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The Preacher’s Wife – After the Prayer Meetin

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The Preacher’s Wife – After the Prayer MeetinI did not even see this coming! But the Preacher’s Wife had a special surprise for me after the prayer service! I am not saying I would have agreed to all that happened had I known before hand what was going to happen, but by the end of that evening, I was sure glad I had never had the opportunity to say, “no.”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Associate Minister Tim led the prayer service for the group from our church that had gone to Haiti. I did not sit next to Julie. In fact, I was surprised when Tim’s wife from the Philippines, Sara, came and sat down next to me. She probably was a size 0, with very dark eyes and complexion and long flowing black hair and a smile that was just sweet. I was surprised when she came in after me and sat down next to me. Looking around there were several open chairs elsewhere in the room, but to be honest it was nice to have her sitting there next to me. It distracted me from the thoughts of what might happen with Julie afterward.At the end of the short devotion, Tim invited us all to stand and to join together in a prayer circle and without making it too obvious, I suddenly found myself holding hands between the two sexiest women at the gathering, holding hands and thinking completely unholy thoughts!Once Amen was said, most everyone made for the exits and Julie looked at me and said, “I am going to lock up tonight, go to the front men’s restroom and wait for me to knock.” I smiled and nodded. She was wearing a black full length skirt with silver designs sewn into it and a loose fitting red top that could not have shown any of her beautiful cleavage had a hurricane burst through the room. Turning to Sarah I told her to thank her husband for his prayers on behalf of my spouse and turned to leave. As I walked toward the front of the building, it was thoughts and mental images of Sarah that filled my heart with lust and my nuts with cum. She was so thin and young, only 21 years old! She had looked younger tonight, dressed in the white shorts, heeled strappy sandals and low-cut pink flowered tank top. I swear that at one point I had looked over and thought I had seen part of her dark nipple inside that lose fitting top, but try as I may (and I did try) I never regained that precise line of sight to confirm what I had seen. “Surely she had on a bra” I mumbled to myself as I stepped into the restroomTen minutes later I heard a knock and then the door opened. I was not certain it was Julie’s voice that asked if anyone was in the bathroom and then after waiting a moment they turned off the light and went on. I pulled out my phone and decided I would wait in the dark for three minutes before going out to see if anyone was still there.Three minutes later exactly, I walked out and rounded the corner to see Sarah and Julie standing by the alarm control box talking with grim faces. Then Sarah saw me first and her face broke into a huge smile and she said, “There he is!” and Julie turned and looked at me with a warm smile as well. I decided to play it cool since I had no idea why the two of them would be talking about me. I had barely ever spoken to Sarah before!“Sarah said she had checked the men’s room and no one was there,” Julie said as I approached them.“Well, calling out, ‘Hang on, I’m not quite done on the toilet’ is kind of embarrassing so , before I realized what she was doing, you had turned off the light and I was in the dark.” “Men always are!” Julie said and she and Sarah laughed as I rolled my eyes. “Tim always goes on hospital calls and then goes to the library to study on Monday evenings so I volunteered to take Sarah home,” Julie finished with a smile.My heart fell and my libido tanked. I had been fantasizing all day about the things that Julie and I would try this evening and now it seemed like it was no big deal to her that my plans were now better described as dreams. I smiled and wished them both a good evening and stepped toward the door. Sarah stepped directly into my path and I nearly collided with her. I apologized for nearly running her over and stepped the other way, only to have her step into me at this point. I looked over at Julie who was fighting to control a laugh and I simply said, “What?!”Sarah looked up at me with a smile that was more invitation than it was expression of joy and said, “You are cordially invited to join us for the rest of our evening. We usually go to get some ice cream and then go to my house to relax, but Julie thought tonight might be a good evening to meet at her house…”’I swallowed my pounding heart back down into my chest and looked at Julie and then Sarah and back. There did not seem to be any other explanation for what they were saying than the obvious, but it was so unreal that I really had no idea what to say! Finally Julie laughed and said, “It’s okay. Sarah and I discovered our shared frustration about a year ago, soon after she moved here. So on Monday’s we have been getting together and reading porn stories to each other and watching online porn and recently we have been … shall we say, lending each other a hand with dealing with our frustrations.”My jaw was on the floor. I thought outloud , “Is every church going woman a nymphomaniac?” The image of old Miss Donna, the churches 80+ year old organist flashed into my mind as she grabbed a dildo and in my mind said, “Now THIS is an organ!”suddenly came to mind. I shuddered as I finally spit out, “So Julie told you….?”