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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 10

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The Poolside Question I Was Not Expecting (Part 10(More firsts in the Honeymoon Suite)I had only see photos of the honeymoon suite, but now that we were here, it was time for Jeannie and me to explore our home for the next three days. I took my young lover’s hand as we started our tour. The suite was on the top floor of the resort and from the twentieth floor, the view of the beach and the Gulf of Mexico was amazing. The huge balcony spanned all three rooms with glass from ceiling to floor in each room. The living/dining area was nicely furnished with a large sofa and two chairs facing a fireplace and the wall of glass toward the beach That room also had a dining table with fresh flowers and a well stocked wet bar.I pair of french doors led into the bedroom portion of the suite. As per my request when we opened the double doors, the pathway to the bed was paved with pink rose petals. Jeannie was literally speechless. She just walked in the room and smiled then walked back to me and hugged and kissed me. The flower path led to a huge four poster canopy king bed dressed in all white linens. White pillows covered bed. This room also faced the beach with a wall of windows which would slide open to leave almost the whole room open to the balcony. Each night stand held a bouquet of roses.The third room in the suite was the most amazing bathroom ever. The bedroom wall toward the bathroom was also all glass. From the bed you had full view of the oversized walk in shower and the hot tub which was along the wall to the balcony. The glass wall to the balcony also opened to allow for an open air bathing and shower experience. The final space was the huge balcony. It spanned all three rooms with glass along the wall toward the beach. Two lounge chairs, large colorful umbrellas and a second outdoor dining area completed the furnishing fo that area. “Come with me, the tub should be ready for us,” I said leading Jeannie toward the bathroom. As I had requested, the tub was full and warm with more pink rose petals surrounding it and on the ledge a chilled bottle of champagne with two glasses. I stepped out of my heels and unzipped and dropped my sundress. Turning away, I asked Jeannie to unhook my bra and once released I let it fall away. I turned back to face Jeannie and the sun pouring in from the balcony.Jeannie ran her fingers over my bare breasts and cupped them in her tiny hands. “Aunt Misty, your bruising is almost all gone. Are güvenilir bahis they still sore?” she asked. “No, Babygirl, they are all well and this weekend they are all yours,” was my reply. Still massaging and cupping my huge breasts she said, “They are so big, I just love them.” Nuzzling her face against my cleavage she said, “Look, they are as big as my head.” Loving the feeling of her face and hair against my skin I held her there just enjoying the moment.Next I slipped Jeannie’s dress off over her head and we walked naked hand in hand to the tub. The sound of her high heels on the stone tile floor was amazingly sexy. As she sat on the edge of the tub and I sat at her feet, I unbuckled the straps of her sandals and slipped them off of her tiny feet. I could not resist a little toe worship and ran my nose and tongue slowly up each of her soft slightly wrinkled soles. As my nose reached the toes of her right foot and I recognized the familiar scent of my pussy. Her toes on my pussy at lunch had been so erotic and now I got to enjoy that memory while cleaning away my juices from her toes. Jeannie stood and I watched my sexy lover open the glass doors between the tub and the balcony as I opened and poured the champagne. “To new adventures,” I toasted. Jeannie added, “To new adventures, to a beautiful sexy teacher and to a perfect weekend.” We sipped our champagne and then slipped into the warm water of the tub. I laid back on one of the reclined seats and started the jets. Jeannie straddled my legs and laid on top of me and her mouth met mine. Her kisses we so sweet and fresh, but soon I could feel the depth of her passion growing. Her hands soon joined the moving water of the whirlpool and caressed my breasts. Squeezing my huge round boobs with her tiny hands and pressing them together. Pinching my hard nipples and rolling them between her finger and thumb. I moved to another seat In the tub, this one raised my breasts just above the water and Jeannie’s mouth was instantly wrapped tightly around my left nipple. She sucked it in hard and filled her mouth with the soft flesh of my breast. I gasped and moaned loudly then cradled her head to my bosom like a mother cradling a suckling newborn. She straddled my knee and slowly slid herself up and down my thigh as she continued her relentless assault on my nipple. As she slid forward the next time, I grasp her thigh and pulled her knee tight against my pussy. Grinding türkçe bahis my hips, I spread