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The Grimoire – Part 6 – Jennie

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 “Why so thoughtful, John?” She asked.”I’m not sure. We’ve spent the last few months inside. I have not regretted a second of the time spent with you, as it has been the most intense time of my life. But I now feel the time has come to see new vistas,” I said to Agnes.Agnes was a witch. Not the type who flew on broomsticks or mixed potions in a cauldron. Agnes was one of the Salem witches who had escaped being burned by our Puritan forefathers. They wanted to roast her because they had spit roasted her daily, and were afraid that their wives were becoming aware of their afternoon dalliances with her.She had taken refuge in an ancient grimoire, a book of magical incantations that she had discovered and studied assiduously. The book had the power to absorb her into itself and keep her hidden. After her disappearance from Salem, the book had been passed on from person to person through the years and finally fallen into the hands of my uncle.When my uncle Darcy was declared dead, the book came to me as my inheritance. You can imagine my astonishment while leafing through the sheets I discovered Agnes within the pages. When she materialized in my living room, I was confronted by this vision of beauty that was absolutely mouthwatering.We were soon entangled in a relationship that transcended sexuality. I admit that my sexual skills were rather rudimentary when we started, however, Agnes was a consummate artist in all aspects of sexuality and it was her absolute pleasure to help me hone my talents.Agnes was especially attracted by sapiosexuality and insisted I master the intricacies contained in the grimoire. Over the months I learned the mixing of potions, spells, and incantations.”Agnes, I have spent my life in the cold of the Northeast, and I would love to travel the world and see different climes. Why don’t we go on a voyage? You and I can see and explore the world.””It sounds like a wonderful idea. And I judge your knowledge is now sufficient to do so. Where would you like to go?””I want sunlight and sea breezes,” I told her as I waved my hands in the air. “I want to meet Interesting people and see the splendors of the past. Where would you suggest?”She smirked at me, “I don’t suppose you would be interested in voluptuous women also?””Well, that would be a bonus… if you had no objections,” I grinned back at her.”John, I don’t object to a bit of variety. It can always be refreshing. Please remember that I am likely to be interested in variety myself. Will that be a problem?””No darling, you are the woman I want to spend my life with, and I hope you feel the same about me.”With that, she came across the room and sat in my lap and kissed me as if there were no tomorrow. When I managed to catch my breath, I asked her if she had any suggestions for our destination.”Well, I think I know a place that would meet your criteria. What would you think of going to Egypt during the reign of Cleopatra?””Why there?” I asked.”Well Cleo and I have had some fun together in the past, and I am sure she would welcome me back with open arms; not to mention open thighs,” she replied blushing prettily.”Oh, so that’s what draws you there.””Well she is adorable and quite yummy, and as I told you, I like all kinds of sexuality. Not to mention that her handmaids are chosen from the prettiest young maidens in Egypt. I think you would enjoy the experience. However, you will not be able to fuck Cleo. She’s married to her brother as is required by Egyptian law and tradition. We cannot chance that you impregnate her and cause a historical anachronism which would be a disaster. Such a thing might change our whole history.John, you will have to be careful of how you act and what you say.  Remember she is the Pharaoh and at such a young age very conscious of her position.””How old will she be when we are there?””Eighteen. I will also work on the Queen and try to get the three of us into a threesome.””How could that happen?” I inquired şişli escort my curiosity and excitement mounting as I imagined myself in that situation.”Well… Several scenarios come to mind. You will be a giant in the midst of people who in most cases will only come up to your shoulder, not to mention that you will be a giant in other ways. Your cock will be longer and thicker than other men’s of that time. That will intrigue her for sure. The handmaids you will be cavorting with will certainly carry that tidbit of information back to her.””Agnes,” I said in confusion. “What good will she knowing how big my cock is if I can’t fuck her?””I didn’t say you couldn’t fuck her I said you couldn’t get her pregnant. I’m sure you can imagine other ways to get that cock into her. Can’t you?””Well maybe,” I mused. “What makes you think that Cleo would accept such an offer?””The thing you have to remember, John, is that she is not Egyptian. Cleopatra is Greek. Now does that give you a hint of the possibilities?” She smirked at me.”Enough chit-chat lets’ go,” I said with a laugh. “Agnes, how will I be able to communicate, what shall I wear?””Not a problem. You mastered Greek and Latin to read the grimoire those are the languages of the court. As to your trousseau,” she said going to a cupboard, “Here is a kilt. It’s