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The resturant hoe-stess.

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Big Tits

The resturant hoe-stess.Some years ago this one girl was working at this restaurant I go into all the time, she was a pretty little blue-eyed blond, anyway we became friends, and somehow we got on the subject of piercings and tattoos one day, and she told me she wanted to get her nipples pierced, she was only 18 at the time, and they wouldn’t do it unless a parent or guardian was with her, soooo, since I was 28 at the time I offered to accompany her there, and I made her a deal….not only would I take her there, but I also would pay to have them pierced, on one condition…..that she let me see and play with them once the guy was done! She said that was fine, so we made plans to meet at the restaurant one Saturday afternoon, from there I drove her to the tattoo shop, once we got there she was a little nervous and had to smoke a couple cigarettes to calm herself down, we walked in and the guy ask what we needed, she kaçak iddaa proceeded to tell him she wanted her nipples pierced, he said ok and ask who I was, I said…”I’m her uncle” (even though I don’t look any older than her he said “alright lets go”) so he told us to follow him to the room, then he told her to take her top and bra off, he then proceeded to pierce one nipple, then after making sure she was ok he did the other one, she said it hurt like hell but she was alright!I proceeded to pay the guy, I think it was like $125.00 which included the jewelry she picked out as well, after we walked out she wanted to sit down a bit on the chair they had outside and relax and smoke another cigarette, we then got into my truck and headed back to the restaurant to get her car, as I was driving she looked at me and told me thanks, then she asked “don’t you want to see them?” I said hell yeah I want to see them!! So she said kaçak bahis lets go somewhere private, so I went to my grandmothers house because I have keys to it and I knew there was no one home at the time, we got there and walked in, she proceeded to take her top and bra off, and there was the most sexiest sight I have seen in quite awhile!!! her little titties were so cute and sexy, I would say they were about the size of yours, not too big or too small, just right!!! Anyway I proceeded to play with them a little, she said they were sore though so I couldn’t play with them too much, but she let me suck on them a little, I could tell she was getting a little horny, she then proceeded to rub my cock through my jeans, I told her not to do that unless she wanted to “start something”, well she didn’t stop, so I proceeded to rub her pussy through the tight pants she had on, I could tell she had no panties on, then she unzipped illegal bahis my jeans and pulled my cock out, she then started sucking my cock slowly, then fast, I then pulled her pants down, then started licking and eating her pussy out (it tasted so sweet!)Then she said to me…. “are you going to fuck me now?” I said hell yeah but I don’t have a condom, she said…”just fuck me!”So we fucked and played around for awhile, I didn’t know when anyone would be back at the house so we kind of had to be quick, anyway I was getting ready to cum, so I told her I was going to cum soon, she said….”cum in my pussy” I ask her if she was on the pill, she said…..”just cum in my fucking pussy”, so I did, and I actually was able to give her a little facial as well, she looked so sexy with a little cum on her face, not to mention the cum dripping out of her tight wet cunt!!She hurried up and used my grandmothers bathroom to clean up a little, then I took her back to her car, she said that was the best time she ever had, and she said she felt like a little slut doing that, but she had wanted to fuck me from the first time we met!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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