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The mess of a trip Pt. 02

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*The following is a filth kink related story it includes a woman who is very happy with being disgusting, including kinks such as soiling, wetting, and other nasty stuff. It is also a sequel to ‘the mess of a trip’. While not very important to the ‘plot’ the short version is a woman gets lost in the south American jungle and gets nasty and turned on by her nastiness. If you want more, read that first. This is a continuation of that and her new life lost in the middle of nowhere with no passport. There is a twist coming. Its still gross.

Also everyone involved in sexual situations are above the age of 18.


Savannah awoke to a tapping, and a stench. And arousal. The arousal tied to the stench, the tapping was not. Probably. Maybe. She couldn’t really tell now. Having gotten lost in the jungle the blonde American had possibly lost her mind, but had also lost almost everything she had. Her carry on was stolen, her luggage lost to the airlines. All she had was what was on her person. A wallet with a bit of cash, and her drivers license. Her phone, a charging cable and charging port. Also her rental was pre-paid. Now it was ruined, piles of shit all over the front and back seat, her drivers seat soaked in urine, it was stopped in mud right now, out of grass, battery mostly dead.

She wasn’t getting the safety deposit back in other words.

But that wasn’t important, right now someone was knocking on her car door and she was confused. She heard something from outside, in some language she didn’t know. “Wha?” She said sleepy, confused, sticky, and horny.

She opened the door to see a young woman with a fairly tan skin, she had a dirty torn shirt on, mud was smeared up to her knees roughly, she had on shorts with a stain on the groin. “Ah, gringa.” The woman said. “No parle protuges?” She said with a chuckle. “Its ok, English I assume?”

Savannah blinked. “Y-yes?” Was she hallucinating, was this a cute local girl with a dirty shirt and dirty shorts. Who wasn’t like, puking at the sight and smell of her right now? And was she somehow still turned on.

“Quite a mess you are.” She said. “Everything alright?”

Savannah opened her mouth and said “Yes” Immediately. She paused, and finally found a touch of shame. “N-no. I… Lost everything on my flight. Or it was stolen. I was trying to find the US embassy but… No.” She shook her head.

“Oh dear. No passport?”


“And no showers? Or toilet?”

Savannah looked around. “Well I mean I have a toilet.” Despite turning red in the face she still kinda liked being talked to like this.

“Well I guess everything can be a toilet. Does it run?”

“I have no gas, so no.”

“Ah! Unfortunate. Well. I don’t have gas. Well, gas for cars, to spare on me, we might have some where I’m staying. You can come with me.”

Savannah blinked. She was getting invited somewhere? Like this? Really? “I I can’t! I stink. I’m a mess. I’d have to….!” She was surprised by this all, and confused, and somewhat hopeful.

“No worries. We don’t mind being dirty. Its a mix of people. A few speak English. Like me.” Her English was solid, with a Portuguese accent, and a few slight tweaks of speech. “And no worries, nobody will mind you lacking a passport. Its ok.” She said as she walked through the mud and pointed to her car. An open topped buggy, coated in mud and muck. “Also my car is cleaner, or well smells better, but not by much.” She laughed. “You may get muddy.”

Savannah nodded as she got up, feeling her shorts de-stick from her seat, and her shit in her underwear smush around. She smiled and enjoyed it a bit as she walked over to the other car. Savannah sat down first, and then the other girl climbed over her. “Sorry, parked too close to the side.” Indeed some parts of a tree partially hit her drivers side, so it would be tight. Savannah got a nice view of the girls ass, which was fairly dirty, not as nasty as hers, but with a noticeable brown stain and a smell that Savannah was familiar with. The smell of shit.

“Ah, well, its fine, cute girls with their butts in my face are fine. I like to get their names.”

The girl made a chuckle and put her ass on Savannahs lap with a smush. The smush was mostly Savannah’s, but some was from the girl. “I’m Ana.” She said chuckling. “And we might have to share a bed later.” She rubbed her ass around some, letting Savannah stain her shorts.

Savannah let out a bit of a pant as she felt that for a bit. “S-savannah.”

“Georgian?” Ana asked.

“My name, its Savannah.”

Ana smirked as she got up. “I’ll know what name to say later.” She said chuckling as she got in and turned her key and started their car.

Ana was a capable driver, hitting the muddy puddles with splashes and splatters but never getting stuck. Some mud sprayed up and hit Savannah and Ana both. Mostly in their laps and lower. As they bumped up and down though Savanna’s bowels loosened and she both shit and pissed herself at some point, although she barely noticed.

