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The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad


Chapter 27

“You”re on in ten minutes,” someone said from the other side of the door. Aidan looked at Jaden and smiled, but Jaden could sense that his brother was as nervous as he was. 

“This is really it,” Jeremy said laying a hand on the twins” shoulders, “Our first live performance.”

“Well, unless you count the little taste we gave em” at the luau,” Isaac chuckled, “Let”s hope this audience is as cool as that one was.”

“I just hope nothing goes wrong with the lighting, or the sound equipment…or I don”t freeze up when I look out at that huge crowd.”

“Aww…can”t be more than a few hundred people out there,” Isaac reminded him, “Brad just wanted us to get some practice in and work some of the bugs out now before we start the tour.”

“I know, but I want this to be as good a show as we can put on,” Aidan said sounding serious.

“Relax bro, just go out there and do your thing and we”ll back you up,” Jeremy said hugging the younger twin.

“This is not just about me, I hope you all know that,” Aidan said smiling warmly, “We”re a family, and I want this to be something we”ll remember for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh, I”m sure we will,” Jaden laughed, “Good or bad.”

It had been three days since the boys wrapped up the CD and Brad had sprung this little surprise on them at the get together at Henry Miller”s, their new agent”s home. Since the recording session had taken less time than originally planned, he seemed to think that this was the perfect time for their first public appearance.

The boys were surprised, but excited about the gig, even it it was in a small venue and the crowd would be small. The best part was, it was to be in San Francisco and there would be time for some sightseeing afterwards and a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Miller clan had been a fun bunch of kids and Aidan and Jaden had hit it off right away with the twins Mike and Mark. Though they were two years younger they still had a lot in common, not to  mention the twin thing, and they”d hung out together most of the time. There hadn”t been any sexual tension between them, which was just as well since the house was packed with people, but that didn”t keep the older boys from admiring the cute almost teens.

The other Miller kids were polite but a bit standoffish, although Jeremy did seem to spend a lot of time with the oldest Miller son, Greg, who was almost 18. Isaac hung out mostly with the adults when he wasn”t with the rest of the gang.

The highlight of the evening was the time in the Miller”s Olympic size pool, and all of the Miller boys wore Speedos. Since the boys hadn”t known in advance there would be swimming they were forced to borrow swim wear from the Miller boys, and found themselves wearing Speedos as well.

The adults didn”t swim however, and spent their time drinking and getting acquainted inside, leaving the youngsters to their own devices.

“I”m not sure I could ever get used to these skimpy swimsuits,” Jeremy said as he floated near the twins.

“I like them,” Jaden said grinning, “Next best thing to being naked.”

“Yeah, Jimmy giggled, “and they look sexy on you Jaden.”

Zak was a little bit more subdued, but he had to admit he did like the way Aidan looked in them and they felt naughty on his own body.

“Sometimes we do swim naked,” Mark said with a devilish grin, “When its just us kids at home.” Greg is really cool about letting us younger kids do stuff when the rents are away.”

“Aww..too bad we can”t skinny dip tonight,” Jaden teased, “Or can we?” he added with raised eyebrows. “No one would know, they”re all inside drinking and having a good time.” 

Then before Aidan could protest, Jaden reached down and skinned off his skimpy swim suit and held it up for all to see.

“Hey, Jaden”s naked,” Mike giggled, “Come on, let”s get naked too,” he said to all the others.

Jimmy was out of his Speedos quickly and Zak soon gave in when Aidan joined in the naked free for all.

Its amazing what peer pressure will do when it comes to kids, and before long all except Greg and Isaac were naked.

“Awww..e on you guys,” Jaden pleaded, “Its not like we  haven”t seen a naked guy before. Get in the water if you”re chicken and then take them off there, no one could tell unless they were standing right over us.” 

Isaac was first to give in, and after diving in he floated near the wall as he removed his Speedo. Not to be outdone, Greg followed suit and soon the pool was filled with naked boys, wrestling and playing grab ass.

