Mar 10

The Ritual

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The RitualWearing the traditional terrycloth robe, Jon overheard a snicker as the Helper cleaned up the bathroom after his shower. Today was a special day at the Great Manor House. The man had gone through this ancient ritual annually, to satisfy the Order’s original charter. He wondered who had been selected to perform the ritual, but again, it did not really matter, as the result would be the same. Perhaps it would be a foreign Member, who he had not met. That was unlikely, as his travels had been wide and he knew all the Members who might be chosen.Outside the Great House, he heard a commotion near the entrance to the manor. He presumed, correctly, that was the arrival of the Novitiates who had pledged the Order. Peeking out the window, he saw eight women milling about the van that had transported them to the Great House. Later he would focus his attention on the Novices, but first the ritual awaited him. A Helper knocked on the door, entered and bade the man to follow him. They walked up one flight of the stairs used by the servants, and down a dark hallway to a large dark oak door. The Helper motioned for the man to enter and left.Jon opened the door and entered. His Mistress, for the next few hours, sat impassively in a massive leather chair at the far end of the room. She motioned for him to step onto a pedestal, in the center of the darkly lit room, to be inspected. He lowered his eyes and complied. The Mistress raised her eyebrow slightly, as if to require a response, and the man said, “My Slave name is Jon.” She nodded and motioned for Jon to remove the terrycloth robe. Jon quickly obeyed and stood naked on the pedestal to be inspected.Without a word the Mistress rose and walked to the pedestal. She drew back the foreskin on Jon’s cock and ran her thumb about the bulbous head and under the rim. She grasped the shaft to feel its considerable girth and length. Next, she lifted and hefted his huge balls, which were smooth shaven to her liking. She grasped Jon by the back of the neck and bent him over. She went behind him and roughly ran her hands over Jon’s ass. She pulled apart the well-shaped asscheeks to reveal a wrinkled brownish pink hairless asshole. Probing his asshole with her forefinger, she felt the sphincter begin to give way. The Mistress smiled and nodded her head in satisfaction.The Mistress motioned for Jon to rise up as she continued her inspection. She noticed that Jon’s cock beginning to stiffen. Reaching out to Jon’s chest she lightly brushed her fingertips over Jon’s nipples. Instantly his nipples hardened and she continued the soft caress to increase Jon’s pleasure. His nipples always had been somehow ‘wired’ directly to his cock. Any caress, tweaking or even rough pulling of his nipples increased his arousal and lust. He often fondled his own nipples when he masturbated, or was involved in sexual activity where he was free to play with his nipples. Jon’s obvious pleasure did not go unnoticed by the Mistress.”I am Mistress Lira,” said the woman. “I am your Mistress until I discharge you later today, or whenever it pleases me. Do you understand me, Slave?””Yes, Mistress Lira,” Jon meekly replied, ending the communication. Lira grasped Jon by his hard-on and guided him off the pedestal. She pulled him to the large bed in the corner of the chamber. She motioned Jon to get onto the bed, as she opened her black leather valise to remove articles of restraint, discipline and punishment. Jon’s wrists were bound with black leather wrist cuffs, covered with steel studs and rings. Next, she selected a device with small leather covered paddle on one end and a two-inch wide leather strap on the other.Lira made sure that Jon saw the selection as she examined them, before placing them on the bed. His Mistress attached Jon’s wrist cuffs to hooks embedded in the headboard so that Jon’s arms were spread wide to either side of his head. Next, Lira put similar restraints on Jon’s ankles and raised his legs up to join his ankle restraints could to the same rings as the wrist cuffs.Jon lay spread wide open. His cock, balls and asshole exposed to the whims of his Mistress. In this position his rigid cock was just a few inches from, and pointed directly at, his face. Lira stood on the bed and stripped naked, revealing a taut and athletic body with ample tits and hard erect nipples. She began by lightly rubbing Jon’s nipples with one hand, fondling his balls and cock with the other. Jon squirmed under the exquisite sexual ‘torment’ of her fingers.Jon’s asshole repeatedly drew up tightly as she continued the sensual foreplay. He was breathing quite heavily now and writhing with pleasure from his Mistress’s ministrations. A thick clear drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock and began to grow as the foreplay continued. Lira scooped it up the pre-cum on her forefinger and placed it on her tongue. Jon sighed and his breathing became heavier as the wonderful sexual torment continued.Lira enjoyed the obvious arousal that was building in her writhing Slave. She increased the sexual torment, taking a nipple between her thumb and forefinger to roll it with ever-increasing pressure. Jon squirmed as he felt his cock getting harder and aching for relief, but he knew that his Mistress would never let him cum so early into his visit. Lira began to pull harder on Jon’s nipple and his pleasure/pain mounted. Jon cried out as Lira squeezed his nipples and pulled them as far as they would stretch, causing the pleasure/pain to intensify.Jon thought he might cum from Lira’s fondling of his cock and balls. He could feel his cock begin to build towards orgasm. Lira too, noticed the building of Jon’s desire. She moved quickly to prevent an early orgasm, by firmly squeezing his bulbous cockhead with her thumb and forefinger. She emphasized this action with several painful twists of Jon’s cockhead until his sensation to cum had subsided.Lira reached for the paddle-strap that lay next to Jon. She flourished the instrument of pain so Jon could see it, thus mentally maximizing the anguish that it would cause. The strap was lightly drawn over Jon’s cock and balls and traced up to his burning nipples. Lira continued this light torment as she watched her Slave swallow hard, as he considered what the instrument would soon be doing to his vulnerable body. She grinned as the anticipation grew within her victim. Jon closed his eyes to avoid watching the Mistress’s obvious pleasure at her Slaves fearful anticipation.At that very moment, Lira whirled the strap over her head and struck a blow across Jon’s ass leaving a light pink mark. Jon cried out, but his cry was muffled by the next stroke, which landed harder on both of his asscheeks. The pain was intense and Jon’s screams were trapped deep in his throat. Lira followed with a flurry of strokes, alternating on Jon’s asscheeks.After the twentieth stroke to each cheek, she paused to pour a cool glass of refreshing wine. Red and purple strap marks covered Jon’s ass in rising welts, causing him great pain. But Jon also experienced a pleasure that began to rise replacing the pain. His asscheeks burned with the strapping he had received and he breathed deeply awaiting his Mistress’s next pleasure.He did not have long to wait. Lira finished her wine and grasped the instrument by the strap end, exposing the small leather paddle. The Mistress stood over her Slave and smiled as she read the anxiety in Jon’s eyes. Lira placed a dark silk blindfold over Jon’s eyes to prevent his further knowledge of her intentions. Jon’s heart raced with apprehension of coming torments. The blindfold heightened his anxiety and he moaned softly as he steeled himself to the inevitable.Lira resumed by lightly striking Jon’s engorged and rigid cockhead with the paddle. Jon felt a slight tinge of pain, but the sensation also brought pleasure to his very stiff cock. The light paddling of Jon’s cock continued with increasing force and tempo. The pain and pleasure melded to a sensation that hurt, but also felt too good to want it to stop. Again, Jon’s cock began to build toward orgasm.As the force of the paddling increased, his cum welled up in his balls and at the base of his cock. Just as he thought he would explode in a shower of thick creamy cum, Lira squeezed hard on his cock head, turning the pleasure into extreme pain, again defeating his cumming. Mistress Lira released his cock and Jon felt his hardon return to its full rigidity. She resumed fondling her Slave’s balls and cock and rubbing his nipples with her fingers.Jon responded with squirming and writhing as another drop of clear thick pre-cum glistened at his cockhole. Lira began to masturbate Jon with deliberate strokes of his cock. The pleasure mounted as the exquisite masturbation began to engulf Jon’s whole being, concentrating in the underside of his engorged cock. Jon watched as the pace quickened and the pre-cum accumulated in ever increasing amounts at his cockhole.He knew that he could not take much more of this wondrous fondling being visited on his cock. He felt his cum begin welling up in his balls as they drew up and hardened. He could see his cock pointed straight at his face, as Lira accelerated the masturbating strokes and grinned at Jon’s pleasurable writhing as he ached for relief.”Open your mouth,” she commanded and Jon obeyed.He opened his mouth and Lira pulled the blindfold away, just as he felt his cock erupt with a torrent of thick pearly cum propelled towards his mouth. He nearly fainted from the sensation of cuming so hard, while his Mistress continued to stroke his cock to release volumes more of his cum. The first volley of cum struck him on his lower lip and splattered on his tongue. Copious amounts of thick and creamy cum spewed forth again and again landing full upon his tongue, lips, nose and cheeks.He swallowed all of the cum that entered his mouth. Jon continued erupting semen, in volley after volley, on his face and mouth. The Mistress did not diminish masturbating Jon’s cock until the expulsion of cum died out to a thick sticky thread of cum that stretched from Jon’s cock to his mouth. Lira released the spent cock. She gathered splatters of cum, around the Slaves mouth, with her finger and deposited the thick pearly liquid onto Jon’s tongue. Jon swallowed the last stray bits of cum and looked at the Mistress who was awaiting Jon’s response.”Thank you, Mistress,” Jon said softly. Lira smiled her satisfaction and turned her attention once again to the valise. Jon felt a cool greasy substance being applied to his asshole by the Mistress. He watched as Lira strapped on a huge rubber dildo to her crotch. The dildo had another shaft that neatly slid in to Lira’s cunt with a nub that would rub her clitoris, thus giving her pleasure as well. Then she knelt in front of Jon and rubbed her rubber cock on the lubricant at Jon’s asshole.Without a word she began to push her ‘cockhead’ into Jon’s asshole. The sphincter resisted, but the pressure increased and slowly his asshole began to open to receive the massive rubber cock. Jon felt as though he was being stretched beyond his capacity to receive this offering from his Mistress. Little by little the massive dildo entered Jon’s asshole until he could feel the rubber cockhead completely engulfed in his ass.His ass was being painfully opened and he felt totally full and stretched. The Mistress stopped entering him and paused for what seemed an eternity to Jon. Suddenly and without warning Lira thrust herself forward in a great stabbing motion fully entering Jon’s asshole up to the hilt of her massive rubber cock. Jon cried out at the pain, as he felt the Mistress’s thighs slap at his asscheeks. Lira swiftly withdrew, leaving only her ‘cock head’ embedded in the ass she was fucking, paused, then thrust deeply again into Jon’s ass. Jon felt as though he was splitting apart, as the Mistress repeated the maneuver over and over thrusting deeper into Jon’s ass.Each time Jon thought Lira would cum, she would pause to let her lust subside, only to renew the attack on his ravaged asshole. Jon’s torment slowly transformed into intense pleasure as he began to thoroughly enjoy the fucking he was receiving. Lira leaned forward, grasped him by the back of the neck and brought his head to her tits. His lips were thrust against her nipple as he heard her command, “Suck it!” He pulled the hard nipple into his mouth and sucked hard as he swirled his tongue over and around the hot light red flesh. Jon licked the nipple in rhythm with the rubber cock thrusting in and out of his ass. His head was roughly moved to the other nipple as he continued his sucking. Lira moaned with intense pleasure, as her nipples were now being alternately sucked while her cunt was rushing toward orgasm.Suddenly, Jon felt Lira stiffen and gasp as she exploded in orgasm. He could feel the Mistress’s cock striking at the walls of his asshole as she came in torrents. The Mistress thrust her ‘cock’ as deeply as she could into Jon’s asshole, as her orgasm subsided. Lira fell exhausted onto Jon’s bound body and her breathing was hard and labored. She lay motionless, breathing deeply and slowly regained her strength.With her head lying on Jon’s chest she opened her mouth and put her lips around Jon’s nipple. Slowly she began to move her tongue around the hardening bud. Jon began to slowly writhe, responding to the wonderful sucking sensation on his nipple. His cock became harder as the Mistress alternated the sucking of Jon’s nipples. He felt his cock getting rock hard as the Mistress leisurely began to masturbate him again.The pleasurable sensation of his nipples being sucked and his cock being expertly masturbated was maddening. Jon ached for relief as his cock continued to receive the tender stroking. Just as he felt that he would cum, the Mistress bit his nipple hard and cruelly squeezed his cockhead to cease the orgiastic sensation. The masturbation resumed as before, but now Lira continued to bite hard on Jon’s nipples as she sucked them. Again and again Jon neared orgasm, only to have it painfully terminated.”Please Mistress, let me cum,” he begged, to no avail. Jon writhed under the tongue at his nipples and the stroking of his cock. He felt the Mistress’s rubber cock begin to move back and forth again in his asshole. The sensation was intense as he felt himself becoming filled with the dildo, while straining to cum under the Mistress’s ministrations to his nipples and cock. As the cock in his ass became fully embedded again, he felt it begin to move harder in and out of his asshole. His sphincter grasped at the rubber cock with each stroke, as it withdrew, and clasped it tightly as it re-entered deeper. Jon’s body was consumed with delight, as the sucking, stroking and fucking continued.He opened his eyes to see his cock looming above his face. He looked at Lira, who nodded, and Jon opened his mouth, instantly understanding the meaning of the nod. He could take no more as his cock neared explosion. Jon fully expected the Mistress to again cut him off from cumming, but the tender stroking continued unabated. He felt the orgasm begin to well up in his balls and cock. Jon fought hard to keep from cumming, thus continuing the pleasure.His resistance was futile, as he exploded again in a torrent of thick creamy cum hurled forth from his cockhole. His sphincter tightened about the ‘cock’ in his ass with each spasm that hurled cum outward from his cock, doubling the pleasure of his orgasm. The marvelous feeling of his erupting cock was embellished by the repetitive tightening of his asshole around the massive ‘cock’ in his ass. Each ejection of creamy frothy cum from his cock, caused his sphincter to clasp and clench the dildo in his ass.Cum seemed to burst forth in slow motion, toward his open mouth. It struck full force on his lips, tongue, and face. Cum bathed his face, as more and more erupted from his cock, to add to the nectar already upon him. As before, his Mistress made sure most of his cum landed in his open mouth. She brushed the cum around his face and into Jon’s mouth. Jon licked the Mistress’s fingers to assure he had recouped every last drop.As he swallowed the warm salty cum, he felt his Mistress stiffen and explode violently in orgasm, squirting juicy cum with each spasm of her cunt. Again and again Lira’s cunt spasmed in orgasm until finally she fell exhausted across Jon’s chest, as her orgasm completely drained her of energy. After a few motionless moments the Mistress stirred and slowly withdrew her ‘cock’ from Jon’s asshole.Lira reached into the valise and brought out a pair of jockey style briefs with a narrow opening at the crotch. She pulled them over Jon’s legs and up over his body to fit snugly at his waist. Jon was released from headboard and rolled over so his stomach lay flat on the bed. His wrists were re-connected to the rings on the headboard. The Mistress moved the ankle restraints up so that they fit snugly around Jon’s upper calves at the back of his knees. A chain was attached to each restraint and Jon’s knees were pulled underneath him so that his ass was raised up. These restraints were chained to the headboard and pulled taut leaving Jon completely bound and vulnerable.He felt the Mistress Lira reach in through the opening in the briefs, grasp his massive balls, and pull them through the opening, fully exposing them. His cock remained safely inside pressing on his belly. Jon’s balls hung down low as they were hefted and fondled by his Mistress in anticipation of the torments she would soon perform upon them.Jon could not see what his Mistress was doing and the fear began to build in his mind of what unknown torment was to be visited upon him now. He could hear the valise open and close. The sound of leather striking flesh rang in his ears, but he felt no pain. He realized that the Mistress was striking her own palm with a leather paddle to increase his fear and anticipation.The slapping sound stopped and he felt a thin leather paddle drawn lightly over and around his exposed balls. Jon enjoyed this tickling sensation and could feel his cock start to grow hard, as the tickling of his balls continued. Lira began to very lightly slap Jon’s balls, and his arousal increased. The spanking was advanced to more pronounced and measured slaps on Jon’s balls.There was some slight pain with each slap, but there was also a great deal of pleasure reflected in Jon’s sighs and moans. As the force increased, Jon’s ability to tolerate the paddling diminished. Jon could feel the pain in his balls rise as the paddling continued. The Mistress stepped up the pace, and the force, of the spanking and Jon’s balls began to ache. The pain was now more pronounced than the pleasure, but Jon still enjoyed the discipline he was undergoing.Though the pain was increasing, it resembled more a rough fondling than a beating, yet Jon’s apprehension increased as his moans of delight began to sound more like wails. His balls felt hot and sore, as the spanking continued with ever increasing force. Now the strokes became heavier and Jon’s yelps were interspersed with his occasional groans. He realized that the activity had changed to a discipline session, with his balls as the article being disciplined.His cries of pain were ignored, as Lira continued to pummel Jon’s balls. The outcries turned to occasional screams, as the punishment of his balls was increased incrementally. Now the blows fell heavily on his red and hurting testicles. The tears ran down Jon’s face as the torture continued unabated by his screams.Jon lost all sense of time, as the pain became unbearable. His sore balls were seared and burned from the beating they were receiving. He drifted toward the nether world, as he sensed that he was losing consciousness from the pain. From a distance he seemed to hear himself screaming violently, as he blissfully drifted into u*********sness. His last wakeful knowledge was the painful strokes being visited on his balls. Then, there was nothing.Jon awoke to the sound of knocking at the door. He was naked, but not bound. The restraints were gone and there was no evidence of any sexual activity, other than the occasional spot of semen staining the bedclothes. He was aware of a very painful ache in his groin. His balls were purple from being beaten with the leather paddle. Each movement was a torment for him, but he managed to drag himself off the bed and move towards the door. Steadying himself along the wall, he grasped the doorknob for support. With great effort he unlocked the door and opened it. Mistress Lea stood impatiently at the door tapping her booted toe while she waited. “Hurry.” she said, “You have only a few minutes before your next appointment.” She shook her head with exasperation, placed a collar on his neck, and attached a guide chain around his balls. Ignoring his aching balls, she pulled roughly on the chain as she led him down the hall to his next appointment. Mistress Lea brought him into a small lecture room with a stage and bed at the front. There were six rows of elevated seats in the room. Eight women sat in the first two rows, each with a dark hooded robe over their heads. Jon felt humiliated at his nakedness and the swelling in his balls. He could not see the women clearly, as the lights were shining on the stage, where he would soon be performing perverted sexual acts. He could hear them softly discussing his nakedness, the size of his cock and the obviously swollen balls, hanging beneath the massive cock, in a flaccid state. Judging by the sound of their voices, he figured that the women were young. His instincts were correct. Mistress Lea bade them all welcome, then asked them to remove their hoods. Jon judged them to be somewhere between their early twenties and thirty years old. The young women were well shaped with firm bodies.”As you already know, I am Mistress Lea,” she began, “and this pathetic creature’s Slave name is Jon. By the colorful condition of his balls, you can see, a Mistress has recently disciplined him. No matter, there is no rest for the wicked.” She said with a laugh. “Each of you ladies has been widowed, divorced or otherwise without a rewarding sexual relationship for at least one year or more. Some of you have done without rewarding sex for up to three years. This orientation class will allow you to re-acquaint yourselves with the world of both dominant, and submissive, sexual pleasures.” Lea grasped Jon’s cock and began to fondle it as she spoke to the ladies about their opportunity to awaken their sexual urges again. “You were selected because most of you were judged to be capable of eventually becoming stern and loving Mistresses. That will serve our cause and yours as well. Some of you will remain submissives until you are ready to become Mistresses. Some others of you will remain submissives for the rest of your lives.” Jon’s cock began to swell in rhythm with the soft strokes of Mistress Lea’s attentiveness. He winced as she hefted his balls and presented them to the assembled ladies. “Before we get started, I want each of you in turn, to stand, drop your robe, state your Novice name, tell us why you are enrolled in this class and then sit down. This way we get to know something about each other and begin to grow our friendships. Let’s begin with you,” Mistress said, pointing to the lady nearest her. The woman got up, hesitated a moment, then dropped her robe and stood naked. She was tall, with washed out blond hair, a well-shaped body. She had large breasts that swung nicely under their weight, large areolas and hard upright nipples. “I am Ella, I’m twenty eight years old and I’ve been widowed four years. I’ve always felt that submission and dominance was for me.” She stated and sat down. Mistress Lea thanked her and thought that Ella would do well as a Novice.”My name is June. I’m twenty-three, and my lover jilted me for another girl. I’m never going to be in that position again. This seems the way to gain that assurance.” June was of medium height, with small perky breasts, small pink nipples, long brunette hair and a heavy black bush about her cunt. Lea thanked her and looked to the next woman. “I’m Myrna, twenty-five, and a widow for two years. My husband and I enjoyed dominance and bondage games. I miss him, and the games, very much. Perhaps this way I can re-live some of those good times.” Her body was well shaped, like a model, with average size breasts and inverted nipples. She was shorter than the first two women and had closely cropped light brown hair.”Hello, my name is Ruth and I’m twenty six. I’m here because I don’t have a current relationship and my most intimate fantasy has always been domination. I’m finally going to find out if this lifestyle is for me.” Lea smiled, remembering her own beginnings with domination. Ruth was a real blonde with soft cunt hair, average sized breasts, that needed no bra to hold them up and well shaped large nipples.”Forgive me but I have never been naked before with more than one person.” The