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The Little Brother Alternative Pt. 03

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Author’s Note: All characters in this story are aged 18 or older.

As Bryce Callahan pulled up in front of his girlfriend’s house, he looked at his cellphone again and shook his head.

“Bruh! Remember that chick Ellen I was talkin about? Totally about to hit that! She even sent a selfie!! Look! “

His little brother Ricky still had a lot to learn about women. Bryce remembered Ellen, a petite little brunette freshman chick with perky little tits and a nice firm ass. Pretty too. The problem was in the eyes. What Bryce knew and was still trying to teach Ricky was that you could always tell by the eyes. He’d only met this Ellen once, but he’d known immediately that she was the type of girl who would be terrible in the sack, the type of girl who considered sex a favor she was doing you, who thought of a blowjob as the height of kinkiness. Even looking at that pic Ricky had just shared…it was elegant. She was laying in bed wearing fancy lingerie that showcased her tight little ass, and looking back at the camera with a sultry look. She was beautiful, and framed like a work of art, but who wants to fuck a work of art?

Now his girlfriend Sophie on the other hand, the first pic she’d ever sent him had been her laying spread eagle on her roommate’s bed with the caption ‘ready for u’. And her eyes, her eyes had this bright, hungry look, as though she needed him to come over and fuck the shit out of her. If Ellen was a work of art, Sophie was an invitation to an all you can eat buffet. That was the type of girl Byrce preferred to spend his time with, and he’d tried unsuccessfully to persuade Ricky of that several times.

Shaking his head again, Bryce hurriedly typed out his reply

“Haha. Still think ur wasting ur time with that on, but good luk. Keg tmrw at my place. C u then!”

Hopefully tomorrow after some bad sex and with a keg flowing he’d be able to convince his little bro not to waste his time looking for ‘good girls’ when the sluts were so much more fun. And at that thought Bryce climbed out of his car and up the front porch of his girlfriend’s house with a spring in his step. He opened the creaky front door and let himself in. He could smell bacon cooking in the kitchen, so he made a v-line in that direction. Upon entering the small cluttered area, he was greeted by a scene of domestic bliss: Sophie was standing at the tiny counter opposite the doorway. She was wearing a pair of workout shorts so short and tight that they were basically panties, as well a thin midriff baring shirt that was stretched so tight across her chest he could tell even from behind that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She seemed hard at work making sandwiches. She was busily cutting up tomatoes to join the bowl of lettuce and plate of crisp bacon strips already waiting. Every aspect of the scene was mouth watering.

Taking care to move quietly, Bryce approached Sophie from behind and planted a kiss against her neck. She stilled and relaxed back into him. He snaked his hand down between her legs and moved it against the warmth of her crotch. Sophie’s head tilted back and he heard her let out a soft sigh as she said “Mm, good morning babe!”, but then she elbowed him gently in the stomach, pushing him away. “Now go sit down and let me finish our lunch.”

Obediently Bryce went and took a seat on one of the worn down chairs at the small vintage dining table. He sat quietly and delighted in the sight of his scantily clad girlfriend bustling around putting the finishing touches on a plate of BLTs. After a few minutes Sophie brought over the sandwiches and set the plate on the table, but didn’t take a seat herself. Bryce raised an eyebrow at her. “You’re not going to eat?” he asked.

“Later, maybe. I think right now I’m hungry for something else…” That look in her eye told Bryce all he needed to know. He pushed his chair back to make room, and Sophie sank down to her knees in front of him. “Mmm. Yup, there’s my tasty friend!” Sophie cooed as she unzipped the fly of his jeans and pulled out his quickly thickening member. She began to expertly stroke his shaft, and then leaned forward and gave it a long sensuous lick from the base to the very tip. Bryce paused mid-bite of his sandwich and let out a low slow moan. This is what he was talking about, he thought. Let’s see pretty little Ellen on her knees giving a blowjob while her man ate a sandwich she had just made him. Bryce took another big bite of his sandwich and leaned back in contentment to savor the taste of the BLT and the feel of his girlfriend’s tongue, and then it happened.

‘It’ was a stab of pain right in his balls that shocked him so much he nearly choked on the food in his mouth. He looked down and saw that Sophie instead of continuing to blow him had grabbed his testicles in a vice grip, and instead of gazing at him lovingly she was glaring at him.

“Ow! Babe! What the fuck?!” He cried out, glaring back at her in shock and confusion.

“You. Fucked. My. Brother.” She hissed at him, biting out each individual word. “That’s ‘what the fuck’.” Bryce could only gape at her, completely at a loss for words.

