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The Rendezvous

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The RendezvousYou had known him for what seemed like forever. Meeting as k**s you had grown up the same small town and gone to the same schools. He was two years you senior and you had been infatuated with him. There had been times when you were in love with him. There were times when you thought he shared the feelings. There were even a few times as high school k**s when you’d shared the long make out sessions and it had even gone as far as some light petting. Throughout your lives you both had passed like ships in the night never getting the timing right and then about ten years ago life got in the way and your paths separated for nearly a decade. About a year ago on a whim, you sent him a friend request on the social networking site. Within a few hours he had answered and it was like old times. The two of you shared several e-mails a day swapping stories, bragging on your k**s, and telling the deepest secrets you had with one another. The teasing and sexual tension had always been there. The two of you had made no bones about it and it was fun since neither of you were very satisfied at home. You enjoyed the deep thoughts and sensual compliments this man was giving and he enjoyed the erotic fantasies that you constantly alluded to. Then two months ago you had finally asked the question you needed. What was going on here? He’d been honest and told you he wasn’t willing to leave his wife. He admitted that what was happening was more an intellectual and emotional affair but he didn’t know if it could or would ever proceed further. All he knew was that he didn’t want to give up on your conversations even if that meant no longer sexually teasing one another like horny teenagers. He wanted the friendship to remain above all. He needed you simply for that and be dammed the rest. A week ago you received a strange e-mail from him. He stated that he was flying into your town on business and would be staying for several days. He asked if the two of you could meet for lunch and maybe drinks. My God, you thought to yourself as you started at the e-mail. You could not bring yourself to truly admit that this man you was simply a voice at the other end of an e-mail fantasy was now going to be there in the flesh. It took you two days to finally e-mail him back with the very simple word “Yes”. ‘What have I done’ you thought to yourself after you hit send. This is crazy. What happens if we meet and he’s fat with no hair? What if he doesn’t find me attractive? ‘Doesn’t matter’ you think, what’s a meal a few drink among old friends.The day came when you were to meet him. He had admitted that his meetings were running long and asked if you two could meet in the mid-afternoon on Friday once he was finished. That had been no problem with you because it allowed you to work through the morning and then take the afternoon off from your demanding job and get an early start to the weekend.Now you sat in your car outside his hotel staring at your cell phone. Did you really want to meet him? Can he live up to the fantasy you’d created in your mind? “What the hell’ you said aloud and dialed his number.“Hello” came the pleasant voice at the other end of the line.“Hey it’s me” you said hoping he couldn’t hear the nervousness in your voice.“Great!” he said. “I just got back and I’m trying to finish getting ready. Would you like to come up of just meet me in the lobby in about ten minutes?”You gulped, trying to think of what to say when you heard your own voice mutter “I’ll come up.”“Excellent’ he said automatically. “I’m in room 1204. See you in a few minutes.” and with that he hung up and you were left staring at your phone again.A few minutes later you found yourself staring at your reflection in the elevator doors. You thought to yourself that there was nothing here for him not to like. You now had nice large breasts, a gift from your pregnancy, firm tight lines, and beautiful blue eyes. You admired yourself back and forth wearing a simple low cut button up black sweater, a leather skirt stopping just short of you knee, and high black boots. ‘If nothing else’ you thought to yourself “at least I can flirt and turn on another man’. At this thought you started getting a bit angry thinking about your situation home but quickly put those thoughts out of your mind because you wanted this afternoon to be pleasant.The door to room 1204 was just a plain, nondescript, hotel room door. You reached up nervously and knocked three short raps on the door. “Just a sec” came the muffled voice from within.The door swung open and there he was. Not fat, not bald, much the way you remembered him from all those years ago but now more matured with a little gray at the temples and a little heavier than that skinny high school k**. Above all, you noticed the same smile in his eyes as he looked you in your eyes and smiled. There he was standing there in bare feet, jeans, a black t-shirt, grinning like a cat that had just caught a mouse. He grabbed you suddenly and gave you a huge bear hug like old times.“I’m so glad you could make it” he said as he released the hug. “Sorry I’m running late but I can’t seem to get this damn iron to work right” he said pointing to the ironing board across the room. “Come in and make yourself comfortable while I try and finish this up.”You step into the room noticing that he has a suite. The room you step into is actually a living area, with a small hallway with a bath to the left and then it opened into a much larger bedroom. He pointed to a nice chair and went back to ironing.You chit chatted about work, the k**s, and the weather as you sat there watching him struggle with an iron that quite obviously had a short in it and wouldn’t stay on long enough to get hot.Giggling to yourself as you watch his growing frustration you once again heard yourself saying things that you hadn’t really thought of “Why don’t you just give up on that and we can eat here?”