May 24

The long nights

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The long nightsJan’s mom got married again for the fourth time. This time she married a man twenty years younger than her and not much older than Jan. He was good looking and very sexy and Jan could see why her horny mom wanted him. He mostly ran around the house after his shower with just a towel around his hips. He would let it ride way low as if he would love to show his cock to any one wanting to look. Sometimes she could see his hair sticking above the towel. Jan could only imagine how endowed he was as her mom liked the big ones. Her mom had a great body for in her late forties. Her tits were still perky and she never wore a bra. The guys also thought she had a great ass. Jan was lucky and had a body like her mom, nice big tits and a firm ass. One day her mom was at work but Tim had taken the day off. As Jan walked by the bathroom he had just gotten out of the shower and was standing in front of the sink naked shaving. She looked at his sexy ass and the huge cock hanging down limp. It was long and thick and not even hard yet. It made her pussy wet thinking about it. She decided to put on her bikini and lay by the pool. She went to her room and changed and as she went down the hall Tim walked out of the bathroom naked. She stopped dead in her tracks and stared at him. He smiled and told her “So, do you like what you see? Surely you have seen a naked man before.” Jan replied “Yes, of course. You just surprised me.” Tim stood in front of her blocking her way and staring at her tits barely covered by the skimpy bikini. He then said “I have to tell you that you have a nice set of tits and that bikini does not hide them.” He then reached around her and untied the top and let it fall to the floor. “Now that is better to see you. You are too sexy to be covered up. Let’s remove that skimpy bottom too.” He also untied each side and let the bottom fall to the floor and she stood there naked and shocked.He looked her over then pulled her to him and gave her a deep tongue kiss as his fingers ran over her nipples. He kept kissing her and rubbing her tits as he pulled her body tight to him. Then he reached down and grabbed her ass and pulled her tighter and she could feel his cock getting hard. He then started walking bahis siteleri her back to her bedroom. He shut the door and laid her on the bed and got beside her. He began kissing her mouth then her tits. He sucked a tit in his mouth and then he whispered to her. He told her “You are so sexy. I just want to kiss you and lick you and eat your pussy and fuck you. I want to feel my cock in your cunt as I pound you deep. Now relax and let me make love to you all over your body.” He then started sucking on her nipples as his finger found her fuck hole and he pushed two fingers in her and began fucking her making her cum instantly. He looked at her and said “You like that don’t you? I am going to make that pussy cum many times today. Now spread those legs wide for me. I am going to eat pussy before I fuck you.”He then kissed down to her crotch and began to lick her. She had her legs spread wide welcoming his tongue. He sucked her clit and her pussy lips before his tongue found her fuck hole. She was so wet and he licked her then pushed his tongue in anxious to taste her. He spread her pussy lips wide and would tongue her cunt then lick and suck on her pussy and clit. He had her almost going out of her mind he felt so good. He really knew how to please a girl’s pussy. He kept eating her pussy and tongue fucking her hole till she was covering his face with her cum. He then looked at her and said “Ready for my cock to fuck that hot cunt of yours? I can’t wait to push my shaft into your wet hole and fuck you till you scream. I am going to fuck you with every inch of my big long cock.” He then parted her pussy and got between her legs and began to push inside her. Jan had never had a cock as big as his and it felt so good as it filled her wet hole. He moaned “That’s it baby. Take it all. Let me fuck that hole like you have never been fucked. Your cunt feels so wet and so warm on my hard cock” He then kept pushing in her and fucking her going in and out of her tight cunt. He then started fucking her harder and deeper and he could hear her moan. “Tell me how you like it. Tell me how your cunt feels. Talk to me baby girl. Tell me you want my cock and my cum. Want to fill that cunt with my juice.” she then told him “I love that canlı bahis big cock. It makes my cunt throb. Fuck me. Fuck me harder and fill me with cum. Mix your cum with mine. Keep fucking me. Don’t stop.” Luckily Tim had fucked Jan’s mom all night so he had great stamina today and was able to fuck her and pound her cunt for a long time. He thought how wonderful this marriage was going to be. He would fuck the mom at night and the daughter during the day. He could get as much pussy as he wanted. And both women had great big jugs and nice sexy asses. He felt he was in cunt and tit heaven. He only wished he could have them both at once in bed with him. He would love those big tits and nice pussies and sexy asses to fuck in bed all day and night.He would love to see the mom and daughter eat pussy too. He had only been with one mom and daughter for about two years and it was wonderful. He loved to see girls eat each other as he fucked them. He fucked Jan till he filled her cunt with cum. Then he slid down to her hole and began to suck his cum with hers out of her. The mixture tasted so good. He stuck his tongue deep in her then scooped out the cum. He then went up and kissed her letting her taste their cum. He looked at her and said “Don’t we taste good mixed together. Lay still and let me suck on those big melons you have.”He sucked on nipple as his fingers played with the other one and his finger would go down and massage her clit. He played with her for a long time till his cock got rock hard again and then he told her “Look what you have done to my cock. Slide over and mount me. Ride my cock had and show me how those big tits can bounce as you fuck my cock. Take all of that cock in you like you know how you like it. I want to fill your cunt with my big rod.” Jan threw her leg over him and slid down on his cock and took him deep in her hole. She began to ride up and down faster and faster and her tits were bouncing like he loved to see. He loved those big tits on this tiny girl. “Yes, baby. Flop those tits. Make them bounce for me. I love to see those big tits go up and down as you fuck my cock. Now hump me faster. Bounce baby bounce. Fuck me harder.” Jan loved riding him and being in control. She was bouncing güvenilir bahis up and down and feeling her tits bouncing with her. They were bouncing so hard she could feel them with every stroke. She rode him quite a while before he gave her the juice she loved. Then she leaned down and laid on him. As she laid on him he rubbed her ass then found her asshole. He ran his finger around her hole then pushed it in just a little. She kind of jerked and he said to her “Have you had your ass fucked?” She said “No.” He said let me finger fuck you and then cock fuck you. You will like it and I will be slow and careful. Ass fucking feels so good for both people. You will want my cock in your ass a lot after the first few times.” He pushed his finger in further and fucked her slow. He slowly put another finger in her and kept fucking the tight hole. Then he put a finger from each hand in her and pulled her ass open. “There, you are doing good. Do you like that? Are you ready for my cock?” She said “I think I am but don’t let it hurt me. ” He told her “It will be tight and painful the first few times but soon you will get used to it and love it. Now get on your hands and knees and put you ass in the air and your head down on the bed..” As she got in position he pushed his cock to her hole and just pushed the head in. He went slow and let her stretch as he knew he had a big cock. He soon had six inches in her and she was doing fine. He kept pushing in her and she felt so good and her ass was so tight and so warm. He then began to fuck her tight ass. He loved how she felt. It was better than fucking that virgin daughter of his last woman. As he fucked Jan’s as he watched her stretch wide for his cock. It was a big turn on to see that ass with his big cock in it. He fucked her for a good long time till he filled her asshole with cum.He laid beside her and told her “Baby girl, you are the best fuck I have had in a long time. You are young and sexy with those huge tits and that tight cunt and now a great ass to fuck. I am going to fuck you every time we are alone. Now spread your legs and I am going to eat that pussy and then you decide if you want your cunt or ass fucked. Maybe I will tongue fuck your ass too.” He then sucked her nipples and then kissed down to that sweet pussy. He would fuck her till his wife came home then he would fuck the wife then he could fuck the daughter all the next day. He had such a horny cock and it loved to fuck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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