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The Refrigerator

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The RefrigeratorSo Steve asked me if I could take him to Lowe’s and pick up the new refrigerator he and his wife bought. So I picked him up and we loaded it in my truck, and drove to his hose. Once there Linda had everything out of the old refrigerator and had pulled it out from the wall.Steve and I, muscled the old one out, while Linda cleaned the floor where the refrigerator goes. Steve and I took the door off the old refrigerator and brought the new one inside and plugged it in. Linda pulled us cold beers from the ice chest and we went out onto the back patio to drink our beer. Linda went inside after a while and loaded the refrigerator and changed into a halter top and very shot cut off jeans because of the heat. She gave us all a fresh beer and sat down and we chatted and relaxed. As Linda sat in a chair next to Steve but across from me, sometimes her pussy lips pulled to the side and were exposed to my view. I caught a very good look at one of her puffy lips and a bit of labia minora as well.I saw Linda smile a bit and move her hips so both labia minora hung out. I was fixated, it pissed me off that I had to look up at Steve, when all I wanted to do is stare at Linda’s cunt. Linda is a beautiful gal with 38DD tits (I know, because I picked up one of her bras off the floor last year and looked) and a slim waist, izmir escort with curvy belly and a sweet fat ass. As she saw me looking at her pussy her nipples grew harder under her braless halter top. At 50 years old, and having two k**s, she was quite hotLinda not only knew what she was doing, but was getting horny doing it. Her hand went on Steve’s thigh and she was rubbing his cock. It was growing and Linda put one foot up on her chair and leaned over and stroked Steve’s cock through his shorts. My own cock was rising, all of Linda’s cunt was exposed and was beginning to open with her excitement.“Dan, is Linda’s play bothering you?” Steve asked me.“Not at all Steve, I’m enjoying the view” I said with 100% certaintyWith that Linda pulled Steve’s cock free and she started to jerk his cock, and then she knelt down and began to lick and suck Steve’s cock. Linda’s ass was nearly facing me when Linda pulled her mouth of Steve’s cock and pulled her halter top of and began to turn so I get a better look at her ass, barely covered by her shorts an she pulled the webbing of her crotch so her pussy was fully exposed to my gaze.Up and down Linda’s mouth swallows Steve’s cock and he moans with delight. Linda’s cunt is glistening wet right now, and I rub my cock a bit.“Take it out and stroke it if your want. Isn’t Linda’s ass sweet izmir escort bayanlar looking Dan?” Steve said to me. “Oh yeah Steve it is awesome, too bad there is cloth on it” I boldly said.Linda pulled her shorts down, never taking her mouth off of Steve’s cock. I dropped my shorts and stood behind Linda, gazing at her wet pussy, her labia completely separated and her pussy open. Her asshole was very dark skinned and such contrast to her punk pussy lips. I stroked my cock , what a sight. I did not know the rules here.Linda stops and whispers to Steve and then sucks him some more.“Linda knows you love her ass, she wants you to fuck her ass, Dan” he said, “Do you want to?”“Fuck yeah Steve, Er, fuck her ass, or fuck her?”Linda pulls her mouth of Steve and says “Both Dan. Get a good fuck in my pussy, but then pound my ass hard while I suck off Steve.”“Holy Fuck!” I thought. I’ve known Steve and Linda for 6 years and sexual banter and mild flirting was always par for the course, but this was just amazing. So I get behind Linda, and guide my cock to her pussy, and it slides right in. I know everyone is supposed to love a tight pussy, but Linda’s was not loose but not tight, and very well lubed. As I started thrusting in Linda’s pussy she would sometimes milk my cock in appreciation.My thumb found it’s way into izmir bayan escort Linda’s ass and just like her pussy it went in easy and not tight. I knew that Linda and Steve must use her back door a lot. Linda moaned with delight and pulled of Steve’s cock and said “Fuck my ass Dan, don’t hold back, fuck my ass hard”So I spit on her ass and put my cock in her nether hole and pushed her ass down just a bit and I sort of squatted and began to pound her ass! I love anal sex the best and Linda has a gorgeous ass. Bam! Bam! Bam! the sound of flesh hitting flesh as I fuck Linda’s ass hard. In and out of her ass, her ass relaxing as I thrust and I go so deep, and squeezing as I pull out. Fuck! I’ve never fucked such a trained ass before. I can feel my nuts pulling up and thrust harder. I hear Steve holler “Oh fuck! I’m cumming” and Linda’s ass squeezes me hard and long and my nut sack is wet from her squirtThe Trifecta! All three of us cum together! MY cock softens and falls out of Linda’s ass. Linda turns around and sucks my softening cock for the last of my cum. “You have a nice thick cock Dan, just right. I’d love to do this again some time. Right Steve?”“Right! Today was a reward for helping us with the refrigerator, but we both think we need to do this a lot more often. Are you in?”“Like Flynn” I beam. I am a lucky guy! I wanted to say “When?” but did not want to push it. So I got dressed and made my goodbyes. As I head for the front door, Steve hollers. “How about next Saturday after noon Dan”I nod, grin, and give him the thumbs up sign and say “it’s a date”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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