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The Halloween Party

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The Halloween PartyEvery Halloween a rich guy in our town has a big costume party at his huge house. Everybody goes and it is alot of fun. My girlfriend and I decided that for this past party we would try something. We into the big city and rented some very expensive batman and bat woman costumes. These costumes are the shit, very real looking. Then we a plan to meet and have sex in the bathroom at this huge house during the party. So everything is planned and we have about two weks till the party. My parents are going to the same party, but I told them I was not sure if I would be going. I told them I may stay home and do homework. The night of the party arrived and I waited about an hour or so to go wanting to be sure that the party was well under way upon my arrival. As I walked in my costume I could tell most of the people there were pretty toasted. I could not tell who was who because bakırköy escort everyone was dressed up. That is what makes this so much fun. As I eyed the crowd for my bat woman I start thinking about how horny I am and how I can not wait to drop a load in my girl. Then I spot batgirl, she is wearing the same costume as me, and she is near one of the guest bathrooms, just as we had planned. I make my way thru the crowd and grab her arm and spin her around and lay a very sexy kiss on her, I notice she has been drinking. Then I take her hand and lead her to the bathroom and close and lock the door. The light inside is creepy and makes it aq little hard to see. I move quickly, kissing batwoman as my hand feels around her costume to find the release to her bottoms. I do and they fall down, batwoman protest as I drop to my knees. She has on panties beşiktaş escort and was not to be but I just pull then to the side and bury my face in her snatch. Bat woman trys to push my head away but when my tounge find her clit she changes her tune and starts to guide me. I work her clit over pretty good. Then I realize something, this bat woman has a hairy snatch and my girl friend has always been clean shaven. I keep working her clit anyway and can tell she is really enjoying my work. I popped my pants loose freeing my rock hard cock. Then she pulls me up and I push my cock inside her. Her cunt is wet beyond belief as I thrust inside her. I find her clit with my finger and work it some more. Within no time she has a huge orgasim. I make several more thrust as deep inside as I can then I have my own orgasim pumping my hot spunk deep inside beylikdüzü escort this woman. After my balls are drained I pulled out and pulled my pants up. She is fixing herself and she ask who I am and I just tell I am batman and I leave the bathroom closing the door behind me. I leave the party straight away and go home not knowing for sure who I had just fucked. Once home I call and find out my girl had been grounded so now I know she was not at the party. I get ready for bed and soon my parents come home. Mom is pretty drunk and dressed as batwoman. Dad tells me that when my girlfriend got grounded, she called to tell me about it but talked to mom instead and told mom she could wear the bat woman costume. Mom had forgotton to tell me. I told my parents that I needed to go to bed and that I did not feel well. Once in bed I got to thinking that I had fucked my own mom that night and she has no idea. I knew something seemed familar about the voice. Wow, I had eaten mom out and then fucked her to orgasim and blew a huge load inside her. And she was hiding the fact that some dude fucked her from my dad. I think I may try the same thing at next years party, mom was a pretty good little fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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