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The Maintenance Shed at Deer Lake

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Big Tits

Another true story I had forgotten about until now.

I had placed an ad on Craigslist for wanting to meet a man for 69. I was living at a hotel where they rented rooms by the month. Wasn’t much but made do until I could find an apartment reasonably priced. It had a bed, microwave, small frig, and WiFi. All I needed. Especially the WiFi.

I had received a number of responses but always too far away or pushy. Then there was one from a guy who lived about 15 miles from where I was staying. He was around my age at 56. 5’9″ tall. And pretty in shape body from the pics he sent. And a very nice 8 inch cut cock. Said his name was Joe. I decided he was the one.

I wrote back and asked him when would be a good time to get together. He replied by saying he would like to meet first. Show each other our cocks and see if we were both satisfied with what we saw.

I wrote back and asked where he would like to meet and what time.

He said Deer Lake at the boat launch. There is a maintenance shed with some small trees on the back side away from the drive. We would be hidden if anyone pulled into the boat launch. He said around 2 the next afternoon. Would be less people at that time of day. And being a weekday.

I wrote back and agreed to meet him there the next day. Told him what I would be driving. He informed me he would be on a motorcycle.

I spent that night doing nothing but thinking about his cock and how it was going to feel in my mouth. And mine in his. I refrained from jacking off. As much as the urge was there I wanted to give him a good load the next day.

Tuesday came and I woke up with anticipation of our meeting. I got online and sent Joe a message to see if we were still on for our meeting. He wrote back right away and said yes. He really wanted to meet me. See you at 2.

I replied with okay and shut down after checking the new messages. There was a number of them with a couple that sounded promising for another time. I’ll escort izmir contact them this evening.

When it got closer to 2, I got in the shower to be fresh for Joe. I played with my cock but only for a minute. I rinsed off and got out and dried off. I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt being it was going to be a warm day. I left about 1:40.

I arrived at Deer Lake and sure enough there was a maintenance shed at the lake. And true to his word there was a small group of trees behind it. As I pulled in I saw a man standing next to a motorcycle. I got out of my car and he walked towards me.

When we were standing in front of each other he extended his hand and said. “Hi, You must be Bob.”

I took his hand in response and we shook hands. “Yes.” “And you must be Joe.” “Good to meet you.”

“Same here,” he said.” “Shall we go behind the shed and check each other out?” he asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “I’ve been wanting to see your cock in real life instead of pictures.”

“I’ve wanted the same thing with yours,” Joe said.

We looked around to make sure no one was around and then headed into the group of trees. He unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his cock. It was already hard as was mine from anticipation. I unzipped my shorts and took out my hard cock. Neither one of us was wearing underwear. Guess we both thought the same thought. That it would be easier.

“Your cock is much more beautiful than in the pic you sent.” I said as I reached out and wrapped my hand around his cock.

“So does yours,” Joe replied as he took my cock in his hand.

“I love how your cock feels in my hand,” as I stroked his cock.

“I love how yours feels also,” Joe replied.

We stood their facing each other stroking each other’s cocks for several minutes.

“Now to see how it is going to feel in my mouth,” I said as I squatted down until his cock was level with my mouth. He had precum leaking and I stuck my tongue out and escort izmir licked it off. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth. I moved up and down his shaft a few times then stood up.

“Your cock feels wonderful in my mouth.” “And love the taste of your precum.” “Can’t wait to taste your cum.”

Joe knew what I wanted and he did to. He squatted down and took my cock in his mouth. It felt wonderful. I didn’t want him to stop but I knew we were there to check each other out. And the longer we stayed there, the more we risked getting caught.

“Joe.” “You happy with this?” “You ready to go back to my place.”

Joe slid his mouth off my cock.

“Yes.” “I’m very happy with this and I’m ready to enjoy this together.” “Love how your cock felt in my mouth and I want your cum so bad.”

“Follow me,” I said.

We both put our cocks away and headed for our rides. We pulled out and was at my place in about 15 minutes. We went inside and I locked the door behind us. We both immediately stripped naked. I sat on the edge of the bed.

“Come stand in front of me,” I told Joe.

He moved in front of me and I took hold of his cock and guided it into my mouth. I licked all around the head with my tongue. Joe let out a soft moan. I could tell I was doing it right. I started sliding my lips down his cock. I wanted to taste all 8 inches. I kept working his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. I relaxed my throat and took his cock in my throat. I had him buried to the hilt as my lips was touching his body around the base.

“Oh Shitttt,” Joe shouted. “God you are good.” “My wife can’t even do that.” “Keep it up and I won’t last long.”

As much as I wanted him to cum I wanted it more when we 69’ed. I pulled off his cock and said. “So, you liked it.”

“Oh hell yes,” Joe replied. “I hope you like it just as much.”

He then dropped to his knees between my legs. He dove on my cock and took all of it in his mouth in one thrust. He started working my cock like no woman ever has. He was deep throating me like I did him.

I let out a loud moan. After a few minutes of his assault on my cock with his sweet mouth I had to pull out.

“Damn Joe.” “That was incredible.” “Had to stop you because I was getting close.”

I moved up on the bed and laid on my side. Joe got up and climbed onto the bed laying on his side in the opposite direction. We took each other’s cocks in our hands than our mouths. We both let out a moan at that point.

It felt so good having his beautiful cock in my mouth. And mine in his. I think both of us was ready to taste each other’s cum. We were working each other’s cocks like it was our last. We were fucking each other’s mouths driving our cocks into each other’s throat. We started pumping faster and faster. I could feel his muscles tense and knew he was ready to cum. And I’m sure he knew I was ready. It wasn’t a few seconds later I felt the first shot of his cum hit the inside of my mouth. I had pulled back so that it would fall on my tongue so I could taste it. It was everything I had hoped. It had a bit of sweetness to it. I started to unload in his mouth at the same time. I knew he had pulled back some so he could taste my cum as well.

We sucked each other until we had gotten every drop we had to offer each other. We kept sucking until we both went soft.

“Oh Shit Joe.” “That was better than I thought.” I haven’t cum that hard with a woman or another man.” “You are really good and your cum taste delicious.” “I’m happy you wrote and I answered.”

“You are really good yourself Bob.” And loved the taste of your cum as well.” Loved sucking you.” “You have a beautiful cock.”

“Thank you Joe.” So do you.

We got dressed and before I walked out with him he took my head in his hands and kissed me. Nothing was said as he walked to his motorcycle and got on. He fired it up and drove off.

I stood there with the biggest smile on my face. Hoping we could get together again. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as his job required him and his family to move. Maybe someday he will return.

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