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The Neighbors 18 yr old Daughters Birthday Present

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The Neighbors 18 yr old Daughters Birthday PresentHow many of you have had the hots for the next door neighbors teen daughter? Be honest!!! I know I have, yet I thought it went un-noticed. I would do little things to get close to her, like work on her car… yet made sure no one suspected my desires. One of the little naughty things I would do is block off my deck from the neighbors vision, from the ground, so that I could sunbathe in the nude… all the time knowing that from her bedroom window on the second floor, she could see me anytime she wanted to. She never made a pass, or let me know if she ever watched me, for a couple years, until one day during the summer, when I was home alone, painting the house. The door bell rang, much to my suprise, since most normal people were at work. Stopping what I was doing I went to the door, and there she was…Sarah standing there in her bikini crying?! I said what’s the matter sweetheart, and she replied “this was the biggest day of my life and no one cares”. I said “what do you mean?” She replied : “It’s my 18th birthday, and my friends aren’t down at the pool and my parents are at work… I’m all alone!” I told her that I was working, but if she wanted, she could hang around and chat. She started to sob again and said “you don’t care either”. I told her I did, but I needed to clean up first. Then her mood changed! She shouted at me: “You don’t get it, do you! I know you want me, I’ve seen you for years… I’m 18 now dammit, anadolu yakası escort you can fuck me now… isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?! Taken aback by her sudden mood change , I told her she got the wrong idea, and you know I am married! That made her more angry (she obviously had planned this all out). She said “if you don’t fuck me, I am going to tell everyone you sexually abused me”! Damn! Was this the sexy teen I lusted over for years?! She was psycho!!My back was to the wall, but all the things were in place to get what I indeed had always wanted, and get away with it. To fuck this hot young piece of ass, that obviously has been wanting as well. I said OK , but this never leaves here or I will deny any of this, and get you in serious trouble (I had my blackmail ammo as well). She agreed, under one condition, she wanted it her way! I agreed, who wouldn’t want a sexy teen to have their way with them?She wanted to do it on the kitchen floor?! OK? It was hot , I was sweaty, and the floor was cool so I agreed. she told me to strip and lay on my back, while she stripped to her sexy hiphugger panties. Sitting on top of me she started to rub her sweet young pussy over my stiffening cock. I watched her beautiful soft pale skin in the light. Perfect perky small breats, and perfect tight, soft skin. She was getting into it rubbing on me faster and faster until I was getting ready to shoot my load! She stopped ataşehir escort and said “oh no…not yet I want you inside me, and you need to get a rubber on”. I chuckled, a rubber? I don’t need one… I have been “fixed”! I had a vasectomy! Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! That’s better that I had hoped , she said! But first before we start… “I need to pee”, she said. Ok, I told her, the bathroom is down the hall to the right. She said “Huh-uh… we do it may way , the way I have always dreamed it would be…dirty and fun!” Right then still on top of my cock, I felt her warm pee covering my dick , balls and ass! She was peeing on me, and it felt great! Her panties drenched in pee, as she pulled them aside, and let a warm stream over my chest. Just then she cried, “I want you now!” and slid her shaved ,pussy juice and pee soaked cunt onto my pulsing cock! Slowly she lowered herself onto me… moaning in a way that I hadn’t heard in a long while. It was pain and pleasure mixed! She was a virgin, I thought! I felt it go inside her and she gave out a gasp and grunt! and she fell onto me, and layed still. We were covered in her slippery pee, and sweat…it was amazing! She lay there for a minute to catch her breath, and then started to ride my cock very slowly, grinding her clit, as she explored the feelings she had never known. My cock was hard as concrete and ready to bust at any second. I told her I was going to cum, and ümraniye escort she told me fine, but we don’t stop until I cum too. She rubbed harder against me, as I instructed her to do, and as she pressed, I couldn’t hold back. I came harder than I could ever remember cumming! Four days of no sex, built up, and my fantasy sitting on my cock launched a geyser of cum deep inside her virgin pussy! As I was shooting my last stream of hot slippery cum inside her, she started to breath short gasps, and shake! I felt her tight ass cheeks and goose bumps where all over them, and up the small of her back. In my past encounters, I knew she was cumming… for her first time! She rubbed so hard I thought she would break our hips… until she let out a sigh and relaxed. “This was better than I thought it would ever be”. She said: “I’ve wanted you since I was 15, and you were all I could imagine and better”. I said the same, but I never knew you had these dirty thoughts. Just then she said “dirty”? We’re not through yet! You made me a mess of me with your cum. Just then, she pulled off me, spun around 69, faster than I could react , and put her sopping wet pussy in my face , and my cock in her mouth! Taking a second from sucking and licking me, she said clean me up dammit… lick our juices off me and out of me, clean me up, now! I had never enjoyed eating a pussy out as much as this sweet young things. Her juices and mine mixed with her pee, sent me into sexual bliss. We licked every drop of cum and pussy juice and pee from our naked bodies , and then showered together.It was my dream cum true for me, and appearently her too, much to my delite. As she left, she kissed me on the cheek, and told me, you don’t need to buy me a present… you already gave me one….the best one I ever had!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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