next lady said shyly. “I’m—I’m ——Florence. I am twenty-three. I’m here because I need something more than the usual sexual relationship. I think this is it, but we’ll know soon enough. I was hoping that—that–.” She stammered.”That’s fine, Florence.” The Mistress interrupted. “You’ll do very nicely. We’re all glad you’re here.” She reassured her. “I don’t know about others, but I like a shy Dominatrix. It’s like a paradox or an oxymoron. I’m positive our Members will just love it. You’ll love too, after your submissive phase ends.” Florence was outwardly shy, her cunt was clean-shaven, firm small, but not tiny, tits with hard erect nipples. She was a small woman with light brown hair and a deliciously hard body. Lea sensed that Florence might surprise them all.The next two women stood jointly and dropped their robes. It was obvious that they were twins. Tall, slim, very white skin, green eyes, with dark red hair on both their heads and cunts. “I’m Dixie, and my twin sister is Tricia. Yes, they do like to call us Dixie and Trixie. We’re twenty-seven, as of yesterday, unattached except to each other, and we just love to fuck, suck and do anything sexual. The more unusual the better.” She confessed with a grin. Their tits were large, but gravity was not taking its toll and their breasts were very firm. Their nipples were outrageously extended and thick. “Well, ladies, I guess that says it all.” Lea said with a laugh. The last lady stood very tall, nearly six feet without shoes. She removed her robe revealing a beautiful light chocolate body with near perfect tits, large dark areolas and perfectly shaped hard nipples. Her hair was done in a short Afro and her cunt was clean-shaven.”My name is Alteisha. I love to make love to women, fuck men and whip-ass on wimps!” she declared. “I am thirty years young and can out fuck the lot of you. I’m here to fuck, eat cunts and cocks, whip and get whipped!” She said and sat down.”Well, Alteisha, succinctly stated,” said Lea. “Thank you for those introductions, ladies. Now that I know just a bit about each of you, we’ll continue. As you may know,” Lea continued, “each male has five major erogenous zones from which you may take your pleasure. They are his cock, balls, nipples, asshole and mouth. Each of these are designed to provide you with enjoyment. There is, however, a sixth zone, which will please you to the utmost, even as it causes Slaves pleasure mixed with pain.The sixth zone is their skin. The skin on their ass, legs, thighs, back, arms, hands feet, balls and cock. When you apply the whip, cane or paddle to these areas the pleasure is mostly yours, but with training the Slave also learns to be pleased through corrections of their behavior. We will deal more with corrections and disciplines later in your education. Today, I want you to become reacquainted with the five erogenous zones you once knew so well. I want each of you to come forward and fondle Jon’s cock, balls and nipples.”One by one the women approached Jon and fondled him. Jon’s cock had now become engorged with blood and was rock hard to their touch. He winced tenderly as they played with his balls, but all of them took extra care to avoid aggressive fondling. Mistress Lea bade them masturbate him and play with, or suck his nipples. Their hands and fingers felt good on Jon’s cock and chest. He especially liked it when they sucked and rubbed his nipples, or rolled them between their thumbs and forefingers. The ladies became excited as they played with him and he could see their cunts becoming wet with desire. One of the ladies, Ella, grasped his cock dropped to her knees and kissed the swollen cockhead. She licked over the cock head and behind the rim, then took it into her mouth and sucked it, while running her tongue all about the head. Suddenly she stopped and looked up at the other women watching her and exclaimed, “God that tastes good! I haven’t done that for so fucking long!””Don’t take all the goodies, Ella,” the Mistress told her. “The others need to get some too.” Mistress Lea sensed that the ladies sexual appetites were aroused enough to lead them into more adventurous territory. “It’s for the Slave to pleasure you until you are all completely sated, then perhaps, we may see to his needs.” She continued and commanded Jon to lay down on the bed. ” Ella, I want you to mount him and sit on his face.” She told the woman that had briefly sucked Jon’s cock. The woman, completely naked, mounted Jon’s face. The lust glowed vividly in her eyes, as she straddled Jon’s chest and pushed her wet cunt onto his waiting mouth. Jon began by running his tongue along each side of her outer cuntlips. She moaned in pleasure as he continued to lick and gently bite her cuntlips. He reached up and started to rub and tweak her nipples, which had become hard and protruded outward nearly a half an inch. He parted her cuntlips with his tongue and ran it several times the full length of her cunt, but avoided her swelling clitoris. Ella ground her sex into his mouth trying to get him to place his tongue on her clit. The more she would gyrate to force him onto her clit, the more Jon avoided it. “Suck my clit, god damn you!” she cried, as her gyrations continued. Jon persisted in building her desire, by sucking at her labia and avoiding her fully swollen clitoris. An ever so slight nod from the Mistress told Jon to go after her clit and he obeyed, instantly.The moment his tongue flicked across her clit, she groaned loudly and grasped his head pulling him hard against her cunt. Her eyes rolled in their sockets and she closed her eyelids to privately enjoy the pleasure of his tongue on her throbbing clitoris. She swayed with his servicing rhythm and strained to avoid coming, thus enjoying the pleasure all the more. The others watching, were beginning to feel their cunts getting wetter and aching for the same service being administered to Ella. Mistress Lea read their minds, as she too felt a pang of desire, watching Ella receive her pleasure. “Ladies, help yourselves!” As she guided one of the ladies to her knees and gently pushed her face into the crotch of another. “Don’t deny yourselves. This why you’re here. Do it now” she commanded. The two women she had joined together quickly disrobed and fell to the floor. The one on her back swiftly pulled her classmate’s head onto her cunt. Without further instruction, her lover thrust a tongue into the waiting and throbbing cunt.The others began to couple and fondle each other’s sex. Some dropped to their knees to suck the cunt offered them. Others lay down and inverted themselves into the sixty-nine position to mutually enjoy sucking each other’s cunts. One woman was left without a partner. Mistress Lea felt sorry for her and motioned her to come to her. She guided the woman to her knees and selflessly permitted her to worship and suck, her wet cunt. The Mistress looked about the room at the women sucking each other’s cunts and tits. The woman on Jon’s mouth was nearing climax, and she exploded in a mind rendering orgasm, punctuated by her screams, as she savored her first great cum in years. The others were joining her in climaxing from the tongues lapping at their clitorises. The ladies continued to pleasure one another to multiple orgasms, including the one riding Jon’s face. Lea too enjoyed several orgasms from her pupil dutifully sucking at her clitoris. She was pleased at her pupil’s accomplishments and applauded them. All had come except the lady sucking her cunt. Lea laid her down and directed each of the ladies to put their tongues on her clitoris until each of them made her cum. ” See,” she told the reclining woman, “I’ve saved the best for last! You get to enjoy them all.” The woman smiled her thanks, threw her head back and enjoyed the first of many orgasms.When all the ladies had been satisfied, Mistress Lea returned them to their seats. “Now that you have been reacquainted with lust and pleasure, it’s time to move on to newer pleasures. One of you tasted our male Slave for just a few moments,” she reminded them, “now it’s time, among other things, for each of you to suck this magnificent cock we have at our disposal.” She took Jon by his cock and roughly pulled him to a standing position. She placed two pedestals about a yard apart and locked them into place on the stage. Jon was ordered to stand with a foot on each pedestal. Next, she lowered a chain from the ceiling and clasped Jon’s wrists into the leather restraints attached to the chain. She tested the restraints and was satisfied that Jon could not escape, and pulled the chain taut, until Jon was fully extended with a foot on each pedestal. Mistress Lea then tightly fastened Jon’s ankles to the pedestals. Jon lowered his head to accommodate his Mistress, knowing that a gag would come next. Lea sneered slightly as she acknowledged Jon’s submission and abject helplessness. She placed a ball gag on his mouth and fastened the buckle tightly behind his head. Now, Jon could not cry out, but only groan, moan and endure the torments, and pleasures, to come.”Novices,” began Mistress Lea, “we have before us our miserable Slave who exists, and is here solely, to serve us for our pleasure. The Slave is totally helpless. Although we will visit many torments on his body, rest assured that he craves the pain and lust we shall provide him. He has suffered much today, at the hands of another Mistress, yet he has more discipline and corrections to receive. Intertwined with the torments, will be pleasures, which both he and we, shall enjoy. “You may pity him, if you must, but be assured he is here to receive these corrections and disciplines of his own free will.” She reached out to clasp his balls cruelly in her hand. “Yes,” she continued, “these male ornaments have been administered to and are visibly sore, but no matter, they shall ache much more before we are pleased and satisfied.” Jon winced with pain as Lea squeezed and twisted his balls while smiling at both his torment, and her students.” First, he is not to cum until I wish him to!” she declared. “We will bring him to the brink of cumming an infinite number of times before I consent, if at all, to his miserable orgasm. His coming,” she explained, “is incidental. Our coming is the only priority! If he comes it is only for our pleasure, not his!”Lea brought her pupils onto the stage and formed them in a semi-circle behind Jon. She pulled apart Jon’s asscheeks, revealing his wrinkled pinkish brown asshole. Instinctively Jon drew his asshole in tight for just a second, then relaxed submissively to await his fate. Lea told two of the ladies to each pull open and hold an asscheek, so she may gain access to Jon’s rear orifice. They readily complied and eagerly awaited their Mistress’s next action. Lea produced a long thick, strong rubber band. She tied a knot in the rubber band and placed one end of the rubber band on Jon’s asshole. Lea stretched the other end back as far as it would go, smiled wickedly at her pupils and released it to smartly strike Jon’s asshole. He groaned in pain as it stung his asshole and braced for the next assault he knew was coming. Lea drew back and released the band again and again, raining stinging blows unmercifully on Jon’s asshole. She continued as the moans streamed forth from her gagged victim. When tears began to roll down her Slaves cheeks she stopped and grinned with satisfaction at her handiwork. Her pupils applauded as Jon hung painfully from his restraints.”There was no specific reason for my beating his asshole with this rubber band,” Lea explained, “I just thought of it and wanted to do it, so I did! It was not a planned part of this session. But that is a great part of the pleasure for both the Slave and myself. Not knowing what comes next, only that it will bring pain, but also bring pleasure.” The Mistress opened a cabinet at the rear of the stage and withdrew a leather dildo butt plug.It was about ten inches in length and nearly two and a half inches in diameter. “Guess where this will go, ladies.” She said as she began to rub the phallic object with a perfumed lubricant. When she was satisfied with the state of lubrication on the dildo, she placed the tip gently at Jon’s asshole, paused a moment for effect, then cruelly drove the instrument deep into Jon’s asshole. He groaned and winced with both pain and pleasure. “Whatever you might think,” she told the ladies, “he really likes this butt plug phallus. In fact he wears it often while he is here at this facility each weekend.”Lea separated the Novices in pairs and instructed them on how each of them would suck Jon’s cock, play with his balls and tweak and twist his nipples, while preventing him from cumming. Those not servicing Jon would service one another, and she encouraged to cum. “Florence, on your knees before the Slave.” Commanded Lea. “Play roughly with his balls while you suck his miserable root.” Alteisha was assigned to lick, suck, tweak, bite and twist his nipples. Alteisha fell eagerly to her task. Florence knelt uneasily in front of the massive cock before her and seemed hesitant to begin. Under Lea’s understanding insistence she opened wide and received the huge cockhead into her mouth. Instantly she relished placing her tongue on its smooth and satiny surface. The cocks’ musk was fragrant and overpowering her with desire. She ran her tongue over and around the cockhead and wanted eagerly to envelop it all. Florence grasped his swollen balls and tickled and squeezed them harshly. Florence marveled at how wonderful it felt to provide such obvious pleasure to her bound Slave, yet with a squeeze here and a bite there, also cause such humiliating pain. Jon writhed under the ministrations of both women sexually m*****ing, pleasing and tormenting his nipples, cock and balls. Florence, was prodded by Lea and her classmates to deep throat Jon’s cock, but try as she might, the cock was too massive to easily fit down her throat. Jon’s could feel his juices stirring deep in his balls, and strain to be released into the majestic staff of his aching cock. He wanted desperately to cum, but knew full well that he must pace himself, to avoid embarrassing his Mistress by coming too soon, thus revealing a flaw in his training. He steeled himself to the task of avoiding an orgasm through trying to discipline his mind to ignore the sucking. His nipples were joyfully receiving both the pain and pleasure of Alteisha’s mouth and fingers. They constantly sent signals to his cock to explode cum throughout Florence’s mouth, but he fought hard against releasing his thick milky fluids. His gyrations and moans evidenced to his Mistress that her pupils were performing excellently, their oral and manual stimulation. Lea was visibly pleased at their efforts and ordered them to switch places and continue bestowing their services on the Slave.The others had paired and were raptly engaged in masturbating, finger fucking or sucking each other’s cunts and tits. Alteisha had taken Jon entirely into her throat. She sucked and licked his cock until he was sure he would explode in a sea of cum. “Not that easy, you wimpy piece of shit!” Alteisha taunted Jon, as she relented from her fierce assault on the massive cock in her mouth. “Momma did not say ‘Ratty-ass Slave could cum!’ You best tighten your ass and cut that cum off!” She taunted and twisted his sore and aching balls until he screamed into the ball gag. He fought against the mounting desire to spray her mouth with his salty, creamy cum. Her tongue redoubled its efforts on his cock and Florence’s expert rubbing and tweaking was arousing his nipples again. “Enough.” Commanded Mistress Lea. ” Dixie, you and Myrna take your turns now, and spare him nothing!” Eagerly the women assumed their tasking with relish. Jon’s cock strained to cum under the exquisite torment of their tongues and fingers. Lea marveled admirably at her Slaves’ stoic discipline in preventing himself from cumming.. He withstood and endured the intensely pleasurable oral ministrations, as each pair of women took their turns at his massive cock and sensitive nipples. The Novices did their best to cause him to cum prematurely, but to no avail. He endured, and when Lea told the last pair to stop he was mentally relieved, even though his cock strained to spray his semen explosively out of his balls. “I’m happy for you, Slave.” Lea told him. “Your self control has been well demonstrated, proving the value of your training, —and, saving you much pain in avoiding the discipline you surely would have received, had you failed me by cumming!” Jon eyes transmitted his ‘thank you’ as the ball gag prevented him from speaking. “Let this be a lesson to all of you Novices too, when your formal training as submissives begins, you too will be similarly tested!” Mistress Lea released the chains that held Jon’s hands over his head and allowed him to lower his arms. She unshackled his wrist and ankle restraints from the overhead chain and the pedestals. He could feel his aching muscles restore themselves, as the blood rushed in to relieve the numbness in his body brought about by his bonds. Lea led him to the bed and spread-eagled him. She attached the wrist and ankle restraints to the steel rings in the head and footboard provided for this purpose. Next, she drew a leather device from the cabinet and held it up for her pupils to view. The device had straps, buckles and Velcro clasps attached to it. Lea placed the device under Jon’s balls and pulled the straps tightly into place, closed the Velcro clasps and tightly buckled the straps. “This is to restrain his cock and balls.” She explained. “The device tightly separates and restrains his balls. It also forms a very tight ring around the base of his cock to prevent him from cumming, even if he could not restrain himself through the discipline of his training.” Jon’s massive cock stood erect and rock hard as Lea fondled it while continuing to instruct her students. “This device will please all of us who desire to fuck and cum in multiples. He cannot ‘lose’ his hardon, thus we may fuck ourselves to our hearts desire.” Lea advised them. “Yes, he may get sore and his cock may ache from friction, but who cares? Most important, is the fact that it will stay hard and pleasure us, as long as we want. Each of you will have the opportunity to mount this massive cock, and fuck. to multiple orgasms. The only rule is that you may only cum three times before you must dismount, and take your place at the end of the line, while your classmates complete their turns. Ruth, you have the first turn. Enjoy.” Eagerly Ruth got on the bed and gazed down at Jon, neatly shackled and gagged. Her cunt was still wet from her turn at sucking his cock. Ruth knelt down and spread her knees on either side of Jon’s hips. She opened her cuntlips and guided Jon’s cockhead to her sex. She moaned with pleasure as she descended onto the massive cock, taking it fully inside her with a single downward thrust of her body. Her hands immediately grasped her tits. She kneaded them and pulled hard at her nipples as she began to rise and fall on the cock that stretched her cunt to its fullest. Ruth threw her head back and was enraptured with the marvelous feeling filling her cunt. She could sense that her orgasm would soon follow her gyrations on the massive cock she was fucking. Within a few minutes she began to sigh and groan while accelerating entering and withdrawing the marvelous piston-cock in her cunt. Suddenly she screamed loudly, as her first orgasm shuddered through her body to the root of her soul. She could feel her cunt cumming and contracting strongly again and again about the wonderful cock fucking her. Her orgasm seemed to last for several minutes even though in reality it was only a few seconds. Ruth continued cumming without stopping her up and down fucking of Jon’s cock. As her first orgasm subsided, Ruth enthusiastically resumed her efforts towards a repeat performance. She paused momentarily to get her knees out from under herself and thrust her legs forward, thus bringing the full weight of her upper body down on Jon, impaling herself fully on his massive cock. She gasped, as she felt the cock fill her cunt completely and strain at her cervix until it finally entered. Ruth resumed her gyrations and grasped the headboard to help her lift herself up slightly before plunging down deeply again onto the cock impaling her cunt. She felt the cock shaft rubbing against her clit, beginning to awaken her quest for another orgasm. Eagerly she fucked the wonderful cock with renewed desire and rolled her head with pleasure. She smiled briefly at her classmates and Mistress Lea, while continuing her fucking Jon’s cock. Finally she bit her lip and cried out as she exploded in another enormous orgasm. Momentarily, the orgasm caused her to nearly faint. Ruth rolled her body forward and limply swayed slightly from side to side from the impact of her mind numbing orgasm. She would have fallen over except for her outstretched legs and the rock hard cock embedded deep in her cunt. Jon’s cock was literally holding her up and in place. Mistress Lea led the applause from Ruth’s classmates at her excellent performance. Ruth could not speak coherently, as her sighs and moans underscored the unbelievably wondrous fucking she had just given herself. She wearily pulled herself off of Jon’s cock and dragged her body off the bed, trying to catch her breath. She raised her head and smiled saying, “I’ll take my place at the end of the line now and recuperate for my next turn.” Lea led Ruth to a chair, as June impatiently climbed onto the bed and took her turn to sit on the still rock hard cock. June took it full into her cunt and half-sneered at Jon as he strained under the urge to cum. Although his cock felt that it would explode, the cockring held his cumming in check. His mind roiled under the knowledge that he still had at least six more cunts to satisfy. He closed his eyes at the pleasure being visited upon his cock and thrust his hips up hard to bring the climax quickly to June’s loins, but to no avail, as she was determined to take her time and fully enjoy her fucking.Jon felt as though he could take no more of their fucking without erupting. Each time he got close to cumming, the cock ring precluded him from achieving orgasm. Patiently, he resigned himself to his fate as June finished, only to be followed in turn by Trixie, Ella, Myrna, Dixie and Florence. Alteisha was to be last, but she let Ruth re-enter the line and go before her. Ruth once again impaled herself on Jon’s cock and fucked him until she came hard again. She dismounted and smiled to Alteisha to take her turn.Alteisha lost no time in mounting the rock hard erection presented to her. With one motion she mounted Jon and enveloped his cock, burying it deep into her shaven cunt. She fucked him for nearly ten minutes until her heavy breathing signaled the beginning of her first orgasm. Alteisha hung her head down and closed her eyes tightly to receive her first explosive cum. She gritted her teeth and groaned as she relished every delectable second of her long orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, she rose up and turned her back to Jon’s face and remounted his throbbing cock. Again she rose and fell on the delightfully huge shaft, while rhythmically swaying her head as she rode him. Her moans of joy bore witness to the pleasure she was extracting from the massive cock inserted backward in her cunt. Once more she exploded in an unimaginably intense orgasm, as her cunt clasped tightly about the cock, and seemed to suck it deeper inside her. When her second orgasm passed into oblivion, Alteisha rose up to remove the throbbing cock from her cunt. She suspended her pussy over it and quickly turned to face Jon once more. She reached back to her cunt and brought forth her cunt juice soaked fingers. With a single motion she rubbed the cunt juices onto her backside and plunged Jon’s cock deep into her asshole. Alteisha screamed with delight as she fucked herself in the ass with the huge cock. She began to finger her clit as she rode him hard for several minutes that seemed like an eternity to both Jon and the others. Soon she exploded into a raging orgasm that seemed to continue as long as she rubbed her clit. The added joy of her asshole closing about Jon’s cock with each spasm of her orgasm drove Alteisha to nearly pass out from sheer pleasure. She looked down at Jon and smiled a smile of complete satisfaction. Rising to extract the massive cock from her ass, Alteisha whispered, “Thank you,” to Mistress Lea, as she dismounted to the applause of her Mistress and classmates.”Mistress?” asked Florence, “Won’t you take your turn as well?” Lea was, at first, startled by the question. She turned to look long and hard at the magnificent hardon and turned back to the women with a smile.”Why not.” she declared. “There’s no reason to deny myself, is there?” She quickly removed her leather boots and teddy to reveal a magnificent set of tits topped by pert and upright nipples. Her cunt was shaved