When they bursa escort reached the end they stopped in a muddy clearing with two other vehicles. Ana drove into a spot and got out. “Can you help me move some stuff?” She asked as she got some bags and plastic containers from the back seat and trunk of the vehicle.

Savanna helped out with that as she waded through the mud with plenty of squelches, her shoes caked in mud and other filth. While she did she looked around. There were a few huts set up, a few open fields of varying sizes, and some pens with animals in them. There seemed to be between 15 and 20 people around. All adult looking, one or two showing a fair bit of grey, but none seemed very old. Most around her age give or take a bit. Ana walked up to the oldest woman Savanna could see and spoke to her. It was all in a language Savanna didn’t understand, but she did hear a few things. First Ana spoke, then the older woman said ‘Gringa?’. Ana replied ‘Savanna’ to which the older woman looked confused and said, ‘Georgia’. Seemed this was a common occurrence here. However after a bit the older woman shrugged, and nodded.

Ana smiled and ran over. “She said you can stay for a bit. I explained the passport issues, and well, we don’t have a lot of authorities coming here. But if you need to get to the embassy let us know. Still, why don’t you stay for a bit.”

Right. Yes. Embassy. “Uh, how far is the embassy from here?”

“Well, since its the rainy season the roads will be all mud.”

Savanna only now realized she’d decided to come in the rainy season. Genius.

“So that’ll add a day or three to the week long trip, depends on luck.”

“S-so eight to ten days?” Savanna blinked.


“I… I need to think on that.” She let out.

“No worries. You can stay here, you’ll just need to help some.”

“Wh-what is here anyways? I mean this in a nice way, but I’m surprised you speak English. Well, speak it really well. I know plenty of people do here. But like… Why?”

“I grew up here. But I went to college in America. However I discovered there was a local plant that provides a super drug.” She said. “Boosts your immune system ten fold. You just need to expose it to some dirty things. Would you believe that perhaps people didn’t believe me despite a few experiments.”

“Somewhat yes. Is that why you’re so…?”

“Dirty? Yes. We have a nice farm here, its not where I grew up, but there was a native village who lived here, somewhat dirtier lives. We amped up the filth, and grow our plant. Speaking of I should give you some. If you’re gonna stay, even if you wash up.”

“I don’t really need too, what would I change into?” Savanna said quite quickly in response. Also she rather liked this, whatever it was she was loving it right now.

“Sure, that’s fine. We don’t mind a little smell around here.”

“So question again. Where did everyone else come from?”

“Well… Not everyone I knew in the states was hostile to my idea.” She paused. “Come, lets walk.” Ana waved Savanna on. “I had a few research assistants and friends. One of who actually showed me the correlation in the data.”

“Just a correlation?”

“Well initially yes. But we did verify it about 30 more times. It actually does work that way, or damn close to it.” She said sounding defensive.

Savanna nodded. “Alright. What is it?”

“Its a local flower.” Ana pointed to a yellow flower by the animal pens, sticking out of the dirt. “Edible to humans. Doesn’t taste great, but it won’t kill you. You need to eat a bit here and there, but you’ll basically never get sick if you have a couple of flowers twice a month.”

“That’s it? Just eat a flower and I’m healthy.”

“Well you need fairly-regular exposure to dirt, manure, shit and urine too.”

Savanna shrugged. “Ok. Get me a flower. I have enough muck for a while.”

Ana chuckled. “That you do.” She said as she walked over to the flower by the animal fields. “These flowers grow well in manure and other kinds of shit, so we have a few fields of them which are the communal toilets. I gather you really don’t care for toilets so do as you may but…” She picked the one flower for a moment and handed it to her.

Savanna blushed a bit, a cute girl was giving her a flower, and also telling her ‘shitting your shorts is ok’. It was one *hell* of a combo. “Y-yes.” She said as she looked at the flower for a bit. “Wh-what do I eat?”

Ana pulled at a petal of the flower. Mostly yellow with red streaks near the center. “Petals, if you want the bulb too.” She plucked the center of the flower and chewed it up.

“Why did you eat my flower?” Savanna grumbled.

“Relax.” Ana pointed across the animal pens. “Over there is our dedicated groves. We have a regular grove and an experimental one for variants of it. The regular grove has a few thousand. These grow a few times a year, so we need a lot of them for us.”

“How do we get there?”

“Well. You haven’t been in too much manure have you right?”