Inevitably they all got boners, but no one was embarrassed, and other than some grabbing and touching nothing serious went on. It was actually refreshing for the boys to do something that didn”t include sex, and they all had a great time.

Eventually they slipped their Speedos back on and climbed out to hit the refreshment table and it was then that Brad announced the upcoming engagement.

The boys looked at Henry Miller who was smiling, but said nothing as Brad filled them in and only after he was finished did Mr. Miller speak.

“Brad approached me with this idea a few days ago and I wanted to discuss it with you boys, but he convinced me to wait till the party. As your agent I think its a wonderful opportunity, but you are not contractually obligated to perform if you don”t want to. However if you do, you will not only be jump starting your careers, but you will be paid handsomely for your effort. It”s up to you boys, and your parents of course, but my advice is…go for it.”

Their never seemed to be any doubt in the minds of the four band members, and the parents went along easily. The concert would be outside in a small venue  in San Francisco and would be free to the public, however the record company would pay the boys for performing and chalk it up to advertising. 

Local radio stations would carry the information, and a couple of TV spots would announce the time and place of the event. It would be a small crowd, they predicted, young adults and maybe even some families, and there would be refreshments available from local vendors and a table set up for information concerning the band and the upcoming CD.

The rest of the evening was pleasant and the boys bubbled over with excitement. Greg and Isaac continued to hang out and finally Greg suggested they go to his room so they could talk without being interrupted.

Greg was a tall lanky boy, with brown hair and green eyes. He was a bit nerdish, but cute, and enjoyed playing tennis and biking which kept him in reasonably good shape. He was shy by nature, but for some reason he found himself very comfortable around Isaac and the attraction seemed to be mutual. 

Though Greg was still confused about his sexual identity, he had discovered that he liked looking at other boys, especially ones who were in shape or cute, or both, and he found Isaac very attractive. He had dated a few girls, but nothing serious, and like most boys had done some experimenting with his friends, and even to a degree with his brothers, but he was far from sexually active.

“I like your room,” Isaac said studying a poster on the wall from some video game.

“Thanks, I”m lucky. I have my own room since I”m the oldest. The twins share a room and so do Billy and Paul, Danny has the attic room. Its small but at least he has some privacy.”

“Your folks seem nice, so do your brothers. I bet its fun having a set of twins around. I know I sure do enjoy Jaden and Aidan, they”re very cool.”

“They seem very nice, I know Mark and Mike have a lot in common with them. And when Jaden started the skinny dipping in the pool my brothers thought that was the neatest thing ever,” he laughed.

“Yeah, they”re pretty wild, well J is at least. Aidan not so much, but he let”s J lead most of the time.”

“They”re both very cute,” he said then blushed bright red, “I mean handsome. I bet they will be very popular with the girls.”

“And the boys,” Isaac chuckled, “I just hope the world is ready for us. Being different istanbul travesti is sometimes poison to the world.”

“Yes, I know,” Greg said sitting on his bed.

At first Isaac considered sitting in the desk chair nearby, but at the last moment he sat down next to Greg, so close they were almost touching.

“So, what about you, got a girlfriend, or boyfriend?” he asked smiling.

“Naw, neither. I mean I”ve dated a few girls, but you know?”

“Not sure which you like better?”

“Uh, why do you say that?”

“I don”t know, just a feeling I get. I mean I”m no expert, but I”ve been with both and I find my relationships with guys to be the strongest and longest lasting.”

“So, you”re um…bi?”

“I don”t really put a label on things. I think if the right guy or the right girl came along I could fall for either sex. I got with a girl at the beach, but it was just sex, just fun, but nothing serious.”

“Oh, well…I”ve never actually had sex with anyone,” Greg admitted, blushing once more.

“Easy to fix that,” Isaac said leaning in and kissing Greg before he could react.

However he did react after a few seconds and began to kiss back, his hands going to Isaac”s nappy hair as he drew him in and offered his tongue.

