Haz 03

The Little Party Shop.

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The Little Party Shop.The hubby had woke with his usual huge morning glory from dreaming about last night, when he and his wife had made love. But as he lay there slowly stroking his cock, he started to fantasize about his wife and the things they had done in the past, and how horny she could be at times….so he set himself a mission that morning…. he was going to make his wife cum in her newly purchased shop. He showered, shaved, dressed in jeans and put on his favourite shirt, which he knew his wife liked him in. He also knew that when she saw him walk in the shop she would smile and know he was upto something. As he began to pack what he was planning to take to make his wife cum he remembered seeing his wifes feet from under the covers…she was wearing his favourite black laced high heels today…….then he smiled to himself, and knew today, for some unknown reason, yet to happen, he and wife would talk about for years. The blonde shop owner opened up her shop, whilst being watched unknowingly from a near by van. She did her usual thing, went in turned the lights on, took her coat off and turned her computer and kettle on. As she was waiting for it to boil, she started to smile as she remembered having a good orgasm last night. She wondered what today may bring, and if she would have many customers. Little did she realise at that moment in time that she would get one special surprise that day and one special customer.The lad first noticed her as she first stepped out of her car. She was wearing black high heels, tight ass pants that clunge to her ass even more as she reached back into her car to grab her handbag. He couldnt take his eyes off her arse, legs and shoes as she reached up unlocking the last lock. The only other thing he did noticed as she went through the door was that she had blonde hair. The lad with now testosterone flowing through his body, had suddenly a massive urge to fuck the women he had just seen, but he needed to get back to his job of fixing the last truck. So as he got out of his van with his overralls tied round his waist, adjusting his cock in his pants, fighting urge to follow the women into the shop, he turned around frustrated and walked off to fix the truck. As the hubby opened the little party shop door he was greeted to a big smile from his beautiful blonde wife, he gave a little smile back as he walked through the small shop staying on his aim he had set himself that morning. He walked straight behind her and started to kiss her neck with his hands slowly reaching up to slowly squeeze her breasts. For five minutes she was resisting laughing and joking saying “get off”… “someone could come in” but the hubby just stayed quiet..”next door will hear”….”stop!” but the hubby just kept fighting and kissing her neck…she kept fighting,….. then all of a sudden he grabbed a handfull of her hair! she stopped in shock! He whispered in her ear “im going to fuck you and there is nothing you can do about it!”. The wife didnt know what to do….she had so many thoughts all at once, scared…mostly bewilderment… and why is he doing this? but as the seconds pasted by she could slowly feel herself submitting and getting turned on at the thought of being caught and just being fucked over her desk, powerless to do anything…A minute later she began to slowly stop fighting. Seeing this change, the hubbys erection started to press into the back of her tight pants…she felt it grow bigger and bigger…he moved his hands now from being wrapped around her..she was slowly submitting. He slowly started to pull down her pants…moving his fingers around the curve of her arse… he began to slip his fingers into her now slightly moistened pussy…the more he finger fucked her…. the more fingers he started to slide in…she was now slowly groaning in pleasure….after ten minutes of entering the shop he now had his wife exactly where he wanted her!. The lad saw the man go into the shop….he had just finished his job, and had worked on a plan on what he was going to do…ill say im going on a stag do, and i need a costume for the stag…then ill ask to try a few on…the stag was about the same build as him…then ill just chat with her for a while and just ask for her number..fuck it he thought…i dont live round here…doubt ill be coming back…what have i got to loose?. But the guy whos just gone in could fuck it up…ill just wait till he comes out.The hubbys cock was now rock hard…but his plan was not to come here, to fuck his wife with his cock!, it was something else…The blonde wife was now really wet as the hubby continued to finger fuck her hard…she was moaning, but not loud enough for the next door shops to hear her…or so she thought… i carnt be loud she told herself…but it was good… real good…..why had her hubby done this? But i just carnt resist….why carnt i resist?….screw it she thought…im going to let him fuck me in my new shop. The hubby reached inside his inside pocket of his coat with his left hand and whilst his right hand was still pounding his glistening wet fingers into her….he pulled out the concealed eight inch dildo….he slowly moved it down to her lower back just as she started to rock back and forth in motion with his fingers….she started to moan louder now, as the fingers entered deeper and deeper…she was lost in the moment !