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The Invention of Vibrators Pt.2 (Roselyn Sanchez a

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The Invention of Vibrators Pt.2 (Roselyn Sanchez aKaren had just seen the corruption of her massager while it was being turned into something for a completely different purpose, and even by her own co-worker. Karen then decides to bug Megan’s phone to see how far this would go. Two days later Karen has intercepted a phone call between Megan and a massager company. Karen finds out that Megan has spoken very high of “her” invention and has arranged for the company to come and witness a demonstration. Karen sits and she realizes she has to stop this before Megan takes all the credit for HER invention. Another day later Karen intercepts a phone call between Megan and Roselyn Sanchez. Karen is a big fan of Roselyn but she wonders how Megan even got her number. Apparently Megan has called Roselyn to the volunteer to be the test subject. Karen is speechless. Roselyn says it would be bad publicity but Megan tries to convince her and tells Roselyn that there will only be about 5 people there to witness the demo. Even still Roselyn declines and bids Megan a farewell. Little does Roselyn know that Megan will do ANYTHING to get her. The day of the demo bahis siteleri comes around and Karen HAS to see what happens since Megan never got Roselyn. Megan welcomes the people and has an examination table ready for the subject. Megan calls out to her 4 assistants and they are dragging out Roselyn Sanchez. Karen is surprised as to wonder how Megan got her. It was obvious it was against Roselyn’s will. She is kicking and yelling as all four of the guys pick her up from each of her limbs. Roselyn says to Megan “What the hell is your problem you bitch?!?!?! ¿Qué mierda es tu problema?” Megan says to Roselyn “Hehehe. I have no problem. Just that I’m gunna be the richest massager seller in the world. Boys, strip her and strap her.” The assistants put Roselyn down and begin to strip her down. Two of them work the tops while the others worked her bottoms. Quickly her shirt, bra, pants, and panties came off. While they were doing that Roselyn was yelling “HEYYY!!! HEYYY!!!! ¿Qué carajo?!?! They throw her onto the table and begin restraining her limbs. Roselyn nashes her teeth them but they continue their work. She is now strapped in. Megan canlı bahis walks over to Roselyn with the massager but before she did anything she shows it to the observers and explains its purpose. Megan says “I am now going to tie this to Roselyn’s clitoris and massage her nerve endings to orgasm in 1/3 time of manual masturbation. Roselyn picks her head up and yells “Usted es un hijo de puta loca. Espero que sepas que!!” Megan smiles and calmly starts tying the massager to Roselyn’s crotch. Roselyn screams out “STOP IT!!! STOP IT!!!!” Megan tests the tightness of the device and says “Lemme now tell you what to do in words you’ll understand. Es hora de que gritan hijo de puta!!” She presses the button and Roselyn lets out a scream. Megan backs off as Karen watches in horror. The massager is moving with Roselyn’s spasming body. Roselyn struggles to break free from her vibrating overpleasure. All of a sudden Roselyn’s waist jumps obviously reaching her orgasm. She jumps a second time but this time screams out “Apágalo perra loca” Karen is scared out of her mind at what Megan is doing to Roselyn. After much time of screaming, Roselyn güvenilir bahis looks at her arms and wonders if she puts all her weight into them if she could break free. Megan stops it and approaches Roselyn. She is lying down and out of breath. While Megan is explaining the functions of the massager. Roselyn tries to lunge at her but the chains are holding her down. Megan gets a little scared but laughs and then says to Roselyn “What a naughty girl you are, lunging at someone who is giving you pleasure.” She shakes her head and says “Well I guess you’re going to need more.” Roselyn says to her “Ni siquiera toque el botón que la potencia máxima!!” Megan smiles and says “Too late.” She presses the button and runs away quickly before Roselyn starts screaming. Roselyn jumps and starts to scream even louder than before. The massager is moving like crazy following every one of her movements and shakes. Roselyn screams out “Por favor. Es demasiado poder!! It tickles. It tickles too much!” Megan lets her scream a little more and then shuts it off. The assistants unshackle Roselyn as she could barely stand they pick her up and carry her out. Megan says “I guarantee you my product will be the best choice you ever make. Karen stands there horrified at how Megan has shown her invention.What will happen between the two of them, and what happens to Roselyn?Part 3 will come soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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