The effect was immediate as both boys went hard, and it wasn”t long before they were pressing together urgently. Isaac pushed Greg onto his back and lay atop him, suspended by his arms and strong legs as he ground his crotch into Greg”s while they continued to kiss. 

Eventually the clothes came off and Isaac took Greg in his mouth and brought him to a powerful and enjoyable orgasm as the boy lay moaning and thrusting from his first blow job.

When Isaac had swallowed all of Greg”s tasty spunk down he licked his cockhead clean and then after placing a gentle kiss on it he lay down beside the boy and cuddled him.

“How did you know?” Greg panted as his heart attempted to return to a normal rhythm.

“I don”t know really. I guess I saw it in your eyes when you looked at me. Or maybe it was the way you paid attention to everything I said and reacted to it. I don”t know…I”d say it was gaydar, but since I”m not gay…”

“I think I might be,” Greg confessed,” but until tonight I wasn”t sure. You showed me something that I was afraid of before, but now I want it…again, and again.”

“I”m glad. I was a little worried at first, afraid I might be assuming too much or seeing something that wasn”t there, but the kiss sort of sealed the deal.”

“I”ve never kissed a boy before tonight and it was wonderful. Can I, can I kiss you again?”

“Sure, help yourself,” Isaac said smiling.

From kissing his lips Greg soon moved down to his chest, and as he marveled at the contrast of hardness and softness there, he feasted on Isaac”s ebony flesh and drew little circles around his erect nipples with his tongue.

Isaac was hairless except for a thin trail of hair leading to his neatly trimmed pubes and as Greg”s tongue followed that trail he soon caught sight of his destination. He had never seen a black cock before and he thought it was maybe the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. 

At seven fat inches Isaac”s cock was a wondrous thing, flanked by two huge balls engorged with his teenage seed, and glistening with pre-cum. Greg found himself attracted to it like a bee to a flower.

Licking and sucking on Isaac”s balls first, instinct took over as Greg found himself making love to a male for the first time. As Isaac lay there moaning and clawing at the covers Greg engulfed his massive cock and did not give up until his nose was pressed against the black teen”s wiry pubes.

“OH MY GOD,” Isaac moaned, “not too many guys or girls can swallow it all.”

“Mmmm,” Greg moaned around Isaac”s cock as he continued to move up and down, working his throat muscles in time with his tongue and lips. 

It didn”t take long for Isaac to feel that warm tingling sensation that began in his balls and moved upward with Tsunami force, and suddenly he cried out and began to spew.

He had wanted to warn Greg, but the orgasm had crept up on him too fast and now it was too late. Greg, however didn”t seem to be having any trouble dealing with the massive eruption of teenage spunk and was greedily swallowing, never missing a drop.

When he had all of Isaac”s cum safely tucked away in his tummy he kissed the head of  Isaac”s cock and moved back up to lay by the teen.

“Did I do okay?” Greg asked sheepishly.

“Okay? Naw, you were amazing. I thought you said you hadn”t had sex before.”

“Well, not real sex, I”ve done a few things with friends and…even my older brothers.”

Isaac growled deep in his throat, “I know what that”s like, Jeremy and I have messed around, but I can”t imagine having more than one bro to fool around with. That must be sweet.”

“Its nice, but this is better. I know you”ll be going back home soon, and we probably won”t see each other that much, but I want you to know that this was really special for me. Maybe life changing. I think now I can accept who I am, what I am, and be  happy.”

“I”m glad,” Isaac said leaning in and kissing the boy and tasting his own flavor on his lips, “Damn, I taste good,” he chuckled, “Look, no promises, but we”ll be here a while longer and if you want we could maybe get together and do something. I just met you and I kinda want to know you better.”

“Really? Yeah, me too. Thanks, but right now we should probably get back to the party before my bratty brothers come looking for us and find us naked.”

“Yeah, I”m too wore out to take them on,” Isaac chuckled.