….then her hubby slowly started slowing down….she was trying to back down more now…wanting him to keep slamming his fingers in……but he kept slowing pinbahis güvenilirmi right down….she was soon loosing her euphoric sex mindset and reality started to creep back, and thought back to that a customer could walk in at any time….he stopped…she turned back to look at her hubby….he looked in her eyes and smiled slightly, at the same moment slamming the whole eight inch dildo into her pussy!….her face suddenly turned to shock!, but she burst out in a huge moan as her body exploaded with utter shock and pleasure….he fucked her as fast as he could slamming the whole eight inches everytime! She was screaming and biting into her fists with utter pleasure! He fucked and fucked her for over two minutes as fast as he possibly could, with her in pure ecstasy! As he tired, he started to slow… his muscles in his arm burning!….but he wanted to keep fucking her as hard as he possibly could….but it was impossible. The hubby noticed a high stooled chair by her side…he grabbed the back of her hair with his left hand, pulling back at the same time as spining her round, sitting her down and removing his hand all in one quick swift movement!…..as they came face to face, she just stared at him with a look of bliss and bewilderment written across her face….then he passionately kissed her hard and strong.The lad was getting more frustrated by the minute!….as he stood watchin the shop his hand in his overall pocket, stroking his swollen semi hard cock from both sexual frustration and boredom….he was wishing the guy in the shop would hurry the fuck up…he wanted to see this hot piece of ass up close, and to check out her tits too as he never did before, he was to busy looking at her ass and legs….”fuck it!” he said to himself, as he pushed off his van and headed to the shop.As the blonde wife sat in amazement as to what her husband had just done to her…..he had playfully decided to give his arm a little rest and started to walk around the little shop, with his wifes gaze upon him…..then the door to the shop opened and a guy in overalls stepped in.As soon as the lad walked in he, senced something wasnt quite right…..there was tension in the air….”but why?” he thought, as he casually walked over to the fancy dress clothes area, and started to look through them.The hubby watched the lad for a few seconds and straight away realised it was a man his wife would like.. dirty warn overalls with the top half tied round his waist, medium build and height, with two days worth of stubble groath on his hard looking jaw, a short hair cut, clear blue eyes with a real sence of presence about him as he entered the shop.As soon as the blonde set eyes on him… her conscience said, “he is hot!!”. She watched him enter, looking him up and down….she noticed his crotch straight away because of the way he had tied his overalls round his waist…. it created a gap so she could see his jeans underneath….it looked like he had a semi hard cock because of the way his buldge went horizentally across his jeans….then she saw her hubby walking straight towards her.The hubby got the idea straight away as he saw his wife looking at the lad….he went behind the counter to where she was sitting…gave here a little smile, stood behind his wife and spun her slightly on the seat to face the lad…then he put his hands on her shoulders and slowly started to rock her to and fro…straight away could feel the big dildo moving inside her…she could feel the wetness of the seat under her now….trying to control her facial emotions as the lad could look over at any second….it really started to feel good now…filling every inch of her pussy…then her clit started to tingle….her pants started to rub her shaven mound, but it was just enough…..she senced she was close to orgasm….then the lad turned in a split second…… “excuse me…can i try this on”With a sharp intake of breath as her hubby released the pressure….she repled bashfully to the lad.. “sorry? yes yes!….erm….yes….one sec!” The hubby smile to himself…..he moved away from his wife…..picked up his wifes car keys and spoke for the second time to his wife that day “im going to fix the radio in the car love” and gave her a big grin.As the lad turned the first thing he noticed was the man standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders, and as he finished speaking he said to himself “shit its her husband!”…but he senced something else now as he looked at the blonde for the first time…bright blue eyes…beautiful lips…button nose with a kind but somewhat alluring look….straight away he felt the urge! and thought…” i would love to fuck that!!” ….then the hubby said something to her, picked up a set of keys and walked outside smiling to himself.She slowly pulled up her pants as the lad looked on…she didnt think he would notice as she was just below the desk….but the lad did notice, and a rush of blood entered his cock!….she stood up griping the dildo with her pussy lips as tight as she could but she was so wet….she had to pull her pants up one more time hard to hold the dildo in….the lad saw her walk out from behind her desk, his sight went straight to her crotch because he saw her pulling up her pants seconds before, and noticed her pussy lips through her pants ” holy fuck!!” he thought to himself, by the time he had walked over to the door that she was opening for the changing room, his cock was rock hard…..and she also noticed at the last second pinbahis yeni giriş that the horizontal cock she saw before, was now much higher in his pants and buldging out alot more!