“Yes, she told me and I’m afraid that I just am not into older men. But I think we will still all have a really good time at therapy tonight.” Sarah smiled at me then stepped over to Julie, slid her arm around the other woman’s waist and kissed her deeply and passionately before they both turned and looked at me.“What do you say? Think you are up for it?” Julie asked with a smile on her lips.I agreed in a heartbeat and quickly it was decided that we would all go in Julie’s car to her house and play things by ear from there. So I wound up in the back seat and to be honest, as we drove to where Dale and Julie lived, the conversation could not have been more boring and less inspiring. I began wondering if I had misunderstood. Then Julie guided the car up the slanted drive and into the garage. Once the door was closed, I opened my door and started to get out before I spotted the two of them turning to each other and swapping spit! I stopped with one foot out of the car and just watched until Julie sinop rus escort broke off the kiss and said. “The only ground rule is, you are going to be naked and we will do whatever we want with each other and with you. You cannot initiate anything this evening. If you don’t like those ground rules, feel free to stay out here and wait in the car.” Sarah giggled and they both kissed quickly, opened their doors and got out and headed to the house without a second look at me. It probably was completely unnecessary because after only a moment’s hesitation to absorb all of what that meant, I decided why the hell not?!?! I mean, if I would pay to watch a video of this, there was no way I was going to say no to watching it actually happen right in front of me!!!The two women went to the kitchen and began whispering “Go downstairs and get naked. Have a seat in the chair you used yesterday. You might as well put it in the center of the floor again, just like we had it yesterday.” I could feel my face flushing both with embarrassment and anticipation as Julie so easily dismissed me before turning back to talk with Sarah in hushed tones.This time the basement was quiet. I stripped and listened as I heard the women move overhead into the bedroom and then throughout the house. I was still surprised that Julie had brought Sarah into her confidence without talking to me and even more shocked that these two prim, stalwarts of the church congregation liked swapping spit with each other at the least! I began wondering if they might be lovers and what odd circumstances could have ever come up that had led them to risk sharing with each other!I have to admit, as the minutes ticked away, my mind began imagining them doing far more than just kissing. I could see the fairer skin of Julie yielding to Sarah’s dark touch. I got hard thinking about Julie wrapping her pale lips around Julie’s tiny tits! As I listened to them moving around the bedroom and the upper floor, I imagined them in wild raucous acts of sexual depravity and I slowly stroked my cock so that it was good and hard.I was so distracted I failed to hear their feet walk across the upstairs or begin coming downstairs. Then I heard Julie say, “You are such a whore! You can’t even wait for us?!?!” I whipped around to look at them, then turned back away because I realized I was showing them my erection and then I turned back slowly to look at the two women, now dressed only in very tiny under garments. Each of them were also carrying one of those re-usable shopping bags which they set on the small table near the foot of the stairway and walked very purposefully over to me. “Stand up you slut!” Julie commanded and I did“See, I told you. He may be a horny old bastard, but he is also an obedient fuck!” Julie said as she smiled at me and ran a red lacquered fingernail over my chest.I felt a hand on my ass and I whipped around the other direction to see Sarah coming from the other side, her hand squeezing and holding onto the ass cheek closest to her. “I like his ass. Tim’s ass is so flat and hairy it is disgusting. But I can really grab his!! She released my cheek and then slapped it fairly firmly before both of the women burst into laughter. Then both them moved to standing in front of me, smiling like Cheshire Cats. I just stood there, hands to my side and looked first from one to the other wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into!