Haz 02

The Kiss Test

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Like all my stories, this is true and I will never forget it. I hope you enjoy it.

This happened in the spring of 2010. I answered an ad on a local forum from the casual encounters section. I got a response from Tamara, we seemed to have some things in common. Both of us were married for a long time and weren’t getting it at home. She is a writer and she seemed to appreciate my well thought out responses.

We emailed back and forth for a couple weeks before we were able to set up a time to meet. In that time I came to find out that she had a test for me and that If I passed this test I would be a happy man. I also learned that she has a fetish for cum, she loves the way it tastes and feels in her mouth.

The test was all about kissing, I had to be a fantastic kisser for her to want to be with me. We really seemed to get along over email, but she made it very clear that if I wasn’t a great kisser I wasn’t getting any further. I consider myself a fantastic kisser and I am always up for a challenge. She had met with a couple guys and they were duds so she sent them packing. She let me know that she gets very wet and loves to wear sexy panties, even making reference to the fact that she soaked hers while talking to me over email. Just to tease her a bit, I sent her a pic of my hard cock and she really liked that.

I decided that she was going to have to pass a test for me and asked her if she was up to it, being a good sport she was all game. I told her that my test was a smell test and that I was very sensitive that way. She assured me that she not only smelled good but that she tasted good too. I let her know that part of my test was following some instructions on the day we were to meet. Of course she wanted to know what my instructions were but I wasn’t telling just yet.

We traded numbers so we could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri text. I set up a meeting at noon time in the lobby of a nice hotel downtown. Our plan was to meet and then walk together to the parking garage where I was parked, there we could talk and I could take the kiss test. I told her that I would text her my test instructions about ten minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

I got to the hotel lobby early and positioned myself so that I could see any person coming or going. She had not sent me a picture, but described herself as on the shorter side with an athletic build and very large natural breasts. About 30 minutes before our meeting I texted and asked what she was wearing. She replied, “Medium length black skirt with a form fitting pink sweater and my hair is up.” I texted back asking about panties and she said, “A black lacy thong.” I then asked if she was ready for her test and got back “Yes I am waiting!”

So a few minutes before noon I texted her, “I want you to take your panties off and put them in your purse.” I got back a simple “Yes Sir.”

About ten minutes later I see an attractive gal wearing a pink sweater walking down the stairs towards me. I could not help but notice that she really shakes things up when she walks and it made me wonder if she was wearing a bra. I stood up, gave a slight wave and she walked straight to me. It was really hard not to stare at her chest as I could see a lot of cleavage. She had a few freckles (I love freckles) on her face and even more on her chest. I remember her telling me that I was younger looking than she thought and we headed out the door to the parking garage. We had to walk about two blocks and it was fun to see the looks on guys faces as she jiggled by them.

My truck was parked in a corner slot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on the 4th or 5th floor facing an office building so we had plenty of privacy. We chatted for quite awhile, it became obvious that she was very verbose and very naughty. She made it known that she was a very fun and adventurous girl, telling me about a time in college when she played with another couple.

Hearing that, my cock started to grow and after about thirty minutes of chatting I wanted to get to our tests. I asked her if she was ready for my test and she was all smiles. To which I said, “Give me your lacy thong cause I want to smell it.” She reached into her handbag and produced a very small black thong, I held it up to my face and loved the way it smelled. I told her she passed and that she was a very good girl. She replied, “My test won’t be so easy.” I told her I was ready for it if she was.

I reached my hands out to cradle her neck and head and she stopped me to say that I had already earned bonus points for touching her that way first. I gave it all I had, gently at first and then a little deeper. I sucked on her lower lip and she seemed to really like that. Then she sucked on my tongue and as she did she took one of my hands and placed it on her chest. As I looked down she very slowly unbuttoned her sweater and released the clasp on her bra (it had a center/front clasp) exposing her big tits and her bright pink nipples. I guessed this meant I passed the test and I positioned myself so that I was laying across the seat. This way I could get my mouth on her nipples and play with her big tits. She ran her fingers through my hair and rubbed my neck as I sucked away.

I kissed her some more so she would know just how much I liked kissing. By this time my cock was rock hard. I gently took güvenilir bahis şirketleri her left hand and placed it on my crotch so she could feel what was going on down there. She expertly undid my belt with one hand and very slowly unzipped my pants. I remember thinking to myself that I didn’t want to fuck her for the first time in my truck.

Then she said it, “I want your man juice, I want your cock in my mouth, I want to suck you off right now!” Well I am not stupid and you don’t have to tell me twice so I quickly got on my knees and let my raging cock free. Without saying another word she went down on me, she very slowly took the whole thing. I was surprised that she could get it all in. She held my balls in one hand and very slowly let me back out of her mouth. I recall looking down and seeing that my dick was wet with her saliva and wondering how long I could last. She practically demanded some pre-cum and seemed a little disappointed when I told her that I rarely get any. “That just means you are going to have more cum for me to swallow,” she growled and went back down on me. I was getting close and she suddenly stopped.

Bringing her face really close to mine and looking me straight in the eye she says, “I want you to cum for me, this is your reward for passing the kiss test, I want you to fill my mouth and I will swallow every drop.” Well that did it for me and as soon as she went down and started deep throating me again I let it flow. I shuddered as I gave her a big load and true to her word she didn’t spill a drop. One of the best blow jobs I have ever had.

I made it known that I wanted to return the favor and go down on her right then and there. She declined saying, “I have to get back to work now, but I want you and your cock another day.”

I walked her to the elevator and made sure she made it safely to the curb. I stood and watched her cross the street and chuckled at the men staring at her as she bounced along. If they only knew what just happened.

The next day I dropped a pen between the seats in my truck. I reached in there to get it and I found a black thong that still smelled yummy.

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