“Well” he said “The hotel does have a good restaurant and bar” he muttered staring at the iron in disbelief.“Not exactly what I had in mind” you whisper.At that statement he looked you in the eyes smiling his big Cheshire grin. “Room service” he suggests.You nod to him the faint crack of a smile now braking across your face.“Ok, wasn’t sure about all that’ he sighs “but you made the first move so I’m in.’ He pulls the iron’s cord from the wall and looks at you. “I need to go to the rest room. Why don’t you lock the door, turn off the lights and then I’ll meet y9u in the other room.”He walks down the hall and into the restroom. You fly from the chair quickly locking the door and shutting off the lights. Startled by the eagerness in which his suggestion had made you jump you took a deep breath trying to cal your nerves. Slowly you walk down the hall headed for the bedroom thinking about what would come next when you stop and notice the bathroom door was cracked open about 8 inches. Like a voyeur you can’t seem to stop yourself from peering in the door to see him standing before the toilet relieving himself. You hear the sound of his piss as it hits the water and you calmly look at his back and ass as he stands there. Your eye is caught by the wall length mirror across ankara escort the vanity and sink. In it you can’t get a good glimpse of his cock, but you do see his pants are open and a long yellow stream shoots downward into the bowl.As he finishes, you try to move out of the doorway but still maintain a position where you can watch him. He zips himself up, and moves to the sink where he begins to slowly wash his hands. Without looking up from what he is doing to simply states “now that you watched me, I get to watch you”.Immediately blood rushes to your face and you are embarrassed. Forgetting which way to go, you flee wanting to leave but not realizing that you turned the wrong way and fled into the bedroom. You stand by the window staring out the privacy curtain and trying to convince yourself what a horrible mistake you have made. “You’re not upset?” you hear his voice ask from across the room. Arms crossed across your chest you look back over your shoulder you see him enter the room standing in the doorway with his hands on his hips staring at you back. Or, was he actually staring at your ass? ‘Stop it’ you think to yourself you are done being a c***d and its time to be a grown up and walk away while you still have the heart and time.“Not upset” you lie. “Just a little embarrassed, that’s all. Maybe this is just a big mistake?” you ask continuing to watch him.Catlike he starts to move forward towards you and you catch sight of him stripping off his shirt as you turn back around staring out the window. You feel him move up behind you and he wraps his arms around you chest pinning your arms in place. Gently he nuzzles against your neck. You can feel his hot breath against the skin of your neck and ears and then feel the tender bites and he nibbles at the soft skin where your shoulder and neck meet.With mock temper you attempt to struggle against his grasp only to stop and moan as his tongue works its way from neck to ear and back down again. “This is what you wanted isn’t it?” he asks. The goose bumps on your flesh will give away the lie to your answer so all you do is softly moan and hope he doesn’t stop.Sighing heavily and uttering another moan you whimper a “Yes” as his mouth continues to work at the muscles in you neck. You are now completely under his control and you decide to give in and allow this to go where it will. Your arms drop to you side and you don’t even notice that he has released his grip on you and slowly massages you stomach. It’s a good five minutes before you realize that while you enthralled by his kisses, that his hands have been very busy unbuttoning you sweater and with a slight tug from him, it falls to the floor at your feet. When this happens you arch your back and your breast heave out and you shudder at the cold. You feel you nipple now protruding under your bra but he never misses a beat as he continues to work his tongue and mouth along the base of your neck and then begins to nibble on the other side. You gasp when he jerks on the back of your bra and it quickly joins the sweater at your feet.His hands have now begun to roam more freely. He moves them quickly and expertly across you’re your stomach and up to just below your breasts where you feel them ever so delicately brush against the underside of each breast before they dart away again. Then a hand moves across your chest and grabs you by the throat as his teeth and tongue again works their magic on your neck. Now with each successive movement, his tongue dips lower and lower until you find yourself feeling it moving down your spine as he sinks to his knees behind you. Then, with a snap and a zip your skirt has now fallen to the floor in a heap with the rest of your clothes. Carefully and tenderly he begins to plant kisses and quick licks along you ass cheeks while inching your g-string off and leaving you wearing only your knee high leather boots and a smile.Once your underwear lands in the same pile as the rest of you clothing, he stands and wraps his arms about you once again. You feel the warm sensation of his skin as he presses his chest to your back and he reaches across your body grabbing your right wrist with his left hand. With a quick pulling motion he spins you around and you find yourself face to face with him. His hands fly out as one cups the roundness of your ass, the other finds