“Is that cum, dripping from the tip of your cock?” Julie asked in mock incredulity. I looked down and realized that my surprise had torpedoed my erection and with my deflation had also come the inevitable dribble of jizz. Before I could move, Sarah twirled a dark finger under my drooping member and collected much of the strand on her digit. She brought it up to her lips and I watched in awe as she poked her tongue out to lightly caress the shiny trail of fluid. “Sure tastes like cum,” she said. Then she held the finger up to my mouth and I saw the masochistic light flash through her dark eyes as she hissed, “Suck it clean, slut!” I did not hesitate. I opened my mouth and took her finger all the way into my mouth and sucked and licked her finger as she pulled her finger out and gave a shudder as she looked over at Julie and said, “Oh, he is good! And yes, this is going to be real fun!”Julie reached into the bag and pulled out the riding crop she had purchased the day before. Then without giving me time to question what she thought she was going to do with that, she swatted my ass with a slightly stinging lash and she commanded, “Stand up on that chair and turn around so we can look at what we have to play with!” I turned and grabbed the back of the chair then eyed the lack of ceiling height. Before I could point out the problem with their plan another stinging swat came across the other ass cheek. I leapt up on the seat and stood with the back of my shoulders against the rough ceiling.“I like the way his ass shows those lashes you gave him,” Sarah said. “I will have to give him some myself before we are done!” She ran the palm of her hand over one cheek and then the other almost as if she were cradling a treasure.“Yes, but first, let’s check…bend over and spread your ass for us!” Julie said sternly. I hesitated, not because I did not want to obey, but honestly, standing on a chair in that posture is a somewhat more unbalanced thing to do than you might think! However, I quickly figured out the balance point after I heard the riding crop swish through the air and land with a snap across my lower ass! Both women giggled.I grabbed my ass cheeks and feeling completely humiliated, I spread myself open for their inspection. “Ewww, “ squealed Sarah and Julie said, “As I figured. Slave, you have three minutes to get that ass clean in that bathroom starting now! Another stinging blow landed across my bare bottom as I jumped off of the chair and dashed for the bath.Just under 3 minutes later, I was back up on the chair and the ladies mockingly applauded my promptness. They had me spread my ass again and this time I passed their inspection. Then they had me stand up straight and Julie handed Sarah a length of shoestring and told her, she could have the honors. Grasping the middle of the string, she made a loop and then wrapped it around the base of my jewels and pulled the string tight. “I saw how to do this on a video today,” Sarah confessed. “Only, I could not tell how tight sinop rus escort bayan they did it to make him swell so big.”“Tighter,” I moaned.The women looked up at me and then Julie said, “You heard him. Tighter.” And with that Sarah pulled the strings so tight I was afraid they were going to rip my flesh off and I grunted as much. Sara began wrapping the strings against each other and my abdomen, effectively ratcheting my nads further and further from my body! By the time she tied the knot off, I was fully stretched and pointing straight out and barely able to breathe!“That looks good!” Julie said and she then had me get down off of the chair only to have me kneel backwards on it and rest my chest across the back. She then pulled down on first one bra cup and then the other and pulled her breasts out so they were squeezed together forming as lewd an exhibition of sweater meat that a man has ever seen. She stepped up right in front of me and just beyond where I could get to without upsetting the chair and she lewdly squeezed and fondled herself there as I watched and licked my lips. “I have to tell you, Sarah, the thing that turns me on about Bryan is what a hungry mouth he has. He almost made me cum yesterday just by sucking on my tits!”“You go ahead and have fun up there, I happen to enjoy a different part of his anatomy!” Then I felt Sarah’s breath on my ass just before her teeth bit one cheek and then the other! To be honest, I have never had ANYONE’s face back there and I yelped in surprise but her hands went on my hips at the same time that Julie took that half-step forward allowing me to finally get my lips around her long hard nipples!It was difficult concentrating on Julie’s tits, though she did her best to keep me fully occupied. Being an anal virgin I was not certain whether to relax or push or what to do as Sarah kissed and licked her way closer and closer to my bung hole! But then I felt her tongue begin gently exploring the virgin orifice and it felt damn good, so I just relaxed. She spit and using her fingers , gently probed, pushed and d**g her fingernails over the sensitive puckered flesh of my anus.She stopped for a moment and then I heard the unmistakable sound of a rubber glove being pulled on. Moments later, a cool silky liquid was being smoothed over my sphincter and then worked into the cracks. “What are you using?” I heard Julie ask.