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Subject: The Great American Game pt 5 The Great American Game By Danny Smith This is a work of fiction. It involves descriptions of consensual sex between a father and son. If this isn’t to your taste, please don’t read. Don’t forget to help support Nifty with donations. Part 5 The months flew by. Jeff and I grew closer and closer, frustrated only that we couldn’t be together more often. Things got a big boost when he turned 16 and started practicing for his driver’s license. It gave me the excuse to go out with him frequently, sometimes for hours at a time, to give him more time behind the wheel. Of course in reality most of that time was spent honing his skills at deep throating and occasionally taking it up the ass. I say occasionally because neither one of us felt entirely comfortable parked out on Wilson’s Run Road screwing in the back seat. After dark it was okay, a little, but during daylight hours it was just too risky. Jeff even delayed getting his license longer than he needed to just to give us more “practice” time. When he did start driving on his own, it still helped because he could come and pick me up for lunch at work, at least when I wasn’t out in the field on assignment, and even then sometimes when I was. Our lunch was always washed down with a healthy amount of cream! But more and more Jeff wanted to expand his sexual horizons. He was afraid to approach any of his friends at school and didn’t know where else to look for male relief. He asked me constantly about my other contacts with men and I was open about talking about my extracurricular sex life. The problem is we couldn’t very well set up a three-way since in almost every case, I hooked up with men anonymously at the adult book store. Actually, they weren’t 100% anonymous since I had many regulars — guys I ran into multiple times. I got to know them pretty well, and they knew me, although never actually by name. Jeff asked me about some of my regulars and I enjoyed talking about them. We sat in his room while I “helped him with his homework.” Actually I was helping him with the finer points of cocksucking, but that’s still learning, isn’t it? “So who do you call a `regular’?” “Well, there’s this one guy who is a Gulf War vet, at least he’s got a `Desert Storm’ patch on his cap. He rides a motorcycle to the bookstore and I always look for it in the parking lot because he’s a lot of fun. He’s tall and lanky, nice looking, with a scraggly beard. Dark hair, dark eyes. He’s not super hung, but that’s really okay with me; his cock fits easily in my mouth and partly down my throat. To me the best thing is that he cums fairly quickly and never pulls out. I mainly suck guys for the juice and he has quite a bit.” “Awesome. Who else?” “Well, speaking of cum, there’s Blue Jeans Guy. He’s shorter than me, kind of stocky but in a muscular way. Big bush. He always wears blue jeans. He’s one of those guys who wants to be watched more than sucked. He watches straight porn, not gay, and plays with himself while he lets a guy in the other booth watch. A lot of other guys don’t like to be teased like that, but I don’t mind because when he’s really close and I’m at the gloryhole looking şişli travesti up at him admiringly, sometimes he’ll turn at the last second and jam the head of his cock in my mouth…just enough to shoot the juice. God, I love that.” Jeff adjusted his cock, clearly boned up. “That sounds hot Dad. Keep going!” He took out his dick and started jacking. I decided to do the same. “One guy I call The Redhead. He’s kind of a mixed bag. He’s a red head, with long hair, almost shoulder length. Likes to get into the same booth. Works construction. He’s married and is always looking for someone to do a three-way with him and his wife, or with me and your mother. That’s not going to happen now or ever, but I try to get him to let me do him anyway. He does, sometimes, but he’s pretty aggressive. He likes to fuck my mouth hard and won’t let me take my mouth off his cock, even for a second, even if I need to catch my breath! Also I can’t play with his nipples or even feel his chest — he always pushes my hand away pretty roughly. Still, if I can keep up with him he does at least shoot in my mouth.” “I don’t know how appealing that sounds. Do you think I’d like him?” Jeff asked. “I’m really not sure. I only cruise him when I’m feeling desperate, or particularly submissive.” “I don’t think so. Who else!?” “There’s a guy I call T-Shirt Man. He’s an odd one. He comes in wearing suit pants and dress shoes, but wearing only a t-shirt. He clearly has a white-collar job, but maybe he doesn’t want us to know about it. I saw him arriving in the parking lot once and watched him. When he drove up he was wearing a full business suite, white shirt, tie, the whole deal. Then he got out, took off the suit coat, the tie, and the white shirt and went in. In my opinion it’s easy to see why he does it — he’s really fit looking and that t-shirt fits him nice and tight — shows off his muscles.” “What’s he like through the hole?” Jeff was fascinated with the whole concept of an arcade in general and gloryholes in particular. “I don’t know. I’ve never hooked up with him.” “Why not, Dad?” “Guess I’m just not his type. I’ve certainly cruised him enough!” “Dad…we’ve got to do this!” “Do what?” “Go to the arcade together.” “Jeff you’re not 18. You’re not even 17.” “Can’t you sneak me in? Isn’t there a back door or something? An emergency exit maybe?” I thought long and hard, picturing how we might do that and whether it could work. I have to admit it sure sounded appealing. As I was mentally planning it out, Jeff walked over, put his arms around my neck, and kissed me full on the lips. “Please Dad.” “Okay Jeff let me think how to do it. I’ll let you know.” And with that Jeff went down on me again, and showed me how much he had learned about how to deep throat. The next time I was at the bookstore (which was the very next day) I checked out the back of the building. Sure enough there was a fire exit that led out into an alley in the back of the building. When I went in, I made a point of checking it out. It was unlocked inside and, best of all, it wasn’t alarmed. Just a door. We decided to go for it. The first time we could come up with a good excuse Jeff drove beylikdüzü travesti us over in his car. I showed him where to park, close to the back alley. I got out and