smooth clearly showing her extended and wet labia that surrounded her engorged clit. Lea mounted her Slaves’ hips and reached out to remove the ball gag from Jon’s mouth. She covered her lips with her finger indicating to Jon not to speak. Her hands guided the huge cock to her cunt and sighed breathlessly as she sat down ramming the massive hard cock completely into her sex. Slowly she rocked back and forth deeply seating the cock to her liking, and began to fuck the great instrument of her pleasure. She alternately played with both her own and Jon’s nipples as she continued her fucking. Her face was radiant with the ecstasy she was receiving, and causing, with her fucking. She moaned with pleasure, as she exploded into an orgasm that seemed to rattle her basic being. Lea breathed heavily as her cum subsided.She rose up slightly and removed the cock and ball device from Jon’s genitals and tossed it aside. “Come inside me when I come again.” She said to Jon as she resumed fucking him. Lea lay forward over her Slave bringing her tits to his face with each down stroke. Jon would reach out and grasp her nipple with his lips each time she brought herself forward. Lea quickly realized what Jon was trying to do and began to pause momentarily, with each down stroke, to let him suck the nipple into his mouth and lick it. Lea’s students decided to help their Mistress enjoy her turn at satisfaction. Ella hopped onto the bed behind her, lay down on her back and placed her face and head under Lea’s ass. With each down stroke Ella would tongue Lea’s asshole. June and Myrna each captured one of Lea’s tits away from Jon and sucked fiercely on her nipples as she fucked Jon’s cock. Dixie and Trixie tried to alternate their tongues on Lea’s clit with some moderate success. Florence mounted the bed and sat her cunt on Jon’s mouth while facing Lea. Alteisha Grasped Lea’s face and buried her tongue in her mouth showering her with passionate kisses. The rest of the women fingered and masturbated their cunts in rhythm with Lea’s fucking movements.Lea fought hard against cumming. The multiple raptures being visited upon her, felt so wonderful that she did not want them to stop. She felt faint as she moaned and sighed in ecstasy. Suddenly, she could not withhold her cum. Her cunt throbbed, clenched and clasped the massive cock within her, and she exploded in orgasm. She continued to meet each upward thrust of Jon’s cock, with a downward thrust of her own. Her senses reeled as waves of orgasm concentrated within her cunt. Her mind and clit had reached the apex of her ability to withstand the pleasurable onslaught. As Lea cried out that she was near to fainting, Jon’s cock erupted in an enormous expulsion of thick creamy semen, ejected upward and deep into Lea’s cunt coinciding with her down stroke. They both screamed their pleasure as the ejected hot cum struck the interior walls of Lea’s cunt causing her to orgasm again. She shuddered, shook and nearly fainted from the magnificent feeling surrounding her clit, extending deep into her cunt. Volumes of Jon’s cum erupted into the clasping grasping cunt that engulfed his erupting cock. Never had Lea felt so utterly full of cum.Lea emerged from her orgasm gasping to catch her breath. She threw her head back to relish the subsiding after-comes bursting forth with each of her movements. Jon’s throbbing cock violently vented his creamy frothy cum deep into her cunt. Lea held still for several seconds, collected herself and grasped her cunt at the root of Jon’s cock. She waited until the huge cock slowly became flaccid and was spurting no more.Grasping her cuntlips with her fingers as tightly as she could, Lea rose up to withdraw the limp cock and held closed the lips of her cunt. Thick, pearly cum covered Jon’s cockhead. Lea crawled on her knees to hover her cunt over Jon’s mouth. Slightly, she released her fingers from her cuntlips, allowing some of Jon’s come to dribble on his lips. She brushed the come all over his lips with her cuntlips. Jon licked his lips and took the semen into his mouth. Slowly Lea spread her cuntlips sufficiently to allow a large globule of creamy semen to flow out and drop onto Jon’s mouth. Again Jon’s tongue willingly gathered the offering and swallowed his fluid. He opened his mouth and awaited the avalanche of semen that he knew would flow like lava from the cunt poised above his mouth. Lea hesitated, but did not disappoint him, as she fully opened her cuntlips, squeezed the muscles of her sex and descended her cunt, surrounding and capturing his mouth. The cum cascaded in a slow river of creamy pearly fluid flowing from her cunt into his mouth, flooding his lips and tongue as it descended towards his throat. Eagerly Jon accepted Lea’s offering and swallowed his cum while sucking at her cunt for more. Again Lea did not disappoint him and squeezed all the remaining cum out of her cunt in one great effort, relishing Jon’s tongue as it brushed her clit, gathered the cum and gave her yet another mini-cum. Satisfied, Lea dismounted to the cheers and applause of her students.Florence’s eyes roamed over Jon’s exhausted body and came to rest on his flaccid cum covered cock resting on his thigh. She grasped his cock in her fingers and swiftly licked it clean, relishing the taste of his come. “Well ladies,” Said Lea composing herself as she dressed, “Lets adjourn for lunch shall we? Except for Slave Jon who’s already eaten.” They laughed at Lea’s remark, as they put on their robes and prepared to leave the small auditorium. “Of course Florence did get an appetizer too.” Lea concluded laughingly. The women congratulated each other, and especially Florence for her thoroughness, as they left the lecture room leaving Jon still bound to bed. Florence looked puzzled as she glanced at Jon then back to Lea. “Don’t concern yourself with a Slave.” Lea told her. “He served us perfectly well and that’s what Slaves are for. Let’s think of lunch now.” Jon was exhausted and was falling asleep even as they were leaving the chamber.A Slave gently shook Jon’s shoulder to awaken him. He felt his wrists and ankles being released from their constraints. Jon rose to a sitting position on the edge of the bed and rubbed his sore wrists. His fellow Slave, taking pity, rubbed Jon’s ankles to restore the circulation. “Is it night?” Jon asked.”Nearly dusk,” the Slave responded. “You should hurry, for the ceremonies will start soon after dark.””Yes,” replied Jon. “I mustn’t be late for the ceremonies!” He pulled his robe about him and accepted help from his companion Slave to rise and leave the room to prepare himself for the evenings activities.Mistress Lea guided her pupils into the antechamber of the Great Hall. They had just come from their baths and had donned clean white robes. As Novices, they were to wait until all the Masters and Mistresses had entered the Great Hall and had taken their places. Lea had told them that the ceremonies could only start when the Grand Master arrived and took his place on the throne. The Masters and Mistresses ignored the Novices, as they began arriving. Even their original sponsors ignored them. Lea smiled a reassurance to them, as if to say that everything was all right, and not to be concerned. The Masters and Mistresses were dressed in red satin robes that fell to the floor. They talked softly with one another as they entered the Great Hall or mingled about in the antechamber.Three bells, similar to dinner chimes, rang out announcing the arrival of the Grand Master in the Great Hall. The Novices looked about to catch a glimpse of the Grand Master, but Lea whispered that he had entered through a private entrance reserved for the Grand Master and his entourage. All of the Masters and Mistresses entered, save Lea, who stood at the antechamber with the Novices. “Wait here until I come for you. Stand still and do not speak, or even whisper,” said Lea, as she too entered the Great Hall closing the huge oak door behind her.Inside, the Members, as the assembled Masters and Mistresses were collectively known, sat on a three-tiered semicircle with the Grand Master at the center, seated on the large ‘Phallic Throne’. The throne was shaped in the form of an enormous upright phallus with huge testicles on either side that served as both seat and arm rests. There were no seats behind him nor in front, thereby acknowledging his superior position.The Grand Master wore a black leather hood, which covered his face, except for the tip of his nose and his mouth. A black and red satin cape was d****d over his shoulders, partially covering his nearly complete nakedness, save for a black leather G- string that covered his genitals. At either side of the Grand Master were two Mistresses sitting or lying at his feet. They were naked under their robes, which were partially d****d over them, yet open enough to see their naked bodies.The lighting in the Great Hall obscured the Grand Master’s upper body from a clear view, presenting a mystical aura over his presence. In the center of the Hall was a raised circular stage. It was a rotating stage, which could also be raised higher if necessary. The stage was flood lighted so that the spectators could see the performers on the stage very well, but the persons on stage could only see shadowy figures seated about them. It heightened the anxieties of anyone who might be on stage. The Grand Master motioned to Mistress Lea and she stepped onto the stage. Her robe was open revealing her splendid uplifted tits, a golden ring through each nipple and her shaven cunt, with a tiny silver bell suspended from a ring in her cuntlips.”Grand Master, Masters and Mistresses,” She began, “Tonight I am presenting eight female Novices to be initiated into our Order. They have been sponsored by Members true, and in good standing. I have overseen their initial orientation training, including a initial Slave session, which was concluded this afternoon. Each of the Novices appears, to this point, to have the necessary traits and characteristics to eventually become a quality Slave, or a thriving Mistress, to bolster and ingratiate our Order.”They appear to be mature Novitiates. This was done, Sir, at your direction, to find Novitiates who would bring not only lust to our order, but wisdom as well. I think that these women well fill your specifications and will become quality Slaves and perhaps Mistresses.” She paused and hearing no contradiction continued. “I shall now, with your permission Grand Master, escort the Novices into your magnificent presence.” The Grand Master nodded his approval and Lea moved quickly to the door to retrieve her charges.Mistress Lea moved behind each Novice and one by one, she pushed the white hood off their heads, and blindfolded each of them. In single file Lea led the Novitiates into the Great Hall. She had them mount the stage and stand facing the assembled Members. Lea took her seat near the Grand Master, at his feet. The Novices were all nervous. They wondered what was in store for them, in the presence of the assembled Members and the Grand Master.They could feel their hearts beating rapidly and their palms were clammy. They could hear and sense someone on the stage with them. A male Helper moved a post onto the stage and locked it in place at the edge facing the Grand Master. The post had multiple steel rings attached to it at various levels and was topped by a set of leather wrist restraints. The stage contained many steel rings that folded into the floor.A deep voice boomed and reverberated throughout the Great Hall with a medieval flavor to its sound. “This day, — you Novitiates, — will be initiated into ‘The Order of the Marquis’. No request of the Order will be denied, no command or desire demanded of you, will go unfulfilled, and — the only privilege permitted you, is obedience without question! None of you will be permitted to withdraw from this initiation. You have gone beyond the point of no return.”You will endure all that is planned for you this day. You may cry out, but the planned activity will not cease because of your cries or screams. Your blindfolds will be kept in place until the initial individual ceremony is completed. You may not speak unless given permission to do so.” The voice paused for effect then declared, “Let the ceremonies begin!”From a sequence predetermined by Lea, the timid Florence was selected and brought to the post. She was shuddering from apprehension, mixed with fear, of what might happen. She felt ashamed when her robe was removed and she stood naked before all the Members. She had never been naked in front of men, other than her previous boyfriend and the Slave Jon, this afternoon. Now she could not even see the many people who were viewing her nakedness. She blushed behind her blindfold and her blush brought a murmur of admiration from the Members. The Helpers quickly bound her wrists to the restraints overhead. Other restraints were placed about her ankles and made fast to the rings in the stage. She was completely helpless!”This is Florence,” Lea began, “She has been selected first because of her shyness, which has already found favor with nearly all of you. I’m sure you will be pleased with her.” Lea called out to another Mistress to come to the stage and start the proceedings.”Florence,” said Lea, “This is Mistress Lynette. She and her Helpers will attend to you and the others.” Mistress Lea returned to her place at the Grand Masters feet and smiled at her Mistress companions, who were fondling the Grand Master under his G sting and rubbing his nipples.Mistress Lynette was the complete Masturbitrix, and she initiated her art immediately on Florence’s cunt. She rubbed Florence’s sex while the Helpers began to rub her nipples and fondle her tits. Lynette clasped Florence’s clit between her cuntlips and began to roll them over her clit between her thumb and forefinger. The Helpers did the same to her nipples. The passion was quickly rising in Florence, as she strained and writhed at the marvelous feelings visited on her tits and cunt. She knew she would cum if they continued and it did not seem to her that they intended to stop.She loved every moment of her sexual anguish. The Helpers began to squeeze and pull hard on her nipples, as they pinched, twisted and stretched them. It was painful, but it also felt good, and she wished that they would continue. Her wishes were granted. Her cunt was sopping wet and her juices were flowing down her legs. Florence was uncomfortable with this and blushed even more, which again pleased the Members.Mistress Lynette was quickly bringing Florence towards orgasm with the magnificent rolling of her clit wrapped inside the folds of her cuntlips. The Helpers pinched down hard on her nipples, twisted and pulled them to their full extremity, and she knew the orgasm was upon her. Suddenly Florence exploded in a sea of cum that kept building as her clit continued to receive the manipulations. Florence had never cum as hard as this. She screamed for joy and, without warning, her joyful screams were suddenly changed to screams of indescribable pain at each of her nipples. Florence had never known such splitting pain as she now felt in her nipples. She groaned as her orgasm subsided, but her nipples blazed like fire, with a burning pain that lingered, even as her orgasm ended.The Helpers release her nipples, but they still hurt and she had no idea why. Florence, exhausted, hung from her wrist restraints with her chin on her chest, looking down, trying to recover, when her blindfold was removed. She looked at her aching nipples and saw a gold ring neatly implanted in each one. Wearily, she looked at Mistress Lynette, who smiled sweetly at her, kissed her on each cheek and on each of her nipples. Hugging Florence, Mistress Lynette hung a small lead weight on each nipple ring, which pulled the nipple downward and increased the pain. “Sometime soon, Florence, someone will pierce your pretty little cuntlips too, and hang a little silver bell there.” Whispered Lynette, so that only Florence could hear her.The other Novices were frightened and confused by the sounds that they had heard. Each one now knew that a similar painful fate awaited them, but not knowing what it was, served to heighten their fear and anxiety. Florence’s restraints were removed and her blindfold replaced over her eyes. The Helpers assisted her to return to her former place on the stage. Myrna was introduced next and the ritual was replayed. She too climaxed in a shuddering orgasm, only to have the pleasure interrupted by the searing pain of her nipples being pierced and ringed without a warning or her knowledge.One by one the Novitiates were led to the post, bound, fondled, masturbated to orgasm and pierced through their nipples! Alteisha screamed the loudest, and the twins whimpered the longest, after their screaming ended. Soon all eight of them stood naked, uncertain, nipples aching from the piercing and the lead weights hanging from the rings implanted in them. Mistress Lea mounted the stage and dabbed each pierced nipple with a stinging disinfectant. She took obvious pleasure at their discomfort. The Members gave the initiates a resounding round of applause to celebrate their piercing.The post was moved to the center of the revolving stage and locked in place. The Helpers bound each Novice’s ankles together and fastened them to a ring on the post. Each wrist was placed in a leather restraint, with a three-foot chain attached to the restraint, and the other end attached to the post. The Helpers arranged them in a circle, facing outward, about the post. Each Novice’s shoulders were pushed forward thus suspending their bodies outward, with their arms extended backward toward the post.This caused them to lean out at an angle over the edge of the stage with their tits jiggling freely and pointing down. The abrupt stop of their bodies caused the lead weights on their nipples rings to pull harshly at their nipples, bringing increased groans of stinging pain. Mistress Lea asked that the Member that sponsored each Novice step forward to stand in front of the woman they had sponsored. Each of the Members carried a small leather bound paddle.”Begin!” commanded Lea, and the Members struck each suspended tit of their Novice with the leather paddle. The paddles striking their tits, combined with the swinging of the lead weights on each nipple ring, caused searing pain to each Novice. The stage began to slowly rotate bringing each Novice within striking distance of the next Member. Their tits were struck again and again as the slapping paddles landed full on their targets. The Novices cried out, screamed, groaned and whimpered shamelessly from the pain visited on their tits. Trying to avoid the paddles only caused them to be struck on other areas of their bodies.The welts and bruises on their tits, shoulders and ribcages were turning shades of pink, red and purple. Crying out brought no relief as the paddles continued to fall mercilessly on their protruding tits. Their ordeal continued for several minutes, which seemed like hours to the Novices, until Lea ordered the punishment to stop. The women’s tears were flowing freely as their heads hung down. Their tits were nearly numb from the pain of the paddles, except for the pain at their nipples, which would not diminish.The Helpers brought each Novice upright and released them from the post. The wrist restraints were locked together and the Novices were made to kneel down facing the post. Studded collars with rings were placed on their necks and the collars were attached to the floor rings on the stage. Their legs were brought underneath their bodies and spread wide exposing their assholes, cunts and clits. Leather straps were placed over the back of their knees and bound to the stage. Their ankle restraints were similarly attached to rings in the stage. Now they were, again, completely helpless. Their asses were elevated and asscheeks spread wide.The Helpers brought forth a soft skinned plastic dildo vibrator for each Novice. These dildos were thick and long with a nub that protruded at the base of the device. The dildos were inserted into the already wet cunts with the protrusion resting on each Novice’s clitoris. The dildos were made fast to each body by a set of fine stainless steel chains that surrounded their waists and looped through a ring on the base of the dildo. The battery powered vibrator dildos were turned on, causing their wearers to gyrate with as much pleasure, as their restraints would permit.The Novices reveled in the pleasure visited on their clits and cunts by the vibrator dildos. At random they would sigh and moan, as they would cum from the joy and pleasure in their cunts. As they enjoyed the resonant vibrations on their clits and in their cunts, each sponsor Member was selecting a heavy rubber band from Mistress Lea’s treasure trove of Instruments of Discipline. The Novices soothing feelings were suddenly interrupted with stinging pain, as the rubber bands were stretched and released, to fling their terrible ravishment on the tender assholes presented to the assembled Membership. The Novices screamed again and again as the stabbing, stinging rubber bands impacted each asshole.The pain was nearly unbearable and was amplified by the knowledge in each Novice that they were bound, completely helpless and at the mercy, no not mercy, but disposal, of the Members. The rubber banding of their assholes seemed to go on forever. Their tears and screams brought them no relief, which finally came at Mistress Lea’s pronouncement of “Enough!” The Novices were crying and sobbing in their anguish from the discipline, wishing they could speak, but aware that speaking or asking them to stop would end forever their quest for membership in the order. They suffered as mutely as they could, while waiting for whatever would be next.Now, the sponsors selected a set of thicker, longer, leather covered dildos which they lubricated before roughly inserting the instruments into each of the Novice’s assholes. Each of the dildos was shaped like huge phallus, with a slight depression at the base of the shaft so that it might also function as a butt plug. The Novice’s sphincters closed in tight spasms about the dildos, in rhythm with the feeling in their cunts and clits created by the vibrator dildos, still buried and working, in their cunts. The sponsor Members permitted the pleasant sensations to continue for a few minutes, to allow the rubber band stinging to abate. They waited, strap paddles in hand, for the command to begin the next discipline.At Mistress Lea’s command the stage began to rotate again and the sound of leather swishing through the air filled the Novice’s ears. They shuddered as they realized what was about to happen. Myrna was in the throes of cumming, as the first blow landed across both cheeks of her ass. She screamed, but the sound was drowned out by the slaps of multiple leather straps pitilessly striking the proffered asses. The whippings continued as the stage rotated, giving each sponsor the opportunity to whip each Novice.The screaming, moaning and groaning resumed from the painful application of the straps to their asses. Some of the sponsor Members changed to the paddle end of their instruments and delivered hard and unrelentingly stinging strokes to the flesh proffered for their pleasure and amusement. Other Members aimed their strokes at the butt plugs and drove the dildos further into the aching assholes.The Novices were reeling from the pain of their asscheeks, mingled with the mounting desire in their cunts from the vibrators embedded in them. Ella, though screaming from the paddle and whip, felt the desire rise in her loins and she quieted, as she came from the pleasure she was receiving from the vibrating dildo. Her orgasm brought applause from the Grand Master and the other Members who were witnessing her ordeal. The others, one after another, reached glorious orgasms, orchestrated by the dual sensations of pain and pleasure.The twins, Dixie and Trixie, came more often, than the others. Trixie, was almost in a continuous state of orgasm and was enraptured by the spasms of her asshole closing around the butt plug each time she came. June was completely worn out and could only feel the paddle as background clutter, concentrating more intently on her orgasms. She no longer screamed, but moaned and sighed with each orgasm. Alteisha was nearly hoarse from screaming, as she fought the pain of the paddle. She would not easily give in to the Masters and Mistresses violating her body. Not even her frequent orgasms mellowed her to the point of yielding graciously to her tormentors.Alteisha’s unwillingness to surrender, though admirable, only served to redouble the efforts of the Members tormenting her. Finally, singled out by Mistress Lea, her sponsor was given a cat o’ nine tails, to administer the discipline. The cat o’ nine tails increased the pain by an order of magnitude, as the whip aggravated Alteisha’s asscheeks with deep red and purple welts.She fought the whip until finally her