“Orajel,” Sarah replied with a laugh. “I did not want him to suffer like I did the first time I got my ass fucked!” “Oh my God!!” Julie laughed! Then she said, “I would have just gone with a lot of Vaseline and told him he was damn lucky we didn’t do him dry!” they both laughed as the sensations of what Sarah was doing behind me became less and less acute and more and more just pressure.Julie reached around and released her bra and then began smashing first one of her firm solid breasts into my face and then another. At times I found myself gasping for my next breath as she covered both my nose and mouth and laughed saying things like, “Suck me until I cum or I’m not going to let you ever fucking breathe!” Then she stepped back and sat down in a black leather recliner and reached down into her bag and pulled out the life-like dildo we had picked up at the porn shop. She spit on it and looking up into my greedy eyes she took it and deep throated it. Tears came to her eyes before she finally coughed and pulled it back out. “Dale would be so proud of me! He loves to make me gag on his prick, the bastard!”I watched as she flopped each of her legs to either arm of the chair, spreading herself wide open just a foot or two in front of my longing eyes. She watched my face as she slid the cock into her clear up to the balls and shook with the first orgasm of the evening.Behind me, Sarah had stopped working on my asshole and I was so focused on the show that Julie put on that I did not even care. After a few minutes of respite and lust-filled voyeurism as Julie told me and showed me how a cock should be used for a woman’s pleasure, I felt Sarah put her hands on my hips and start to pull me backwards. “Damn it. Damn, damn damn!!! I hate being short! I can’t even get this cock into his ass like this!” I heard Sarah say. I looked over my shoulder and saw that she had slipped on a harness that was merrily producing a vibrating sound as well as that unmistakable whine of some battery operated twisting motion, only the silicone cock she had fitted into the harness was just a simple thin dong with no motors or batteries. She raised an open hand and slapped my ass and said, “Get down on the floor over there with your face between Julies feet!” she ordered before slapping the flats of both of her hands on my ass again!I jumped up, grateful to be out of the cramped crouching position I had been in for so long. I moved the chair and got down on my knees and thought for a second about just lunging for Julie’s pussy and working my face in along side of the silicone toy that was now glistening with her juices. But then Sarah put her hand on my shoulder and ordered me all of the way down. I did my best to comply, but evidently it was not quick enough because I felt the sting of the riding crop land on each side of my ass before I could get all of the way downSarah put her thin legs on the outside of each of my thighs and then there was a LOT of pressure against my asshole and then, I felt her thighs brushing my ass! It felt like my ass was full and I needed to take a shit, but I really did not feel the lubed smooth dong slide into me all of the way! I just felt Sara lean forward over my back as she said, “Look Julie! I’m fucking his ass! I am fucking a man’s ass! And god damn this vibrating strap thing is pushing me close!!!”“Fuck him hard, Sarah! Fuck him like you do my pussy! He has no idea how good he has it; getting reamed by you! Oh my God fuck him hard girl, Fuck him hard!!!” Julie cried somewhere above me as she pounded her own pussy with the long toy.My mind clicked. Neither of these women had husbands that met their needs, so they had started meeting the needs of each other! This was no crap shoot that Julie had taken, bringing Sarah into our little fun. This was Julie pulling me into an arrangement that the two women had shared for over a year! I began to wonder if this might not be the beginning of something that might go on beyond this night, or even this week!Then Sarah began slamming rus sinop escort herself into me with a fury and all rational thought was shattered. Over and over I felt her hammer her slight, lithe body down onto my back as her fingernails dug and clawed. Into my back.Then she grabbed a fist full of my hair and lifted my face to look into Julie’s now empty pussy as a trickle of female cum made its way over her red labia and trickled down her ass. “Show me how you please her! Eat her pussy, you good for nothing man!” She slapped my ass a couple of hard shots and I lunged forward and began lapping up Julie’s warm juices before they dribbled over her sphincter. With the point of my tongue I tried to capture and suck up every drop all the way to her still oozing slit! She shuddered and the corresponding tightening of her vaginal walls sent another rush of woman cum spilling out of her. I lowered my mouth onto the lowest part of her pussy so I was slurping and sucking up every single drop.My bound cock was swinging like a piñata beneath me as the tiny woman behind me continued to whack away at my lower body with her slick blue stick. I was beginning to feel more and more of the wreckage she was wreaking upon my body as she scratched and clawed and slapped and beat on my back and ass as well as continued her assault on my back door. So it came a s a relief when she stopped and I could concentrate on ministering to the weeping lower sex of Julie!I began working my way up and around her sensitive clitoris and I inserted first one finger and then a second deep within her. Julie arched her