your breast and begins to massage it. Slowly he kneads your breast and nipple in his hand and fingers like a master chef preparing the dough of some wonderful desert. All the while he stares into your eyes and you stare back you see the hunger there waiting to devour you. Gently he leans forward and his lips touch yours as his tongue pushes them apart to penetrate your mouth. Gasping you kiss back with all that you have.You don’t know how long you stand there kissing. His tongue that he’s used so deftly on your neck now rubs against your lips and tongue in a delicate dance like two old lovers. When he finally breaks free of you he smiles that smile again taking you by the hand and leading you to the bed. As you sit on the end of the bed, your pussy becomes wet at the prospect of what is to come. Your clit now swells with your heightened sexual desire and your nipples strain with hardness. You spread your legs and stare up at him inviting him to take what he wants. He leans forward and kisses you again and then comes to stand in front of you his crotch eye level.Hesitantly you reach out and unbutton his jeans then slowly inch the zipper down. His cock spring from his jeans and you think to yourself ‘He has no underwear on, he must have planned this from the beginning’.Before you, hard and ridged is his cock. The cock is average in length, thick, it’s hair trimmed neatly, and its unblinking eye stares at you from inside a large purple head. You lick your lips in anticipation as he gently begins to peel off the jeans. Once they are on the floor he straightens back to his full height and asks “See anything you like?” Giggling like a schoolgirl, you reach forward and grasp his cock in one hand. Gently you begin to pump the foreskin up and down to get the feel of the thing you want. With the third pull forward, you see a large drop of pre-cum form on the head and you slowly stick out your tongue and treat his manhood like a giant ice-cream cone. The pre-cum tastes salty and sweet and you slurp as if it’s the nectar of life. Then your lips part and you take him into your mouth about half way down the shaft. Using your lips to build up the pressure, you drag his cock from your mouth until the tip of the head rests upon your lips pushing your tongue forward and down the spine of his shaft using it to increase the sensation as you push your head forward and swallow his cock a second time. For several minutes you repeat the process. Each time you press forward you dare to take a little more of him into your mouth. His hands have now come to rest gently on the back of your head and he helps guide you back down the shaft until now your lips are brushing against the sack of his ball and you feel the deep in the back of you throat. Holding you there he slowly presses his pelvis forward until you have completely deep ankara escort bayan throated his cock.Pulling his dick from your throat he bends and kisses you again and saying “Why don’t you turn around and get up on all fours for me so I can return the favor.” Turning your back to him, you climb up on the bed positioning yourself in front of him. The as seductively as possible you bend at the waist lowering your head to the bed and raising your ass high into the air. You wiggle your ass in front of him like teasing him with the sight of your exposed sex.You wonder what he’s about to do when you feel the first nibble against the back of your thigh. His tongue glides up the inside of you thigh brushing lightly against the out side of your moist cunt, the slips to the other slide and back down again. You shiver as the goose-bumps rise on your arms. The feel of his tongue against your skin feels wonderful and you know consciously he’s building the anticipation between you but subconsciously all you know is your lust for him.Your anticipation builds as he continues his mouth keeps working your thighs. Then you feel his tongue as it moves onto your clit. Flicking quickly back and forth you feel your self-becoming wetter as he takes your clit into his mouth and begin to suck it. You can feel the heat from the air of his nose against your pussy and the tip rests barely inside you. His tongue moves up to your pussy and slips deep inside you probing and fucking you as good as any cock before. Then he just a deftly moves his tongue further up until it comes to rest on the rosebud of your ass. He circles it with his tongue pushing slightly against you ass and you have never felt this sensation before and this man rims your ass driving your further towards climax.After a few minutes he climbs upon the bed and moves up behind you. Your crotch is now soaking wet between the licking you have been receiving and the heat from your pussy. He places his hands on your hips and slowly begins to rub his hard cock up and down your slit building the tension between you. You moan in excitement as he rubs up and down making his cock wet with your juices.Then you feel it. The tip of his cock penetrates you. He holds it just inside you and you struggle to push back against his as he holds your hips making you suffer in ecstasy. You moan as he slowly guides his rock hard shat deeper into your waiting cunt. You can feel its girth inside you when his stomach comes to rest against your ass. Then, he begins to slowly slide himself back out until the tip of his cock once again rests just inside you. The power of his next thrust takes you by surprise as he begins to speed up and thrust his weight against you and into you.You gasp with every thrust into you hungry pussy as his rhythm speeds up and slows down never letting you bring yourself to climax but slowly building the pressure up inside you. Without warning, he grabs you by the hair at the base of your nick and pulls you roughly upright. Your back slams into