skin was broken and she bled, bringing her at last, into compliance. Alteisha’s tense muscles relaxed as she nearly fainted and simultaneously shuddered in a great orgasm deep within her cunt. The assembled Members applauded both Alteisha’s endurance and the Master who brought her to heel. “Well done Master Douglas!” Exclaimed the Grand Master followed by more applause.”Enough,” said Mistress Lea and the discipline ceased. Some of the Novices continued to cum from the pleasure in their cunts. All were breathing hard as they gasped at surviving this ordeal. The Helpers released the Novices and allowed to them catch their breath. The Novices lay on their bellies, avoiding rolling over onto their still painful asses. The Helpers applied ice cold towels to the Novices asses, which helped relieve the pain somewhat.Mistress Lea allowed them to lie on the stage while preparations were underway in the Great Hall. The Helpers had brought in straight and upholstered chairs, cushions, hassocks, small tables and large mattresses. The furnishings were strategically spread about the Great Hall and cool refreshments placed on the tables. The Masters and Mistresses rose from their seats, accepted glasses of their favorite beverages from the Helpers and engaged in small talk while they awaited the renewal of nights ceremonial activities.The Novices were ordered to assemble in the center of the Great Hall. Slowly, nursing their tender aching nipples and asses, they obeyed the directive. The Helpers removed the dildos from their cunts and assholes and collected them in a plastic bag for cleaning. The dim lights were turned up and the shadows now took shape. Mistress Lea stood with the Novices and all eyes now turned toward the Grand Master, as he stood at his elevated throne ready to address the assembly. “Masters and Mistresses,” He began, “Let us congratulate the sponsors for finding and bringing these Novices to Castleton, as prime candidates for the Order. They have successfully passed their first trials quite admirably. You were patient witnesses and have now earned your pleasures with each and any of the Novices here tonight.”The Grand Master removed his black leather hood and smiled at the Novices, as he and his entourage of three naked Mistresses left the room through the private door behind the throne. The Novices gasped as they recognized the Slave Jon as the Grand Master! Mistress Lea smiled and whispered to them, “Once each year the Grand Master must serve a weekend as a Slave.” The remaining Masters and Mistresses moved toward the Novices, in groups of three, four or five, and selected a Novice to serve them.Ella was taken by five women and immediately lowered to a cushion with the Mistresses sharing her body. One took Ella’s cunt to her mouth and hungrily licked her cuntlips and clitoris. Two others each claimed an aching nipple and sucked at them ferociously without removing either the nipple rings, nor the weights suspended from them. They moved Ella’s hands to their cunts and told her to masturbate them as they suckled her tits. The fourth sat upon Ella’s mouth and Ella immediately began to lick and suck her cunt. The fifth Mistress inserted a dildo in Ella’s asshole and fucked her with it, while licking at the cunt of the Mistress eating out Ella’s cunt.Other Novices were being fucked, by the Masters’, in their cunts and asses. Alteisha was being fucked simultaneously in both cunt and ass gaziantep escort bayan while sucking another Masters cock. A Mistress was squeezing her nipples, causing great pain to Alteisha, but she continued as if it was of no concern to her. Each of the other Novices enjoyed the same fate. The twins were much in demand as the Masters and Mistresses played with them. Soon the Masters began climaxing on or in the Novices at will. Even Ella was not spared. She was still with the five Mistresses however several of the Masters moved to her to ejaculate semen on her face and body.Florence was bathed in semen from many of the Masters, attracted to her as a result of her shyness. All of the Novices were cumming, fucking, sucking, being sucked or receiving deposits of semen all over them, as the orgy continued. Alteisha was being virtually ****d, as the Masters and Mistresses were particularly fierce with her, for her earlier attempt to fight the discipline she received. She, in turn, relished every minute of the sexual torments and pleasures she was receiving. June, Myrna and Ruth were passed around from Master to Mistress and back again. They were unaware of their previous pain, as the pleasure of the sex games filled them with desire, passion and orgasms. The three were in a state of nearly perpetual orgasm.They were d****d over the arms of chairs to be fucked in the ass, or in the cunt dog style. Some were fucked in both asshole and cunt at the same time. They sucked cocks, cunts, tits and licked assholes without knowing who they were pleasuring. Their minds were whirling with endless joy at the magnificent sexual arousal consuming their bodies.Some of the Masters and Mistresses were fond of biting their aching nipples and cuntlips. They would bite them clench their teeth then pull away creating both searing pain and endless pleasure to their cunts and tits. Alteisha felt a familiar thickening in her asshole and she turned to see the Grand Master, a.k.a. Jon, thrusting his massive cock deep into her ass. She clasped the mighty prick with her sphincter and fell into rhythm with his cock thrusts.Mistress Lea appeared, grasped Alteisha’s head and brought it to her cunt. It was wet and juicy with both come and Lea’s musk. Alteisha covered the cunt with her lips and thrust her tongue deep into Lea’s throbbing pussy. She worked her tongue in, out, up, down, over and onto the ridged clit, giving the little nub a nearly perpetual tongue rubbing, until Mistresses Lea cried out in orgasm, as she could endure no more of the wonderful tongue.Alteisha closed her teeth about the clit to capture the clit in her mouth and continued sucking and licking until Mistress Lea came again and again. Mistress Lea responded by grinding her cunt against Alteisha’s mouth to enjoy every second of her multiple orgasms. Finally Lea fell away exhausted and sank to the floor gasping for breath and smiling up at Alteisha still impaled on the Grand Masters pulsating shaft.He felt his cock stiffen even harder as the semen began to boil in his balls and seep slowly into the base of his cock. Alteisha knew that the Grand Master was nearing orgasm and she clamped down hard on her sphincter to deny him the pleasure for as long as possible. The massive cock started to throb and the thrusts became more frequent as they penetrated deeper into Alteisha’s ass. Finally the Grand Master could no longer resist and the sphincter could not restrain him further.An enormous eruption propelled huge volumes of thick, creamy semen deep into Alteisha’s ass. She filled with cum and could feel the thick frothy liquid straining to exit her asshole. As her sphincter spasmed and throbbed, little rivulets of come were expelled to run down Alteisha’s thigh. The Grand Master gathered up semen from her thigh with his fingers and offered it to Alteisha’s mouth. Eagerly she licked the come from his fingers and whispered exhaustedly for more. She was not denied.The orgy wound down slowly, as one by one the Masters and Mistresses became sated and took their leave. Soon the Great Hall was empty of the Members, save for Mistress Lea and the Helpers who were tidying up the room and furnishings. Lea called the Novices to her and arranged them in a semicircle at her feet. “You were splendid,” she told them. “I’m so pleased for you.”Lea continued, “All of you passed the Novitiate initiation and will start further training tomorrow afternoon. There are some rules that you must learn and you must obey them. More on that tomorrow. Now I will dismiss you and you may put on your robes and go to your rooms. You may shower first, if you choose. The Helpers will show you the way.” Lea smiled and left the Great Hall pulling on her satin robe as she walked. The Helpers dimmed the lights and escorted the ladies out of the Hall. Without speaking, the Helpers showed them each to their rooms, kissed them good night and exited closing the door behind them.The morning sunlight was streaming through the windows at Castleton. Helpers were busy knocking at the Novices doors, awakening them to the day’s activities. “Hurry, breakfast in fifteen minutes,” shouted a male helper, going from room to room with his announcement. Soon, the Novices, wearing white terrycloth robes and naked beneath them, were assembled in the hallway and led to the dining room.The dining room was brightly lit with few furnishings. A large oak table, that could seat perhaps thirty, if needed, chairs and a serving table against the wall. Servants appeared from the kitchen, placed food and drinks on the table and disappeared again. No one spoke during the morning meal. June opened her mouth, to speak, but a Helper put his finger on her lips and shook his head, indicating that no speech was permitted. Quietly they ate their food, drank the juice, tea or coffee offered them and waited.Mistress Lea entered the room and moved to the head of the table. She wore a white satin hooded robe with only her nipple rings and silver cuntlips bell, beneath it.”Good morning,” she began. “I trust you slept well. You may place additional disinfectant on your recently pierced nipples, and I strongly suggest that you do. You’ll find it on the table that held the breakfast foods.'”Ladies,” began Lea, “this is Mistress Lira. She will begin your instruction this morning hours and I will provide your afternoon training. The evenings are reserved for the Masters and Mistresses in the Great Hall. I leave you now to your lessons.”Lea departed, and all attention was riveted on Mistress Lira.Mistress Lira inspected each Novice’s nipples to see if any infection may be starting. Her manner was not gentle and the ladies all stifled a little moans as Lira grasped and twisted the rings to complete her inspection.”Good. No problems from the piercing. Here is a bottle of disinfectant and some cotton balls for your use. Rub the disinfectant into the ring holes to be sure they stay clean. Ignore the sting.”Mistress Lira covered the history of the Order of the Marquis. “It began long ago in England as a religious sect, which eventually became secular, as the emphasis focused on sexuality, corrections and discipline. The name of the Order is ‘Our Order of the Marquis’. Over the years the name was shortened, and now it is generally referred to as The Order.'”In the early twenties a very wealthy man was elected Grand Master. Castleton was the family dwelling of the Grand Master. He was the last of his lineage, with no heirs. He moved the Order to its permanent home here, at Castleton. This is the home of all elected Grand Masters or Mistress’s. Castleton may not be sold, nor partitioned. The Grand Masters live here in accord with the will and ownership passes to the next Grand Master/Mistress of the Order.””I will begin with the Rules of the Order. Any breech or infraction of the Rules automatically carries a penalty of correction, discipline or punishment. The Rules are few, but extremely important. Listen carefully.””First; request permission to speak.””Second; you will respond with, Yes Master, or Yes Mistress, to all commands.””Third; you will not cum, nor participate in activities that lead to orgasm, without permission.””Fourth; semen will never be wasted, it must always be consumed.””Fifth; you will be naked under your robe at all times.””These are the Rules. One would be wise to obey them. At times, other rules may be added as it pleases a Master or Mistress,” concluded Lira.Finally, Lira began the instruction of the arts of sexual pleasures practiced within the Order. “During the coming weeks you will be taught the arts of masturbation, fellatio, cunnilingus, sodomy, use of sexual aids, such as dildos and butt plugs, and the most pleasurable ways to fondle, kiss, lick, nurse and stimulate cocks, cunts, assholes, tits, nipples, lips and mouths. In class, you will practice your newly acquired arts on each other and, where necessary, with male or female Helpers. Occasionally, a Master or Mistress may visit and decide to participate in your training.”After lunch, the Novices assembled in Mistress Lea’s classroom. Lea began instructing them on the use of various instruments to administer correction, discipline or punishment. They were shown wrist and ankle restraints, neck collars, waistbands and all manner of chains, ropes, ball gags, cock sheaths, nipple clamps, butt plugs, dildos and other instruments or appliances. Their uses and method of application were explained. Next, Lea brought out an assortment of whips, straps, canes, switches, paddles and special devices such as cock rings, cock and ball restraints, and other genital torture devices.She described situations that required the use of the instruments and showed them how to apply the articles to a Slave, Helper or Novice. The Novices were taught the proper techniques that would prolong the pain and pleasure for both the receiver, and the provider, of the correction, discipline or punishment. To demonstrate and illustrate the lessons, Mistress Lea said she would use a male and female Helper that had broken the rules.Mistress Lea opened a curtain revealing two ‘X’ frames equipped with several restraints for wrists, ankles, necks and heads. She paused for effect, then summoned Helpers to bring in a male and female that would be ‘Corrected’ for rules violations. They were naked. Each was placed upon an ‘X’ frame and restrained securely by their wrists and ankles. Each was wearing a ball gag and the fear in their eyes was amply evident.”These two rogue Helpers are Helga and Michael, they were caught engaging in sexual activities without permission,” said Lea. “They were found naked, in the basement of the Carriage House engaged in an uncompleted act of mutual oral sex, a sixty nine, if you will,” she continued. “You ladies will provide the corrective actions necessary to ensure that such behavior will not happen again!””Michael swears that Helga was an unwilling participant, hence, he will receive the brunt of the Correction. Helga will receive a reminder that will help her to avoid getting into such compromising situations in the future. Although I’m not really sure that Helga was an unwilling participant, however I’ll take Michael’s word for it.”Lea picked up a small, two-inch wide, leather paddle whip. She stood next to Michael and fondled his now flaccid cock.”Myrna, please come here and service this worthless cock,” Lea commanded. Myrna rose swiftly, kneeled in front of Michael and took his cock into her mouth. She worked her tongue all over his velvety cockhead as Michael squirmed in his restraints. As his cock became fully erect, Lea moved Myrna away from the bound Helper.Michael’s eyes were closed, enjoying the pleasure of Myrna’s tongue, as Lea raised the paddle whip high in the air and delivered a cruel blow to the vulnerable cockhead. The Helper screamed in pain, as Mistress Lea harshly struck his cock again. She smiled at the Helpers discomfort and handed the whip to Myrna. “You may bestow five harsh strokes, Myrna, then pass the whip to the next Novice.” Lea told her.Myrna grinned as she took the whip and swung it hard against Michael’s cock. She applied all the five strokes to his cockhead and passed the whip on to Ella, to the accompaniment of Michael’s sobs and cries. Ella stung Michael’s cockshaft with five hard blows and gave the whip to Altiesha. She watched the throbbing cock swelling from the torments and she savagely struck him on his ball sack. The scream emitted from the Helper was blood curdling!He slumped in his restraints as Alteisha ravaged his exposed balls until they swelled and turned a deep purple shade. She passed the paddle to the next Novice who pummeled Michael’s cock and balls with her five strokes. One by one all the Novices took a turn whipping, beating and scourging Michael’s genitals until they were a swollen bleeding mass of purple flesh hanging between his legs. He hung his head and hung limply from his restraints, moaning sobbing and blubbering into his ball gag, barely conscious.Attention now turned to Helga, whimpering in her restraints at the expected ‘Correction’ she would soon receive. Lea reached out to gently rub Helga’s nipple, as she called Florence to come stand beside her. Helga’s whimpering, soon became moans of pleasure as Lea’s fingertips rubbed the sensitive nipple. As Helga closed her eyes to enjoy the delight at her nipple, Lea gripped the nipple tightly with her thumb and forefinger and pulled, twisted and pinched harshly at the tender flesh.Helga squealed with the pleasure/pain at her nipple and could feel her cunt becoming moist. Lea motioned for Florence to grasp both of Helga’s nipples and continue the torment. Florence grabbed the soft rosy nipples and continued pulling and twisting them harshly. Lea brought forth two five-foot chains with a grim clamp on each end. She placed the chains through a steel ring hanging down from a ceiling chain and fastened a clamp on each of Helga’s nipples, tightening them securely. Helga winced as the clamps bit into her nipples.Next, Lea attached the other clamps, tightly, to Michael’s nipples. She pulled the ceiling chain up until it was taut, pulling both Helga’s and Michael’s nipples brutally upward. Both Helpers groaned loudly from the pain at their nipples. Mistress Lea selected a two-inch wide leather strap and gave it to Florence. “You may award her five very hard strokes. One to each asscheek, one to each tit and a final blow upward into her cunt! Begin now!” Lea commanded.Florence struck at Helga’s asscheeks and she winced as her soft white skin turned a bright pink. Helga bucked and jerked as the blows landed, pulling the nipple chains savagely on both her and Michael’s nipples. Both screamed into their ball gags from the pain. Next, Florence struck hard blows on Helga’s tits and watched excitedly as the Helpers nipple clamps pulled and bit brutally on both their nipples. Tears ran freely from the Helpers eyes, as the pain became nearly unbearable. Florence took aim at Helga’s soft, tender cunt and struck upward, brutalizing the girls’ cuntlips and swollen clit.The strap was passed on to the next Novice and Helga’s ‘correction’ was resumed. Again and again the cruel strap pummeled the girls’ asscheeks, tits, cunt and clit. Helga’s tits and genitals were becoming a deep crimson shade from the beating they were receiving. Both Michael’s, and Helga’s, nipples were bruised, scratched and bleeding from the jerking nipple clamps, as the girl bucked with each stroke of the strap. Both of the Helpers were crying openly as they moaned and sobbed in pain from their ‘Correction’.The last of the Novices finished with Helga’s ‘Correction’ and Mistress Lea returned them to their seats. The curtain was drawn closed again to the agonizing sounds of the tormented Helpers, and of people removing the ‘corrected’ Helpers from their ‘X’ frames. Mistress Lea prevented any further discussion of the ‘Corrections’ and resumed instructing the Novices.Time and the days progressed swiftly at Castleton. The Novices spent two months learning the ways of training, corrections, discipline, and punishment. The time was spent honing their skills to please the Masters and Mistresses. They learned all known sexual techniques by practicing them on each other, and with Slaves or Helpers brought in expressly for that purpose.Evenings normally involved performing services in the Great Hall, for the various Masters and Mistresses that lived at Castleton, or had come to visit. Usually, there were eight to ten Masters and Mistresses available each night. Occasionally, a Novice would be summoned to the private chambers of a Member for solitary personal services, dwelling mainly on sex, bondage and discipline.Mistress Lea told them, that each would eventually be selected to perform an individual service, called Ordeals, at an assembly of the Masters and Mistresses. The reward, following the Ordeal, would be the achievement of Slave status. Each of the Novices wondered, with some fear, when it would be their turn. They did not have long to wait!Mistress Lea called the class to order. “Ladies,” she began, “I have wonderful news. Our Grand Master has declared that the individual training Ordeals will commence this very night! One of you has been selected to serve the Order this evening, in the Great Hall before the Members, Slaves, Helpers and the other Novices.””The individual Novice, chosen by the Grand Master, will prepare for her Ordeal. Following the Ordeal, the Grand Master will award her to a Master or Mistress as their Slave.” Mistress Lea gazed over the Novices until her eyes rested on Ruth. She smiled at her, “Ruth, you will be the first.””Why was I selected first, Mistress Lea?””I don’t know,” Lea replied. “It was the Grand Master’s decision. We do not ask the why of his decisions. We merely obey. Come let us prepare.”Ruth followed Mistress Lea who led her to a bedroom on the third floor of the Great House. Once there, Mistress Lea selected a blue satin robe from the wardrobe and placed it near the bed.”You will wear this tonight, Ruth,” Lea told her. “Lie down and rest. When it’s time, a Helper will come to you, shave your cunt smooth, help you bathe and perfume you. Later, at the appointed time, four Slaves will come for you and escort you to the Great Hall.”Mistress Lea kissed Ruth’s cheek and smiled. “Congratulations. I’m sure you will serve the Order well.”Lea cupped Ruth’s chin momentarily, smiled and left, closing the door behind her. Ruth heard the key turn in the lock as she lay down to rest, and to mentally prepare for her ordeal as best as she could. She tried, but could not sleep. Her mind was racing as she wondered how she would fare as the first Novice selected. Would she be able to withstand the pain? Would there be a sexual segment to the ceremony? Would she cry, scream or moan?These thoughts, and others, kept her from getting the rest she knew that she needed. There was no clock to tell the time. There was only the waiting, which seemed to be endless. After a while, Ruth anxiously hoped that the Helper would arrive to commence her service. After what seemed to be eons, Ruth heard a key in the lock. A Helper entered carrying a pitcher and a large bowl.Without speaking he began drawing the bath water, then filled a bowl with hot water and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed. A large towel was placed on the bed and the Helper motioned Ruth to slide onto the towel. Ruth lifted the bed covers and slid onto the towel. She was naked, but the Helper appeared not to notice. He removed his white robe and stood naked next to the bed, obviously aroused by Ruth’s nakedness and the beauty of her body. He placed a hand towel into the hot water, withdrew it, then placed it on Ruth’s crotch to soften the slight growth of hair surrounding her cunt.Next he placed a shaving mug, brush and razor next to Ruth. His cock grew large and hard as he began to shave Ruth’s cunt hair. Silently, he completed this task and helped Ruth into the bathtub. He perfumed the bath water and helped her to wash her hair, lather her body and rinse clean. The Helper assisted Ruth from the tub to dry her hair and body. He perfumed her underarms, cunt, tits and between the cheeks of her ass. Finally, he placed the blue satin robe over Ruth’s shoulders, put on his robe, bowed and left the room closing the door behind him.Soon, the door opened again revealing four hooded figures waiting to escort Ruth to the ceremony in the Great Hall. They were dressed in the white robes trimmed with red satin. Ruth knew these were the markings of a Slaves’ robe. A Slave motioned for her to join them and Ruth obeyed instantly. It was night, as the escorts marched her silently down the stairs to the closed door of the Great Hall. A Slave knocked once on the door and it opened. A Mistress, in the red satin robe of a Member, bade them enter. Ruth could hear the Mistress’s silver cunt lip bell softly ringing under her robe.Ruth was quickly taken into the Great Hall, which was illuminated by a spotlight over the stage. On the stage, she could see a bed, chair, stool and the spot where the post would rise from the center of the stage. Chains were hanging from the ceiling with manacles suspended from them. Ruth shuddered as she climbed the steps onto the stage and was turned to face the assembled Members. The Grand Master sat regally on the Phallic Throne, dressed as before, in a black leather hood, G-string, and a black and red satin robe d****d over his otherwise naked body. He rose to speak.”Ruth, you have been selected this night to suffer your conversion from Novice to Slave. You may, at your discretion, cry out, scream or beg, but be aware that the ceremony will not stop until it is completed!” he