The concert was held on a Sunday afternoon in the park overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. The day before the group had toured the city, rode the cable cars, and finally driven across the Golden Gate and explored the surrounding area. Now it was show time and the boys were as ready as they would ever be.

Almost a thousand people had shown up. Many families  stretched out blankets and had picnic lunches with their children. There were young couples and families with kids, and even a few older adults, including gays from the surrounding area, as well as some local media and the PR team from the company.

As the boys exited the motor home where they”d been nervously waiting for the show to begin, they were greeted by the sound of the crowd and an overwhelming sense of happiness washed over them.  This was what they had been waiting for and planning for since the beginning. This was it, their first live performance, their chance to show the world, well at least the city, what they were made of and what they stood for. 

A roar of applause and shouts of encouragement greeted them as they filed onto the elevated stage and once it had died down a little the MC came to the mic and began.

“Welcome everyone. I want you all to know how much we appreciate your all being here today, families and friends, and I hope soon to be fans of Alternate Love. Look for their CD coming out in September and soon to be available on Itunes and Googleplay. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, without further adeu I give you Alternate Love.

The noise was almost deafening as the boys took a bow, then Aidan stepped to the mic and looked out at the crowd. All his fears and misgivings flew away as he stared into the happy shining faces of the fans, his fans, their fans, and he knew without a doubt that this was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

“Hi everyone, I”m Aidan, that”s Jaden my twin over there, Jeremy on keyboards and guitar, and Isaac on drums and keyboard and guitar. And we are Alternate Love. I hope you like the show. Thanks for coming,” then looking toward the other three he began to count “One, two, three,” and they launched into their first number.

The crowd was obviously wowed by the boys, and though there was a certain amount of applause and cat calls, they were respectful for the most part as they listened to the boys play and sing. The duets with Jaden and Aidan were especially well received, and a picture of the two twins singing was on the cover of several newspapers and trade papers the next morning.

Jaden”s rap during Long as You Love Me brought heated approval from the audience and Jaden couldn”t help but strut a little as he performed. Zak and Jimmy stood in the wings swaying to the music and imagining that every word their lover sang was just for them. The crowd went wild when the boys moved into a lively rendition of Roller Coaster, and some spontaneous dancing broke out near the front.

The boys performed for well over an hour and were forced to perform two encores before kadıköy travesti finally leaving the stage for good.

After getting a drink and finally taking a much needed pee the boys were ushered to a table that had been set up, and there they met the fans and signed autographs for the next 30 minutes. 

When they finally left around four that afternoon they were tired, but exhilarated and chattered madly on the way back to the hotel.

“Man, that was so awesome,” Jaden said, “The CD isn”t even out yet and we already have a fan base and a fan club.”

“Its almost too much to take in at once,” Isaac, the cooler head of the bunch said.

“Yeah, just think what it will be like once the CD is out and we start the tour. We won”t be able to go to the mall without being attacked by our adoring fans.”

There was a silence that followed those words that said the boys hadn”t thought about that aspect of things. Fame and fortune was one thing, but losing your privacy and the right to a personal life was another.

“Suppose we”ll have to hire body guards?” Jeremy said at last.

“Naw, we won”t be that famous,” Aidan said looking unsure once again.

“Well, nothing we can do now but ride it out guys,” Jaden said, “Anyway, today was the most awesomest thing ever.”

The twins” parents had ridden back to the hotel with Mr. Miller, Brad Turner, and Mr. Michaels, and the discussion they were having was very similar.

“I don”t know about all this. It just seems like things are moving so fast,” Mrs. Reynolds said once they were underway.

“Relax, we”ll make sure things don”t get out of control, right Henry?” Mr. Michaels said.

“Yes, as the boys” parents you will have the right to first approval or denial of anything that comes along. We want to make sure the boys have the best possible exposure without compromising their personal lives.”

“I just worry that all this will go to their heads.”

“Well, you know the boys better than we do, so we”ll leave that part to you,” Mr. Michaels said. 

