky rescue act. But Kundali pushes me on top of one of the a sitting b**sts, climbs swiftly up behind me and commands the huge donkey of the desert to stagger onto its wobbly long legs. The drivers do the same and we start our bumpy ride out into the spooky darkness with breath-taking speed. Only now Kundali starts to speak to me: »These are two of my fathers finest racing camels, and fast we need to be! I’m the daughter of Tanunda, the noble King of Nubia, plus unfortunately by force the first wife of Habib, the fat slob from Selima!« But here she stops, because a strangely expanding orange light follows our speedy escape like a fiery avenger. Looking back it seems to me, that the sleeping fortress had somehow self-ignited and was transformed into a raging fire ball, emanating black clouds of putrid smoke. »Poor old Habib!«, Kundali sighs, »But it was about due that the gods came down onto his sinful soul!« The sheer thought of being burned alive makes me shiver, but my friend just kisses my cheek and drives the camel on. Was the deadly disaster only coincidence, a stupid human failure or even Isis’ hot revenge – I don’t know, but I can have a good guess! And I smile to myself as Kundalis stubby nipples tickle my back and her warm thighs massage mine with confidence on our wild and bouncy ride.»But how…?«, I would like to know after a nice while of self-endulgement. Kundali giggles like a bell and chuckles: »The date wine was laced with the thick juice of the sleeping poppy – they would have surely slept for hours! But I really enjoyed it to torture you a bit, little princess – and I’m definitely looking forward to the delicious moment, when you tie me up and return the favour to me!« And for the first time I hear her laugh – purring and deep, straight from the heart!And I thank my godly patroness once again for my naked escape from the clutches of evil, as I feel Kundalis wet lips on the sensitive skin on the side of my neck and her teeth on the soft lobe of my ear. I can feel her warm breath on my shoulder and can smell the pungent perfume of seduction as I sink without resistance back into her arms to let her caress me with her mouth, as she keeps her hands consciously at the wildly flapping reigns.The golden globe of the sun rises slowly out of the sandy dunes in front of us and majestically bathes the desert in its sticky honey-sweet glow. The drivers on the other camel are now right beside us and they smile at us with visible joy about all these jiggling breasts they can see! Kundali introduces them as her cousins Ali and Abu, two horny studs and quite talented riders on woman or b**st – if I should feel the need for a man! We are not followed by any angry Arabs, so we fall into a slower pace that makes it easier to converse and caress. And as Kundali hands me the reigns she takes hold of my sun-warmed titties and she tells me her story: About her favourite game with Abu and Ali called the Lion-Hunt, about her sportive efforts to chase the lions and to catch them, and about the exciting arousal to pin them down into the soft sand and punish them dearly. »But how…?«, I am wondering aloud, mesmerised by the calming quality of her purring voice. I know already about the flexible border between pleasure and pain, and about the nagging desire to linger on that mind-bending threshold again and again. And as Amarsis said: Pleasure and pain are counteractive emotional chemicals, but when they’re mixed in equal proportions they melt perfectly into ecstasy!Kundali sighs: »Well, punishing their tails until they swell from suffering! But that seemed to heat the boys just further up, and they changed the game into the Gazelle-Hunt. Now I was the prey, but I didn’t have a tail! And when Ali caught me by the skirt and brought me down I was very afraid that he would get angry with me. He didn’t seem to mind and punished my kitten until it hurt and wet itself, but when he forced my legs apart and tried to stick his tail on me I made a fast escape and run, just to trick him, in the wrong direction, and straight into the merciless arms of that lethal mongrel Mongolian! That was three moons ago – and by now I know much better! Now I wouldn’t actually mind Alis tail in me – I have forgiven him!« And the sheer canlı bahis thought of that delicious intercourse makes her giggle again. I tell her my story and about the dream and prophecy of Isis. Kundali listens to every word, thinks about it, and says: »Then I was k**napped with the purpose of rescuing you! And of learning to appreciate my sexuality! And of growing up! Oh, Sés, little soul-sister, I’m so happy to have found you and to be with you!