stated in a booming voice. “Upon suffering your conversion, you will become the property of Mistress Endora, who will perform the Rite of Conversion.There are three mandatory portions to the ritual. First, to suffer and enjoy the whip; Second, to be securely bound; and Three, to suffer or enjoy sexual torments to be visited upon your body. Of course Mistress Endora may employ additional instruments and activities for her pleasure and ours, at her discretion. Time is not involved, nor measured. Your Mistress decides all.” The Grand Master returned to his Phallic Throne and gestured for the ceremony to begin.When the Helpers removed the blue satin robe, the Members gasped at the beauty of Ruth’s body. Her tits were firm and thrust out. The nipples were taut, extended and erect. They seemed to grow even harder as Endora gently rubbed her fingers over the rose colored little peaks, pulling playfully at the rings embedded through her nipples. Ruth shuddered momentarily and thrust her chest outward even more, to receive the delightful caresses.Endora’s hands explored Ruth’s body, lightly passed over her clean-shaven cunt, scarcely touching her upright clitoris. The fingers paused momentarily on the tip of her clit as Ruth felt her passion and lust begin to build. Endora quickly noticed that Ruth’s clit was fully engorged and projected outward so that its tip could be seen protruding above her outer cuntlips. She smiled as Ruth buckled slightly when her finger passed over her throbbing clit. Ruth was fully aroused and breathing heavily as Mistress Endora motioned to the Helpers to bind Ruth in the manacles.Ruth’s arms were raised over her head and her wrists placed in the manacles. The devices were cushioned on the inside to prevent the metal from cutting into her flesh. Her feet were spread wide apart, manacles placed on her ankles and fastened to rings on the stage. The chains were pulled taut until Ruth could barely touch the stage floor with her feet. Her arms were spread wide apart and she stood spread-eagled before the assembled Members.Mistress Endora wrapped a wide leather strap, studded with steel rings, about Ruth’s waist. Next she hung tiny-weighted silver bells on the rings in Ruth’s nipples. The weights suspended from the tiny bell clappers had additional small hook eyes at their ends, and Ruth quivered at the thought of more weights being attached to them to increase her pain, but also her joy.Endora nodded to the Helpers and they rushed to remove her red satin robe revealing a magnificently shaped body, with shapely upright tits and protruding nipples. She wore tiny silver bells on both her nipple rings and in the ring through her cuntlips. The little bells peeled crisply as she moved like a predator around her bound and helpless victim.Endora was beautiful. No other word could describe her. She had flaming red hair, full bright red lips and green eyes, heavily made up to enhance her role in the ceremony. Her hair hung down over her shoulders and was long enough to cover her breasts when it fell to her front. Endora made sure her magnificent orbs were rarely covered as she enjoyed others looking at her near perfect tits. Adding to the aura of Mistress and Slave, were the shining high-heeled black leather boots Endora wore, that covered most of her thighs. The five-inch spike heels propelled her tall body upwards, allowing her to tower over Ruth and the Helpers. Her visage truly dominated the stage!The Mistress knelt in front of Ruth and ran her tongue about Ruth’s outer cuntlips purposely avoiding the outstretched clitoris. Ruth swayed, as much as the chains would permit, in rhythm with Endora’s tongue as it passed over and around her cuntlips. She shuddered when Endora thrust her tongue between her cuntlips and into her waiting cunt. The sensation was unbearable. Endora seemed to lather Ruth’s cunt with her saliva, which mixed with Ruth’s flowing juices. Ruth felt her senses building towards release, as Endora’s tongue dragged across the protruding clit once, then Endora pulled away from her victim. Ruth gasped in her restraints as her satisfaction was denied.Endora’s expert tongue found Ruth’s upright nipples and Ruth could hear the little bells ringing as the tongue flicked over and about each nipple in turn. Occasionally Endora would slightly rub Ruth’s clit as she suckled the nipples, bit the rings and pulled at them with her teeth. Ruth’s passion was building again at the unceasing suckling, mingled with the occasional rubbing of her clit.Again, just as she neared release, Endora bit hard on her nipple and cruelly squeezed and twisted her clit to drive away any thoughts of orgasm. Ruth cried out at the pain in her nipple and clit. Endora continued pulling at the helpless nipples with her teeth, assuring that the pain would increase with each movement of her head. All thoughts of orgasm quickly vanished as Endora picked up the tempo of chewing on Ruth’s nipples.Ruth felt the pain from the twisting of her clit and savage biting of her nipples, but slowly a sensation of pleasure also began to envelop her. She relished the sweet sexual torture being visited upon her. With eyes shut tight, she felt the orgasm welling up in her loins. Outwardly she groaned at the pain in her breasts and cunt. Inwardly, she anxiously awaited the bites and twists with sweet anticipation of the orgasm rising within her.Suddenly Ruth stiffened as her body began to spasm uncontrollably in the throes of a massive orgasm. She fell limp as it subsided and hung from her restraints, letting her belly thrust forward. Beads of perspiration covered her body and she felt her hair becoming wet from the sweat. Mistress Endora noted Ruth’s orgasm and stopped tormenting her. She snapped her fingers and a Helper immediately brought her a leather riding crop.Slowly, she walked in front of her victim so that Ruth could see the implement and thus increase her fear. The gesture was successful. Ruth trembled visibly when she saw the whip and heard Endora swish it through the air. She positioned herself behind Ruth and raised the whip high with her arm fully outstretched. She paused for effect and was rewarded with a whimper from Ruth, as she anticipated the blows. “Soon you won’t be so anxious to please yourself by cumming, dear Ruth. Ten strokes to each asscheek to start, and then ten more to them both.”The first stroke landed squarely on Ruth’s right ass cheek and the pain swiftly sank in to the bone. She slumped forward and screamed from the fierceness of the blow. Another followed and her flesh rose up in red welts, as if to push the whip away from her ass. Again and again the whip descended on her right ass cheek until it fairly glowed from redness. Ruth was constantly screaming now and could only hang there accepting the cruel strokes that were causing her ass to burn as the blows continued. Endora paused when the tenth stroke landed on the burning ass cheek.Slowly, she walked in front of Ruth to position herself on her left side. The Mistress waited impatiently for Ruth’s screams and sobs to stop. She continued to swish the whip through the air while she waited. Ruth realized that Endora was waiting for her to cease screaming and she forced herself to stop. She could not, however, stop sobbing even though she realized that she was only irritating Endora more and would surely pay dearly for the infraction. Ruth gathered herself and transformed the sobbing to a soft whimper. She braced herself awaiting the resumption of the whip.When it did not come she lowered her guard and let herself relax. At the precise moment of her total relaxation the whip savagely bit into her left ass cheek with a vengeance. Her scream resonated in the Great Hall, to be joined by another equally savage stroke of the whip. Soon her throat was hoarse from her screams and she sobbed uncontrollably as Mistress Endora continued the strokes brutally on her left ass cheek. Ruth hung limply from the chains, only able to moan as the final strokes were tallied.Endora stepped back to admire her work. She rubbed her fingers roughly over Ruth’s welts and burning asscheeks increasing her torment, causing her to twitch as she hung, belly forward, in front of the Members. Deep red purple welts arose on Ruth’s asscheeks, attesting to the ferocity of Endora’s caresses with the whip.Endora let Ruth hang on her chains while she busied herself selecting a thicker longer whip from the instruments proffered by the Helpers. Ruth shuddered as she saw Endora smile pleasingly at her selection of a terrible instrument of discipline. The whip emitted a low hollow whirling sound as Endora tested it on the wind. “Yes, this will do nicely, won’t it my pitiful little slut of a Slave?” Endora asked Ruth.When Ruth did not reply, Endora violently grabbed Ruth’s hair and pulled it hard asking, “Cat got your tongue, bitch?” Ruth stammered to find the words Endora was waiting to hear, but could not bring herself to say them. “I’m waiting!” Declared Endora as she cruelly twisted Ruth’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Ruth gathered herself and softly spoke out, barely audibly.”Please, whip me with this whip now, Mistress.””What did you say slut?” Endora demanded. “No one can hear you. Beg, you slut whore!””Please,” Ruth said in a voice loud enough to be heard by all in the Hall. “Please, Mistress, whip me. Whip me with this whip. I so need it, I want it, please whip me, Mistress”.”As you wish, my lovely little slut. I have no desire to withhold your delicious pleasure whipping from you. It would please me to whip you until you satisfy both you and me,” Endora replied. “Do you like this whip?” She asked with a smile.”Yes Mistress, I adore this whip,” Ruth responded. Her words barely left her mouth when the savage sting of the whip came crashing down on both of her asscheeks. Her screams were cut short by the hoarseness in her throat, but the pain seared the cheeks of her ass. Ruth tried to count the strokes to gauge the end of the torment, but the whip stung so savagely that she quickly lost count. The tenth and final stroke was delivered ferociously as evidenced by the slight tearing of Ruth’s skin across her buttocks. She nearly fainted from the force of the blow and the pain it created. Ruth hung in her restraints as Mistress Endora refreshed herself with a cool glass of white Zinfandel.Ruth’s ass was on fire from the whipping, but strangely her cunt too was hot, sopping wet, throbbing and her juices flowing freely down her thighs. Her clitoris was fully distended, peeking through her cuntlips and poised to cum with even slight encouragement. Endora sensed Ruth’s plight and decided to torment her further by kneeling before her and sticking her tongue out towards the throbbing clit.She moved her tongue within a half-inch of the engorged pleasure nub and blew on it, but did not lick it. Ruth strained at her manacles trying to push herself out to engulf the outstretched tongue with her cunt and clit, but to no avail. Endora eluded the thrashing body and continued to torment her. “Please, Mistress,” Ruth sobbed. “Let me cum—-please—- let me come,” she pleaded.”Not yet, my perverted cum-slut. We’ve just begun your enjoyment of our ways, but do stay ready, because I may weaken and let you cum, my darling,” Endora taunted with a grin.”Oh God—- please, Mistress. I’ll do anything you want!” Ruth begged her.”You silly bitch!” countered Endora, “You’ll do anything I want, anyway!” This elicited a soft laugh from the Members as Endora selected a heavy rubber band from the tray held by a Helper. “This may help, my pretty,” Endora taunted as she showed the implement to her restrained victim. Ruth shuddered when she saw the rubber band, remembering how Mistress Lea had used it on the Slave Jon some time ago. Endora smiled wickedly, sensing that Ruth knew what was in the offing for her. Ruth looked about trying to find someone who might help her, but to no avail. Her fate was sealed and she steeled herself to endure the pain that was sure to come her way.Endora knelt down again and placed her thumb and the rubber band against Ruth’s clit. By now the urge to cum had ebbed away, but her clit was still very firm and extended out over her cuntlips. Endora drew the band back as far as she could and let it fly. It struck Ruth’s clit like a bullet, causing searing pain to pour throughout her body. Before she could recover Endora delivered another blow and yet another. Ruth’s clit hurriedly diminished as the strokes of the rubber band fell one upon the other. The pain was intense, causing Ruth to buckle at the knees and hang from her chains receiving her lot with hoarse groaning, as she could no longer scream.As Ruth believed that she could not stand another second of this special torture, she felt her clitoris responding to the cruel caresses of the rubber band. Through the pain, her clitoris stiffened again and rose to meet the blows. The pain now mingled with joy as the stinging rubber band stimulated Ruth’s clit and cunt. She was hurtling towards orgasm from the torment being visited on her clit. With the special joy of total release, Ruth exploded in a gut wrenching orgasm that seemed to continue through the blows raining on her clit. Her body wracked with orgasm. She came again and again and hoped she would continue to cum without end.Ruth could feel the sweat rolling off of her drenched body, as Endora ceased tormenting her and let her hang from her chains. Her ass hurt and was marked with red- purple welts slowly turning to black and blue bruises. Her clit was sore and she knew it was bruised even though she could not see it. She hung slumped over trying to clear her mind and wondering what would be next. She did not have long to wait.Although she had not passed out from the torment and the overpowering orgasm, she had somehow drowned out the sounds in the Great Hall, hearing only her screams and the cruel remarks of her Mistress. Slowly, background sounds began to grow louder and she could hear applause and sounds of “Brava, Brava,” as the Members rewarded Mistress Endora for her creative use of unique implements, to extract the tribute paid by the Slave entrusted to her. Ruth wondered how much more she would, or could endure.Endora motioned and the Helpers moved quickly to attach a chain to the leather band about Ruth’s waist. They released the chains that held her arms up and reattached them to steel rings on the stage floor. Ruth now hung from the waist. Her arms and legs remained spread, as before. Now she was bent over, suspended from the waist with her tits hanging down pointed at the floor. Her asscheeks were still spread wide revealing, and making accessible, both her asshole and her cunt. Again, she was totally helpless. Her Mistress rubbed her breasts and nipples then added more weights on the nipple rings, stretching her tits and nipples toward the floor. Ruth’s nipples hurt and it felt as though the rings would tear through the tender flesh of her nipples. Endora jiggled Ruth’s tits to make the weights bounce, thus increasing the pain.”Better safe than sorry!” Endora declared, mimicking concern as she added even more weights to Ruth’s extended tits. Ruth moaned as the pain cut through her tits.”You’ll recall this,” Endora cooed as the rubber band stung hard against Ruth’s asshole. Ruth screamed as the blows came rapidly once again, finding their target unerringly as they devastated her aching asshole. She felt as though her sphincter would not hold and she would soil the stage, but that was not the case. She lost count of the strokes as Endora savaged her sphincter with the stinging rubber band. Again and again her asshole would tighten and release as though it were puckering to ward off the rubber band, but without success.Ruth’s sweat slowly flowed into her eyes causing another sort of burning sensation. She tried to toss off the salty fluid by throwing her head, but that too, did not work. Finally, she gave up and endured the burning eyes along with the stinging rubber band, the soreness of her nipples and her aching asscheeks. Endora continued to torment her asshole without letup. Ruth hung limply from her waist strap, moaning and jerking violently with each stroke of the rubber band.Mistress Endora stopped and spread Ruth’s asscheeks so that all could see the deep red torments visited on the pouting asshole. It burned as fire, especially when Endora pushed two fingers in the tight little opening, causing Ruth to groan heavily. Ruth heard her Mistress sorting through other implements on the tray held by the Helper. Next, she felt a thickness against her sphincter. Pressure began to build as Endora pushed a huge leather dildo against Ruth’s asshole.Ruth felt as though she was being ripped apart as the pressure mounted and her sphincter resisted. She began to cry from the pain and the pressure, when slowly the puckered little asshole began to relent and the dildo began to push it open. The phallus shaped dildo entered the yielding asshole until the false cockhead penetrated to its rim. With a great effort, Endora thrust the dildo deep into Ruth’s asshole and seated it, in concert with Ruth’s pain and screams.Two chains hung from the rear of the dildo that now were attached to Ruth’s waistband, in front and behind, to hold it firmly in place. Ruth felt completely stuffed to the point of bursting. The initial pain from the great phallus, combined with her extremely sore asshole, caused Ruth to sob bitterly. As the agony from the dildo subsided, Ruth became conscious again of the pain in her nipples from the hanging weights.Endora motioned the Helpers and they instantly moved to change Ruth’s position. They placed a collar on Ruth’s neck, which was then chained to the stage floor so that she remained bent over. Next they released her wrists from the floor and pulled her arms back and up and reattached the chains so that her arms were suspended over her back uncovering her helpless tits to sway freely without obstruction. Ruth gasped as she realized that her tits were about to be violated by this sadistic Mistress who gave her no quarter, no single kindness and no sympathy for her plight.Her Mistress selected a long thin braided leather whip, which she drew over and across Ruth’s tits and nipples. The silver bells tingled as if to provide musical accompaniment to the torment of the weights pulling at her nipples. Endora kept up the cruel caresses for a few moments, then pulled her arm back to deliver a stinging blow across both of Ruth’s exposed tits. Ruth screamed in pain, but her protests only brought more blows and searing pain to her breasts. The blows and her writhing, jerking motions increased the intensity of the pain from the hanging weights on her nipples.Endora struck Ruth’s tits from above, below and on her nipples, raising red welts all over those beautifully shaped ‘Apples of Aphrodite’. Ruth nearly fainted from the pain and hung her head down to try to endure. As she dropped her head, Endora’s whip crashed across Ruth’s mouth and cheek, raising a deep red welt across her face. A Helper grasped Ruth by the hair and roughly pulled her head up to hold it out of the way of the whip that Endora continued to wield. The Mistress kept whipping the helpless tits until they were covered with bruises and welts.Ruth hung suspended from her waistband and from her hair held by the Helper. She was totally wet with perspiration and nearly immune to the pain. Ruth’s cunt however, was aroused with her juices flowing copiously. She craved satisfaction, even though she was nearly ready to faint from her ordeal. Endora sat upon a low upholstered stool placed in front of Ruth’s head by a Helper. She spread her legs wide, revealing a very wet cunt, eager for satisfaction. Endora dragged the stool closer to her suspended Slave, so that her thighs were on either side of Ruth’s head.”Service me, Slave!” commanded Endora. Ruth’s head was pulled back by her hair and she could smell the musk of Endora’s cunt. The Helper thrust her forward as Endora brought the whip down on Ruth’s back savagely causing a slight trace of blood where the skin was slightly parted. “Service me!” Endora ordered again as she raised the whip. Ruth quickly lunged forward and buried her face against the warm wet cunt that demanded her service. She thrust her tongue into the Endora’s pussy and eagerly sucked the juices flowing from Endora’s sex.A barely audible moan came forth from Endora, as the Slave’s tongue worked its magic on her cunt. Her moan became quick gasps as Ruth’s tongue found her Mistress’s clitoris and bathed it in her saliva. Ruth kept flicking her tongue over the engorged clit as her Mistress was writhing with pleasure. Endora quivered as Ruth’s mouth engulfed her cunt and began sucking hard on her throbbing clit. Her endurance was totally depleted and Endora screamed as she exploded in orgasm.She grasped Ruth’s hair and pulled her Slave’s face into her cunt, savoring each moment of her release. Endora ground her hips into Ruth’s face and cried out, “Again! Jesus, do it again!”Ruth complied and redoubled her effort at sucking her Mistress’s cunt to another massive orgasm and Endora still demanded more. Ruth complied and could see a Helper discard her robe to reveal a young and vibrant body obviously sexually aroused, as evidenced by her pert nipples stiffly sticking out.The Helper joined with a naked male Helper whose huge cock beckoned her. Ruth continued servicing Endora’s cunt as she watched the girl Helper jump up onto the male, wrap her legs about his waist and lower herself onto his marvelous cock. The cock was buried in her cunt in a single thrust. Holding her asscheeks the male lowered her to the stage floor and began fucking her. The girl returned the male Helpers fuck thrusts with equal vigor.Ruth sensed someone behind her and could feel a thickness brushing against the lips of her pulsating cunt. She instinctively knew that it was the other male Helpers cock. Her cunt juices flowed even heavier as she squirmed to capture the instrument of pleasure. Her squirming was rewarded when she felt a hard thick cockhead spread her cuntlips wide and slowly enter her wet cunt. The cock was enormous. Thick, and long. It entered her in a slow and deliberate motion until she could feel the bulbous head pushing at her cervix, deep in her cunt. Without stopping the cock parted the cervix and entered her womb.Ruth groaned as the cock stopped its forward penetration. She felt the Helpers balls slap her cuntlips. Ruth’s cunt felt as though it would burst from the fullness as the huge cock competed for Ruth’s sexual satisfaction, with the dildo entombed in her ass. The Helper began a rhythmic thrusting of his huge piston in and out of her pulsating cunt. With each thrust Ruth could feel her asshole tighten about the dildo and her cunt muscles grasping at the cock fucking her.Her senses were reeling as she sucked Endora’s cunt to multiple orgasms. She watched the Helpers fucking on the floor and enjoyed being gloriously fucked by a huge cock. She was consumed with sex as she felt herself rising toward orgasm. Ruth shuddered as she came hard. The muscles of her cunt clenched the huge cock as the waves of orgasm swept over her. Her sphincter closed about the huge dildo in her ass with each spasm of her cunt. The immense cock continued relentlessly fucking Ruth’s cunt as she came again and again. The Helper fucking her withheld his orgasm to assure that Ruth would cum in multiples as he wonderfully ravaged her cunt.Endora’s orgasm subsided. Drained from her multiple orgasms, she stood up and pulled herself away from Ruth’s tongue to stand before her Slave. Ruth was lost in her own orgasms, one upon the other, from the penetrating cock fucking her. She gave in to several wrenching orgasms, as she watched the Helpers fucking on the stage floor. The female Helper too, was coming over and over, with a look of raging lust on her face. Suddenly her partner cried out as he came in torrents into the girl’s cunt. Ruth could see him convulse again and again until he gasped, emptied his balls and fell upon the girl.Slowly, the completely drained Helper rolled off the girl, who lay panting. He stumbled over to Ruth and placed his cum covered cock at her lips. “Clean it!” Commanded Endora. She opened her mouth and the Helper shoved the semen-covered cock to the back of her throat. Ruth licked, sucked and milked the semen from the spent cock, swallowing his offering. He withdrew and Ruth saw the girl sitting in front of her, on the stool that had held Endora. The girl Helper had clenched her cuntlips closed with her fingers.”Clean the cum from her cunt, you slut!” ordered Endora.Ruth could see cum oozing from the well-fucked cunt before her and opened her mouth to do her Mistress’s bidding. The girl Helper squeezed her cunt, as Ruth brought her tongue onto it and licked up the escaping cum. Globules of thick, hot cum kept appearing at the entrance to the girl’s cunt each time she squeezed her pussy. Ruth greedily licked up the semen, sucking it into her mouth and swallowing the