went into the front. It was a busy time — right after work when lots of married guys were heading home but wanted to stop off for a little relief. There were lots of cars in the parking lot, including the Desert Storm Vet’s motorcycle. I quickly went in, got some change at the front register and headed back, my heart pounding at what I was doing. As we planned, I opened the exit door just slightly and Jeff slipped in. No one noticed. I waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness. When he was ready I said, “Let’s walk around so you can get a feel for the place.” The reaction of the regulars was electric. Everyone seemed to start jockeying for position to go into whichever booth was next to the one Jeff chose. I had thought I might need to be the first one, just to break the ice in case anyone worried that it was a setup or something. But it was clear that wasn’t going to be a problem. Jeff was going to have his pick. So I decided instead to go into the same booth with him, partly for moral support (which he didn’t appear to need) and partly to show him the ropes of how to turn a guy down he didn’t like. As luck would have it the first guy up was a man about my age, good looking, that I hadn’t seen there before. I took him to be an out of towner here on business. Jeff was like a seasoned pro. He leaned over to peek through the hole, liked what he saw, and stuck a couple of fingers through the hole, tapping on the bottom. The guy responded immediately rubbing his crotch and unzipping his pants. He dropped his trousers and hauled out a really good looking piece of meat. Nicely cut, surrounded by light brown hair, not overly long, mushroom head. Jeff was on his knees in seconds. “Don’t reach through the hole,” I warned him. “Let him make the first move.” Jeff licked his lips and the mystery guy slowly moved toward the hole and stuck his flaccid cock through. I could tell Jeff was beside himself with excitement! He licked the shaft a couple of times, then eased that big cockhead into his mouth. Working his way up the shaft, he soon engulfed that baby maker, and buried his nose in the guy’s pubes. He was hard in no time and was soon starting to pump it into Jeff’s mouth. “It’s okay to just hold your head still,” I whispered. “Let him set the pace.” Jeff just grunted “uh huh” or something that sounded like that, and never let that fine cock out of his mouth. Soon the magic moment came and I could hear the mystery man moaning. He actually got a little loud, but it didn’t take long. Seconds later he was pumping like crazy as Jeff swallowed the warm creamy load. “Save me some” I whispered. “Don’t swallow it all.” Jeff finished the guy up then turned to me with love in his eyes and a mouthful of cum. He opened wide and I scooped out the extra spunk with my tongue. Jeff spoke softly: “Wow! Who’s next?” He and I both started laughing at that, almost giggling. “Let’s take a walk around and inspect the merchandise. I have a feeling you can take your pick.” We started to walk istanbul travesti around and heads turned. I noticed someone talking to the mystery businessman. They both glanced our way. And they weren’t the only ones. We passed one of the few guys I actually knew by name. He was a college student who studied computer science and liked older guys like me. Incredibly good looking and he packed a whopper between his legs. “How about him?” I asked Jeff. “Nah, too young. I want someone more like you, Dad.” We ran into a guy I called The Show Off. He always wore a button up shirt with no t-shirt underneath. He liked to unbutton the first three buttons, sometimes the first four, to show off his chest hair. Jeff took one look at and said “Bingo!” I gave the guy a wink as we passed him. Jeff and I went into the next available booth and within seconds The Show Off was in the one next to ours. He knew what his best asset was and in no time took off his shirt entirely. Jeff was on his knees reaching through the hole before I could stop him, but I knew this guy was safe. We’d shared the same booth a few times and both of us enjoyed nipple play. The thing I’d forgotten to mention to Jeff was that the guy was a bottom and loved to give head even more than he enjoyed being sucked. Of course Jeff figured that out on his own pretty quickly and was happy to stand up and show off the goods. I was so proud of my big-dicked son as I watched him playfully inch his way toward the hole, making The Show Off practically beg or it. Jeff stuck it in The Show Off’s mouth and acted every bit the aggressive top that I knew he could be. Soon he was pounding the guy’s mouth, banging against the wall of the booth so hard it shook. I knew instinctively that there would be two or three guys standing right outside listening…fantasizing about the joyful sex that was taking place inside. The Show Off was a good cocksucker, I have to admit, and before long he had Jeff right on the verge. I stood behind Jeff to whisper encouragement and to play with his nipples. “Don’t hold back,” I said softly, “he can take it. Jam that dick down his throat. Harder. Harder. Don’t worry about the noise, everyone knows what’s going on. Harder. Harder!” Every time I said “harder” I squeezed Jeff’s tits the way I know he likes it. Soon he was trembling from the intense pleasure his body was experiencing, and when he spasmed I knew a huge load of sperm was going down The Show Off’s mouth. We waited until Jeff quieted down. Naturally guys outside were jostling for position to be the next in line, but I thought Jeff needed a moment to sort of calm down and catch his breath. We walked around a minute or two and it was like we were leading a parade. Still, it was getting a little late and I didn’t want his mother to get suspicious so I suggested we go home. He agreed. But as we were getting ready who should we run into but T-Shirt Man. I knew he was good looking (and built), and I guessed Jeff would go for him, but I never anticipated his reaction. “Dad, I’ve GOT to do that guy! Or let him do me, I don’t care. Just make it happen. And I want to be in the same booth.” “Sure, son, let me see what I can do. But what’s so urgent?” “Dad I know him. I don’t think he knows me, but I know him. He’s the school counselor!” Hope you liked this episode. If so, or to share constructive criticism, drop me an email. More of my stories are under the “Authors” tab.

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