his chest while his raging cock stretches your insides. His hands immediately come around and grab at your breasts firmly holding them and rolling your nipples harshly between his fingers. You moan at how roughly he treats them then he slides his hand down between your legs and massages your hardening clit.The pressure inside you grows and your moans become louder until at last you can’t hold on any longer and cum with one loud cry. Whimpering you collapse upon the bed as he grabs your legs and rolls you over, smiles that mischievous smile and says “My turn.”He stands, spreading your legs and pulling you forward until your ass barely rests upon the edge of the bed. He bites his lower lip and then plunges his still raging cock down into your aching pussy. The wetness from you climax allows him to slip his shat deep into you and you feel his balls slap against you ass as he goes all the way to the hilt. The he slides it back out till the head of his cock is barely in you then he slams himself back into you with a violent thrust that knocks the breath from your lungs. His fucking mow becomes faster and harder with each successive thrust. The intensity and sheer look of lust towards you is written on his face as his cock ponds against you insides.You feel the pressure building again and with another loud groan you cum wrapping your legs around him holding him fast as you clench your cunt around his manhood. He’s struggles against you thrusting then manages to pull out of you and with a loud a****listic grunt he shoots his load all over your stomach. His hot juices explode all over you as you smile up at him.He reaches down to the glistening white cream on you and slowly scoops up a finger full of the liquid and offers it to you. You greedily suck the rich juices from his finger and smile up at him. Smiling back he scoops up another finger full and lick off his own finger then smiles at you.“What….” He winks “I like the taste of myself as well.” Laughing he throws himself on the bed and kisses you deeply while his hand begins to slowly massage his spunk into your skin.A New GameThe two of you lay there holding one another slowly kissing and touching. His limp manhood lies against your leg but his passionate kisses never falter. You begin to giggle as his smooth caresses begin to turn more to tickles and you playfully struggle against his firm embrace.Finally you can take no more and you squeal for him to stop. “Please stop I need to pee” you say and you squirm in is clutches. “Ok, Ok!” he laughs as you both try to catch your breath. You push yourself up and out of the bed smiling down at him but he reaches up and grabs hold of your wrist in a hard firm grip. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asks in a very frank tone.“I told you I need to pee” you say looking down at him frowning.“And I told you that since you watched me I get to watch you. Besides, I’ve shared with you a few of my fetish fantasies and I want to you watch you put on a good show for me.” he states matter of factly as he springs from the bed and follows you to the bathroom.Nervously you walk into the bathroom and stand before the toilet staring at the big white bowl while your mind races. It’s not as if you’ve never gone pee in front of a man before. What you have never done is pee in front a man who is sexually aroused by the act. You also know that he has fantasies about peeing on and being pee’d on. Not entirely sure how you feel about this you make up your mind that there is no turning back now. You did peek in on him and now all he’s asking is for you to return the favor….right? There’s really nothing you can do now but relax and have a little fun with it and give him a show he won’t forget.Turning, you sit and spread your legs as far as they go so he gets the best view possible. He casually leans against the door frame but his eyes are transfixed to your pussy and he seems to not even blink. ‘This is going to be real interesting’ you think to yourself. Leaning back you slowly reach down and begin to pleasure yourself. Your fingers gently caress your clit and your give yourself the slightest pinch to get it aroused again before moving escort ankara further down. Exposing yourself further you spread your lips as far as they’ll stretch to give him a view of the moist pink pleasure that awaits him. You find that your pussy it still swollen and slick from your earlier love making. His warm juices seep out and cover your fingers giving you even more lubrication as you slowly and deliberately begin to finger yourself. As the heat in you begins to rise, you use your other hand to tease your nipples. Slowly at first you circle around the areola making the blood rise and your nipples stiffen. Then you circle the actual nipple with increased speed until at last you pinch down hard forcing a gasp of pleasure to surge through you. With this pinch you have hit your stride. Now you switch hands using his sticky sweet smelling dew from your pussy to moisten your other nipple. The heat in your body is now rising to a fever pitch and you can feel your orgasm rise with intensity as two wet fingers rhythmically probe into your pussy. Frantically you push down with your feet and arch your back raising your pelvis high into the air as your body shutters into climax. In the ecstasy of the moment you completely forgot your need to relieve yourself. Then you notice a strange sensation. You are horrified to realize that your began peeing at the moment of your climaxed and the warm yellow liquid is gushing from your wet cunt all over the seat, your legs, and the floor. As you finish both your orgasm and your urination you lock eyes on him across the room. He stands in the same position as when your started leaning against the door with a wide grin spreading across