pearly creamy nectar of life. The girl Helper gave a start, as an after-cum erupted from the sweepings of Ruth’s tongue. As the orgasm subsided, she rose swiftly and melded into the darkness at the rear of the stage.The Helper stopped fucking her ass when Ruth ceased coming and just hung from her chains. He withdrew his massive tool from her cunt and slipped a condom onto it. Next, he removed the chain retaining the dildo in Ruth’s ass and pulled the dildo out dropping it to the floor. He moved close behind Ruth and inserted the tip of his cock in her asshole. Ruth jerked to avoid his massive cock, but the chains held her fast. Resigned to her fate, she relaxed and awaited the entry of the monstrous prick.Just as he had done with her cunt, he entered her asshole slowly, but steadily. Ruth could feel the massive cock, burrowing deep into her asshole, and she wondered if she could take in this magnificent phallus. The applause of the Members coupled with the slapping of the Helper’s balls on her cunt told her that she had indeed received every bit of the young stud’s shaft.The sensation was pleasant, some discomfort, but not as much pain as she had expected. The dual penetration of her ass by the dildo and her cunt with this huge cock, had stretched her enough to preclude any severe pain now. This humiliation was provided for the pleasure of her Mistress and the Members. It was to remind her that she was only an object to be whipped, fucked, humiliated and degraded as willed by the Order. Ruth pondered her plight, while the Helper’s massive instrument of pleasure began to pump in and out of her asshole. He would withdraw it slowly, and savagely plunge it to its full depth on the entry stroke.Ruth wished that she could reach her cunt to stroke her clitoris to better enjoy the fucking her ass was receiving. Mistress Endora sensed Ruth’s desire and motioned the girl Helper to come forth. The girl dropped to her knees under Ruth and placed her mouth over her cunt and clitoris and began to suck them. Ruth nearly swooned from the pleasure she was receiving from the girls tongue and the huge prick fucking her ass.Ruth came again and again. She hung from the chains and cycled through her multiple orgasms. She was unable to tell if the tongue or the cock caused her orgasms. Happily and wearily she accepted both sources and whimpered with joy and pleasure. Suddenly, concurrent with a mind numbing cum, she felt the cock in her ass stiffen momentarily. The cock exploded, as the Helper fucking her ass, came in a gut wrenching orgasm deep in her ass. The spasms of his cock seemed to lift Ruth in her chains with only the collar holding her in place.He seemed to cum for several minutes, although she knew it was only seconds. He spewed cum deep in her ass into his condom-covered cock. She could feel the condom filling with his semen, until it was bigger than the bulbous head on his cock. Ruth thought the condom would split open depositing the Helper’s seed deep within her. The cock softened and the Helper slowly withdrew it from her tight sore little asshole.Mistress Endora carefully pulled the condom from the cock it surrounded. She held it up as if measuring the huge quantity of semen it held. “Have her clean that magnificent cock,” Endora told the Helper.The Helper moved in front of Ruth and pushed his cock to her lips. Ruth licked the now flaccid organ. She licked the residual semen covering the spent cock, swallowing the meager offering. Endora nodded and the Helpers released Ruth from all of her restraints. She fell to the stage floor exhausted, aching and thirsty, wishing for something cool to drink.Endora knelt down at Ruth’s head and commanded her to open her mouth. Ruth understood and opened her mouth to receive the semen from the condom. The nectar cascaded from the condom into her mouth in a thick continuous sticky stream. Ruth swallowed again and again to be sure she did not allow any semen to escape her mouth. Endora pushed the condom inside out into Ruth’s waiting mouth, and she licked the inside of the condom clean, assuring that none of the nectar eluded her tongue.Endora stood to the standing ovation of the assembled Members as they shouted “BravaBrava”, when she held up the empty condom for all to see. When the applause died out Endora motioned for the Helpers to grasp Ruth and stand her at the post. They manacled her wrists above her head and her ankles were spread wide and restrained to rings on the stage floor. Mistress Endora knelt in front of her Slave and roughly examined Ruth’s cuntlips.She held up a long sharp piercing tool for all to see, especially her Slave. Ruth realized that Endora was going to pierce her cuntlips and she squirmed without success in an effort to avoid the needle. Endora knelt down again and pressed the needle’s point against Ruth’s cuntlips, pricking them at several places as though she was unsure where to pierce her nether lips. Of course it was a sham and she was only exacting additional pain from her helpless Slave.Tiring of the game, Endora grabbed Ruth’s cuntlips just below her clit and savagely thrust the needle through both lips at once. Ruth screamed in pain, as Endora swirled the needle around the inside of the cuntlips to make sure the hole was well placed and the lips fully pierced. She slipped a golden ring through each cunt lip and hung a single tiny silver bell through both rings. She dabbed the aching cuntlips with a disinfectant and stood up in a theatrical pose with her arms spread wide and a grin on her face.Ruth hung from her manacles as the Helpers removed the weights from each nipple ring, and helped her stand and her hands and ankles released. They placed a white robe, trimmed in red satin, about her shoulders, signifying that she was elevated to Slave status. They led her from the stage as Ruth heard Mistress Endora instruct the Helpers to, “Take her to my chambers.”Life at Castleton resumed as before for the remaining Novices. Ruth had been elevated to Slave status and she no longer lived with the Novices. She now lived with Mistress Endora in the Great House and was becoming very adept at pleasing her Mistress and any other Master or Mistress to whom Endora would loan her. Ruth felt complete. She was receiving as much sex as she needed and she reveled in periodic corrections and disciplines from her Mistress and the other Members. She had not yet been punished for any infraction, but had been forced to witness the punishment of another Slave who had violated the Orders rules, having been caught masturbating in bed. The Slave was punished severely and without mercy.He was an object lesson for the Slaves and Novices alike. It was three days before he was able to get out of bed and rejoin the other Slaves. His Mistress forbade him to cum for two months even though she and others at her bidding, constantly kept him aroused by playing with his cock, balls and nipples. Finally, the poor wretch could not stand it and chose to cum without permission, only to suffer a worse punishment. In Ruth’s mind, the punishment was surely not worth the brief moment of pleasure that his orgasm provided.Slaves were not permitted to talk to any one except the Mistresses and Masters, and then by asking and receiving permission. Although Slaves interacted daily with Helpers, other Slaves and occasionally with Novices, they were expected to remain mute or risk punishment. Any of the Masters or Mistresses could demand sexual service from a Slave and receive it without question. No sexual act was considered taboo, if ordered by a Member, at any time or place within the confines of Castleton.Helpers would rarely rise above their Helper status and usually not become Masters or Mistresses. They enjoyed the privileges of speaking when they wished and participating in the ceremonies at the Members discretion. They were prohibited from sex with Novices or Slaves, without permission from a Member. Violations earned them corrections, discipline or punishment.Each of the Novices would undergo their personal Ordeal to advance to Slave status. They experienced essentially the same trials that Ruth had undergone, with some variations, as preferred by the Master or Mistress that selected them. June was second to stand for the Ordeal and she accounted herself handsomely for her Master. Myrna, Ella and Alteisha followed, all selected by Mistresses. Alteisha’s ordeal was prolonged beyond what any of the Members thought possible, without losing consciousness. She fought the whip and the manacles, refusing to scream or cry out. She became a challenge to her Mistress, Darla, who accepted it eagerly, and took great pleasure in breaking Alteisha with a Cat o’ Nine Tails, among other instruments.Alteisha’s skin was broken in several places and she bled for her efforts. In the end however, the whip mastered her will, and she was broken. Her screams were frenzied and she begged for mercy, to no avail, as she was whipped on her tits, cunt and ass with the ‘Cat’. Alteisha relished servicing her Mistress Darla with her mouth and tongue, as she was being whipped. Ultimately, she surrendered to Darla’s will. Her Mistress took a final vengeance with a most painful piercing of Alteisha’s cuntlips, which was prolonged for effect, and the pleasure of Mistress Darla.The twins, Dixie and Trixie, were selected as Slaves by another pair of twins, the male twin, Master Leo and his sister Mistress Cleo. They decided to put Dixie and Trixie through their Ordeals together. The Members enjoyed the novelty of the ‘twins on twins’ ordeal and reveled in watching Leo and Cleo interchange their ministrations on the Novices, about to become their Slaves. Leo and Cleo were both beautiful people and other than their gender their facial features were nearly identical.Master Leo’s body was nicely sculpted and though powerful, was not overly muscular. Cleo was a beauty in all sense of the word. Her body displayed beautiful tits with pronounced nipples, resembling the protruding tips of torpedoes. She was slender and tall, and could employ the whip as expertly and as heavily as her brother. Both relished doing so. Dixie and Trixie withstood their ordeal, and the piercing that followed, with determination. Their Ordeal ended and they were taken to Leo and Cleo’s chambers. The twin Dominants lived together, and often ‘did’ each other with respect to the lash and sex. After tonight they had a readily available orgy in their chambers whenever the mood struck them.Finally, the last of the Novices, shy Florence, was selected for her Ordeal. She had caught the eye of none other than the Grand Master himself. She had pleased him when Mistress Lea had Florence, and the other novices, sexually abuse him the weekend he served as a Slave. Her shyness captured his attention. He somehow knew that Florence would make a marvelous Slave, hence his desire to take her himself. Though sincere, her shyness belied a dedication to both the lash and the sexual delights that she sought. Tonight she would cross over to become his Slave. Before becoming Grand Master he was known as Master Octavian and by that name he would place this Novice through her Ordeal this night.The Great Hall was filled to over flowing. This was a special night because Grand Master Octavian was to perform the ordeal. Masters and Mistresses of the Order, who did not live at Castleton, had been invited as guests and witnesses. All Helpers and Slaves were to be permitted to watch the Grand Master perform this night. The Members were seated in their usual places with their Slaves at their feet. The Great Hall was warm from the crowd, hence nearly everyone had their robes open revealing their naked bodies.Mistress Lea escorted Florence into the Great Hall, onto the stage and made to kneel down to await her Ordeal. The assembled Members quickly fell silent as Grand Master Octavian entered and took the Phallic Throne. Lea cleared her throat and began to speak. “Masters and Mistresses,” she began, “tonight we are privileged to witness the Grand Master’s selected Novice complete her ordeal. Octavian, Grand Master of us all, has selected, for his pleasure, the Novice Florence kneeling before you. Let the Ordeal begin!”Lea dismounted the stage and took her seat among the Members. The Grand Master Octavian motioned to the Helpers on the stage to begin. Without a sound the Helpers removed the blue satin robe from Florence’s body and stood her up, naked. Instinctively Florence tried to cover her nakedness with her hands and arms, but the Helpers prevented this. The Members applauded her vain failed, effort to hide her cunt and tits.The Helpers lifted Florence up by her arms and thighs. They pulled her arms back thrusting out her beautiful tits and nipples. The Helpers carried her about the Great Hall pausing before the Masters and Mistresses so that they could examine her tits and nipples. The last stop was in front of Grand Master Octavian, who examined her breasts and sampled her nipples with his tongue. Next the Helpers spread her legs wide revealing her wet cunt. Again they presented her to the Members for viewing before stopping at the Grand Masters throne. Octavian opened her cunt with his fingers and felt for the swelling of her clitoris. He grabbed it and held it between thumb and forefinger, as it engorged. Florence moaned a sigh a shame mixed with pleasure at the manipulation of her clit.The Grand Master leaned his head between her thighs and tasted her cunt, swirling his tongue about her cunt and clit. Florence nearly came, but fortunately held back, as she was not given permission to cum. The Helpers rolled Florence over and spread her asscheeks wide, revealing her asshole, and presented to the Members again for their viewing pleasure. Florence was mortified at this unseemly gesture. Again the Helpers stopped at the Phallic throne.Octavian reached under her asshole, wet his forefinger in her cunt juices and thrust it up her asshole as far as he could. Florence jerked as the finger explored inside her. Octavian withdrew his finger and tasted her asshole with his tongue, lightly lapping at it and gently pushing at her sphincter with his tongue. Florence blushed as the Helpers carried her to the stage, followed by the Grand Master.Florence was laid on her back on a low bench and bound to it so her wrists were restrained at the rear legs of the bench. Her head hung down, as there was no support at the rear. Her legs were spread wide and ankles restrained to rings in the stage floor. Her face turned a shade of deep pink as she blushed at the knowledge that all assembled could view her wet cunt. The Grand Master Octavian mounted the stage, removed his robe and positioned himself behind Florence’s head. He was naked except for the black leather hood that he chose to keep over his head and upper face. It added to Florence’s anxiety.His huge balls were suspended over her face and his massive cock was rock hard and seeping pre-cum in anticipation. A tray of whips, clamps and other instruments was placed within Octavian’s reach, then retreated into the dark background. Octavian began by brushing his huge balls back and forth across Florence’s face and wiping his pre-cum on her lips. Florence’s tongue immediately shot out to take the pre-cum and taste its salty flavor. He lowered his balls to her mouth, which opened to admit them. Florence licked and suckled at them one at a time. She tried to take them both in her mouth, but was unable until Octavian assisted her. Her mouth was so full that she could hardly breath, but Florence kept fast to her task until he pulled up to remove them.He replaced them with his cock and Florence had difficulty getting her mouth around its ample girth. Again he assisted her and allowed her to lick and suck while he selected an inch wide leather strap. He wrapped one end around his fist to make a sturdy handle and held the strap at his side. He pushed his cock down Florence’s throat until she gagged, hardly able to breathe. Octavian continued to push, cutting off all air to his Slave, as he watched her frantically gasp, squirm and gyrate to breathe.Suddenly, in a coordinated motion he withdrew his massive cock from her mouth and simultaneously brought the strap down hard on the soft tender flesh of her inner thighs. Florence first gasped for air, then screamed from the pain cutting at her thigh. Again and again the cruel strap exacted its toll and she screamed, as the welts grew higher and redder. Octavian spared her no quarter as he savagely whipped both thighs ’til she begged for mercy between the screams. When fifteen equal strokes were delivered to each inner thigh, he stopped to change instruments.”Thank me!” He commanded. She complied, with tears running from both eyes and the welts swelling high. He selected a long thin braided leather whip from the tray. He raised his arm high to test the whip in the air. The swishing sound brought new terror to Florence, as she tried to collect her senses, for what was to come. Without warning, Octavian cracked the whip hard in the fold between her cuntlip and her thigh. Florence nearly fainted from the pain. Before she could scream another blow fell savagely on the other side.Her screams pierced the hushed Great Hall, but Octavian did not relent until fifteen strokes to each side, had been harshly applied. Florence sobbed, screamed and moaned as pain wracked throughout her body. Two Helpers appeared from either side, each wearing a leather glove. Each Helper clasped a thumb and forefinger on a cunt lipand pulled her cunt fully open, revealing a fully engorged clit straining to be satisfied.Octavian selected a pair of nipple clamps resembling thumbscrews and tightened one on each pert and upright nipple. Florence cried out as the screws were turned down tightly, squeezing her nipples. She momentarily forgot the pain in her thighs because of her hurting nipples. Throughout her ordeal, she felt pangs of sexual desire in her aroused cunt and clit. She ached for relief, but none was forthcoming. Instead, she nearly fainted again as the thin leather whip smashed brutally, on Florence’s clit and cunt. Unerringly, Octavian flailed at her cunt and clit again and again.As he continued to deliver the strokes, Octavian nodded to a Helper, to hook a weight to each nipple ring. The added weight pulled each tit toward Florence’s armpits, increasing the pain in her nipples. Finally, without heeding any of her screams for mercy, her Master delivered the thirtieth blow and stopped. Florence wailed as an infant from her pain, but through it all she still felt extremely sexually aroused.Octavian stepped back so Florence could see that he still held the long slender whip. She closed her eyes momentarily to rest and Octavian chose that instant to bring the whip down hard on her left tit. She screamed as the whip savaged her right breast. Her Master alternated between breasts, striking them brutally, raising welts and bruises. The whip bit her nipples as it crashed down, causing the weights and clamps to jerk about, amplifying her considerable pain. Each tit received fifteen forceful strokes before her Master paused her torment, to refresh himself with a cool glass of Chardonnay.During a lull in Florence’s ordeal, the Helpers released her momentarily, rolled her over face down and bound her again. Though her breasts were small, they were crushed against the bench. The attached weights and clamps caused even more pain as they were caught underneath her breasts. The Grand Master moved to one side, and using the same whip, rained down cutting blows on her asscheeks in equal lots of fifteen each. The deep red welts rose up again to lay testament to the ferocity of the whip against her tender flesh.Without pausing after the thirtieth stroke, Octavian moved to whip Florence’s back. Fresh welts quickly arose as her Master continued to deliver the full complement of thirty lashes before pausing. Florence sobbed and wept openly as tears flowed from her eyes. She was drenched with sweat and her tears were lost in the rivulets of sweat that ran everywhere on her body. Her long hair was sopping wet and hung down on either side of her head. Octavian moved toward her legs and rewarded Florence with fifteen lashes across each calf. By now, Florence was beyond screaming. Her tortured body hurt all over and she could not stop moaning long enough to plead for mercy. The Helpers returned, with their gloved hands, to pry apart her asscheeks to be attacked by the Grand Masters whip. Florence tried to tighten her ass so that the cheeks would not open, but to no avail, the Helpers won again. She whimpered as her Master moved in front of her head and offered her his massive sweaty cock.With great effort, Florence opened her mouth to admit her Masters cock to be licked, tongued and sucked. She realized her asshole was to receive thirty strokes of the whip, while she sucked the Grand Masters cock. She prayed that she would not bite him, nor allow a single tooth to touch Masters cock. Knowing that if she did, she would be so punished, that this ordeal would seem like c***d’s play by comparison. She sucked as best as she could, given her inability to move very much, and the girth of the cock she was sucking.Florence braced herself to withstand the coming blows, without any let up to the gentle licking and sucking of her Masters cock. She regarded it a small victory, as she sucked without pausing when the first cut of the whip struck her fully across her asshole. It seared with burning pain, but she was not deterred from the task of pleasing her Master. Her taking in stride, the first wicked blow, was not lost on her Master. He admired his chosen Slave’s tenacity, without even a short pause in her sucking. Master and Slave continued their assigned tasks until, concurrent with the thirtieth stroke, Octavian erupted in an avalanche of cum deep into Florence’s mouth.She redoubled her efforts and was rewarded with additional eruptions of thick, creamy cum from his cock, while at the same time preventing even a single drop, to escape from her lips. When the last bit of cum was pumped into her mouth and she swallowed, the Grand Master withdrew his now cleansed and flaccid cock from her mouth. The assembled Members applauded with delight at the performance.Florence was released from the bench and helped to the bed on the stage. A male Helper lay naked on the bed with his huge hardon standing upright. Florence climbed slowly on the bed and sat over the Helpers waist with her knees on either side of him. Her ass was lifted and the cockhead placed at the entrance of her wet cunt. Florence needed no further instruction and promptly impaled herself on the upright cock. She plunged down to touch her cuntlips to the Helpers pubic area.Grand Master Octavian’s cock was hard and upright again, as he fitted a condom on his tool. He lubricated the condom and placed his cockhead on Florence’s tight, exposed and accessible asshole. She was extremely tight as he pushed against her resisting sphincter. Finally, as if surrendering, the sphincter gave way and the massive cock was buried deep in her asshole.Florence gasped at the fullness she felt in her cunt and ass as the Grand Master’s balls were slapping against her cock filled cunt. Though she was fully aroused sexually, she ached all over from the whip and lash. Her sexual needs, however, were paramount now and she begged, pleaded and screamed to be ravished. “Fuck me!” She shouted. “Please dear God, fuck me now! Fuck me!” A female Helper straddled the male underneath Florence and offered him her asshole, while presenting her cunt to Florence. The male’s tongue eagerly sought her asshole and began licking the puckered little orifice. Florence’s mouth closed on the juicy cunt before her and she licked the cuntlips from top to bottom before plunging her tongue deep into the girl’s throbbing sex. Florence felt the mighty cocks begin to thrust in and out, alternating their penetrations. Both her cunt and her asshole tightly clasped at the cocks, as they drew back, to prevent them from exiting either of her orifices.Another Helper moved to the bed and quickly tied Octavian’s balls to the balls of the Helper fucking Florence’s cunt. He wrapped a rawhide cord tightly around the Grand Masters balls and did the same to the Helper under Florence. The cord, pulling on their balls, heightened their pleasure and provided them some slight measure of the pleasure/pain, they craved.The pain of Florence’s body ebbed away as the lust of her fucking overcame her. Florence could simply not get enough of either cock, or the juicy cunt she was sucking. She moaned with pleasure as the joyful pistons impaled her, one after the other, again and again. The female Helper cried out as her orgasm consumed her. She did not back away, but instead grasped Florence by her wet hair and pulled her face into her cunt. “Again!” She gasped softly, as she ground her cunt harder onto Florence’s mouth and tongue.”Oh, God!” Screamed Florence into the girl’s cunt as she felt the first pangs of orgasm rising in her clit. “I’m coming!” She