« She can’t be really much older than me, but she hugs me suddenly so passionately from behind that I have to gasp for air!On an ancient hill we stop for a pee and a swig of water. The view is splendid in all directions and nothing seems to move in the endless sweltering baking oven all around us. And on the far horizon I can make out the faint green strip of vegetation and a vague blue sparkle of the Nile – my heart soars like a hawk! The crumbling ruins of an old tax collection fortress behind us invite for a short stroll, and Abu shoulders his short hunting bow to shoot us a meal. Kundali already flirts with Ali, and the seductive rotation of her hips in his groin make it very clear, that she really means forgiveness to him!To allow them their privacy I just wander about aimlessly in the large labyrinth of the deserted ghost town. When I close my eyes I can see and hear the bustling life that must have filled these narrow streets hundreds of years ago. I can imagine all the intrigues and betrayals, I can smell the perfume of love affairs and the bloody taste of the meanest murderings as clearly as I had have lived here long before. But the only thing that is still alive today is my slender shadow that follows me around on the withered walls. I enter the round centre place with the well in the middle. As I bend over the eroded edge of the cistern it to me like an bottomless pit, but then I spot the little light on the end of the tunnel, and like the tiniest miniature the features of my face in the mirror of the murky water, surrounded by the steelen blue of the desert sky. But then I hear steps behind me – it is Abu, the gazelle hunter, surely attracted by the elegant curves of my naked backside! I make a dash into a small lane and think: »You can watch, but have to catch me first before you touch!« He is hard on my heels and I turn quickly a couple of corners. Then I speed up, raising a cloud of ancient dust. I leave a trail of sweet female sweat behind me to entrance the instinct of the hunter. I pull a long nose at him and then hide in a dark doorway to let him rush past. I throw a rock in the other direction to disorientate him. But as more I try to keep him away from me, as more I get aware of the fact, how much I really wish to draw him closer! The classical dilemma when the prey starts to attract the hunter, gets attracted to the hunter – this subtle shift of power that changes the polarities, an empowering surge from a recreational source, fed only by fermented fear!Here he comes again in a determined stride, I slip through a topless portal into a little thick-walled square, that must have been the room to keep food cool. My hunter stands proud but huffing and puffing in the doorway and blocks my only chance of escape. »I’ve got you now!«, he pants, and the thought of making me suffer for my teasing flickers dangerously in his dark eyes. But he is actually a very attractive young man, that’s what I can see as he moves slowly towards me. And I smile at him as even his manhood grows visibly harder towards me.»You’re not afraid? Who are you, anyway?«, he asks me with a hint of doubt sprouting in his breathless voice. »Better not to know, Abu!«, I respond, »But obviously you came to punish me, you didn’t come to kill me! And I’m willing to endure what I deserve!«He is so close by now that I can smell his breath. He grabs me hard by the wrists and crucifies me roughly against the crumbling mud-brick wall. This sudden body contact unleashes a hot surge of blood between my legs and weakens my knees. I remember the girlish chasing games we played in the harem, and how I liked it to be caught, bound by an older sister and receive a hot spanking for my naughtiness to run away. But this is different! I do not have much expertise in alluring young boys with my charms, and sometimes I may come along a little bit too cool. But, if it is the fear that attracts them to women, I sadly have to confess that I don’t possess an awful lot of it!And when I have to giggle about the ticklish sensation of his manhood stabbing into my belly he looks down onto the huge erection that lifts his kilt, his hands grow limp and he blushes, turns and runs. But I’m right behind him in a flash, and when I’m hot I’m fast! And with a courageous leap I catch him by the kilt. The cloth rips and Abu tumbles naked to the ground. There he lays in the dirt, propped up onto his elbows and stares dazzled at his kilt, dangling in my hand, and his still stiff manhood winks at me. »I’m sorry, Abu, but our game has left me exhausted and thirsty!«, I try to conquer the embarrassment of the situation as I kneel next to him. And Abu takes his punishment like a man, and I grasp the concept, that the giving of pleasure is as pleasurable as to take it! bahis siteleri His growing groaning and moaning fills me with pride and his arm over his eyes proofs his inner enjoyment! Then I feel his hand on my neck, and he guides the movement and the rhythm as I press his balls hard to milk even the very last drop out of him! »And?«, inquires Kundali, back on the camel again, as she reaches down to check my flower for the sticky traces of intimate excitement. »Poor Princess!«, she exclaims, »you didn’t fare well, maybe next time we better swop partners!