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The Red Twin

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Kieran had been swimming regularly for nearly two years. He had been overweight and bullied as a kid, but at the age of eighteen, he was now slim and toned, with a strong, athletic physique. He visited the pool for an hour at 6 am, three or four times a week. It was a small town pool, and usually empty in the morning except for a couple of old ladies doing lethargic backstroke. Nothing much of interest had ever happened in all the time he’d been swimming there, until the day the twins appeared.He had been at the pool almost an hour when he noticed the two girls emerge from the entrance to the changing area. In amazement, he stopped to watch them as they walked around the pool to the shallow end. They were identical twins – he guessed a similar age to himself – and he had never seen two such stunningly beautiful women before. They were curvy and voluptuous, with wide hips, narrow waists, and large breasts. Their skin was smooth and tanned, and silky black hair hung down their backs. They were identical in every aspect, except that one wore a red bathing suit and the other blue.He realised he was staring in open-mouthed fascination when one of the girls – the one in the red bathing suit – looked his way and gave him a shy smile, before turning to her sister with a blush and giggling. He watched them slip into the water at the far end of the pool, and wished he had the courage to approach such attractive girls, but despite bahis şirketleri his newly muscular physique, he was still the shy, self-conscious kid he had always been. He thought about waiting and trying to meet them afterwards, but they had only just arrived and he was already nearing the end of his daily swim. Feeling like a coward, he left, hoping it hadn’t been just a singular encounter and that he would see them again.He needn’t have worried – two days later, on his next visit to the pool, he saw the twins again. This time, they were already swimming when he arrived, and the twin in the red bathing suit stopped in the middle of the pool to admire him as he walked past. When he glanced her way, she smiled shyly and bit her lip, and then ducked under the water to continue swimming. He jumped into the pool several lanes across from the two girls, and started swimming his usual lengths, and when he looked up later, they had gone.This became something of a routine. He and the twin in the red bathing suit – he had come to think of her as the “Red Twin” – would make eyes at each other and flirt at a distance, but he never seemed to find the right moment to approach her. Either they would leave shortly after he arrived, or they arrived just as he was about to leave, and it never seemed to make a difference if he varied the time of his visit.One day, a few weeks after their first appearance at the pool, the twins arrived only bahis firmaları a few minutes after he did, and were still there almost an hour later. He noticed the two of them talking at the edge of the pool, with the Red Twin casting glances his way. Then the twin in blue left by herself, while the Red Twin carried on swimming. Five minutes later, Kieran watched the Red Twin climb out of the pool and also head towards the changing area. When she saw he had stopped to watch her, her walk became a coy saunter. He was still watching her as she arrived at the entrance to the changing area, where she stopped by the rinse-off showers. She seemed to be waiting, and by the way she cast glances in his direction, Kieran was sure she was waiting for him to finally make his move.His heart was racing as he swam to the nearest ladder and pulled himself out. He hurried along the side of the pool as fast as he could without running and saw her waiting for him just inside the changing area entrance, where the passage split into three directions to the men’s, women’s, and unisex changing rooms. She looked him up and down almost hungrily as he approached, and words raced in his mind as he tried to think what to say. He’d never tried to ask a girl out before.“Uh, hi…” he began lamely, but she just giggled and put a finger on his lips to shush him, then took his hand and led him at a run towards the unisex changing rooms, where the row kaçak bahis siteleri of cubicles extended almost to the entrance. Before he could even register what was happening, she had pulled him into the first cubicle, locked the door behind them, and begun kissing him passionately.Her hands ran over his chest and shoulders and into his hair as she kissed him, and he had barely begun to respond in kind and decided where to put his own hands, when she pulled to part from him with a coy grin. She slipped her arms out from the straps of her bathing suit and began to pull it down. Kieran’s breath went out of him in an involuntary gasp as her breasts spilled out, large and firm and as perfect as the rest of her. He was instantly hard, and drew her to him, one hand running up her spine and the other pushing her wet bathing suit down further until the smooth, soft flesh of her buttock filled his hand. She gasped as he kissed his way down her neck to her nipples, and wiggled her hips to shake her bathing suit the rest of the way down her legs.Things were moving so fast, he could barely keep up with her. No sooner had the red bathing suit slipped to the floor, than she was pulling down his swimming trunks, and then he was inside her. She hooked one leg around his hips and one arm around his shoulders and braced her other arm against the back of the cubicle, as instinct took over and he began to thrust. He had never been with a woman before and had no idea how long he was supposed to last, but as her gasps turned to soft moans and his thrusting increased in intensity, it took all his effort to hold in the immense orgasm that he could feel building inside him.

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