…the lad smiled at the blonde as he walked past her… then glancing at her full breasts as he turned, and closed the changing room door…as one door shut another opened…..the shop door.A customer entered….she sat back behind her desk….feeling the wetness of her pussy and the tingle of her clit as she moved to get comfy…she watched to customer and started to daydream….her husband…the way he just came in and took control…what was he doing?…the fight to get him off….then the way he won and started to finger fuck her… the way he was slamming the dildo into her still dripping pussy….then the really hot lad coming in with his cock on show… then hard as he entered the changing room… she pictured him taking his clothes off….just a door seperating her seeing him…wondering what he was doing now….was he wanking off over her? She new now that he must of seen the outline of her pussy lips and the glance of her tits as he had shut the changing room door…and she new he was hard in there!….she looked at the car….the hubby was looking at her just smiling….what was he doing?! He had just come in out of nowhere and took advantage of her…just because hes my husband… he just carnt do that!! she started to get worked up about the whole situation now…what a wanker!….she thought!….how dare he come in here and do that to me, so soon after buying my own shop….i cannot believe he has done this!..and now he is just sat there smiling at me!!…..then she had a idea.The customer left…..she got straight up…..opened the changing room door….she saw the lad with the gladiator robe stuck over his head fighting to get out of it, in front of the mirror and small stool…..the rest of him was naked….his cock was medium lenght, thick and she thought when it was rock hard would look exactly like the shape of her favourite dildo…the one still in her dripping wet pussy….it wasnt as hard as she had seen it when he had entered….but it was exactly level, and perfectly stuck out straight….she shut the door quietly as he was still fighting with the robe….she sat on the stool right in front of him…paused a second…then just swollowed his whole cock in one go!..she grabbed both of his butt cheeks with both hands…..the lad froze!….she started to deep throat him fast….back and forth back and forth!….taking it all everytime……his cock went rock hard…she started to gag….she couldnt get it all in now….she released his cheeks and grabbed his cock with both hands…she was sucking his cock really good now….then the motion of her wanking him off…caused the motion of the stool to rock, and then she started to feel exactly what she was sucking, in her pussy……….this is why she came in here……….she wanted a real cock!As the customer left the hubby got out the car, locked it and turned to go back into the shop, but as he opened the shop door, the changing room door was just shutting?..for a second he just stood there and thought wheres she gone?…then realised…she’s in the changing room with him? A rush of blood flowed through him!…he paused for a few seconds, then locked the shop door with the set that where attached to the car keys and turned the open sign, to closed. He went to the changing room door and listened…nothing appart from a noise he had heared many times before!….he stood back from the door and just looked at it…his wife was sucking the lad off…he new it! Because he had heard that noise thousands of times, caused by his own cock.!!….right in front of him….just a piece of wood…was seperating him seeing his wife sucking the lads wood!…then he noticed the door lock, with the old fashioned key lock….he got onto his knees and put one eye to the key hole……he got a perfect view of his wife gagging on the lads cock…both hands on his arse….pushing it forward so it rammed all the way into her mouth……then when she started to gag she stopped….removing her hands and started to wank him off whilst sucking too….as this unfolded in front of the hubby he subconciously pulled his semi hard cock out, and started wanking. The lad couldnt believe what was happening….he could not get the robe of his head in the first place! but when he got the shock of his life as a beautiful soft mouth swollowed his whole cock! he couldnt believe it!…now the robe was even more fucking stuck and he could not concentrated anymore about trying to get it off….fuck it he thought….he knew it was the blonde shop owner!…just enjoy it!… he slowly lowered his hands, after his cock went rock hard and grabbed her hair and went with the motion of her head up and down on his cock.The blonde wanted the real thing in her pussy now!! she was sick of the dildo just being stuffed up her….she wanted to be fucked by it!! but by the real life dildo she was sucking on!!!….in one fast movement, she stood up, turned round, let go of his cock for a spit second, bent over, pulled her tight pants down fast, whipped the dildo out with one hand, while the other grabbed the real cock, backed up, felt leaking juices flow down her leg, then she pushed down fast straight onto the lads cock!The lad new exactly what was happening….but it was still a massive shock when he felt how easy he slipped into her, and how pinbahis giriş fuckin wet she was!! he had never felt anything so wet and warm…the juices already started to soak his balls….after the initial thirty second shock….he got his brain back in gear and started to fuck her!When the hubby saw his beautiful wife stand up, turn round, whip the dildo out, juices flowing out, then backing onto his cock he was blown away!! ……shes fucking him!!! shes fucking !! then the lad grabbed her hips after a delay…and started to fuck her back !!