back, at first as if to accommodate the intrusion and then as if to pull more of me in! Her fingers went into my hair and began directing the play of my tongue to more precisely address the needs of her throbbing sex! Then Sarah stepped a foot up onto the overstuffed leather arm of the chair and vaulted up so that she was standing straddling the sexual morass beneath her. As I glanced up. I saw that she had removed the harness and that her pussy was covered with a sparse downy covering of black pubic hair. “Fuck her pussy, Bryan. I want her to eat me while you fuck her insane!” With those exhortations Sarah lowered her very wet pussy down to Julie’s eager upturned face!I got up on my knees and looked down. My genitalia was swollen and angry looking. What is more, it was beginning to throb and ache not just from desire but because the constriction was much tighter than should be and had been left on far longer as well! When I put the tip of my cock at the vestibule of her sacred shrine, I could feel the pinpricks and electric shocks of a body part that has “fallen asleep” radiate up through the core of my body!“Fuck her, oh God yes, fuck her now!” moaned Sarah as she began to grind her own wet pussy up and over Julies chin, mouth and nose! Taking a deep breath, I thrust my hips into her and felt my cock pierce her, sliding nearly all the way to the bound balls that were tight against the root of my cock There was a muffled cry from under Sarah who she cackled with a maniacal glee as she looked over her shoulder and saw me ram the last inch of my swollen rod into her friend.After allowing us each a few seconds to regain a touch of sanity, I decided to take the advice of the dark skinned woman whose ass was bounding just a foot away from my face. There was no lovemaking to be done this time. This was going to be an all out fucking I decided and started pulling out and thrusting myself in and out of Julie in an almost reckless, brutal fashion!The exertion of pounding a woman in this position had me leaning forward more and more to the point where soon that dark rocking ass of Sarah’s was mere inches from my face. So I did what was natural and with my right arm I pushed her forward into the wall and with my left hand I stilled her thrusting and then I used both hands to spread her dark cheeks wide so I could rim and then tongue fuck HER ass!!Sarah slowed her movements and reduced their range so that both Julie and I could orally pleasure her in our own way. All the while I could feel the cum boiling through my scrotum and into the base of my balls as Julie and I continued our own coupling with a high intensity.!Sarah suddenly flexed every muscle in her body. There was a low roar that began somewhere just above my head and then filled her chest before exploding out of her throat in a voice that could have passed for demon-possessed. She gushed out all over Julie’s face and splashed it back onto my chest and torso..This triggered the lust threshold for me and I slammed myself into Julie hard and then ground myself hard into her even harder, with Sarah’s juices as additional lube that made me almost believe I could fuck my way completely inside of Julie! That grinding did the trick for Julie and within seconds I felt her clamp down with the power of a vise and she arched her back up into me and ground on my cock until I really thought she was going to break it off!!Sarah kicked me in the head as she tried shakily to dismount us and then fell to the ground in a panting giggling heap of sexy, sweat covered flesh. The shock waves that bounced back and forth between Julie and I finally subsided and I slid down her slick body to the floor in a moaning mess myself. Sarah came over and tugged a couple of ends of the strings that had me so constricted and a minute later I howled and doubled over in pain as circulation was restored to parts that should never be lacking for it!The ladies showed their sympathy for my plight by spanking me and slapping my exposed bottom to gales of laughter until my pain began to subside. Then they dashed upstairs and I could hear them giggling as they went to get cleaned up. I crawled into the basement bath and took a quick shower and got dressed and waited until they were ready to drive me back to the church.~~~~~~~~~~~~Wow. So what happened next? Did they all go home and repent at leisure? Probably not!!!I have some other things to attend to (like cleaning up my underwear) but when I get back, maybe I will look into the darker corners of my mind to see what these horny wives of preachers decide is fair game next!!If you are enjoying this, please let me know. If you have not noticed by now, there is one asshole (probably a frustrated preacher here on xhamster!!) who has decided it is their job to discourage me by voting me down. OH! OUCH! EWWWW! Really dude? Take up an offering and get a life! Make his vote count for nothing and give me your vote or even better. Mock his cowardice by just leaving a word or two in comment since he will never have the balls enough to state why he does not like this series!! (Hmmmm. I wonder if he is a priest someplace named Dale….?) LOLThanks for reading!!

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