shouted, and her body shuddered and jerked as she came hard. She tried to pull her knees out from under her, but the huge cock impaling her cunt prevented her from moving far. As her orgasm ebbed away she pulled her knees up and again began to relish the fucking she was getting, and giving.Both Florence and the girl Helper enjoyed several orgasms, as the mini-orgy on stage continued. Each succeeding orgasm was stronger than the previous and they reveled in their cumming. The massive cocks seemed rooted in her cunt and asshole, as Florence thankfully marveled at their endurance and discipline. After another mind numbing orgasm, Florence could feel the Grand Masters balls tighten up, as they no longer slapped at her cock filled cunt. The cock in her cunt grew even harder and Florence sensed that soon they both would cum.The Helper exploded first, expelling a huge load of hot semen deep inside Florence’s cunt. She could feel the thick, pearly liquid striking the walls of her cunt as spurt after spurt of semen poured into her. The creamy nectar oozed from around the massive cock onto the Helpers pubic area and balls. Octavian put his strong arms around Florence’s waist and pulled her up and away from the flaccid cock exiting her cunt. Quickly the girl Helper dove beneath Florence and sealed cum from flowing out of her cunt with her mouth. Expertly, she released the rawhide cord from Octavian’s and the male Helpers balls.Slowly the Grand Master, Florence and the girl Helper backed away from the bed until Florence’s head was over the male Helpers cock. “Clean his cock, now!” Commanded the Grand Master. Florence greedily complied, leaning down to take the flaccid, cum covered cock in her mouth and lick it clean. Next, she moved her tongue to his pubic area and balls, licking away all traces of the pearly cum. The girl Helper sucked all cum that Florence could squeeze out of her cunt, but she did not swallow it. Instead, she grabbed Florence by the back of her head and kissed her full on the lips. Her tongue pushed into Florence’s mouth and pushed cum into it. Florence was startled at first, then smiled at her girl lovers’ gift, swallowing the cum gift.As she swallowed, Octavian groaned, as hot semen exploded from his cock deep within Florence’s bowels. She could feel the condom swell with cum as Octavian’s cock spewed great volumes of thick, creamy semen. Again and again the massive pump within Octavian’s genitals expelled his semen. The Grand Master had never cum with such intensity and force. He was totally drained of his fluids in this stupendous orgasm. He felt his knees buckling and grasped Florence’s waist to keep from falling to his knees, from the powerful orgasm he had just experienced.Octavian let his Slave fall on the bed as he withdrew his still massive and upright cock. He carefully pulled the condom from his cock without spilling any of the nectar it contained and climbed onto the bed to straddle Florence’s head with his knees. On his hands and knees he offered the hard semen covered cock to Florence for cleansing. With no need for a command Florence took the throbbing organ deep into her mouth. She licked the head, under the rim, down the shaft. Her tongue cleansed Masters balls, assuring that none of the residual cum was lost, then she deep throated Octavian’s cock. Though he had just had a massive orgasm, Octavian’s cock retained its rigidity. His lust was aroused again by this shy Novice who was soon to be his full time Slave. His sensitive cockhead could barely withstand the wonderful tongue bathing that it was receiving. He groaned with pleasure and his body writhed from the joy emanating from that marvelous mouth and tongue. Suddenly, he exploded again shooting torrents of pearly thick cum down Florence’s throat. She gagged, recovered, gagged again, then swallowed each load, as it cascaded from his cock, over her tongue and down her throat. Florence held her lips hard around the cockhead, at its rim, to assure that she had taken all the nectar that was offered.Her Master withdrew his huge flaccid cock from her mouth. Florence looked up at Octavian and smiled. He brought the cum filled condom to her lips and she hungrily opened her mouth to accept her reward. Octavian held the condom several inches from her mouth so all assembled could see the pearly thick cream ooze out of the condom and flow slowly into her mouth. Octavian prolonged the ritual to milk the full measure of submission from his Slave. Finally, he turned the condom inside out and allowed Florence to lick and suck it completely clean, of semen. Octavian stood up to the cheers and applause of the assembled Members. Shouts of “Bravo-Bravo!” resounded throughout the Great Hall. The Grand Master motioned to the Helpers and they placed Florence back on the bench and restrained her again face up. Her head hung down in back of the bench, so she could not see what was to happen to her cunt and tits. The pain in her whipped body had nearly subsided, but deep red welts were eloquent evidence of her ordeal. The welts smarted, but generally Florence felt good, yet tired and drenched with sweat.Florence tried to raise her head, to see what was happening, but could not. A male Helper thrust his cock into her mouth and deep down her throat. If she tried to move her head she would gag, so Florence lay still to accept her fate. She began to suck the cock in her mouth. Florence could feel two female Helpers caressing her tits and nipples. They removed the clamps and the weights and each girl took a nipple in her mouth to suckle and nurse and the small upturned hard nipples. Florence warmed to their tongues, happily sucked the cock in her mouth, and relished the nursing Helpers.Florence was startled to feel a large wet object licking pleasantly around her cunt and asshole. It was someone’s tongue, and it felt great as it swept over her cuntlips, barely touching her clit and flowing over her asshole. The tongue finished licking her cuntlips and asshole then eagerly parted the cuntlips to probe inside. It was probing deeper and deeper into her cunt after honey had been deposited there. No had ever licked the inside of her cunt like this!This tongue was probing inside her cervix lapping freely. The frenzy of the tongue increased markedly, frequently rolling over inside her and out around her engorged clitoris. Her cunt had never been sucked like this! She moaned while sucking at the cock in her mouth and gyrated in rhythm with the girls licking and sucking her nipples. Intermittently, the huge tongue in her cunt would pull out and surge deeply again into her cunt. The tongue became even more frenzied as she came and added her juices to the thick honey that escort bayan had been previously deposited there.Once Florence started to cum, it seemed that her cunt could not stop cumming. These not only were multiple orgasms but continual orgasms. Florence barely had time to recover from one orgasm when another was upon her. This continued until the cock in her mouth erupted in an explosion of hot, thick cum. Florence swallowed quickly to avoid gagging and took all the semen offered. Soon, the cock became flaccid in her mouth and she licked it all over, to cleanse it fully, before the Helper withdrew it.The girls continued sucking her nipples as Florence raised her head to see the source of this marvelous tongue ravishing her cunt. The restraints prevented her from leaping from the bench as her eyes beheld a huge giant of a dog with a huge long tongue licking hard at her cunt. Florence could not withhold cumming, as he licked at her cunt and clit. The Grand Master stood at one side watching the performance with interest. Florence’s mind reeled at the thought of this huge Great Dane sucking her cunt. She continued to cum, as he hungrily licked up the honey in her cunt. When he extracted the last of her juices, he mounted the bench where Florence could see his enormous cock, hard and unsheathed.The huge dog inserted his great cock into Florence’s throbbing pussy. Secretly, Florence welcomed the huge cock, as she would any other. The dog fucked her for several minutes then in a mighty thrust buried his knot into Florence’s cunt. Florence screamed as the huge knot distended her belly as the dog continued to fuck her. His thick dog cock pushed its way into her cervix and kept fucking her.The Great Dane exploded in a heavy burst of dog semen. Florence felt his cum filling her uterus as the dog continued his massive orgasm. Finally, he slumped forward as the force of his orgasm momentarily sapped his strength. He quickly recovered and climbed down to lick his semen from Florence’s cunt. When he finished with Florence, the Great Dane sniffed at the cunts of both girls sucking Florence’s tits, licked at them a few times then was led to the rear of the stage.Florence was released from the bench, dragged to the post and her wrists and ankles restrained again. Her exhausted body literally hung limply from her chains. The Grand Master summoned Mistress Endora to the stage with her piercing instruments. He watched, as Endora extracted every possible bit of anxiety, agony and fear from her victim. She slowly and painfully began the piercing ritual.Florence saw her former Novice friends, now all Slaves, smiling as they watched the shy Florence have her cuntlips pierced and ringed, by Endora. Tiring of prolonging the game, Endora grabbed Florence’s cuntlips just below her clit and savagely thrust the needle through both lips at once. She screamed from pain as Endora pulled the needle around the inside of the cuntlips to make sure the hole was well placed and the lips fully pierced.Endora slipped a golden ring through each cunt lip and hung a single tiny silver bell through both rings. She dabbed the aching cuntlips with a disinfectant, stood up in a theatrical pose with her arms spread wide, and a grin on her face. Florence hung limply from her manacles. Helpers assisted her to stand so they could release her hands and ankles. They put the blue satin robe about her shoulders and led her from the stage. Florence faintly heard the Grand Master order the Helpers to, “escort her to my chambers.” She was literally dragged from the Great Hall to sounds of cheers, applause and shouts of “Bravo, Bravo” ringing in her ears.Florence had not heard from Gordon for nearly three weeks. She had not given up on him, but she and Alteisha continued the hunt for a live in maid. At work, Florence had received a personal copyright on a security software program she had written for Internet users. It was a revolutionary concept in computer security. Her work quickly brought offers from leading software companies, including her own, to license the product for universal Internet use. Florence was ecstatic. She could not believe the amounts of money, nor the personal executive positions, being offered for the product. She would no longer want for anything. Within two years she would be a multimillionaire, with a top executive job. Finally, Florence accepted an executive position with her current employer, at least for the time being.Although she had yet to receive any royalties, she knew that she would be receiving several hundred thousands of dollars by years end. Major financial companies were already offering her huge loans. Secretly, Florence had hoped that Gordon would accept her offer to serve her, thus also advise her financially. Although, her financial future was a ‘done deal’, nothing had been formally announced in the industry. Florence was glad, because now she would have enough time to adjust to her new life among the privileged. She had told Alteisha and had ordered her to complete secrecy. Florence told Alteisha that she would also share in her good fortune.It was Friday afternoon and Florence sat in her new office, thinking about the weekend. Her secretary interrupted her thoughts, telling her she had a telephone call from someone, who would only identify himself as Gordon, insisting that he speak directly with her. Florence smiled and asked her to put the call through to her private phone. She picked up the phone saying, “Hello, this is Florence.””Hello, it’s Gordon,” the voice said, stammering a bit.”How nice to hear from you, Gordon. It’s been nearly three weeks. How have you been?” she replied.”I — I have been thinking about what — what you told me,” he said, stammering again.”I’m glad you took enough time to consider my offer, Gordon, it’s nothing you’d want to agree to without a great deal of thought,” she stated.”I know.””Please don’t keep me in suspense, Gordon, did you decide to accept?” she asked.There was a pause, but Gordon responded quietly.”Yes, Mistress.” Florence smiled, pleased to hear that he had indeed accepted her offer, terms and conditions.”Gordon, I want your Fax number so that I can send you directions to my home,” she said sternly. I have all the papers and I will expect you promptly at seven o’clock.””Yes, Mistress,” he replied, and gave her his Fax number. Florence hung up without saying another word. She glanced at her watch, and saw that it was already three thirty. She dialed Alteisha and told her that they had a maid. Alteisha was extremely happy that Gordon had accepted. She told her Mistress that she would leave her work early, to make all necessary arrangements. Florence agreed and notified her Slave that she too, would be coming home early, to prepare for the arrival of her maid/slave. She gave her Secretary Gordon’s Fax number and told her to send him directions to her home.Alteisha answered the doorbell and ushered Gordon into the house. She motioned him to place his bags in the entryway and follow her into the living room. Florence was sitting at a small desk, wearing her red satin Mistress’s robe pulled tightly about her and buttoned at the neck. The heavy d****s were drawn shut and the room was dark, except for the desk lamp. Florence motioned him to a chair near the desk and had him sit down.”How nice to see you again, Gordon. I’m so glad you decided to accept my offer to come to live with us,” Florence told him.”May I have permission to speak, Mistress?” asked Gordon.”Yes, you may speak,” Florence responded. Pleased that he had remembered to request permission.”Thank you, Mistress, I too am very happy to be here,” said Gordon.”Gordon, here are the papers that detail the conditions of your service to me. Before you sign the ‘Contract’, I insist that you carefully read every word aloud, so that I am positive that you comprehend everything it states. If, after you’ve read the papers, you agree to the terms and conditions, you will sign each page separately at the space provided. Following that, you will receive your first ‘official commands’.””Yes Mistress.”Gordon sat down and began to read the papers aloud. As he finished a page, he would pick up the pen and sign the paper, then go on to the next page. Finally, he had read and signed the last page. Florence gathered the papers, folded them, placed them in an envelope and told Alteisha to place them in the safe.”Gordon, remove all your clothes,” Florence directed in a low tone. He immediately began to strip until he stood naked in front of his Mistress. She stood and inspected him as though he was chattel, then she handed him a leather collar covered with studs and steel rings. He placed the collar around his neck and buckled it securely. Florence clasped a light chain to a ring on the collar and led him by the chain to a stool in a corner of the room. She had him step up onto the stool as Alteisha returned to the living room. His cock had a semi hard-on and his huge balls were hanging down loosely.”Alteisha, shave every hair from his body, except his head, then ring for me,” said Florence as she turned and left the room.Gordon tried to cover his nakedness with his hands, as Alteisha smiled at him struggling to adapt to his new status as a Slave.”You best stand still, you whore Slave,” said Alteisha with a grin. “If Mistress sees you try to hide your pitiful ass, she will tan it ’til you can’t sit down for days. She may anyway, if I decide to tell her.”Alteisha brought forth a shaving mug and began to mix the thick lather. She had Gordon sit on the stool and covered his crotch with a hot wet towel. When she was sure the area was ready for shaving, she applied the warm lather to his pubic area, arm pits, the slight hair on his chest, legs and between his asscheeks. Gordon shuddered as she drew a straight razor from her shaving kit.Grasping his cock she expertly drew the razor across his pubic area above his cock. His semi hard-on disappeared, and he became flaccid. He closed his eyes to avoid watching Alteisha shave his most private areas.”Hope I don’t slip, bitch,” Alteisha goaded him and laughed.When she finished shaving him, she spread a perfumed, creamy hair remover lotion over all the areas she had shaved. The lotion would saturate his hair follicles and prevent growth for several weeks. When she finished she toweled him off, returned him to a standing position on the stool; and rang for her Mistress.Florence entered the room, still in her robe, and stood in front of her maid/Slave. She snapped her fingers and Alteisha handed her a rubber phallus shaped butt plug and some soft nylon netting shaped loosely like a cock and balls. Florence lubricated the butt plug lightly and pulled Gordon’s head by the neck collar causing him to bend over. She roughly rammed the butt plug into his ass until the sphincter closed over the depressed space to hold the plug in place.She worked the netting over Gordon’s balls and pushed his cock into the space reserved for it in the netting. Next, she drew a soft leather cord through the netting and around the base of his cock and balls, drawing the cord tight and tying it off so that the netting would remain securely in place. She attached a light chain to the ring situated at the tip of his cock in the netting, drew the chain back between his legs separating his balls. She passed it between his asscheeks, through a ring in the butt plug and clasped the chain tightly to another ring at the back of his neck collar. Next, she placed soft leather restraints on both wrists, pulled his wrists together behind him and fastened them to the chain at his back. Assuring that he was securely bound, Florence lightly ran her fingers all over his nipples, asscheeks and his netted cock and balls. She ordered Alteisha to lick, suck and bite his nipples, as she watched Gordon’s cock try to become erect, but the netting prevented any attempt at a hard-on. Satisfied at his helplessness, Florence brought out a pair of nipple clamps, joined by a light chain. She attached a clamp to each of his nipples, allowing them to spring shut painfully on the little pink nubs.Gordon grimaced from the pain at his nipples, and looked into Florence’s eyes hoping to see some pity, but found none. Florence then attached a short chain to the center of the chain between his nipple clamps. She pulled the chain downward causing Gordon to bend forward slightly. She attached the chain to the ring at the tip of his cock net. Gordon was now truly bound on the horns of a dilemma. If he stood erect he pulled the chain at his back, which pulled his nipple clamps down. If he stooped over he again pulled the chain at his back pulling down on his nipple clamps.Mistress Florence ordered Alteisha to worship her cunt, while she watched Gordon’s torment. Alteisha removed her Mistress’s robe revealing her to be naked underneath. She dropped to her knees and began to lick and suck at her Mistress’s cunt and clit. Gordon watched his wonderful Mistress being serviced by her primary Slave, as he stood on the stool in complete humiliation at his bound and chained plight.”Do you hurt, Gordon?” Florence asked dreamily, as she was the verge of coming from Alteisha’s tongue.”Yes, Mistress,” said Gordon, with obvious pain in his voice.”Jump off the stool, Gordon, and worship my tits,” ordered Florence. Gordon jumped off the stool and the abrupt landing caused the chain to pull taut and he screamed from the pain in his nipples.”Gordon!” snapped Florence, “Quit that noisy foolishness and worship my tits!”He fell to his knees and began to alternately sucking her nipples. Alteisha, still sucking Florence’s cunt, kept pushing at Gordon to cause the chain to pull at his nipples causing him stinging pain.Finally, Florence shuddered through a satisfying orgasm and sat down at her desk. She caught her breath, and ordered Alteisha to remove the nipple clamps from Gordon and show him to his room.”Dress him as we agreed and bring him down so he may serve us some tea, before we retire.”With that, Florence put on her robe and left the living room. Alteisha grasped the chain at Gordon’s neck collar and led him up the stairs to his room at the rear of the house.Gordon’s room was small, with a poster bed, complete with the steel rings on the headboard, footboard, posts and sides. The room contained a dresser with mirror, a nightstand with a clock and a closet. Laid out on the bed was a black maids’ uniform with white trim, black nylon panties, black garter belt, net stockings and a small black and white cap.”I’ll help you put on your uniform this first time, Gordon.” Alteisha said. “Leave your collar, butt plug and cock and balls restraint on. Remove the wrist and ankle restraints and give those to me.”Gordon looked woefully at the maid,s uniform, realizing that his Mistress would dress him as a female, as part of his humiliation training. He sighed deeply, and began to put on the maid’s uniform. Alteisha snickered from time to time, helping Gordon learn how to put on women’s clothes. The nylon panties had detachable sides held together with Velcro fasteners, made to allow removal of the panties without removing the garter belt and stockings. The smirk on Alteisha’s face mortified Gordon and intensified his discomfort, as he put on the women’s high wide heeled shoes provided. Alteisha shaved his face with an electric razor and patted on makeup to hide any trace of his beard.”Be sure and check your beard and shave if it grows during the day. You surely do not want to irritate Mistress Florence by showing a ‘five o’clock shadow’ while you perform your duties in this uniform. If you do irritate her, I’m sure you will only do it once.” She grinned. “Now hold still while I put on your lipstick.”When Alteisha finished, Gordon looked in the mirror. His humiliation was complete.The two Slaves entered the kitchen through the back staircase and Alteisha showed Gordon where the tea and service were kept. She told him to prepare everything in advance, except the tea. He could prepare tea later in the teapot with boiling water. She laughed at the sight of him in the maids’ uniform and left the room to dress for tea.”Well, Alteisha, our maid Slave looks ready to perform her service, don’t you think?” asked Mistress Florence.”Yes Mistress, except that it seems odd to call our ‘maid’ Gordon,” Alteisha replied. “You’re right,” Florence said thoughtfully, “What shall we call her?””Gordina? — Gordine? — Gee, I can’t seem to think of a proper name, Mistress. We can’t use Gordon, because it would sound too much like ‘a boy named Sue’.” Both women laughed at this remark at Gordon’s expense, standing mortified before them, waiting to be told to serve the tea. “Alteisha, do you remember the Russian girl Helper at Castleton?” Florence asked.”Yes, Mistress, I’m trying to recall her name. It is close to Gordon, but I can’t recall it.””Gordeeva, — yes, that’s it, Gordeeva!” declared Florence. “Gore-dee-eh-va,” she said phonetically.”Perfect, Mistress!” Said Alteisha. “It fits ‘her’ to a T.” The women laughed heartily at the maid’s new name as Gordon stood, embarrassed, waiting for Florence to order the tea served.”Gordeeva, you may serve now,” ordered Mistress Florence. Gordon nodded and complied with her command. As the women sipped their tea and exchanged small talk the conversation turned to Alteisha’s visitor. Florence informed Gordon that soon Alteisha would have a male guest. ‘She’ should prepare to serve drinks to all of them, as Gordeeva, when Robert Morris arrives. Gordon nodded and collected the tea service on a tray, to return them to the kitchen. “Gordeeva, wait in the kitchen until you are summoned.”He nodded yes and left the room. The women continued their conversation for some time until the doorbell rang.”Gordeeva, answer the door, please,” ordered Florence. Gordon went to the door and looked out through the window to see a large good-looking black man waiting on the porch, with a bouquet of roses in his hand. Mortified, Gordon opened the door and bid the man step inside.”Good evening, Mr. Morris,” Gordon said, as confidently as he could, given his obvious circumstances. “Well, hello,” said Robert, “and who might you be?”Gordon took a deep breath, glanced at Mistress Florence looking haughtily at him and said with his eyes lowered, “I am, — Gordeeva, the maid, sir.”Florence smiled and quietly reveled at Gordon’s complete surrender to his enslavement. Florence knew that there were wonderful times to come, with