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The fun night

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The fun nightSue was just getting out of the shower when the door opened and her father walked in. He grabbed her by the hair and kissed her. His hands trailed down her body to her tits grabbing and roughly massaging them. Her dad said to her “Do not look shocked. You know I have wanted to fuck you ever since your mom left. You have a great body like your mom’s and I know how good you will feel.” Her dad then began to remove his clothes and continued kissing her. She knew her dad had been watching her tits and her ass every day. She wore tight little t-shirts and short skirts to tempt him. She could see his cock get hard in his pants. She liked to see his bulge as he looked at her and knew it was only a matter of time till he would fuck her.His tongue explored her mouth as his hands went down her sides till he reached her pussy. He ran his hand over her pussy and felt her wetness. He put his fingers inside her pussy lips and used two fingers to rub her clit. As he rubbed he felt her clit get hard. He took her hand and put it on his now very hard cock. He whispered into her mouth, “Stroke daddy’s cock. Feel how hard it is for you. Think of how it will feel when I ram it in your tight cunt. Tell daddy how much you want his hard cock to fuck you.” Her hand caressed his cock as she told him “Daddy, you have a really big hard cock. I know it will feel so good in my cunt fucking me and filling me with your cum. I want you to fuck me hard like you used to fuck my mom. Put a finger in my fuck hole and tell me how much you like it.”As she stroked her dad’s hard cock, he put a finger inside her warm wet cunt. He looked at her and said “Your cunt is so moist and so tight. I tuzla escort have not fucked a tight cunt in a very long time. It is going to feel good with its tight grip on my cock. I am going to fuck you and fill you with cum several times. Now sit on the counter and spread your legs. I am going to lick your pussy then push my cock in you and fuck you hard.” Sue sat on the counter and spread her legs so her dad could see her sweet pussy. He moaned as he looked at her “My baby, you have the most sexy pussy. It is so pink and so wet. Your clit is so swollen and wants my lips on it so bad. I am going to lick and suck you till you cum then I will push my tongue in your hole and taste you before I ram my cock in and fuck that tight cunt till you scream for mercy. I am going to fuck you so hard and so deep that you will feel every inch of my long hard shaft. I am going to fuck every hole in your body and in every room of my house. I am going to take naked pics of you in so many sexy poses and we will make videos of me fucking you and you sucking my cock.” He then put his mouth to her clit and began to suck and he heard her scream. “Yes, daddy. suck me. Make me cum for you. I love the way you suck my clit. Now lick my pussy.” Her dad stayed busy for quite a while licking and sucking her pussy before he pushed his tongue in her hole. When his tongue went into her cunt she screamed and came hard on his face. He tongued and licked her cunt like a man who had never had sex before. It had been too long since he had had pussy.He then pulled her to the edge of the counter and mounted his cock to her hole. He pushed in fast and deep ramming her hole with his thick sancaktepe escort cock. She felt so warm and so tight he almost lost his control but he wanted to feel his cock fucking the warm tunnel before he filled her with cum. His hands gripped her ass cheeks and he pulled her tight to his cock and began to fuck her with no mercy. His cock filled her tight hole. She was so tight and his cock felt all four sides of her cunt. He leaned forward and caught a nipple in his mouth and sucked it hard. He knew he would leave a hickey but that was a turn on for him too so he then sucked the other leaving a mark on it also. She had nice firm tits and the nipples were now rock hard as he sucked on them. His hands dug into her ass cheeks as he fucked her cunt hard and deep. He would pull almost out then push back in doing this over and over. When he was ready to cum his fingers dug into her cheeks and his mouth bit her tits. She felt so good and he loved fucking her. He would keep her in his bed and she would take the place of her mother and he would use her body every way he wanted day and night. She was so sexy and he loved fucking and sucking her.He pulled his cock out of her dripping cum filled cunt and told her “Bend over the counter now. I want your ass up in the air for me.” As she bent over the counter he rubbed her ass cheeks. She had a great firm sexy ass. He leaned and kissed it several times then sucked it. He next spread her cheeks and looked at her sweet rose bud. He ran a finger over it and saw her make it pucker tighter. He could just imagine how his cock was going to feel as it entered her. He leaned down and kissed the bud. üsküdar escort He licked her getting the opening very wet. He loved licking her ass hole and kissing it. He then put a finger to the opening and shoved it in just a little. Her ass was so tight just how he knew she would be. He watched the finger go slowly in the ass. It made his cock hard and he was going to need to fuck her again but first he was going to finger her ass till she came for him. His finger fucked her ass as he watched it go in and out. She had a great ass and he was going to cock fuck it also but first he needed to get it ready and he added one more finger and stuck them both deep. He whispered to her “Tell daddy how you like daddy licking and kissing your ass. Do you like his fingers fucking your tight ass? I am going to sink my cock in that ass and fuck you hard and deep. Now tell daddy what his baby thinks.” Sue told her dad “I want to please you daddy. You can finger my ass all you want and I want your cock in it and fucking me hard. I love your big hard cock. I want you to fuck me a lot. I want to make videos with you and let you take pictures of my pussy. Fuck me over and over. I am your sex toy.” Her dad then pulled his fingers out and aimed his hard cock to her ass. He pushed in slow and it was a very tight fit. He finally got the head thru the opening and could then push in deeper. When he was in her it was all he could do to not cum right then. She was so tight and felt so good. He wished he could fuck her ass for hours but he then imagined ass fucking her many times a day. He would sit her on his lap with his cock in her ass and fuck her. He was only able to fuck her for a few minutes before he filled her ass with cum. He pulled his cock from her cum filled ass and told her “Let’s go in to the bedroom and daddy will eat yor pussy as you suck his cock. Then I will fuck your cunt and ass a couple more times. Daddy is going to fuck you all night long.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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