“Good. bursa escort bayan I had to clean up to go into town, so I’m light on manure exposure myself.” She smiled as she hopped the fence into the pen with the pigs.

Savanna wasn’t one to say no to chasing after a cute girl, and well, she was discovering so much about herself. Savanna landed with a splat in the muck. Mud sprayed up her ankles. “So… What counts as exposure anyways?”

“Well keeping somewhat fresh material on your body for a while. You don’t need to soil yourself every day, but every few days helps. Same with piss and manure and such.”

“What about like… Trash and stuff?”

Ana opened her mouth. “Good question. Hey. Wanna do a study for me while you’re here?”

Savanna gulped. “Maybe, depends.”

“We’ll need some occasional blood samples. And you’ll need to eat flowers and roll around in trash every so often.”

“Yes please.” Savanna let out.

Ana smirked. “You’re quite the help.” She chuckled as she watched a big shit. “Hold on.” She reached down and grabbed the pig filth in her hands. She walked up to Savanah and smeared it up her arm.


“Come now, its a good way to do it.”

“Y-yeah, but maybe just… Put it on under my clothes.”

“Then I’d have to put my hand under your clothes.”

“I mean, I’ve heard of worse things. You can put your hands there.”

Ana smirked. “Well then. I might just eat your flower.” She chuckled as she looked around.

Oh, that worked out well in Savanna’s favor. She walked along after Ana behind pig asses as they both looked down. As one looked left and the other right they each happened to catch a pig shitting and and picked up a pile of shit in their hands. Ana and Savanna looked at each other holding the crap in their hands awkwardly. Ana broke the awkwardness.

“Well, if you don’t mind my hands going under your clothes, you can go under mine.” She said.

Savanna took the hint as her hand went up under Ana’s shirt and two dirty hands groped at her bosom. Ana had a large chest, not larger than Savanna’s, but quite big. However, despite Savanna having felt up a fair few number of women’s chests over time the feeling of doing so with sloppy pig crap in her hand was unique. She liked the sensation.

However after that Savanna got a taste of her own medicine as Ana went under the others shirt to grope her chest as well. The feeling of manure on her chest was something else, and it felt uniquely good. Not quite support, but something different a soft warm wet feeling. One she was getting very used too more and more as of late. Ana definitely got a bit handsy with her chest as well. “I’m just sayin, but also exposure to the female vagina helps improve your resistance.”

“Oh? Really so…” Ana’s hand went down into Ana’s shorts, making a wet splotch sound.

“Also rolling in the muck is-” Ana was cut off as Savanna pushed her down.

“I know you associate me with Georgia. I’m actually from Pennsylvania. I have done a few hog ties.” She said. “Maybe that explains a few things.” She said as she got on her knees in the muck. “Still.”

“Well at least you’re on the more fun side of things. Only one girl here is as fun as you, besides me that is.” Ana chuckled.

“Well, I learned how good masturbation is while all dirty over the last few days.”

“Mmm, speaking of let me see that pussy, I wonder how nasty you get.”

Savanna pulled down her shorts with a sticky feeling as they somewhat peeled off her loins. The inside of them were smeared brown all over. The odor of her shit hitting the air and Savanna getting slightly light-headed from the stink. But also turned on, her nipples perking up. Her pussy had been smeared in assorted muck and grime, not that she minded. “Oooh~ Nasty.”

“Yes, but not nasty enough.” Ana removed her shorts sliding them down her legs smearing them in the muck. Her slit was damp and grimy, not as much as Savanna’s however. Ana spread her legs. “Come on, lets do this.”

Savanna opted to scissor with Ana in the muck. Both legs on the ground, while they slid back and forth in the slippery muck. The feeling of filth on her rear was heavenly and Savanna found herself enjoying this immensely. Unaware that she still had shoes on and they were sinking into the animal slop. Not that she would have minded any.

The action was fairly quick and satisfying. The two girls found the slippery muck as helpful lube, slicking up their bodies. Before long they came, first Savanna then Ana, Ana squirting hard and spraying up Savanna. “I’m glad this was good for you.”

Savanna chuckled with a light pant. “Well I’m a bit of a squirter.”

“A bit, you got almost two feet of range.”

“More than a bit. Put your pants on, you don’t wanna lose those at night. Also its a good way to keep shit near your skin.” She said.

Savanna was almost disappointed, but put her pants back on. Feeling a wet fart come out once it was back on and she escort bursa was slightly bent over. Savanna let out a pleased smile as she got up and walked with Ana.