“We”re flying out Tuesday, I suppose that will give the boys some time to cool down and think things through. When you decide on the tour dates we can go from there. It will have to be a quick one, the boys start back to school in late September.”

“We”re moving things along as quickly as possible, we should have all the details worked out in a week or two. Meanwhile, the boys should be thinking about the tour and rehearsing as much as possible.”

Mrs. Reynolds frowned, “Doesn”t give them much time to just be boys, does it?”

“Its all about balancing out their lives. We don”t expect them to work every minute, they should have time to have fun as well. I”m sure you can help them work all that out.”

“Yes, we will,” Mr. Reynolds said speaking for the first time, “We don”t intend to let this thing rule their lives. We still want them to have as normal a life as possible.”

The last day in California the boys got up early and were surprised to find Henry Miller and his son Greg sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds in the sitting room of their suite.

“Greg, what are you doing here?” Isaac burst out, obviously happy to see the boy. 

Since that night at the party they”d managed to get together one other time, but the others had always been nearby and it was a frustrating time for both.

“I came to say goodbye,” he said grinning, but there was a sadness dwelling beneath the surface.

“Great, are you gonna spend the day with us?”

“If its okay.”

“Of course its okay, right everyone?”

“Yes, its all been arranged. Mr. Miller has some business to attend to in town and Greg will be spending the day with us,” Mrs. Reynolds said, “Now then, who”s hungry?”

They ate breakfast at an Ihop with tables pulled together to seat the whole group, including Mr. Miller who had insisted on paying for the breakfast. Over breakfast they talked about the concert, the CD, the upcoming tour, and even normal things like home life.

Despite their differences the families were not all that different, each having their share of drama and happiness, just in different cities and different states.

When they parted the Limo took the group on a tour of the Castro district, Haight Ashbury, The Presido, and once again to Golden Gate Park where they walked along gazing at the imposing structure spanning the bay.

Greg and Isaac excused themselves and found a bench where they sat and talked while the others explored nearly.

“I just had to see you one last time,” Greg said smiling sadly, “I don”t want to be a drag or make this last time together sad or anything, but I will miss you. I know that”s crazy since we only met, but that”s how I feel.”

“I feel the same way,” Isaac said staring out at the placid water, “I”ve never really felt this way about anyone before, male or female. I can”t stop thinking about you and that night at the party. It wasn”t just sex, it was something else. Does that make sense?”

“I thought it was just me, but yeah…I get that. Its how I feel, but I figured it was just cause it was my first real time with a guy. I mean you…you”re experienced and so hot…so sexy. I guess I felt like I didn”t deserve to be with a guy as hot as you.”

“Don”t say that,” Isaac said taking the boy”s hand in his, “You”re awesome man, and sexy as fuck too. I could kiss those lips of yours all day and never get tired.”

“Really?” Greg said excitedly, then sighing he realized how hopeless and pointless all this was, “And tomorrow you fly back and I”ll never see you again.”

“Don”t say that. We can keep in touch, we can text and call, and Skype or something.”

“But what”s the point?”

“Because I”m not ready to let you go out of my life, that”s the point. Unless you don”t feel the same way too,” Isaac said wiping tears from his eyes.

“No, I do…I feel the same way. I guess we can try it and see what happens, if nothing else, maybe we can be friends.”

“I want more than that, but I”ll take whatever we can get. For now we stay in touch and if things work out, who knows? We”ll both be going to college eventually and maybe we can apply to the same school or something.”

“Yeah, I can go anywhere you want to,” Greg said smiling at last, “Man, I wish there was someplace we could go and…well, you know.”

“Maybe there is,” Isaac said, a devilish grin on his face, “Come on.”

The Limo driver this time was named Max, and he was decidedly gay and young enough to appreciate what Isaac and Greg had in mind. He stood guard outside the Limo as the two climbed inside, and hidden from view by the tinted windows, they discovered one another all over again, and somewhere along the way they fell in love.