his face. Your cheeks begin to flush bright red and then you notice it. His cock has risen to full attention again as he watched you. The ridged shaft looks almost purple as is strains to grow even more.You lean back against the back of the toilet panting and trying to recover yourself. Still wearing nothing but his grin, he walks over and stands before you. He leans over and places one hand behind your head and another on your bare breast. Gently he pulls you forward and kisses you deeply. After a moment of kissing he stops and whispers in your ear “that was such a turn on. I’ve never seen a woman actually pee when she came.” Still mortified by the incident you kiss him again to keep yourself from having to respond. He straightens and turns to the shower where he starts the water running. “Why don’t we climb in and I’ll get you cleaned up?”You climb into the shower and stand under the water letting the heat soak into you. His hands rest on your shoulders and your feel his hard cock resting between you cheeks. Slowly he begins to rub one hand up and down your back massaging the muscles. With his other hand he reaches around and begins to massage your breasts. While he does this he begins to kiss the nape of you neck gently nibbling and tonguing as he goes. You’ve needed this for a long time the feeling of a man’s hands exploring your body without trepidation or hesitation. You’re putty waiting to be sculpted and your will to submit to this artist who has picked you as his work. Without hesitation, you spin and kiss him longingly and deep. His rock hard cock rests against your stomach as you reach down and begin to gently stroke. His hands envelop you as you stand beneath the water.“Mind if I get a little wet” he whispers to you between kisses“What?” you ask. Then you realize that he’s been standing just outside the water with your body blocking him from truly enjoying the shower. Laughing you step past him and out of the way.“Thanks” he says as he turns his back to the water and stands beneath it. His cock extends out in front of you as he arches his back to get his hair wet. The sight makes you hungry and you drop to your knees there in the shower and place the head of his cock in your mouth. With your tongue, you begin to work his cock further back into your throat. Ravenously your head moves up and down each time taking more of him in. You feel his hands resting now on the top of your head gently guiding you further and further down his shaft. Reaching forward and grabbing his scrotum you massage and milk his balls waiting for the inevitable result of you oral exercise.With a soft moan and a louder grunt he pulls your head forward and you take the entirety of his cock into your mouth. His hot cum spews into the back of your throat and you refuse to gag as you swallow. His manhood softens as you continue to suck, but you look up to see the pure pleasurable look as he smiles down at you.Pulling the cock from your mouth you begin to gently caress you cheek with it. Staring into his eyes you reach down and begin to stroke your clit and slightly finger your pussy. His eyes never leave yours and you begin to realize that your only wish in this moment is to indulge him and give him whatever pleasure he desires.“You know” you say as you slide the head of his cock back into your mouth like a schoolgirl with a lollipop “I’d be will to try anything for you.”His eyes grow stern and narrow to small slits as he responds “what do you mean by that?”“Well” you say a bit sheepishly “ I did just give you a good show out there and I saw how you cock reacted.” Smiling you lick his member again. “I’d be willing to take it to the next step.”His eyes are now saucer shaped with surprise as he stares dumbfounded at you. “Are you sure?” he manages to ask with a gulp of air.“Yeah, anything once for you”“Ok” he says. “But you know this will be much different than what you did our there?”“I know.” You say calmly as you scoot yourself back to the rear of the tub and lock eyes with him again. The water from the shower is no longer beating down on you. You relax again sit back on your feet, spread your legs and moved your hand back to your aching pussy. With your other hand you begin to pinch and pull you tender nipple. He takes his soft cock in hand and moves slightly towards you. With that movement you lower your hands and place them firmly on your thighs and await what is to come.Then with a shock it hits you. The acrid smell of ammonia rises to you nostrils. You look down quickly to see his golden fluid stream onto your chest. From left to right he moves it covering your beautiful breasts and nipples with his urine. Using a slow and deliberate action he shifts the stream down to your stomach.The piss flows downward covering your thighs and hands at it rushes into the tub and down the drain. Lastly the stream comes to rest on your pussy as he bathes you in his pungent liquid.At last the flow has stopped and he smiles at you.“What?” You ask.“Well it’s just that I’ve never had a woman actually ask me to do that before.” He states.“Well now you have” you smile at him. “ Though I can’t say I actually liked it, it wasn’t all that bad.”Extending his hand he says “Why don’t you come over her under the water and I’ll get you cleaned up”Rising to your feet you once again find yourself standing beneath the hot water. His hands gently rub soap onto your body. With the grace of a classically trained musician, he slowly moves from place to place ensuring that your body is as clean as it can be. His gentle caresses sooth you and make your body shiver in a way that you haven’t felt in many years. Standing behind you he kisses your shoulders and then moves his tongue up your neck and nibbles at your ear.

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