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The High School Prude

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Let’s be honest I was a high school prude. I was far too concerned with becoming my school’s next valedictorian to fantasize about being the quarterbacks next doggy style score. Don’t get me wrong I definitely got lots of attention and offers from guys both younger and older than me, but most of them were because they wanted to smack my big, round, sporty ass while they pulled on my long, straight dark red hair. I even overheard one freshman guy tell his friend that he wanted to look into my bright blue eyes while he drained his blue balls all over my first time tongue.

I never had a boyfriend either, no guy would ever come up to me and start a normal conversation. Instead it was always “Love that fat ass in those jeans” or some other derogatory line about my physical appearance. I would go out dancing with my friends every weekend and guys would ask me to dance but I drew the line at grinding. I hated the idea of a nameless guy turning me around and gripping my hips while I shook my ass on his dick.

Then high school ended and I had three months to kill in a new city without the stresses and pressure of grades, class ranks and report cards. I was laying in my dorm room in a pair of spandex shorts and a loose t shirt reading the latest erotic novel I picked up from the local bookstore when my roommate came in and said that she was taking me out tonight. The sun was already setting and it’s not like I had anything better to do, besides I could already feel how wet the front of my shorts were from my book so I told her to give me thirty minutes to get ready.

“You can wear some of my clothes if you want,” she told me.

The door closed and I stripped down to my bare skin and looked at myself in the mirror. I ran my hands over my body starting at my neck, tracing my fingertips down my throat past my small shoulders across my breasts that filled a C cup bra. I tugged on my nipples slightly and watched them tighten as chills formed up and down my body.

I kept my hands moving down my stomach and past my belly button ring. Then I stopped right above my clit. It looked so swollen and red and I could see it throbbing as I gently spread my lips. I gave myself one light touch that sent ankara escort a jolt down to the very tips of my toes. Then I turned away from the mirror and walked to my dresser. I pulled out a pink and black zebra print g string my best friend had given me as a joke before I moved.

“Promise me you’ll wear this when you find some frat guy to fuck you for the first time,” she said.

I smiled as I pulled the panties up to just below my hips. Then I put on a smokey black lace push up bra that I had been saving for a special night. It turned my already perky breasts into heaving triple D sized tits. Now all I needed was something to wear over my lingerie.

After a quick glance through my closet full of tight jeans and off brand T shirts, I looked at my roommates half of the closet and found a tight miniskirt that would leave very little to the imagination, but as long as my ass was fully covered I didn’t care.

Tonight I wanted every guy in the club to desire me. I found a black low cut tank top that revealed just enough of my boobs to keep a guy interested and a pair of 4 inch black heels. I met my roommate in the hall and she took one look at me and said “guess you’re leaving your goody two shoes at home tonight Sierra.”

We got to the club around 9 and it was already packed. Since I was only 18 I had to “accidently” slide my breasts across the bouncers bicep for him to let me in without a hassle but the point was I was in. I was dancing kind of raunchy with my roommate, grinding with her face to face while the guys around us pretended not to stare too hard at the two beautiful girls dancing all over eachother. But it didn’t take long for the stares to turn into something more.

“Mind if I have a dance with you” a voice said. I turned to face my admirer and saw a black guy that appeared to be a few years older than me wearing a black shirt with Greek lettering representing one of the campus fraternities. I shrugged and smiled at him innocently as he reached for my hand to take me to the middle of the dance floor, it was pretty clear he wanted to show his prize off to his frat friends.

Before he even had a chance to touch me I surprised him by turning away from him as ankara escort bayan I bent over slightly and pressed my ass against his jeans. I started to sway my hips in circles on him to the fast rhythm of the heavy bass beat. He stayed silent but his hands found his way to my hips and he gripping me gently as he slowly began moving his hips back and forth against me. I felt his fingers tugging at my skirt, trying to get more of a view of my ass that was threatening to peak out from the bottom of the skirt already.

I pretended not to notice and just enjoyed giving my first lap dance to a college guy. The longer we danced, the more I could feel my pussy growing more and more wet. I was practically dripping into my g string to the feeling of this guy dry fucking me on the dance floor. I was hot, horny, and I wanted to do more than just grind on him. When the song ended I turned around to him, stood on my tip toes and whispered “Take me to a stall”

The second he locked the stall door I had my lips on his neck, kissing him softly and using my tongue and teeth to get more of a rise out of him. He took off his shirt then grabbed my skirt and pulled it up over my ass then gave me a firm squeeze on each cheek as he growled for my lips. I closed my eyes and started moving lower and lower on him, kissing down over his perfectly crafted pecs and across his steel forged abs before I felt my knees hit the bathroom floor.

My eyes stayed shut as my hand slid slowly up his denim clad thigh until the very tip of my middle finger grazed his cock. Then, with my eyes still closed, I wrapped my whole hand around him and stroked him off through his dark blue designer jeans. As my hand pumped him back and forth he began to unbuckle his belt, then when I heard the familiar sound of a zipper my eyes shot open and what greeted me was the sight of a foot long throbbing thick black cock.

I gazed at it lustfully and could feel my juices raining down the skin of my inner thighs, thoroughly soaking through my zebra g string, and I knew that I wanted to know what he tasted like. I opened my mouth and slowly wrapped my lips around the head of his ebony hammer. As i moved my lips back and forth on him, creating escort ankara a rhythm using the very muffled sound of the music from the next room, I felt his hand grip the back of my head and heard him moan.

His noise of satisfaction just made me want to please him even more. I shut out the music and just started moving faster and deeper on him. I felt needy and used but I loved what I was doing and how dirty it made me feel then through gritted teeth and guttural growl I heard him say “gag on it bitch” I didn’t waste a second. I took him in as deep as I could, getting him a whole 8 inches down my throat before I gagged, coughed and sputtered on his pulsating cock. I tried to move back but he grabbed the back of my head harder and kept me still, moaning every time he felt my throat convulse from his dick.

Finally he let me go and moved his cock out of my mouth and panted while he looked down at me and smiled.

“Look at me bitch” he said. I did as I was told and locked my emerald green eyes with his dark brown orbs as he stroked himself over me. I tried to look as sweet and innocent as possible as I sat up slightly, arching my back enough so he could see my ass from his angle and so I could be just under his cock. His balls looked heavy and strained from how full they were, and as I moved my hand up to massage them he said “give me your tongue.” Once again I obeyed and I moved my tongue across his balls.

I swirled it in circles before taking one of them gently into my mouth. I kissed it intimately as two lovers would share a kiss after being apart from so long because in this moment I didn’t love anyone or anything more than I loved his cock. I felt his hand pull my hair hard and heard him give me an order to open my mouth. His cock moved into my open lips and he roared as his balls erupted into my soft virgin lips. He gave me wave after wave of his massive load and I took it all in, knowing that if I let the smallest drop hit the tile I sat on top of he would be disappointed.

My mouth filled to the bursting point before he finally finished, then I felt him relax. Seeing me with my cheeks forced out, filled with his cum made him smile and he said “swallow for me bitch.” I tightened my throat and pushed all his cum down and then I opened my lips and stuck out my tongue to show him I was a good girl and that I obeyed. I stood up and before and he planted a kiss on my ass before he left me alone in the bathroom stall.

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