…. for the first time he lowered himself down to look up to see there faces…he only saw one….his wifes…pleasure written all over it…hiding the moans in her hands….the lad had what looked like a robe all caught up over his head and down his back…his shoulders were free, but the rope from the robe had wrapped around his neck…..then the hubby realised he was still pulling hard on his cock!The real cock was good!! long hard fat just like her dildo..but real and moving fast and hard!!…the lad was now slamming into her with more vigour now…..she was fucking loving it and had totally forgot about where she was…. who she was with… blinded with pure lust to reach a orgasm by whatever means…she was caught up in this amazing moment of pleasure!……..then the changing room door started to open.After watching his wife being pounded right in front of him for a good while and him now getting more and more turned on….his cock was throbbing in his hand, he started to slow down…..he knew he was on the verge of cumming……but he wanted more!….he thought, “the slut has gone in there and sucked and fucked a guy”!! when she thought i was outside sat in the car!! the fucking bitch!……thats when again a familiar few words entered his head like as it had done to others just behind that door…..”fuck it!”… he stood up…..cock in his right hand……and opened the door slowly with his left.His wife didnt notice for a good few seconds and the lad sure didnt because as the hubby thought “he carnt see a thing with that on his head”……when she saw her hubbys cock at the side of her head for a spit second she was shocked…but then half a second later she had always expected to see it sometime or other….she looked up at him….and smiled !…her head still bobbing about from being fucked hard from behind!…. she just turned, and started to suck her hubbys cock!! he grabbed her head and started to fuck her face….in pleasure and in slight frustration that she was fucking another cock! He just kept fucking her face but she took it all in her stride and lapped the two cocks that where fucking her even more!!The lad felt a slight different atmosphere for a slight moment but didnt think nothing of it again….he was fuckin a beautiful blonde in her shop, in her changing room!!…after a good while of pounding her from behind…..he wanted her to cum on his cock before he exploded!!…..so he reached under her….and started to rub her swollen soaked clit.They both reacted differently when the lad reached around and started to rub the blondes clit…..she bucked back with now feeling more intensity in her pussy…..as soon as she did that, taking his cock out of her mouth, but still pulling hard on his cock…..he to bent over and pulled off her top in one quick motion.. flicked the clip of her bra a second later…..then reached under her and pulled on her nipples as hard as he could!…..she screamed with pure pleasure! ” ohhhh my fucking god!!”….. ” fuck me! Fuck meeee!!”… ” harder! Harder!”…”fuck me harder!” and they did! She was being fucked like she had never been before, and she was loving every second!”Im cumming im cumming!!” she screamed!!…..as soon as her hubby heard his wife say that he pulled as hard as he could on her tits and rammed his cock right into her mouth firing his load straight into his wifes mouth and face!!….the lad just kept pounding and rubbing till she came all over his cock…he felt her shudder and buck and leak cum all over his cock, then he grabbed her hips just as the last drops of cum hit her face from the hubby….he pulled out, spun her round…..the wife new exactly what he was doing, dropped to her knees as he grabbed his cock and fired his hot load over the blondes beautiful tits!As soon as the hubby saw the last of the lads cum fire on his wifes tits….he turned, opened the changing room door , and walked out putting his cock away as he went.Legs shaking as the blonde stood up, picking up her bra to wipe her face and chest, just putting her top on, she tucked the bra inside the side of her pants as she pulled them up…she reach over to the lad who was panting for breath, loosened the robe just enough from his neck, so he would be able to get it off….she then turned, and left out of the slightly opened changing room door, closing it behind her.The lad breathing hard, slowly started to take the robe of his head…..as he took it off over his head. The blonde had disappeared and he was again just lookin at his reflection. He took a deep breath in….got dressed slowly taking his time thinking to himself “What the fuck just happened?!!”…he sat on the down on the stool and put the gladiator robe back in its packet….. he took the money out needed to buy it, then headed to the changing room door…..opened it and walked to the counter…. the blonde was behind her counter sat on her stool as he predicted….as both there eyes met they each smiled and the lad said “that fitted perfectly……….ill take it!.. Thankyou.” he put the money on the counter and walked to the door….as he opened it, stepped out and was closing the door…..the blonde called out…”Thankyou too!…..cum again!” as the door shut, she started to laugh out loud!.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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