« And we both laugh aloud like fools! The boys are right behind us as we descent into a narrow valley, both sides walled by steep ranges of solid rock. A thousand years ago for sure the bed of a surging river, the gorge has dried out into a lifeless crack, completely breezeless and as hot as a fired-up pottery kiln.The sweat runs down on us like a warm summer rain, the air is as thick as meat jelly and nearly impossible to breathe. Sun-bleached skeletons of goats and sheep litter the road sides and flocks of vultures are following us high above. But the small green strip of vegetation in front of us seems to come closer by the hour! And even the camels seem to see a destination of the hasty journey and move faster by themselves. The deadly valley contracts to the end and the vertical cliffs on both sides only leave a narrow passage. Then suddenly a rope whips up out of the dust, our camel dives and I fly through the sticky air into the darkness of the endless well of oblivion, never ever hitting the bottom at all!All my bones are aching as I try to gather my senses. I’m bound at ankles and wrists, and every move hurts like mad. I can make out the body of Kundali next to me in the same miserable condition, and a bit further away Abu’s head in a red puddle of clogged-up blood under a black swarm of flies, his eyes dead and his throat brutally slit open. Then I hear the desperate barking of our camel, unable to get up again because of its broken legs. Only Ali must have escaped the cruel ambush – there is no sign of him!But as I roll over I discover seven pitch-black savages around a small fire by their gruesome meal. They chatter like old women as the blood of their young victim dribbles down their chins. Sheer terror grips me in his deadly clutches and my stomach turns sour. Ice-cold sweat wets my brows and my whole body shakes uncontrollable. I close my eyes over the bitter tears and silent I call out to Isis: »When does this horror have an end!« I roll back to Kundali and wake her with my elbow. She is not dead, the fist around my frightened heart loosens its life-strangling grip as she slowly turns to face me. Her eyes shine like mirrors, in which I can see myself, crying out for help. But her look instantly raises hope in my deep desperation. She brings up a rough cough and rattles: »Don’t worry, sister Sés, those devils are warriors from Cush, maybe a rebellious splinter group? They won’t bend a hair of ours until the chief had his carnal carnival with us! But they will pay for their dinner with their rotten lifes – my father will take revenge for my little cousin and kill the mongrel bastards!«And that now should calm me down? I had heard about those savage brutes, that cruelly circumcise their woman with a blunt grass and throw their elders to the crocodiles with broken legs! Not much pleasantry to look forward for two naked little women like us!Our commotion must have alerted the savages, and their blood-soaked stench meets our noses long before they do. They are tall lean men with a skin as black as the charcoal of their camp fires and the purple shimmer of a crows frock. They are all hung like donkeys, their cocks are thin and double as long as I could expect them to be – maybe they use them a lot for weight-lifting? And without emotion they load us onto their long spears, from where we dangle like hunted game. All I can see is the strong black buttocks of the savage in front of me, and in the back the naked cannibal behind me, contemplating with a glassy gaze and dribbling lips the part of my anatomy he may like the best! They carry us through a low stand of ugly crippled trees, along a grove of stingy acacias, henna and caper bushes, and into a swamp of sharp tiger grass towards the orange-red Nubian sandstone of the river bed. We follow the Nile to a small sandy beach under a cave, washed out of the soft rock by thousands of floods. The camp is literally littered with human bones and the sour smell of death. In front of the cave the savages throw us in the sand and the chief of the tribe appears to inspect the catch of the day. To my surprise he is only a boy and extremely different from the others. His eyes are an aquamarine light-blue and reflective like those of a black panther, his hands are fine-cut and clean, and even his dick bears quite human proportions! His strong muscles are perfectly displayed under the satin glow of his tight smooth rainbow skin. Around his neck he carries a drop of molten gold on a string as the substitute of his given powers. And around his boyish hips he wears a woven leather belt, holding about a dozen of little copper daggers.Maybe therefore his authority güvenilir bahis seems to be unquestioned, then on a quick flick of his hand the savages retreat to their places on the shore. Kundali struggles onto her knees and bows deep infront of the black boy-chief. And then she speaks to him in a strange guttural language with a soft begging undertone, and then she bows again. And to my utter concern he pushes her back-over and pulls her by her feet like an a****l into his cave, her long