“Mmhmm. ankarada sakso çeken escortlar I heard you last night, asshole! I wouldn’t cave to every last whim of yours, so you went next door and got what you wanted from my little brother! I saw you! You were so busy plowing him that you didn’t even notice me, but I saw you! God I felt so betrayed, Bryce.” Sophie was becoming more emotional as she talked, and there were tears forming in her eyes, so Bryce finally managed to break his silence.

“Oh shit babe, I’m sorry, you know? I was just horny, and he was there. He wanted it too, you have to believe he wanted it. And I guess I didn’t think of it as much of a betrayal, because that’s not how we are. I mean, you fucked my little brother.” Immediately Bryce could tell he’d fucked up with that last argument. Sophie narrowed her eyes at him, and her grip on his balls tightened back into pain for a second.

“You gave me to your brother for his 18th birthday!” She spat back at him. “And yeah, that was a fantastic weekend. I loved it. So sure we’re not a typical couple, but I thought we were in it together! You told me about that intern you were banging at your Dad’s office this past summer and I told you about fucking my boss and her husband. The ‘parties’ we’ve had with your friends have been some of the most intense experiences of my life. You know what the common thread between all those is? Comm-un-ication!” She elongated that last word, sounding out every syllable individually. She let out a deep sigh and her furious glare softened into sadness. “I don’t know. I guess…I mean we both know I’m a total slut for you, but I guess I thought at the end of the day you still respected me as a person, as a partner.”

Bryce felt an unfamiliar deep pit forming in his stomach. He felt terrible. Sure, fucking that little slut Mikey had been delightful, and in the back of his head he’d already been planning on more fun with him, but being confronted with this fallout made him miserable. This wasn’t the first time his dick had gotten him into trouble, far from it, but this felt different. Normally this would be his time to cut and run, to move on to the next eager girl, but Sophie…Memories of each example she’d given flashed through his head. The two of them on the phone over the summer, with him describing the pretty little practically virginal eighteen year old intern he’d been corrupting by degrees, bent on turning her into a three hole fucktoy before she’d even started college. She’d countered with stories about her boss at the clothing boutique where she worked summers, a literal MILF who’d found Sophie alluring and easily seduced. Weeks of furtive hookups at the store had culminated in a threesome with her and her husband. Bryce still had the pictures Sophie had sent him from that. Even now, with her hand still gripping his balls, Bryce decided.

“Shit. Sophie, Sophia, I’m really fucking sorry babe. I…I don’t even know what else to say. I do care about you. A lot. I don’t want to lose you. If there’s anything I can do to make up for it, I’m willing. Please, give me another shot.”

For long moments there was silence in the room, and Bryce’s heart was in his throat. He just looked down into his girlfriend’s eyes and tried to channel his feelings for her wordlessly. After a tense eternity that was probably only thirty seconds or so he felt Sophie release her grip on his testicles. She sat back on her knees and stared up at him, her eyes hard with a glint he’d never seen in them before.

“You’re serious about making it up to me?” She asked cautiously.

“I absolutely am.” He responded. There was another long pause as Sophie just sat there on her knees staring at him.

“I already talked to Mikey this morning.” She finally said. Her voice was nonchalant.

Bryce felt thrown for a loop by this seeming nonsequitur, but he was determined to keep the conversation flowing. “Oh, uh okay. How did that go? I hope you weren’t too hard on him. I did kinda steamroll him, and I would hate for my fuckup to cause problems between you two.” Sophie just raised her eyebrows at him and continued.

“It went well. Really well, considering. I think Mikey’s been confused and conflicted for a while now, but in some ways he’s a lot like me. I’m going to try to help him out with that, give him a safe path for exploring those feelings.”

“Oh cool. That sounds great. Um, explore those feelings how though?”

“Well, the worry with him is that he’s got all these suppressed pent up urges. Slutty, submissive urges. It’s not his whole thing, but it’s a part of him. I’m going to give him some chances to explore those urges, so that hopefully he’s not a vulnerable target for any ‘alpha’ asshole with a big dick.”

“Ah ouch.” Bryce grimaced at that dig.

“So yeah, it’s gonna be a bit strange, but it should be fun. Did you know he’d never even been with a girl before?”

Bryce started to nod, and then actually thought about her words. “Wait, what do you mean, ‘he’d never’? Did you…?”

Sophie blushed, and Bryce recognized ankara prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar the look that flickered across her face. It was the ‘cat that ate the canary’ face, one she usually had after doing something especially naughty. “Oh my god you did! You fucked your brother?!”