all you’ll need. You will be attired as most of the other men there. Now you will be known as Giannis, which is Greek for John, and I am Agni. Can you remember that?” ooOOoo In an instant, we were transported to Alexandria the main port of Ptolemaic Egypt. From winter in New England, we were suddenly on the docks of Alexandria. The transition was mind-blowing. Here the din and the smells were rich and fragrant. People swirled around us dressed in vivid colors. The air was redolent with exotic scents all overlaid by the aroma of the Mediterranean, a mixture of seaweed and iodine.Agnes, or rather now Agni, got into a heated discussion with some litter bearers who were lounging next to a warehouse-like building. I could not understand a word of the conversation as it was carried out in what I presume to be an Egyptian dialect. Finally, she turned to me and said, “Climb aboard Giannis.””Agni, how are we going to pay for this? I don’t see where under your sheath you could be carrying any money.” Her white linen sheath did not do much to conceal any part of her figure let alone money.”Don’t worry we will settle the bill when we reach the palace.”Our litter bearers trotted along under the hot sun while I gazed around me in amazement. The road we were on ran along the shore. To my left, the Mediterranean sparkled under the rays of the sun. I could see a colossal lighthouse at the entrance to the port which I presumed was the Pharos, the famous tower which was one of the Seven Wonders of the World.On the right were gleaming white marble buildings one of which was about the length of a football field. Agni told me that it was the famous library of Alexandria another of the wonders of the world.The people we passed seemed happy and smiling going about their everyday occupations seemingly without a care in the world.We were now passing a long wall with soldiers spaced about every fifty feet and arrived at a gate. There we were stopped by sentries who inquired what our business was at the palace. Very regally Agni stated that we were friends of the Pharaoh and had been granted access to visit with her.They accepted that and let us pass with one of them coming into the litter with us to check that this was the truth.Through large gardens which seemed to be stretch forever, we meandered. The smell of Jasmin, orange, and other flowers permeated the air. Crystal clear pools and fountains strategically placed cooled the scorching air.When we arrived at the palace itself, our escorting soldier jumped out and ran in to return with an imposing man wearing a scowl on his face. His face lit up with a huge smile şişli escort bayan the moment he saw Agni. “Agni, you’re back. Her Highness will be so glad to see you.””Serapion, it’s always a pleasure to see you, my friend. Let me introduce you to my betrothed, Giannis, Prince of the Kingdom of Nysa. Giannis, this is Serapion, chamberlain to Cleopatra.Serapion, please pay these litter bearers for me.””Certainly my Lady, Agni. Welcome to the court of Cleopatra your majesty,” he said bowing to me.He led the way into the palace, and we followed him. I whispered to Agni, “What’s that BS about me being a prince, where the hell is Nysa, and since when are we betrothed?””Shush, my darling. Nysa is a beautiful valley full of nymphs in Greek mythology. To these people mythology is real, and you are a Prince because that will give you standing with Cleopatra. As to being my betrothed did you not tell me that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me? To me, that is the most wonderful thing that ever was said to me. So, my dear, I see you as my betrothed, and someday we will make it formal.”My heart melted at those words, and I would have taken her into my arms and kissed her on the spot except that we entered a large hall through two golden doors at that moment. The chamber was filled with young women, and seated on a throne at the end of the room was this vision of beauty clothed in a translucent veil.She jumped up and almost came running towards us. “Agni, you’re back. I am so happy to see you,” she exclaimed as she wrapped her arms around my love.”And who is this with you?” She asked as her eyes twinkled. I think she was enamored with my size.Agni introduced me and told me in English to bow to Cleopatra who had started to scowl when she heard that I was betrothed to Agni.As I bowed, Agni whispered to Cleopatra who glanced at me and started to smile.”What did you tell her? “I asked.”I told her that you were a man of the world and that you would understand my special relationship with her,” she answered with a smirk.Cleopatra led the way to her throne and called for two seats to be placed across from her. She invited us to sit down.I was fascinated with Cleo. Here was a woman who was the supreme ruler of Egypt. She was barely more than a child. Eighteen years old and breathtakingly beautiful. Her long blond hair and large green eyes betrayed her Greek origins. Her eyes were enhanced by the skillful application of Kohl which made them look like pools of ocean green water. Her mouth was small. However, her lips were pink and sensual. She was petite, probably no more than four foot eight, slim, and with a magnificent set of tits which were fully visible through the gauze-like material which was covering her body.Looking around I saw that her