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The New Boss in Charge: Conclusion

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The New Boss in Charge: ConclusionThis is the Final of The 3 Part story… PT 3 (Please read PT 1 and PT 2 of The New Boss in charge to understand this story)This is about a point of view from a white guy named Jeff…the Inventory clerk of a company who recently got a New boss.. Who a black ex-Marine.Amy is a mid 20s blonde petite white girl.Jeff had made it past the door of Mr. Johnstons office, but not without LeRoy noticing he was still there. But LeRoy remained quite, yet looked to make sure Jeff was not hanging around milking overtime on the companies clock, which Jeff was not, and in the clear… At least for now!As viewing videos on xHamster Jeff looked at many Interracial clips that evening wondering what Amy was thinking about.. If she would confront her husband? If she would think about LeRoys large cock penetrating her? Jeff jerked off most of the night to porn clips that reminded him of what he saw first hand.his avg. penis of nearly 5 1/2″ seemed so tiny to him now, just looking at all the pictures and Interracial videos made his cock remain hard as if he taken a handful of Viagra. after nearly 5 hours and now a sore penis, he finally rolled over to realize it was after midnight and he needed to go to sleep.The next day was Friday, and for some reason Mr. Johnston had told Amy to take his car to a certain gas station to fill it up, and I was to go with her during our lunch hour. he gave her a $100 bill and said lunch would be on him.Amy and I talked a little bit then suddenly realized as we arrived at the address LeRoy gave us to fill his car up with gas, was in a very rough ghetto type neighborhood.. LeRoy owned a BMW which was decked out as a Black mans car, and instructed Amy not to touch the radio which somewhat loudly played rap music and got the attention of a crowd of large black men, who came over and continued to hit on Amy but she just giggled and politely tried to ignore them.I noticed how a couple of them began to grope her and wanted to know why she was with some punk white guy in a black mans ride?I would find out months later, that this would be a weekly chore for Amy, but she went alone and was made to wear a shirt while on this mission that stated different slogans like “Black power” “Queen of Spades” “gone Black never going back” and rumor is said she had hooked up with some of them during her hour lunch, but no proof to know what or if anything really happened.After she filled up his tank, we went inside a fast food place and got our lunch… Amy then anadolu yakası escort began to talk to me and asked if I ever noticed Mr. Johnston with other girls in his office.. “Other Girls”? I asked… “Well any of the girls from work get called to his office at all”?Not that I have seen.. I replied, “what about me”? Amy asked.. “have you ever noticed me in his office”? At this point my mind began to race.. did LeRoy ask Amy to confront me?? does Amy know I watched them the past two days?or is she just reaching out??”I only saw you come out a couple days ago.. you looked sorta upset, why what’s up”? I repliedAmy began to tear up, and stated her ordeal to me.. “He made me suck his cock””I done something with payroll when Mr. Gaines was here, and Mr. Johnston found it right off, and he is punishing me”!”You can get him for that.. he can’t make you do that in his office” Amy shook her head, “NO My hands are tied, he will fire me and I could go to Prison, so I have no choice” “I feel so bad for my husband.. he don’t deserve this” I then asked her how it affected her husband? he found out?”No.. Amy said, but I hate cheating on him.. Mr. Johnston makes me horny.. more than my husband ever did”!we had began to walk to the car and Amy had noticed something…. as we sat down in the car she looked over at me and said: “OMG.. your turned on by this aren’t you”?? “I can see your lil prick harden up in your pants” then she began to laugh.. “You had a crush on me a few years ago.. why would this turn you on”?I just sat in silence somewhat humiliated that she thought my dick was small, even though we both knew LeRoys was much bigger, she shouldn’t know that I know.Amy then said “Mr. Johnston asked me if you would get excited watching me blow him, At first I couldn’t understand, but he knew somehow it would turn you on.. that’s sorta pathetic Jeff, yet kinda excites me as well” LoL…She drove off with the rap music, it was hard to say anything so i just sat in silence as we got back to our job and checked in from lunch.Around 4:15pm I got called into LeRoys office and he told me to take a seat.He told me that Amy had told him what happened during our lunch time, and asked me to move my chair and sit over in the corner close to where I made my peephole.LeRoy: You made that hole in my wall didn’t you”? but Amy had come into the office.. it was 4:30pm her time to report..Amy: “What’s he doing here”? LeRoy: “he will be observing our meeting ataşehir escort today Amy.. You have no say so on this matter, just pay him no attention”Amy: “what are we going to talk about today?? I was hoping filling your gas tank would be my extra duty for today.. since it is Friday and all, I really don’t want to be here too late”LeRoy: “HA HA HA.. You just don’t get it yet do you Amy? getting gas in that neighborhood will be a weekly chore for you, but you will not be taken Jeff or anyone else from now on, your have to deal with any consequences yourself”He then handed her 5 pink t-shirts with black slogans as mentioned earlier”You Change into whatever one you choose every Friday for your lunch, to get gas in my BMW at that same location”Amy looked so humiliated but just nodded to him as she place the shirts over by the table I was at she gave me a strange look as if she hated the fact I was witnessing it all.LeRoy: “come he my sweet slut… Drop to your knees and take off my pants”As Amy obeyed she pulled LeRoys boxers down, and his large cock hung in her faceAmy: “May I suck it Mr. Johnston”? LeRoy: “You May proceed… Lick my balls and my ass as well”Amy: “Excuse me? Lick your what? I am not…LeRoy: “Lick it Amy .. Toss your Bosses salad now”!!!Amy worked her face up underneath and licked LeRoys Ass hole.. she then began to moan, As Leroy asked he questions If she got hit on at the gas station.. Amy told him how they grabbed her boobs and one tried to lifted up her skirt, and couldn’t believe they did that publicly in day light… “I have see girls sucking cock in the parking lot .. they have no enforcement in that area, so them niggas do what they want… why do you think I sending you there”?Amy looked up at him as she removed her tongue from his Ass, with a scared look on her face, LeRoy pushed her face back into his ass and she proceeded to continue tossing his salad. Amy: Mr. Johnston, I am getting really horny.. please can I suck you off, and get this finished so I can go home”?LeRoy: I want you to remove your panties and let your tits out of your bra” NOW!!Amy: “But… Why? Oh please Mr. Johnston, your not going to fuck me are you?? especially not with Jeff here, i do not want him seeing me naked.. Please I beg you, I’ll lick your ass more”LeRoy: “you need to learn not to talk back and realize you are not in charge here.. now I want you totally naked”Amy removed her panties, and within a couple mins. she stood totally naked as ümraniye escort she stood in front of Mr. Johnston”Now kneel in front of me and finger your pussy as you suck off my cock””I want you to tell me when your pussy is wet enough to take this dick”Amy moaned some as she quivered… you could see that the thought of getting fucked by LeRoy turned her on, but she tried not to show itAmy: “My pussy has been wet LeRoy… I mean Mr. ..*sigh* Johnston”LeRoy: “This big black dick gettin to you huh girl?? You fuck your husband last night”? Amy shook her head no with LeRoys cock still in her mouth”you think of this cock stretching your tight pussy all night huh”? Amy: “Yes…. OMG yes Mr. Johnston, I want it.. I want you to give me this big cock.. please fuck me Mr. Johnston”LeRoy: “I’ll fuck your face you nasty white bitch”LeRoy faced fucked Amy roughly for what seemed like 5 mins, and blew his load deep in her mouth.. “GGRRR.. AHHH.. yes, fuck yeah”!Amy: “Holy cow”.. hack.. hack gurrgle… hack .. “That load was even bigger than before” how can you cum so much 3 days in a row?? It would take 2 weeks for my husband to produce that much.. my goodness, no wonder you black men impregnate women so easily”.LeRoy: “why the change of heart?? Why you want my big cock now? what about your husband”? LeRoys cock began to soften up and hang in front of Amy with cum and slobber dripping off, Amy just stared at it and made herself cum as she continued to finger herself.Amy: “It just looks so beautiful.. So big.. my husband is not even half your soft cock when he is hard, It just looks so powerful, I want to know how it feels, I want to know what it is like to cum all over a cock”She cums on her fingers and moans”Please Mr. Johnston.. Please give it to me.. Fuck me with your Black cock”Jeff lets out a moan, with his 5” cock sticking out of his pants, he jerked off and was cumming on himself.. Amy and LeRoy looked over at him.Amy: “OMG I totally forgot Jeff was here LoL”LeRoy: “You come to my house Sunday around 6 pm Amy… you will be too loud for this office if I fuck you here… We will have a nice evening, you may want to tell your husband you have training out of town, cause it may take all night to work my cock in you… Jeff go home!!Amy.. your now excused”I went home and jerked off all weekend with that day in the office in my head forever.Amy looked as if LeRoy not fucking her now was very disappointing, but I saw her leave just a few mins after me, but who knows what happened on Sunday.maybe this?deletedI heard that Amy looks forward to filling up LeRoys BMW every Friday wearing he Queen of Spades or Black power shirt.. sometimes she takes a 2 hr lunch, but we never know if she was held to serve, or her own will..a rumor is also being spread Amy is pregnant, and if it is a black baby, it could be from a number of guys.

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