Mar 14

The Itch

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The ItchBeen trawling through the site having a good old rub-a-dub at all the hot dads and grandpas on here and it got me thinking back to when I was a randy 19 year old and this steaming hot dirty old fucker I met one night on the way home from a club.It had been a crap night at the Contessa,grand name but a dive of a club which was basically an old victorian town house that’d been turned into a gay(ish) night club that had plenty of dark areas where you could have a quick grope before the knuckldragger of a bouncer,(think Lurch from the Addams family),found you and put paid to any ‘dirty business’. So after a pretty pointless waste of 20 odd quid,(this was the late 70s),I got my jacket and headed home.About half way home I needed a piss and nipped into this kind of grassed area with a few trees and stood up against a tree,unzipped and flopped it out and was soon gushing a heavy load of steaming piss.I began almost idly sliding my hand up and down the shaft ans was soon rock hard and decide,’what the fuck,there’s no-one around’ and got down to some serious wanking.Now I love tugging on my teats when I’m doing the biz so I tucked my t-shirt under my chin and got to work on my stiff nipps.By now my jeans were fallen round my feet but I didn’t care.My piss-slit was practically spitting pre-jizz and I scooped some up and was rubbing erzincan rus escort it over my throbbing teats and round my balls,was away with the fairies,lol. “Oh now then,what would your dad say if he saw you like this,eh.” Fuck,who said that? My head was swivelling all around,eyes trying to see in the pitch black. ” I reckon he’d put you across his knee and give your arse a good slapping.” And with that he was a foot or so away from me,this bloke who just seemed to appear from nowhere! I still had hold of my now softening knob but then I noticed his cock was poking through his flies and it was well on the rise,impressive as well from what I could see. ” Yeah,was just having a slash and,well you know…..” He chuckled and said ” Oh yes,lad,I sure DO know,nothing like a good old thrashing of the knob in the open air,do it myself all the time.” Next thing I know he’s right next to me “Don’t mind a bit of company do you?” and with that he reached into his flies and fully pulled his cock out and skinned back his gnarly cock-skin to display a lovely fat glistening bell-end. Of course my knob became stiff as a pikestaff causing my own chunky knob-skin to roll right back exposing my now drooling piss-slit. ” Ooooh now that’s a luscious sight,all wet and slimy,lovely boy-cock,daddy would erzincan rus escort bayan LOVE to suck on that.” What the ….? Did he just say ‘Daddy’? Oh well,I was too far gone and if he wanted to be a dirty old perv then big deal. And before I could say ‘I’m spunking’ he’d bent down and almost swallowed my rigid throbbing cock all the way into the back of his throat! He grabbed hold of my arse cheeks and just noshed on my leaking cock like his life depended on it.I could feel a finger making its way into my tight pucker which caused me to hump forward and I heard/felt him gag round my bell-end and I’m afraid to say that was it,I went straight over the edge and began spurting globs of spunk into his throat.Christ,I hadn’t realised I had that much in me but it seemed to keep on coming and he just kept chugging it down,still with his finger up my chute.Eventually I had to push him off my knob coz it was getting quite tender.He lifted his head and opened his mouth and let some of my jizz slide down his chin into his hand ” Mmmmm,lovely boy-juice,here,try it” and he shoved his hand to my mouth.Well I’ve swallowed my own loads enough times so I just slurped it up. Of course I suspected he’d want me to return the favour and I wasn’t wrong coz he pushed my head down and his bulbous slimy rus escort erzincan cockhead slid straight in. ” Oooh yesssss,that’s a good boy,suck on daddy’s big hairy pisser,that’s the way.” Fuck,there he was again with the ‘Daddy’ business again! ” Sweet boy,soooo good to his dirty daddy,yes he is,that’s right suck away for daddy’s special milk.” Oh now this was just ridiculous,just fucking spunk already. Finally he clutched tighter at my hair and his breathing quickened so I knew he ready and BAM,this huge thick spurt of chunky spunk blasted at the back of my throat quickly followed by another,then another.Jesus,my eyes were watering,I was choking and his jizz started blowing out of my nostrils! And still he held tight to my hair as yet more of the goo spat from his piss-hole! ” Yessssss,fucking swallow it all,daddy’s thick dirty spunk,you little slut.” In the end I grabbed hold of his big hairy bollocks and yanked down,hard.That made him pull out quick smart,hahaha. Lucky for me I just managed to stand upright as he let rip with a stream of piss,though some of it did manage to hit my shoes,the old sod! He finished up and shoved his pissy knob back in his trousers.Smirking at me he took a fiver out of a pocket and threw it to me..”Here,use this to flag a taxi down so you can get home safely,there’s dirty old pervs around at this time of night who’d love to **** a tight boy-cunt like yours.” And with that he was gone,just walked away! I stood up against the tree catching my breath thinking what a mad old fart he was …… but I had a belly full of spunk AND a fiver,so it wasn’t a wasted night after all.Hope you all enjoy reading this,and have a good old wank.

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