hair dragging behind her like a limp broom! It’s maybe not a wise move for a cannibal to show mercy to a women, because he could end up easily in his own tribes cooking pot! All I can hear is a heated argument, and I’m sure that Kundali wouldn’t survive her insolence for long! But the quarrel soon subsides and is replaced by the grunting sounds of a wild copulation. And to my horror one of the ugly savages approaches me with a long knife between his teeth and an extremely hungry look for my tender flesh in his blunt eyes. But before he is able to suffocate my soul under his dirty hands I hear myself screach like a hawk. That seems to irritate the cannibal completely, he looks up at the sky, but then he claps together next to me like a faulty folding chair, one of the little daggers buried deep in his forehead. I could imagine, that there wouldn’t be much left of him in the morning than bones and guts!With the gliding grace of a panther the young chief moves around me, every step measured to economics and strength. He pulls the bloody dagger with a vicious jerk from his victim, wipes it clean on its woolly hair and sticks it back into the belt. Then he drags me in the traditional way into the cave. Kundali seems to have survived his bestial attack quite well, she smiles and nibbles on a roasted chicken leg with visible satisfaction. She frees my wrists and ankles, all the time talking to me: That she had bribed him with her ass, that he likes to do it in the doggie fashion, and that he is quite a good lover, but also has a lot to learn! She tells me, that he doesn’t eat human flesh but can’t stop his black fellows from doing so – and she licks a delicious dribble of fat from her vivid lips.She had explained to him the meaning of my tattoo, and that I was under the personal protection of the gods of Egypt! Also: that every resistance to my destiny would be his certain death. At that he was angry first, but then he knew that a huge change was in the air, and felt that he could be a vital part of it. Change or die, that is the devise of the time!Black Panther shows me the pink palm of friendship. He makes the hand sign for tomorrow, points to my tiny tattoo, and then far far north! I understand: He sets us free! I have to take a couple of deep breaths to let that relieve soak down into my troubled soul. Then I can relax, sink back against the cool rock wall and send a prayer of thanks-giving to my divine mother Isis. Even if her mysterious ways sometimes shock the shit out of me, there may be always a hidden purpose behind the harsh and ununderstandable moves?Kundali sleeps already next to me, so I better keep watch! The Panther sits on his hunches and stares motionless into the darkness of the night and listens to the on-going muffled sounds of discontent. Only the nervous flicker of the campfires spooks over his face, projecting his shadow silently onto the walls of the cave. He is feeling his authority dwindling, the heaviness of doom is holding him down, his wide open nostrils are smelling the danger creeping up on him! That murderous bunch of blood-thirsty crows out there begins seriously to scare him. And the only reason for this disaster, that is me – we both know that very well!And if he had read my mind he glances at me from the side. And I’m not sure if he would prefer to solve the mental crisis by throwing a deadly dagger at me? But then his dick rises out of his crotch with the silky firm elegance of a king-python – absolutely too beautiful to describe at all!After half an hour he is still hard, I start to feel mercy! He saved my life! At least up to now! »Give yourself grateful and it may happen again!«, said Amarsis once to me. And: like a dog I move slowly in front of him – the naked Queen of Egypt, down on all fours – using diplomacy and passion to tame the black Panther of dark Africa.And I don’t have to wait long until I feel his hands take possession of my hips and his demanding python probing at my flower. He grabs me hard and pierces me deep as he prepares for a long bumpy ride. I feel his warm breath on my neck before he sinks the bite of domination into my expectant flesh. I close my eyes in the awe of pleasure as he rattles my womb and his balls slap me furiously to the smacking rhythm of his hips. But then I let him slip out of me, roll onto my back and pull him down over me. He is stunned by my bold behaviour, but I want to see his face when he comes. And there is a faint smile pulling at the corners of his mouth, a shy smile lights up his black face, cleans out years of brutality and humiliation – an emotion that must be completely new for him, a novel task that seems to hurt his facial muscles first, but soon pulls the tight manly lips from the wide drawer of heathy teeth!Panther puts a hand over my eyes as I start to emanate the little feminine cries of pleasure, then the other one over my mouth as I finally strangle him into a invisible orgasmic grin . . .

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