my pussy lips wide against her knee. She was now moaning as well and when she monetarily relaxed her pull on my nipple I slipped back down into the tub and pulled her tightly between my legs. Our legs now two pairs of open scissors as our pussies met. This time it was Jeannie who gasp and began to moan. Each holding one another’s thigh we both began grinding. The water swirling around us was so warm and wonderfully sensual as our passion rose. Jeannie locked her eyes on mine and I said, “I love your beautiful pussy against mine.””Oh God this feels good,” she replied. I reached up and started to at first gently pinch one of her nipples. And she reached out doing the same to me. We continued to grind in the warm water and I started to feel my release coming. “You are going to make me cum,” I said and she took that as her cue to grind even harder and faster and now both of my nipples were in between her pink fingernails being stretched and rolled. Gripping her thigh with both hands, I pounded her tight hard body against mine and suddenly it was there. The warm rush covered me like a blanket and my thighs and pussy began spasming uncontrollably. The contractions were so intense, my head was spinning. On and on my orgasm continued with each successive wave causing my body to shutter and quake. Then as quickly as it had begun it was over and I felt my body relaxing.I leaned forward and wrapped my beautiful young lover in my arms. “That was amazing BabyGirl,” I whispered, “you are amazing.” As I rested a moment I slipped my hand under the water and stroked her tight pussy, keeping her ready for her next release. With my head clearing, I asked, “May I use my mouth on your pussy?””No one has ever, I mean you will be my first,” she answered. “And yes, please do'””Sit here,” I said patting the side of the tub. Jeannie’s tiny athletic body rose out of the tub and with the warm water droplets cascading down it and she sat on the edge of the tub. I lifted her legs and placed one on each of my shoulders. My kisses began just inside her knee and very slowly I moved just an inch or two at a time up her inner thigh. Alternating sides with my kisses her legs slowly spread wider and wider. Now with just one more inch to go before my lips would meet her young sweet wet labia, she stretched her legs into a full gymnastic split, resting her heels güvenilir bahis siteleri on the edge of the tub in opposite directions, her toes perfectly pointed as per her years of training. Extending my tongue, I circled her pussy, passing first up the left side, across the top just above her clit, then slowly down the right side. Reversing directions I traced the same trail again, but this time I continued just below her pussy with my tongue as my nose grazed ever so lightly across her tight tiny lips. Her hips twitched slightly and the slightest gasp came from her mouth. Now I tenderly sucked in her left inner labia, massaging it slightly by sucking it between my lips, then released and sucked in the other side. Again and again I alternated sides as I kissed the inner lips of her pussy which was now flooded in her juices. My tongue extended fully, I placed it ever so lightly just against the tight rosebud of her ass, which again resulted in a gasp but this time louder and longer and accompanied by a noticeable shutter. My tongue move up slowly, with my nose first parting her labia and then with my tongue held very flat it swiped a path from her tight ass to her cit and an inch or two beyond. Then down along the same path, long slow licks, down and back up again and again. Each long stroke with very slight increasing pressure. Then stopping to swirl my tongue around and around her hard protruding clit for a few seconds before tracing the path back down between her labia to her ass. This time upward I stopped to slowly but deeply pressed my tongue into her pussy. Slowly but firmly I extended my tongue as far as I could and plunged it again and again into her. Her hands suddenly gripped my head and her hips thrust against my face. I continued to press my tongue inside her as she met it each time with a thrust of her hips. “Oh God that feels good, oh Aunt Misty, oh God,” were the last words I could understand as her breath was now coming in deep gasps with long moans followed by short little screams of pleasure. Her orgasm was a surprise to me. Although I knew she was close, she was suddenly and completely in the throes of her release. Her hips thrusting and grinding against my face. Her fingers gripping my hair and pulling hard to secure my tongue inside her pussy. On and on she spasmed and bucked with her moaning continuing but now punctuated with long joyous screams of total abandon and release. Her orgasm very slowly subsided and as she released my hair I could feel her beginning to tremble. I rose from the tub to kiss my exhausted lover on her beautiful full lips and she fell into my arms as we slid back beneath the soothing waters of the tub.

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