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The Layover

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The LayoverOn Monday, February 7th, I got an unexpected email. It was from a guy Ihad chatted with online a couple of months ago. His email said that he was in town for an overnight layover and that he was at the Embassy Suites Hotel at Logan Airport and he would be leaving early in the morning. John acknowledged that it was short notice, but gave his cell phone number and asked if I wanted to hook up. Though the email had come earlier in the day, it was around two thirtyin the afternoon when I saw it. I thought about it for a good half hour before deciding what to do. I called my sitter to see if she could watch my son overnight, telling her I would be stuck at work until late because of a situation that developed. She agreed to take my son, so I had that covered. Next I told my boss I was having bad cramps and I was allowed to leave a little early from work. Before leaving, I went to the ladies room and removed all of my clothing and put my overcoat on and buttoned it all the way, stuffing my clothes into my bag. I wanted to be as close to naked as possible when I arrived at the hotel. Nobody seemed to notice as I left that my legs were bare, yet I was wearing slacks when I arrived. Even if someone said something, my excuse could explain why. I arrived at the Logan Embassy Suites just before five and lefteverything in my car except for my coat, high heels, and car keys and called the cell number John gave me from the courtesy phone in the lobby. He answered right away and seemed surprised when he found out it was me. I guess because I had to turn him down when he was here around Christmas. I was out of town during the holidays, so I couldn’t meet him then. I asked John what room he was in. He told me 312 and said he would see me soon. I didn’t tell him I was already at the hotel. I wanted him to be surprised. I took an elevator to the third floor and looked for his room. I was nervous like a school girl on prom night. Except for a few emails and photos that we had exchanged, we had never met, yet here I was almost naked to meet a stranger for sex. I was already aroused as I raised my hand to knock on 312. John opened the door and smiled. He was only wearing some sweatpantswith no shirt and had a body that would make most men envious. “Your photos didn’t do you justice.” I said as I ran my hand over his chest. His skin was the color of dark chocolate and he was built like an athlete. I placed my other hand on his chest and he pulled me closer for a kiss. “How long do you have?” John asked. “I’m here for the night.” I replied. I noticed a wedding ring on his left hand, but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t care that he was married, I was here to have sex and I wasn’t going to leave without it. “Why don’t we get you out of that coat?” He said as he began to unfasten the buttons, from the bottom up. You should have seen the look on his face as he undid the last button and slid the jacket off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor, leaving me standing there at the door in nothing but my high heels. “Can I come in now?” I asked. We stepped inside and closed the door.“I think you’re a little overdressed.” I told him, as I slipped off my shoes. I kneeled in front of him and pulled his sweatpants down to his ankles putting me face to face with his penis. I suspected he wasn’t wearing briefs and now I was sure. John had a thick, uncircumcised cock that looked fairly long in its limp state. I gave it a gentle lick. It twitched. I licked it again then took the tip into my mouth. I didn’t care if he was ready or not. I wanted to see bursa escort just how big his cock was, so I began one hell of a blowjob. After a couple of minutes, John pulled me to my feet and we kissed. Then he grabbed me by the waist and flipped me upside down, putting my face back at his cock and my pussy in his face where he began licking me. I now knew that all his muscles were for much more than show. I deep throated as much of his cock as I could fit, getting nearly all of it down my throat. John used his whiskers on my labia and suckled my big clit, driving me wild. He had a nice big cock and I couldn’t wait to ride him. After a few more minutes of sixty-nine, John laid me on the bed and climbed on top of me. He pinched and nibbled on my nipples as he worked his way up my body, stopping when the tip of his cock touched my labia. He paused there. “Stick it in, please.” I begged. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it up and down my labia, ever so slightly between them. He got a big grin on his face and pushed inside me as far as he could. It felt heavenly and I had my first orgasm. John still had an inch or two of his shaft left out in the cold when he was bottomed out in my pussy. I told him to keep pushing. “Let’s see if we can get it all in.” I said. With allot of grimacing on my part, John managed to bury his entire cock in my cunt before beginning a nice rhythm to fuck me. He gave me multiple orgasms for the next half hour, literally fucking my brains out, until he brought himself to an orgasm and unloaded his seed inside me. He collapsed on top of me, his cock going soft in my pussy, and we kissed and cuddled for a while. I talked John into ordering a snack and refreshments from room serviceso we could keep our strength up. “Once we have eaten, I’ll be ready for more sex.” I told John. He wanted me to cover up before room service arrived, but I didn’t see any need. “Don’t worry about it.” I said. “I’ve done this dozens of times and they don’t even ask for a tip.” John slipped his sweats back on just as there was a knock at the door. I opened it butt naked and took the tray from the guy and let John sign for it. He slapped and squeezed my ass as we passed each other in the doorway. A nice touch, I thought, letting the waiter know exactly what was going on. John closed the door after signing the ticket, and the guy never spoke a word, just stood there staring with his mouth open. “Wow that was sexy.” John said. Before he could sit back down, I yanked his sweats off him again and grabbed hold of his cock. “I hope you’re almost ready for more.” I teased and pecked him on the mouth. We ate our snack and rehydrated ourselves. “Do you have a couple of ties with you?” I asked while examining the headboard on the bed. “I have several.” John answered. “Why?” “If you have enough, I want you to tie me up and fuck me again.” I told him with an evil grin. Boy did his eyes light up. John pulled a couple ties from his suitcase and placed the first one on me as a blindfold. Then he pushed me face down onto the bed and tied my arms and legs spread eagle. “You can do anything you want to me and I love being spanked.” I told him. John landed a light slap on my ass. “I hope you can do better than that. Harder.” I said. He spanked me again, this time much harder. My ass began to warm from the sting. “Again please.” I told him. John struck my other cheek, causing it to begin warming. I started to purr. He spanked me a couple more times and then position his cock against my pussy. John smacked my ass really hard a couple times as he bursa escort bayan pushed his cock inside, giving me a great orgasm. He proceeded to fuck my pussy for the next half hour, occasionally slapping my ass and thighs, and giving me several orgasms. Then, out of nowhere, John started teasing my asshole with his thumb, rubbing little circles against my sphincter before pushing it into my asshole. He was still fucking my pussy, and having both holes penetrated made me cum loudly. I love anal sex, but John had no way of knowing, but apparently figured it out on his own. After my body stopped quivering, John pulled out of me and placed his tip against my rectum and teased me with it. “Do it.” I said. “Fuck my ass.” After a couple of minutes of additional teasing, he obliged my request and pushed into my ass in one steady stroke. It felt like he was splitting me in half. He was so big and it felt so good. He fucked my asshole for what seemed like an eternity. I don’t know how many orgasms I had, but he was giving it to me good. When John seemed satisfied with fucking me on the bed, he untied me and kept me blindfolded as he pressed me against the window and continued fucking my ass, giving a full frontal show to whoever looked up. I wish I could have watched just to see how many people, if any, saw me getting fucked. It would have been a tremendous turn on knowing that someone was watching. After another long ass fucking, John finally erupted in me, flooding my bowels with hot cum. It felt incredible and I moaned loudly as I came again. The hotel must not have had many guests this night. As loud as I wasmoaning during the hours of sex we engaged in, we should have gotten a knock on the door about complaints from our neighbors. Perhaps they did hear and listened and enjoyed it. No one will ever know. When I seemed to be making too much noise for John’s taste, he laid meon my back with my head off the edge of the bed and proceeded to fuck my mouth and throat. When I was sucking his cock earlier, I couldn’t get the whole thing in my mouth. John didn’t let that stop him. He forced his cock all the way in. I was choking and gagging at first, but he didn’t stop and it only took a minute or so before I got use to it. He fucked my throat until he came, shooting some of it down my throat, and the rest across my face and in my hair. My jaw ached when he pulled out, so I was quiet for some time after. I guess that’s one way to silence my moans. John turned me on the bed and tied me up again and started sucking