handmaids were all visions of loveliness ranging in color from ebony black to almost albino whiteness.The girls were chattering at a mile a minute, and it was evident to me that they had a real friendship between them.Agni turned towards me and asked if I wished to retire to our rooms and rest before the banquet which would be held in our honor. I agreed, and we were led to a sumptuous suite.As soon as we were alone, I gathered Agni into my arms and kissed her with all the passion I felt for her.”What’s that for?” she asked smiling.”It’s not every day you discover that you are betrothed to the most wonderful woman in the world,” I answered.I picked her up in my arms intending to ravish her there and then.”Not now, darling,” she said. You will need to save your strength for later. I am sure Cleo will set you up with one of her nubile young wenches so that she can have her way with me all night.I looked at her dumbfounded. “You mean that she intends to spend the night with you?””Oh yes, that’s what she wants. The way you were looking at those girls of hers, I am sure you will be provided with a sweet young thing in compensation.””You wouldn’t mind mecidiyeköy escort if that happened?””No, my handsome one. It will just add spice to our lives and keep us from getting sated with each other. Besides, I think that you wouldn’t mind at all,” Agni smirked at me.I reviewed in my mind the bevy of young girls which I had ogled earlier and felt my cock get a life of its own as I imagined the possibilities.”So love, are you intrigued by the possibilities?” Agni asked as she reached under my kilt and wrapped her hand around my tumescent member. “You know I will not be jealous, dear. I have you for eternity, and I appreciate the need for variety from time to time. Let’s lie down and rest till supper, this could be a long night for both of us.”    ooOOoo I slept fitfully with images dancing in my mind of the pending festivities. When I awoke, it was dark, and there came a knock on our door by a servant summoning us to the banquet.We followed him to a long room fitted with Roman style couches. He indicated a sofa at the top of the table for Agni and the adjoining lounge for me. The place started to fill, and Cleo came out and joined Agni on her couch.Smiling at me, she asked if I could bear to be separated from my betrothed for a while as she had not seen her in some time, and wanted to catch up with her. I smiled back and told her that her pleasure was mine.She made a sign and a young woman approached and asked me if she could join me on my couch.Cleopatra said, “Giannis, this is Saba who I feel would be a fitting companion for your dinner. She is also of royal blood. She is the direct descendant of the Queen Sheba, and I am told almost a spitting image of her. I also like how you complement each other with your pale skin against her dark skin. You make a most handsome couple. Does she meet with your approval?”All I could do was manage a nod and a smile as I looked at this enchanting creature who would share my couch.Saba was stunning. Curly black hair and luminous brown eyes looked back at me as I examined her. She too was short and seemed to be about sixteen or seventeen years old. She was wearing a filmy cream-colored shift which did little to disguise her charms. Her small pointed breasts were clearly delineated, and her nipples were thrusting the material out in two delicate diamond hard nubs. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate.She lay down cuddled against me as the servants brought out tray after tray of food. It seemed to me that there was enough food set in front of us to feed the whole city of Alexandria. Roasts, fish, vegetables, bread most of it looking unfamiliar, however, all of it smelling delicious. I gazed at it and wondered how we were supposed to eat as there were no forks or other implements except knives.Saba, quickly solved the problem for me as she cut a piece from an unfamiliar fowl and fed it to me with her small hand. It tasted divine, and I asked her what it was.”Roast Goose,” she answered. It is a particular favorite that we all enjoy.I cut off a piece in turn and fed it to her. She held my hand and sucked my fingers into her delicate warm mouth looking me right in the eye. It was an incredibly sensual feeling, and I could feel myself respond to it while my imagination ran amok with how it would feel to have my cock suckled in that fashion.Between mouthfuls washed down with a chilled white wine we chatted. I discovered that Saba’s family lived in Ethiopia, as we know it now, and was part of Cleopatra’s domain. Saba had been sent here by her family to have the ear of Cleopatra and serve as the emissary for her people. She was seventeen years old and had been here for the past three years. She had been educated and spoke Greek, Latin and the demotic language of the ordinary people apart from her native language.She plied me with questions about myself which I answered as best I could. As we finished eating, I felt her hand rest on my thigh and slowly creep up. She ran her fingers along my shaft, and it rapidly grew under her ministrations. I saw her jaw drop when she realized the length and girth of my cock.”The Lady Agni is a very fortunate person,” she said to me her eyes wide with wonder.

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