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Subject: The New Roof (2) This is a purely fictional story about several of the men that had come to work on thw roofing issue I recently had. Long story short. A hail storm battered up my roof this past year. And to my luck it was covered under my insurance. And after some quotes I chose a company to fix the roof. This story is for all the hunks involved in the placement of rhe roof. From the hot guy with the best quote and the chosen company, to the beefy studs that put in the new roof. Again only fiction. And a shame couldn’t have even one of thes hot hunks. Hope you all enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The New Roof (2) An Offer I Can’t Refuse.. ….. I couldnt believe that I was letting this guy in. This too far guy I just met. Scott was tall, lean and had a very sizeable bulge in his pants. The man was wanting a thank you from me bursa escort for talking to the insurance claims adjuster Craig. Getting the guy to make sure I was covered. “I offered him this” Scott had said I couldn’t believe that someone would give ne coverage over the hopes at getting cock. But. The big tube in Scott’s pants would have made me do just about anything. “Lets give you your quote” he said “Then you can sign the papers for me” He seemed sure I would give him the business. Because of his cock. “Then I will give you my dick” he added. And with that Scott rubbed at the tube in his pants. Stroking the karge thing snaking down his inner thigh. “Holy Fuck” I blurted out My eyes could no longer leave that crotch. I didn’t even look up to his face. Then he came towards me. Then he grabbed me and shoved me down to my knees. “Or maybe you wanna try some now” he stated “Here then. bursa escort bayan Try it.” “It’s very big” I didn’t doubt him and I landed on my knees. The thing was drawing me in. Like a moth to a flame. I had to have it. I glanced up and thats when he grabbed my head. Then he shived it into his big crotch. “Here man. Just do it already gay man” he said “I know you want it.” My face was pushed into his big crotch. Then I could feel the snake along his thighs. And it was big He then rubbed my face all over his bulge. Up and down and all over his crotch. “Feel that big dick man” he stated And then it throbbed against my face. A pulse of heat from his dick touched my face. A warm wonderful heat that came from his crotch. That was it. I could stand no more. So I started to kiss that tube in his pants. Kiss it with a desire I hadn’t had in ages. “Yess” I cooed “Fuck. Feels so big” escort bursa “It is man. It is” he came back “Feel that dick you are gonna suck fucker” “Cuz I’m gonna slam it down yet throat” I kissed and then chewed on thw shaft for a few more moments. Then I needed to see it. It was all that was in my head. To see how big this man’s cock was. So I went dor the button to undo the pants. Then pulled down the zipper. Saliva collected in my mouth from my want. “Fuck” I grumbled as I pulled the pants down I was desperate to get them off. And when I pulled them down I was met with a tented set of boxers. And they bobbed from his throbbing cock. I looked at the thing in awe. “See” he then said “Now you have it all excited” “It’s wanting out” It surely was wanting freedom. I watched as the covered dick continued to bob in his boxers. Moving towards the leg of the shorts. I was going to reach fir the bulge, but Scott did too. Then he grasped the leg opening and pulled up. And out popped his big dick. “Holy huge dick” I gasped…… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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