“Hey, what you guys been up to?” Jaden asked as Isaac and Greg climbed out of the Limo looking flushed, but happy.

“Oh, you know, just showing Greg the sights,” Isaac laughed.

“Yeah, the sights between your legs,” Jaden teased, “Seriously, when the Limo is a rockin”, don”t come a knockin”,” he giggled, “Man, wish I”d thought of that. Hey Jimmy, wanna a tour of the Limo?”

The other boys soon arrived and the tour had to be postponed and soon the group was on there way back to the hotel. There was still time before Mr. Miller arrived to pick Greg up and Isaac called everyone together to talk with them about his and Greg”s relationship.

“Since we”re all like bros, I don”t want any secrets between us. I”ve discussed this with Greg and he agrees that we need to come clean with you guys, about us.”

“I knew something was up,” Jeremy said grinning, “I know you like the back of my hand bro and you like Greg a lot, don”t ya”?”

“Its more than that,” Isaac said looking serious, “For the first time in my life, I think I”m in love and Greg feels the same way,” he added giving soft eyes to the teen who just nodded as he blushed bright red.

“That”s great,” Aidan said, then he frowned, “Except for one thing, tomorrow we fly back home.”

“That totally sucks,” Jaden said, “that you found each other and now you gotta separate.”

“We”ve agreed to stay in touch and see how things go and if things go the way we hope, then we”re going to pick a college we can both get into and room together.”

“That sounds like a good plan,” Aidan said, “I”m happy for you guys. Its just a shame you couldn”t have met earlier and you”d have had more time together.”

“Oh, they”ve managed to have some alone time,” Jaden teased, “Like in the Limo today.”

“What?” Aidan said looking confused, “OH, well…maybe we should leave you two alone and let you say a proper goodbye,” he said understanding completely.

“Not yet, I want bakırköy travesti you guys to understand something. This isn”t like with Polly, or just an infatuation. I”m pretty sure Greg is the guy for me. I know, I know, I”ve been with a lot of girls, but you know I have finally come to the conclusion that I feel safer and happier with a guy. But not just any guy, a guy I love and trust with all my heart. I know that sounds corny and crazy since Greg and I just met, but I”m a sucker for love, and I do believe in love at first sight. But that”s just how I feel, so I”ll let Greg tell you how he feels now.”

“I don”t know you guys as well as Isaac does, but I feel like I can trust you. I”ve had a hard time figuring out where I fit in lately. I wasn”t sure if I liked girls or guys or both, but now, thanks to Isaac, I know where I fit in. I”m gay, and I”m in love for the first time with a wonderful guy,” he said taking Isaac”s hand, “and I want to be with  him, even if I have to wait. I promise I”ll be faithful, but I don”t expect you to be, cause, well…I know you”re way too hot to just sit around waiting for me.”

“Don”t say that,” Isaac said, “I can wait, I want to wait. I want you and I”m willing to be faithful to you too.”

“Wow, that must be love,” Jaden said in awe of the two.

“It is,” Isaac said pulling Greg to him and wrapping him up in his strong arms, “And if I could I”d take him back with us right now.”

“Why don”t you ask his dad if he can come visit us?” Jimmy said, wondering why the two hadn”t thought of that themselves.

“You know, he might be right,” Greg said smiling, “I have money put away, I could buy my own ticket, and I could be back in time for school to start. But oh, your folks probably wouldn”t want to put up with me…”

“Shut up, my folks are gonna love you. We all love you, right guys? Before we get all excited about this though, let”s ask your folks. If they say yes then we”ll call my folks and work things out.”

“Ain”t love grand,” Zak said swooning, and they all laughed.

Though it took some fast talking and fancy foot work, not to mention some last minute wheeling and dealing to find a seat for Greg on their flight, things were finally set and the group was on their way back home.

Though Greg”s seat was a few rows forward of theirs, Jeremy offered to take that seat, and Greg and Isaac were able to sit together during the flight. They held hands beneath the blanket they had spread out on their laps and talked softly, but even the adults were aware of the romance in the air.