“Okay first of all, cool it on the judgement there buddy. You’re in no position to talk. Second of all, yes. Yes I did, and if my little friend here is any indication, you don’t mind the idea that much.” Bryce had to admit she had a point.His hard-on, which had deflated in the face of the surprise attack and heavy conversation, was showing signs of life. Sophie reached out and gave his hardening cock a slow stroke. “Mmhmm. Yeah, I fucked my cute, sweet little brother. He made me cum too. Hard. He really knows how to use his body. And afterwards I sat on his face and made him clean every last drop of his cum out of my dirty little pussy, because he’s a nasty slut just like me. Does that turn you on babe? Can you imagine fucking the both of us at the same time,the two slutty Nichols siblings worshipping your cock?”

By this point, Bryce was rock hard in Sophie’s hand, which was still stroking his shaft slowly and sensually while she murmured out dirty talk to him in a husky voice. And then abruptly, just as Bryce had begun to relax into that sensation and lose himself in her words, she stopped. He groaned his frustration at her, but she sat there, hand still gripping his cock but motionless. “When you said you were willing to make it up to me, did you mean it?”

“Yes, babe, anything. What do you want?” Bryce recognized a negotiating tactic when he saw one, but his smaller head was screaming at him to give in.

“Well first of all a ground rule: you don’t fuck my brother, you don’t touch him, without my express permission. Agreed?”

There was a heavy pause, and then Bryce asked “But with your express permission?”

Sophie let out a loud bark of laughter at that. “Ha! You are unbelievable. Yeah I know how you are, once you’ve claimed a slut you just can’t resist. I want to make one thing very clear: Mikey is my fucktoy, not yours. That being said, I was raised to always share my toys.” Her tone was low and sultry and sent a shiver up Bryce’s spine. “As far as making it up to me: if you do actually respect me as a partner, prove it. Let me take charge for a while.”

“Uh, take charge?” Bryce asked, voice hesitant. A series of vivid images were running through his head. Sophie decked out in leather wielding a riding crop and strap-on. He shook his head slightly. Definitely not his cup of tea. Sophie seemed to notice his distaste, and she put her hand on his knee.

“Relax, you big pussy,” she teased, “I’m not going to put anything up your butt or anything. I just think it would be nice to call the shots for a bit. You do what I tell you, when I tell you. For the rest of today, and tomorrow, let’s say. I’ll even promise that your cock will be buried deep inside multiple tight willing holes, IF you’re good.”

Bryce swallowed hard. He felt dizzy at the rollercoaster this conversation had been, and his cock was still throbbing in Sophie’s hand. Sluts man, he thought to himself, sluts. He nodded to his girlfriend. “Yeah, let’s do it.” His voice cracked a bit.

“Yay!” Sophie cried out. “Thank you for convincing him.” She said in a serious voice looking directly at his cock. She then leaned down, planted a big kiss on the tip, and then stood up.

“You stay here and finish your lunch. I’m gonna go get Mikey.” With that she flounced out of the kitchen, leaving Bryce alone with his thoughts. One thing he was sure of as he resumed eating his BLT was that his brother would not be having as interesting an afternoon as he was.


As Mikey stepped out of the bathtub and onto the cool floor of the bathroom, he felt like his entire body was a string pulled tight and ready to snap. Less than twenty four hours ago he had been a virgin in almost every way, perpetually horny and desperate. Masturbating to the sound of his sister fucking had been the sexual highlight of his life, which wasn’t saying much. Now the past few hours, and it was really just a few hours, had changed his life multiple times. He approached the bathroom mirror and looked into it. As far as he could tell, he looked the same as always. He was around five foot nine, light brown hair on his head. His body was slender but well toned, and he prided himself that he packed more muscle into his slight frame than most would suspect.

His cock hung down, a little over five inches in its semi-erect condition. It had been semi erect constantly since his sister had left his room an hour ago. He had sparse light body hair, and hated the scraggly way his facial hair grew in so he kept himself clean shaven. The few girls he’d dated had said they liked his big blue eyes. Cute was the word thrown around most often. That was what Bryce had called his ass as he was fucking it. That was what Sophie had called his dick before she fucked it. Mikey didn’t sincan gece kalan escortlar notice anything different about his appearance. There was no Scarlet S on his forehead, but he felt like there should be. He was a slut now. He had been brutally fucked by an older guy, and fucked his older sister, and the insistent throbbing of his cock demonstrated that he wanted it all again.