Over one more fence they came to a field of flowers. The same yellow and red as the one before. “Now we do two each time. Again its harmless, but tastes like nothing.” Ana picked two flowers and presented the blooms to Savanna.

“Bah. I’ve eaten worse.” Savanna said as she took the flowers and ate them raw. They tasted like a whole lot of nothing ever. But at least they didn’t taste *bad*. When she downed it she got quiet. “So. Now what?”

“Well. You mentioned experimenting with garbage and such. And while bodily fluids were something we worked with, we’ve never worked with that.”

“So, you want me to find the nearest trash pile and smear myself in that?”

“Well we wanna take a blood sample first. In a few days. So we get a baseline of you under the flowers affect. So… For now lets show you my bed, cause if you are going to smell even worse than everyone else here, I should be the one to bear that *immense* responsibility.” The hint was clear enough to Savanna as hazed her mind was in pleasure and enjoying this new side of her she had developed.

Of course this was made less fun as they entered a building with solar panels on the roof and side, as well as a stone foundation. It wasn’t the building, but the needles inside. “Kay, I have a new experiment I want to try?”

A caucasian man with red hair and two women were in the building. They had gloves on and were around a handful of computers and other scientific machines. “You’re Bi Ana. Its no longer experimenting.” The man said plainly. “We’ve been over this.”

“N-no! This is Savanna. Maria should have mentioned it. She’s lost, and will be staying with us.”

“For how long?” Kay asked sounding not bothered, but just mindful of the time Savanna would stay.

“A while. I lost a lot of things and need to get back on my feet.” She was growing less and less hesitant with her longer and longer ‘trip’.

“Alright. Well what experiment did you want to run?”

“Well you noticed how much Savanna smells right? She said she’s willing to try and see if our well-flower fortifies our immune system against other nasty things. Basically she’ll roll in trash fairly often and reek like hell until we get a decent set of data saying yes or no.”

“I was trying to avoid the stink, but its not much worse than anyone else.” Indeed Kay had stains in his shorts from more than sweat, and a brown bulge around back. The other women, one Caucasian, the other much more local, both were dirty with stains on their outfits, and the native scientist with some clear cum-stains on her cleavage. “Still where will she stay?”

“With me of course. And I assume she’ll work on the farmstead mainly. Aside from sampling days. Which we’ll need.”

“Sampling. Uh what’s that?”

“Blood samples. We’ll draw blood twice a month to analyze your immune response. Not tons, just enough for a triplicate test.” Kay answered. “Speaking of we’ll need at least two baseline sets. And then I’d prefer two months of her… Hygienic life. Can you do that?”

“Yeah. Things got bad so I have a lot of time. I could… Be hear a few months no problem.” She said after a moment of thought. “Time to learn the language and meet the locals.”

One girl gave Savanna a wink, having a hint of what that meant.

“Alright. If that’s ok with you, its fine with me. You’ll have to work with the animals to earn your keep, but we aren’t slave drivers. You’ll have help, and it sounds like companions. Of which, perhaps, I can be one of them. I’m Kay, our lead microbiologist. Ana is our lead Botanist, with a side of microbiology, Kendra here,” He motioned to the Caucasian woman, “Is a general doctor, and Juliana is a learner from all three, who went for medical school but was friends with Ana. She’s learning English bit-by-bit so perhaps you and her can practice Portuguese and English in your spare time.”

“Sounds good. And in a month we’ll check on that living in trash thing.”

“Well first there’s a blood sample.”

Savanna let out a displeased sound. “I just hope you’re good with needles.” She wasn’t.

Savanna was brought to a chair with Kendra in a separate room. “I’ve done this plenty of times.” She said as she cleaned a patch of filthy skin from Savanna. “Trust me, it’ll barely hurt. But, if it does, maybe I can make it up to you. Do you like dirty women?” She asked.

Savanna nodded silently.

“Well to make it up to you, I need to go, so as a small favor if it hurts, I’ll go on your lap how’s that sound~”

Savanna nodded silently but more eagerly now. With that Kendra put the needle in, and Savanna made sure to make some pained sounds.

“Well someone is a big baby.” Kendra teased. “And I think its the girl about to shit her panties.” While the blood drew out, Kendra sat her ass down on Savanna’s lap with a bit of a smush. She was fairly dirty with a wide brown stain on the back of what were once white shorts. “I’ve been holding in a bit, I find it kinda fun. I think you deserve a release today.” She sat down and let out a moan. “Ahhh, god I’m full. There’s little more than a few days of shit just exploding from your ass.”

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