Haz 02

The Phone Call

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I was alone in my home, as I am most of the time at night. My husband works nights so I have to pass them alone. Hey I am not complaining too much, I mean I get him during the day and on weekends so it is not so bad, but it is still lonely until that one night. Mind you I am very much in love with my husband. We have been married five years or so and are happy, but I was lonely that night when my good friend Patrick called. He lives a pretty good distance away, but is one of my closet friends.

The phone rings. “Hello?” I answer.

“Amber, it is Patrick, what are you doing?” he replies.

“Hmmm, well I am sitting here doing nothing as it happens and you?”

“Much of the same I can say”

We talked for a little bit and I felt myself getting wet just listening to him talk. I was embarrassed to say the least, but hey how would he know what I was doing on my end of the phone. So I slowly stripped of my shirt revealing a 36c chest with güvenilir bahis rose colored nipples already erect, then took off my jeans revealing green satin panties already warm and fragrant. God I was already so wet.

“Amber? Are you there?”

“Um yes I am, sorry I was distracted now what were you saying?”

“Well I was asking you if you had some advice about new girl I am seeing. She is a complete mystery to me….”

As he keeps talking I run my fingers down my clit, biting back a groan of arousal as I encounter the wetness from my pussy. I trail my other hand over my right breast feeling my nipple tighten even harder in response. God how could I be doing this while my best friend was talking to me about some other girl? He must have sensed something was different in the way I responded because I heard confusion in his voice.

“Amber what are you doing?”

“Me? Oh nothing. I was just stretching, you know how I make türkçe bahis a lot of noise when I stretch.”

“Hmmm for a minute there I thought you were doing something else, but that was stupid..”

“Well to tell you the truth I was thinking about you, you know all lonely up there and everything.”

“Me?” He clears his throat and asks me why. “Well I was thinking of how um horny you must be and all.”

He groans softly and says, “Yes well that aside you are married, we both know that” “Patrick it is just the phone, I mean it would not be real cheating.”

I am appalled at myself but could not stop stroking my hard clit thinking of him hard wanting me. I tell him that I am naked sitting in my recliner with two fingers in my dripping pussy. He groans softly and asks me if I have ever done this before. I responded with a no and he told me that he was lying on his bed naked also. His dick was hard, so he said. My pussy was so wet. He güvenilir bahis siteleri tells me that he wishes he could taste it and I think that would be nice. In graphic detail I tell him that my fingers are rubbing my clit up and down while the other hand moves in and out of throbbing pussy. I take one hand and lift my breast to my mouth to suck on lightly as I can hear him pulling on his dick, his groans filling the air. My fingers working furiously on my hard clit as I can feel an orgasm coming. I start to scream as my cries fill the air.

“Oh my god I am cumming” while at the same time he yells out the he is coming too.

My pussy is clenching around my fingers as juices slowly trickle down to pool down by my asshole. The aftershocks of my outrageous orgasm have left momentarily speechless. I come to my senses a little bit later and start to apologize and he stops me saying that it was the best orgasm he had had in a long time. It was a bit awkward for awhile and then I asked him if he was going to call me the next day and he said…

“I suppose I can call to you know talk a little more about this.” I just laughed and said “you do that dear and I will be here waiting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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