“I think Isaac has a new boyfriend,” Mrs. Reynolds whispered to her husband.

“Are all those boys gay?” he chuckled, “or is it something in the water.”

“Kids today don”t define themselves as we once did. They”re open to different kinds of relationships than the traditional ones. I find it refreshing on one level, but frightening on another.  I wouldn”t have chosen that lifestyle for my boys, but nature has, and there is nothing we can do but to accept them and support them…all of them.”

“I agree, I just wanted grandkids a lot,” Mr. Reynolds said sighing.

“What about adopting another child?” Mrs. Reynolds said choosing this time to bring up the subject she”d been thinking about for some time.

“What, are you serious? Is this something we need to discuss once we get back home?”

“Maybe, you know the world is full of kids who need a good home, and well…our boys won”t be around forever.”

“And probably not giving us grandkids,” he chuckled, “Okay, we”ll discuss it when we have some time. I”m open for just about anything these days.”

They were exhausted, and eager to get home by the time the plane landed and by the time they retrieved their luggage Jeremy and Isaac”s folks were there to pick them up.

“Oh my, you boys have grown,” their mother said, then jokingly she added, “And I see you”ve been working on your tans.”

“Mom, dad, this is Greg,” Isaac said ignoring his mother”s joke, “Greg these are my parents.”

“Hello Greg, so nice to meet you,” Jeremy”s dad said offering his hand.

“You too sir, thanks for letting me come visit and letting me stay here.”

“Oh, no problem at all. Any friend of Isaac and Jeremy is welcome in our home,” his mother said for both of them.

“Well we should get going, I know you boys are tired and we”re going to take you out to dinner to night to celebrate your homecoming and your success.”

After everyone hugged and said their goodbyes the two families split up and headed to their respective homes. The trip was filled with excited chatter for both families, and in the back seat of the Reynolds van the young couples held hands as they dozed, finally giving in to exhaustion.

Greg and Isaac sat in the back of Isaac”s SUV, not quite holding hands, but letting them brush occasionally as they talked quietly. They too were tired and by the time they arrived home Greg had passed out, his head resting on Isaac”s shoulder, and when the vehicle finally stopped in front of their garage Isaac”s mother looked back and smiled.

“They”re worn out,” she whispered to her husband, “but when they”ve rested some I think we need to have a long talk with Isaac.”

“I was afraid you”d say that,” her husband chuckled, “More drama, or is it young love this time?”

“Some of both, I”d say,” she laughed softly, “Awww…to be young again.”

End Chapter 27

The boys are  home and life returns to normal, except for Isaac who now has a new purpose in life, his love for Greg. As the days pass the boys become keenly aware of just how hard parting will be, and they begin to come up with a plan to stay together.

As you will note this chapter is much shorter than previous chapters and going forward that is my plan, to write shorter chapters and post more often to make it easier for the readers to keep up to date on the story. As always I welcome your emails. I was disappointed at the response I got last chapter, but I blame that on my taking so long to post. I hope going forward that I can attract the readers back and they will send me their feedback.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and support and keep those emails coming to: ail


Kewl Dad 


I have updated my story list if you see any missing please let me know.

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My Son”s Best Friends *Related series to My Best Friend”s Dad

My 11th Summer*

One Night

Poindexter Files*


Rabbit: A Christmas Story

Second Chance for Love

Six Black Boys*

Skateboard Boy*

Skateboard Christmas

Stranded on Christmas Eve

Sudden Family*

Taking a Chance on Love

The Year I Learned to Love my Brother (TYILTLMB)*

The Reynolds Twins*

Tommy Boy Part two of a series

To the Max


Trailer Park Christmas

Trick or Treet Dress Up

Tween to Teen*

What a Dollar Will Buy

Wild Wild West Again

It”s Amazing What Sex Can do for a Guy (as smoothoperator52)

At Awesome Dude: The Secret Life of Nerds

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