Without any warning Mikey heard the door open, and his sister stepped into the room. Sophie gave him a top to bottom glance and then flashed a broad smile at him. “Admiring yourself babes? I can’t blame you.” She slinked up behind him and rested her head on his shoulder. “It’s a very nice overall package.” She rubbed his arm, and Mikey could see her frown in the mirror. “How would you feel about shaving? Sluts should be smooth, and I think it would be a sexy look on you.”

Mike swallowed. “Uh…I guess so. I have thought about it, especially you know, down there…”

“Mmhmm.” Sophie agreed. “It just looks better. It feels better too. If you want I can help you, but later. Bryce is here, and he’s all worked up. Come on, let’s go take care of him.” With that, Sophie grabbed him with both hands and started to drag him out with the room.

Mikey resisted, planting his feet and batting his sister away. “Hold on!” He said, “I’m still naked!”

Sophie approached him slowly and whispered in his ear. “Slut lesson number three: being naked is always a valid option. Besides, you’re about to get fucked anyways.”

Mike’s heart was racing, his dick was fully hard in anticipation. He turned and followed his sister out of the room.

Sophie led him to their living room, and practically pushed him down onto their threadbare green couch. “Wait here just a second, I’ll be right back.”

After a long minute Sophie came back in, leading Bryce. That was an odd impression to Mikey, it jarred with his understanding of their relationship, but Sophie was deliberately playing it up. She stepped into the room, raised her hand and crooked her finger in a come hither gesture. Bryce followed, shuffling hesitantly. His dick was out, poking straight through his fly. Sophie walked over to the old comfy orange chair across from the couch and gestured for Bryce to sit.

Sophie turned to face Mikey, and motioned down at Bryce’s cock. “As you can see Mikey, Bryce here is in a state. I’m afraid I’ve been a bit of a tease again. Do you want to help him out?” Mikey licked his lips and gave a slight nod. “Then come over here.” Mikey stood up and took a step forward. “Actually, you should crawl. Get on your knees and crawl for this cock.” Mikey blushed and his cock twitched as he complied, dropping down to all fours and crawling across the room. He came to rest on his knees right in front of Bryce, his head at eye level with the imposing cock. “Good boy! Now go ahead and lick it.”

His entire body vibrating with tension, Mikey reached out his hand and gripped the massive shaft. He stuck out his tongue and brought his head forward to give the head a tentative lick. “Mmhmm, that’s right, savor that cock. Lick the whole thing.” He complied, running his tongue along all eight inches. “Now put it in your mouth.” Mikey opened his mouth wide and engulfed Bryce’s cock. “Mmm, look at how that thick piece of meat is stretching your mouth. I love that feeling, don’t you? It’s like your body trying to tell you you’re not supposed to be devouring that cock, but you’re such a stupid slut that you do it anyway.” Mikey moaned in agreement, as he began to jack his hand up and down the shaft while sucking on the tip. Bryce’s moans soon joined his.

“Slut lesson number 4: Don’t neglect the balls. Pull his pants down so you can really get in there.” Sophie had her hand inside of her shorts and she was rubbing herself slowly. Bryce started to remove his pants, but then Sophie barked out. “No, let the little slut do it. He’s the one who’s so eager to suck you.” At that Mikey pulled his mouth away from Bryce’s cock and eagerly disrobed the older boy sitting in front of him. The hungry look Bryce gave him as he slid his pants down made him shiver again. Once they were free from their cloth containment, Mikey set to licking Bryce’s balls while continuing to jack him off. “Ohh, fuck that looks so good.” Sophie moaned. She sank down onto her knees beside Mikey and began to bob her head up and down on Bryce’s cock while Mikey continued to bathe his balls with his tongue.

“Alright slut, come up here and watch this. This is hashtag goals for you.” Mikey watched as his sister took a deep breath and plunged her face down onto Bryce’s cock, not stopping until her nose was touching his pelvis. Bryce let out a loud groan, but kept his hands on the armrests of the chair. After several seconds Sophie came up for air, panting hard. She turned to her brother and said “Alright, now it’s your turn to try, go ahead.” Mike gave the long and thick member waving in the air a dubious look. “Come on, don’t be shy.” Mikey took the head of Bryce’s cock into his mouth and then kept on pushing, letting the invading tool hit the back of his throat. He gagged slightly. “Okay, now back up.” Mikey lifted his head off the cock. “And back down, but try to relax your throat, let it get farther.” Mikey did his best to obey, and he felt the head of Brye’s dick go a little bit further the second time. “Good boy!” Sophie cooed at him. “Keep going, fuck his cock with your throat.”

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