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The New Yorker

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The New YorkerThe New YorkerBy, U. Will LovettSo, I decided I needed a new car… well, not a new, but a better car than my current ride, I remembered that a trannie friend of mine had told me that she had purchased a new used vehicle from the nicest salesman… a really cute Latino guy named Johnny. So, I decided to give Johnny and Sunnyside a try. Little did I know; it would be Johnny who would end up “trying me on for size.”When I got to the lot at Sunnyside Motors, I asked the receptionist, Phyllis for a sales rep named Johnny. Phyllis looked me up and down with that righteous look that we shemales sometimes get from those unused to an alternative out in public. Geez! I thought, It’s not like I’m in full-blown drag or something…I’m just a little queer.“Oh, you must mean Johnny Rodriguez… he gets all the ladies’ business… and he always makes the sale… if you know what I mean,” Phyllis said with a little smirk as she emphasized the word “ladies.” I was starting to get the idea that Johnny was a real player and that all the world knew it… and especially Phyllis. I was about to find out how accurate that assumption would be.“May I have your name, for Mr. Rodriquez?”“Yes, I’m Lara… Lara Cross. Thank you.”It wasn’t long before a handsome middle-aged man in a crisp white shirt and orange tie emerged from one of the offices beyond the receptionist desk. Johnny was about 6’2”. His long black hair was combed straight back to perfection, and Johnny’s gorgeous smile was sexy and disarming. Johnny was immaculately dressed and quite fit for a man his age. As he leaned in, he made long significant eye contact with me while shaking my manicured hand, I caught the scent of Johnny’s cologne… Bulgari Blu. I knew güvenilir bahis right then, I wanted more than a car from Johnny.“Yo. You must be Lara! How ya’ doin’ today? I’m Johnny… Johnny Rodriquez. Nice to meet ya’.” Johnny had already figured me out, and accepted me as someone he could “do business with.” And that sounded good to me.“Yo, Lara… ‘you from around here?”“No, actually I am from a town just outside of Boston—Framingham.”“Yeah? I know Framingham, Lara. I used to hang out with a buddy from Natick at the 4’s Sports Pub in Framingham… great burgers! Those were some good times, Lara. I’m from Brooklyn, myself… Liberty Ave., right down the street from The Grant Caffe—best grits in Brooklyn. Of course, everyone in my neighborhood raves about El Castillo DE Jagua, but you know me, Lara, I only order the burgers when I go there… too much spice, you know what I mean, Lara?”Actually, Johnny was wasting his time with the local color—it was OBVIOUS he was a New Yorker and my guess would’ve been a Brooklyn-er too. But he had me at the handshake and the Bulgari Blu. I was going to get this hot amigo inside my pants… maybe I should stuff a burger down there… hmm? Just k**ding. “What kind of car are you looking for, Lara?”“Actually, I was looking for something a little roomier than my Prius. Something with a little “Latin” feel and BIG. I like big ones… You know what I mean, Johnny… really BIG ones!” I hoped Johnny was catching my drift, and that I wasn’t coming on too strong. After all, he should be the “driver” on this road trip that I was fantasizing.“I think I have just the thing for you, Lara,” Johnny said with that knowing little smile of his again.“It has to be big, Johnny… the bigger türkçe bahis the better.”“Oh, it’s big all right. You’re gonna’ love the size of this one!”Johnny and I walked to the back lot where all the “vintage” cars were parked. In the rear of the lot sat a gold 1970-something Chrysler New Yorker with a peeling vinyl roof. It was nestled back in a corner like some sexy old queen accompanied by her court: a dinged-up red Chevy Impala and a rusty-white ‘83 Ford Fairlane. I felt right then… she might be the one.“Rich Corinthian leather… a spacious interior… a rear console that folds up for more room. What do you think, Lara? ‘Want to go for a ride?”“Sure, Johnny, I hope you’re coming with me…”“It’s my policy always to come with the beautiful ladies that I serve, Lara.”“We don’t really have to “go” anywhere, Johnny, I just want to get in the back seat and check out the size of this unit.” (I thought I would be clever and use the double-entendre thing.)“Lara, I believe you will see, it’s bigger inside than out.” (Johnny obviously got it.)“Exactly what I was hoping for Mr. Rodriguez. Let’s start in the back seat. Shall we?”“By all means, mi belleza, after you…”Within a New York minute, Tony’s orange tie was d****d over the front seat of the Chrysler, his pants and his boxers were down around his knees, and his huge brown dick was sliding in and out of my mouth. While I gave him fellatio, I caressed his throbbing balls with my left hand and stroked his already stiffened cock with my right. As I caressed Johnny’s cock with my salivating tongue, he became even more aroused. Johnny grew harder, he reached across my back to feel my ass with his probing fingers. Eventually he was deep inside my pants güvenilir bahis siteleri fondling my expanding asshole. My pants were down to my knees; I was d****d across Johnny’s lap like some backseat whore, and there was still room in the car for more. As we satisfied each other, I could feel the rich Corinthian leather along my legs and my ass. The feel of that leather and the allure of Johnny’s cologne drove me to some sensory overdose. All that combined with the rapidly expanding head of Johnny’s beautiful sweaty dick in my mouth was too much for me to hold back my emerging hot load. It was then that Johnny really showed his true salesmanship. Without uttering a word, he slid my yoga pants down to the floor with those warm large hands of his. Then he rolled me over and lowered his now not-so-perfectly coiffed head to my boy clit. He took my throbbing cock into his sexy salesman’s mouth without hesitation. Then he proceeded to give me the most amazing blowjob I had ever experienced. I wanted it to last for……..ever… and we tried, but like all good things, this too would come to an end in our own exhaustion. Together we must have licked and sucked each other for what seemed like an eternity in the backseat of that beautiful car. Johnny’s cum tasted so salty and so sweet as it trickled into my suckling mouth… I knew too that my own semen was being savored by Johnny and I wanted him to swallow and enjoy every drop from my now-leaking penis. As I rotated my mouth around the rim of his slowly dying hard-on, my own erection seemed to melt in unison inside of Johnny’s caressing mouth. Finally, our “test ride” was over. We both sat there in stillness, occasionally chuckling at our insatiable “first date” behavior and admiring the mess we had made there on the “rich Corinthian leather.” We had come together in the backseat of that wonderful Chrysler sedan, and now I realized one more thing… Johnny had made another sale… I had to have it.

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