andnibbling on my nipples. His nibbling soon turned into chewing and he bit down pretty hard on my nipples. I thought he was going to draw blood. After spending several minutes on each nipple, John started chewing on my tits, sucking the one into his mouth and biting down, and then chewing on it as he let bit by bit slip out. Then he switched to my other tit and did the same. I could clearly see teeth marks on my tits from his actions. That doesn’t mean I was not enjoying it, because I was. He continued torturing my breasts for a while longer before sliding down to lick my pussy again. At first he was gentle, just licking and sucking on my labia, but soon he started biting my pussy like he did to my tits. He would suck one side of my inner labia into his mouth and chew and bite down on it, then switch sides. When he sucked my big clit into his mouth and started rubbing his tongue all over it, I started a long, intense orgasm. Then he bit down hard on my clit, still rubbing it, and I screamed while my body shuddered. It was escort bursa a good five minutes before my orgasm subsided, and that’s when John eased up on my pussy. He untied me and rolled me onto my stomach and parted my legs, taking aposition between them. John started to lick and suck, nibble and bite, on my thighs and ass. His sucking was very much like getting a hickey back in school from my first boyfriend, so I knew he was going to leave a mark. When he seemed content with marking my backside, he stood me up and bent me over his lap. At first, he was playing with my asshole, but he soon revealed the real purpose for putting me in that position and proceeded to give me a spanking. It wasn’t a spanking like one might get from their parents when they were in trouble, this was hard, loud, and brutal. Every few minutes he would pause and finger my ass or pussy, making me think he was done, but then he would smack my ass again. Once he had thoroughly reddened my ass, he started working down onto my thighs until they were warm and red too. I had a couple orgasms due to my spanking, which only made John slap me harder. I guess he didn’t intend for me to be enjoying myself, but I was nevertheless. When John finished my spanking, he bent me over one of the desk chairsand tied my wrists and ankles to it. He then proceeded to fuck all three of my holes, spending a few minutes in each one before moving to another. I’m not sure how long this went on, but I guess it was over an hour. When John finally was able to get himself off again, he used my hair to jerk himself off and then deposited his entire load in my hair and rubbed it in. He sat on the bed for a few minutes, and then went to the bathroom. I didn’t know if he was done yet, or if he was merely taking a break. I was still bound to the chair awaiting my fate either way. A while later John returned from the bathroom and smacked my ass good and hard. Then he untied me and lay on the bed. I took my place beside him and kissed his cheek. After having sex every which way that John wanted, we finally spoonedand fell asleep. I was happy and content and I hoped John was pleased with me so that we might meet again. I don’t know how long we fucked, but it was well into the wee hours of the morning. I was fucked raw and tired and sweaty, and slept like the dead. I woke up as it started to get light the next morning. I rolled over tocuddle with John and discovered that I was alone. I know he said he was flying out early, but I expected him to at least wake me to say goodbye before going. I called in sick to work before falling back into my slumber, sleeping until the maid came in to clean the room. It was nearly eleven, checkout time, so I got up and slipped on my coat and carried my shoes to leave. The maid looked at me with disgust, like I was a whore or a prostitute as I put on my coat. I can’t blame her. I wasn’t expecting to stay as long as I did, so getting caught naked and wearing almost nothing as I left just happened. I didn’t even button my coat as I slipped past her and I gave her a smile like I had an incredible time as well as a full frontal flash and strutted down the hallway to the elevator. I had dried cum in my hair and cum leaking from my pussy and ass. It has been quite a while since I took the walk of shame, but here I was doing just that. Just wait until she sees all of the cum stains left on the sheets, I thought to myself. When I got home and examined myself in a mirror, I discovered bite marksremaining on my ass and thighs, as well as the ones on my tits and my ass was still beet red, hours after my spanking. At least there weren’t any marks that would show when I was clothed for work. I took a quick hot shower and went to bed to get some rest before my son got home from school.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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