this compliant Slave.”All right, Gordeeva, hustle your ass off and tell Alteisha that I’m here to see her,” said Robert with a smirk and a laugh. Humiliated again, Gordon went to find Alteisha and announce Robert’s arrival. Alteisha and her Mistress met Robert in the living room and exchanged pleasantries. They exchanged wry comments on ‘Gordeeva’ and they laughed at ‘her’ expense. From the conversation Gordon could hear, as he prepared cocktails, he surmised that the three of them had met at a place called Castleton. The name meant nothing to him. Indeed, Robert served as a Helper at Castleton from time to time, and had been there when both Florence and Alteisha were Novices.Helpers were not required to observe the Master, Mistress or Slave protocols outside of Castleton. Helpers returned to their private lives without any restrictions. Their only obligation was to spend at least two weeks annually at Castleton, at the summons of the Grand Master. Most Helpers planned to spend their vacations and several weekends each year at Castleton. The benefits were obvious. As Helpers, they could interact socially with both Slaves and the Masters/Mistresses, participating in their activities if asked to do so.Gordon was summoned to serve the drinks. He brought cocktails to his Mistress, Alteisha and her friend. Sipping their drinks, Robert kept eyeing ‘Gordeeva’ and wondering where he fitted in to the night’s activities. Mistress Florence sensed Robert’s curiosity and called ‘Gordeeva’ to her side.”Robert, our new maid/Slave will participate in the evenings pleasures. In fact ‘she’ will be the focus of, and provide much of, the pleasurable moments for us all. Won’t you, darling?” Florence said playfully.”Yes, Mistress,” Gordon replied still looking at the floor.Florence raised ‘Gordeeva’s’ skirt and showed Robert her maid’s black nylon panties. She pulled the waistband and the panties separated from their Velcro fasteners, fell to the floor revealing Gordon’s cock and balls, enmeshed in the netting that held them tight. They could see that Gordon was mortified. His arousal was evident too, as his cock was straining to achieve an erection, but was denied by the nylon netting holding it fast.Florence aggravated his circumstance by softly fondling his cock and balls as she talked with the others. Every so often she would flick her thumb and finger smartly across his cockhead or on a testicle, causing Gordon to jump from the sting. Florence untied the leather cord, removing the netting, allowing Gordon’s cock and balls to hang free. They watched as Gordon’s cock quickly swelled to a magnificent hard-on and awkwardly pushed out his maid’s skirt. “How nice for you two ladies,” said Robert eyeing the huge cock stiffening rock hard. “Yes, Robert, we are very happy that ‘she’ decided to come serve us,” said Florence. “Alteisha, remove your robe and help Robert get comfortable.”Alteisha dropped her robe revealing her total nakedness, except for the collar she wore. She began undressing Robert and threw his clothes to ‘Gordeeva’ to fold, or place them on hangers in the closet. Gordon could see Robert’s naked body from the corner of his eye. He was dark, heavily muscled and possessed a large thick cock, hanging over an equally impressive set of balls.Alteisha began to stroke Robert’s cock to bring it to full erection. Mistress Florence removed her red satin robe. She was dressed in a black soft leather teddy with an open crotch and her nipples protruding from holes provided for that purpose. She wore thigh high black boots, with five-inch spike heels, studded wristbands and a leather ‘tool’ belt, that held small whips, paddles, nipple clamps and a chain leash. She moved to a large upholstered soft leather chair, sat down and crossed her legs, to direct and observe the proceedings. She nodded to Alteisha to begin.Alteisha licked her lips, embraced Robert and kissed him full on the mouth. He clasped her tits in both hands and quickly moved his mouth to her nipples and licked them with relish. His hands moved to her cunt and two fingers disappeared inside to knead and massage her wet pussy, causing her juices to flow. Florence put her hand between her legs and slowly rubbed her clit, as she watched her Slave amuse her, by preparing to fuck Robert.Gordon stood nearby wondering if anything was expected of him. His cock began to seep with pre-come, as he watched Alteisha moan with pleasure at Robert’s ministrations.”You may fuck her now, Robert,” said Florence.Robert laid Alteisha down on the edge of the sofa and she put both her legs over his shoulders. He opened her cunt with his fingers and placed the tip of his huge black cock at the entrance to her pussy. The purple head was half buried in her cunt, as she writhed about trying to capture its entire length. Florence grinned, as Robert continued to tease Alteisha, by barely touching her clit with his cockhead. She moaned and desperately tried to slide the cock into her cunt.”Please, Robert, — please fuck me! — I can’t stand it!” Alteisha cried out at the teasing of her cunt.Ever so slowly Robert inched his massive cock into the Slave’s cunt. Alteisha was so hot she came before he could fully embed the monster cock within her. Her orgasm caused a smile to form on her Mistress’s lips, as the Slaves breathing became heavier. Robert waited for her to catch her breath before thrusting his cock deep into her cunt.She gave a start as the long cock drove deep into her, withdrew to the rim of the cockhead, only to thrust entire length again, into her waiting cunt. Alteisha’s juices were flowing freely as the pace of her fucking increased. The huge cock thundered in and out of her cunt like a piston, as it rubbed against her clit and drawing in with each thrust. Alteisha could feel another orgasm building inside her and she eagerly thrust back to enjoy the magnificent cock that was fucking her.Watching, her Mistress enjoyed a mild orgasm while lightly stroking her cunt. Gordon was totally confused as to his role. He was fully aroused, but had no sense of what was expected of him. His rock hard cock was seeping pre-come and he feared he would soil the carpet, his uniform or both, thus giving his Mistress a pretext to discipline him. He needn’t have worried. Mistress Florence needed no pretext to whip him. She would do it solely for her amusement when she felt like it.Alteisha and Robert intensified their fucking trying to achieve a mutual orgasm simultaneously. Florence lazily stroked her cunt, softly calling to them. “Neither of you have permission to cum. I’ll deal with your earlier infraction later, Alteisha dear, just now I want to enjoy watching both of you fuck.” Alteisha quickly shifted her energies to prevent herself from cuming, as Robert began to intensify his effort to make her come. Although he was told not to come, Robert was not obligated to obey, because he was not in a Helper nor a Slave role. He decided to comply with Mistress Florence’s command, because he suspected she had other reasons to ask him to withhold orgasm. He was quickly rewarded. “Gordeeva, lick Robert’s asshole as he fucks Alteisha.” Florence commanded. Gordon was mortified and dumbfounded. Never had he expected to be commanded to perform such an act.His Mistress grinned as she reached out and forcefully slapped the head of his cock with her open hand, causing him to cry out from the stinging pain.”Now, please!” she commanded him. “I’m not in the habit of waiting.”Slowly Gordon dropped to his knees behind Robert and sheepishly looked at Florence.”Gordeeva, you have two choices. Lick Robert as I told you, or leave this house now as you are, and never return!”Gordon felt trapped, bewildered and fearful that he might truly be dismissed and he surrendered to his Mistress’s command.He nuzzled his face between Robert’s asscheeks and flicked his tongue over the dark wrinkled asshole. As Robert thrust his cock into Alteisha’s cunt, his asscheeks would close over Gordon’s mouth and nose, preventing him from breathing until the outstroke. Robert sensed Gordon’s discomfort and made every effort to hold his asscheeks shut as long as he could. Heightening Gordon’s embarrassment and humiliation at performing such a degrading act.The participation of another person, in their sexual performance, had the initial effect of slowing Alteisha and Robert’s desire to come. Although neither of them could see Gordon sucking Robert’s asshole, the knowledge that he was doing it gave them some, but not much, relief from the need to come. Florence knelt next to Gordon and drew a paddle from her ‘tool’ belt. Without warning she struck Gordon full on his ass cheek as he tongued Robert’s asshole.Gordon jumped as the leather paddle exploded again on the other cheek. He realized instinctively that he had better continue licking the asshole and try to ignore the paddle, but that was impossible to do. Mistress Florence intensified the strokes until he was groaning with the pain of each stroke. His asscheeks felt blistered and hot, as Florence relentlessly applied the paddle strokes while he licked. Gordon’s asscheeks were red and welts began to form as his Mistress continued. Without stopping the strokes, Florence told Robert that he, but not Alteisha, could come whenever he wanted. Robert quickened his strokes in rhythm with Florence’s paddling of Gordon’s ass.Soon he could feel the orgasm boiling in his balls and gathering at the base of his cock. He tried to hold off for as long as he could, to maximize Gordon’s torment and his own pleasure. Finally, he could no longer withhold and he erupted in a cannonade of thick hot semen deep inside Alteisha’s cunt. He cried out, as he shot the load from his cock, and his cries blended with Alteisha’s shrieks, as she could no longer preclude herself from cumming. She too exploded in a sea of orgasmic bliss, blending her creamy cum juices with Robert’s deep in her cunt. She screamed with pleasure at her orgasm, even as she knew that her Mistress would punish her for disobeying her order not to come.Hurting, Gordon continued licking Robert’s asshole and wondered what was next in store for him. Mistress Florence answered the question in his mind. She told Robert to withdraw and offer his cock to ‘Gordeeva’ for cleansing. Robert turned to Gordon still on his knees and placed his semen-covered cock, still reeking with Alteisha’s musk, in front of Gordon’s mouth. His humiliation was nearly complete. He was expected to lick cum from another man’s cock, in order to please his Mistress. Subconsciously, he was eager to taste Robert’s cum-covered cock. He could feel his own cock get even harder at the thought of putting Robert’s cock in his mouth.Although reason argued against this unnatural act, his urge to completely serve his Mistress was overpowering. He dismissed any pretense of declining, and opened his mouth to receive Robert’s organ. The spunk tasted salty sweet, just as his own when Mistress had made him suck it out of her cunt at the beach hotel. Eagerly he ran his tongue all about the huge head, behind the rim and down along the shaft, sucking the semen into his mouth and swallowing. He liked the taste of that great black cock with the purple head still oozing thick white cream. After licking the cock clean, he drew his tongue all over Robert’s huge testicles to lap up all the cum that had flowed onto them.Florence asked Robert to step away to allow ‘Gordeeva’ to clean his cum out of Alteisha’s cunt. Gordon crawled up to the sofa and looked at the bronze cunt oozing with the thick white cream Robert had deposited inside. He licked the semen on her thighs first, then from the outside lips of her cunt. Satisfied that he had lapped up all the semen from around her cunt, Gordon placed his tongue as deep as he could into Alteisha’s pussy. She squeezed her cunt muscles to force the pearly fluid out onto his waiting tongue. His Mistress told him to completely clean her, and continue sucking her cunt while she forbade her from cumming.”Let’s see if you will disobey again, Alteisha. I can’t wait to punish both you and ‘Gordeeva’ for your insolence.” Florence told her Slaves.Alteisha was secretly pleased, as she craved the thrill of the whip and the restraints. Gordon had yet to suffer a real whipping, hence he did not know what to expect. He was content to continue licking the primary Slave’s sweet cunt until his Mistress ordered him to stop. “Make her cum hard, ‘Gordeeva’. I want to see her struggle to prevent it from happening. It amuses me to watch her writhe against her inevitable orgasm, which will soon consume her. Then she will pay the full price of her disobedience.” Florence told them.Mistress Florence pulled herself close to Alteisha’s face and whispered to her not to come, to avoid her punishment. She had often watched Mistress Darla at Castleton do the same thing. Privately, Florence knew that her Slave would eventually fail and give in to a glorious orgasm that would result in a punishment session. Florence looked directly into Alteisha’s eyes as Gordon redoubled his efforts to make her come with his tongue.”Don’t you dare come, Alteisha. Don’t be a slut, Slave. Fight the urge, don’t make me whip your pretty ass again.” Florence told her, as her Slave strained not to come.She watched intently for any sign of orgasm from her Slave, but none was yet evident. Florence called to Robert to come close to her. He complied and she reached out to grasp his cock, which had become hard again as Robert watched Gordon suck Alteisha.”Fuck me, Robert,” Florence told him and he moved behind her to fuck her dog fashion.Florence moaned with pleasure as the huge cock parted her cuntlips and buried itself deep in her cunt. She knew that Robert, since fucking Alteisha, would fuck her for some time before coming again. Gordon watched, as Florence continued to badger and harass Alteisha not to come, while urging him to make her come hard. Florence basked in the fucking she was receiving from Robert’s huge cock pounding in and out of her pussy, dog fashion. She herself was fighting the urge to come as she implored her Slave not to come. Alteisha was visibly hurting, as she strained grotesquely against coming. Gordon’s tongue was maddening to bear, as he continued to concentrate on her clitoris. Florence sensed that Robert was close to coming. His cock began to throb, his balls tightened and no longer slammed against her pubic area when his cock thrust into her.Florence implored Alteisha not to come before Robert, thus save herself from the whip. Privately Florence knew that Alteisha was ready to explode at any second. She squeezed her cunt tightly to hold Robert’s cock from moving, while she falsely gave Alteisha hope that she could outlast Robert. As her Mistress already knew she would, Alteisha surrendered to Gordon’s rampaging tongue and erupted into a mind numbing orgasm, screaming as her release consumed her.”You naughty bitch!” exclaimed Florence, releasing Robert’s cock from the grip of her cunt muscles. “I told you not to come, you slut! Now you’ll pay, with that sweet ass of yours, I promise you, cunt!”Robert stroked his cock in and out of Florence’s pussy, when he too surrendered to pleasures of orgasm and exploded into Florence’s cunt. He shuddered as great volumes of cum cascaded deep into Florence’s cunt. He felt lightheaded as he slumped forward onto Florence’s back, to recover from the massive orgasm. Robert was completely spent and he rolled off Mistress Florence onto the floor. He lay there gasping for breath. Florence ignored Robert, as she hurried towards Alteisha and Gordon to be cleansed.”May I cleanse you, Mistress?” asked Gordon. Florence dismissed his request and sat down on Alteisha’s face. Instinctively her Slave began to lap up the thick creamy semen from her Mistress’s sweet flowing cunt. “Don’t swallow any of the cum, slut. I have other plans for this love offering from Robert.” Florence told Alteisha.Her Slave continued sucking cum into her mouth. The cum kept flowing from Florence’s cunt, even as Alteisha’s mouth was filling with Robert’s nectar. Finally, the flow of semen diminished. Alteisha had filled her mouth full and was straining not to swallow any of it.”Kiss ‘Gordeeva’ and give ‘her’ the cum,” Florence ordered her primary Slave. Alteisha kissed Gordon full on the mouth and pushed cum into his mouth with her tongue.”Open your mouth to let me see the cum!” Florence ordered Gordon and he meekly complied.His Mistress saw his mouth full of semen and smiled satisfactorily at his total submission to her will.”Now, bitch,” she told him, “swallow that cum and lick Robert’s cock and balls clean again.”Gordon did as he was told and cleaned Robert’s now flaccid cock and balls.”Thank him for feeding you tonight.” Robert poured himself a cool glass of Zinfandel and exhaled heavily as he crashed into an upholstered leather chair.”As always, Florence, that was fantastic,” Robert declared as he drank deeply of the wine. “I can easily see why you advanced to Mistress status as quickly as you did.””Thank you, Robert. You’re such a dear,” replied Florence. “Please help me get these two ready for their sessions, will you?””Of course. I’ll get the restraints and your implements,” he said as he went to the closet to retrieve the items.Florence stripped the maids’ uniform from Gordon and placed the restraints on his wrists and ankles, while Robert secured Alteisha similarly. Gordon’s wrists were fastened together and attached to a chain that dropped from the ceiling. His arms were drawn up over his head by the chain, attached to a pulley, and made fast. His ankles were spread wide apart and shackled to the floor. He hung naked and totally exposed for his Mistress’s pleasure. “Permission to speak, Mistress?” asked Gordon.”What might a whore like you have to say?” replied Florence.”I — I — thought — that –” he stammered.”Say it, you fucking slut! Quit stammering every time you speak. It only irritates me more.””Yes, Mistress. I wanted to know if I might get some relief with you too?” “What are you asking? If you can come?” His Mistress asked incredulously.He nodded affirmatively.”Of course not. You haven’t earned the right to come. Your miserable performance disgusted me! Even if I were disposed to let you come, which I’m not, I certainly would not allow you to come with me! Understand this. You will only come when I decide you can. If some day, you somehow manage to please me, I might, repeat might, let you masturbate in front of my friends to amuse them.” With that she slapped his cock as hard as she could with her open hand. He cried out and his body shook at her slap. “Alteisha, give him ten strokes on each ass cheek, his nipples and cock. Following that, spread his cheeks, remove the butt plug and I’ll rubber band his asshole. Then, bitch, your session is next.”Florence selected a thin braided leather whip and handed it to Alteisha. The Slave walked around Gordon as he pulled at his restraints. She made sure that Gordon could plainly see the whip and his eyes told everyone that that he was afraid. “I see that you fear the whip, ‘Gordeeva’,” said Florence, as she looked him in the eye. “Perhaps you best start with ‘her’ cock or nipples so ‘she’ can see the strokes coming,” Florence suggested.Alteisha grinned at Gordon and suddenly struck his cockhead sharply with the whip. He screamed at the searing pain. Before he could catch his breath, Alteisha laid several more blows on his totally flaccid prick. Some of the blows also struck his balls, increasing the pain visited on the maid/Slave. He moaned and cried at the pain as he hung in his restraints.”Two more on his cock, Mistress?” asked Alteisha. Florence nodded and told her to continue.Alteisha finished whipping his cock and switched to alternately striking each nipple with the tip of the whip. Gordon was in a state of continual screaming, as the blows fell heavily on his nipples and chest. She paused to let him compose himself, before raising welts on his asscheeks. The blows were deliberate, to elicit the greatest fear and uncertainty from the newly recruited maid/Slave. Gordon was openly crying now, with tears rolling down his cheeks. Alteisha finished punishing his asscheeks and handed the whip to her Mistress. She grasped the butt plug at its base and roughly ripped it out of his ass causing him to cry out again.”Thank you, Alteisha,” said Florence, “That was a splendid job of light punishment. As for you, ‘Gordeeva’, you will learn to accept your punishment without all that unnecessary noise. You nearly frightened Robert out of his wits, with such carrying on. I don’t what I will do with you if you persist in displeasing me.”Alteisha grinned and handed her Mistress a long rubber band then spread Gordon’s asscheeks as wide as she could, exposing his wrinkled and puckered asshole.”Ah, now we near the end,” said Florence mockingly. Robert and Alteisha laughed at Mistress Florence’s pun and kneeled down to watch her finish Gordon’s session.Gordon had composed himself, but the terror was evident in his face. Florence deliberately delayed the punishment to heighten his anxiety. Without any warning, Gordon felt a searing pain burst forth at his asshole. He screamed at the agony of the rubber band snapping against the soft tender flesh of his asshole. His Mistress continued beyond the ten strokes she had ordered for his cock, nipples and asscheeks. He had counted the first fifteen strokes, but he lost count as Florence continued until he could no longer stand on his feet and fell, hanging on his restraints. She stopped when he collapsed crying, sobbing and mumbling for mercy.Mistress Florence pressed the quick release on the pulley and Gordon fell to the floor. He moaned from the throbbing pain at his genitals, nipples, asscheeks and asshole. The rising welts were deep red and criss-crossed his chest and asscheeks. Florence had Robert pull him onto all fours and spread his asscheeks so she could ram the butt plug back into his ass. Robert let Gordon collapse onto the floor again then, dragged him to a corner of the room. Mistress Florence placed Alteisha in the same restraints that had held Gordon a few moments ago.Alteisha looked forward to the bite of the whip. To say that she ‘got off’ on it was to understate just how much she needed the discipline provided by her Mistress. Florence checked the chains and restraints to assure that they were fast. Without warning brought the whip down hard on Alteisha’s beautiful asscheeks. She threw her head back and bit her lip, as she relished the pain coursing through her body.”Thank you, Mistress,” Alteisha whispered to her Mistress, as the next cutting blow striped her ass.Gordon watched in disbelief as Florence whipped Alteisha with all her strength. He could not comprehend why Altiesha had not uttered a word or sound, as stroke after stroke bit into her asscheeks and tits. Alteisha hung limply from the restraints, but for Alteisha it was a means of conserving her energy, not complete surrender, as he had done. He was ashamed that a young woman could endure such pain without uttering even a whimper. He marveled at her tenacity and her ability to receive the thrashing without giving her Mistress any satisfaction.The punishment continued for nearly an hour, with pauses to allow both Slave and Mistress to regain sufficient strength to continue. Alteisha bit her lip as she finally uttered a slight moaning sound that was barely audible. Mistress Florence used the slight sound as a pretext to stop the session. She too was tired and needed to rest.”Enough!” stated her Mistress. “Now, Alteisha should learn not to come without permission.” She paused to take a deep drink from the wine Robert handed her and released the chain holding her Slave captive. “Robert, please help me get these two worthless excuses for Slaves, up to bed. Put Gordon in the back room and place Alteisha in my bed.”Robert helped the two Slaves up the stairs and into bed as Florence requested.”Robert, tell my maid to set ‘her’ clock for six thirty a.m. and tell ‘her’ that I will expect breakfast promptly at seven,” Florence called to Robert as he climbed the stairs with the Slaves in tow.When Robert came back down, he dressed, thanked Florence, kissed her hand, bid her good night and left. Florence locked the house, turned out the lights and climbed the stairs to her bedroom. Alteisha was snuggled under the sheets grinning at her Mistress. Florence removed her teddy and climbed naked into bed. She embraced her Slave and kissed her, probing her mouth with her tongue, then turned to a sixty-nine position to devour her Slave’s cunt. Alteisha pushed head between Florence’s thighs and began to extract the orgasm that Florence had not had downstairs.Both of them had several orgasms. They sucked each other’s cunts for nearly an hour before Florence turned to rub her clit against Alteisha’s clit. They ‘fucked’ each other to several mind numbing orgasms, before falling back on the bed, exhausted, spent and gasping for breath. Florence smiled at her bronze slave and rolled her over to soothe her welts with her tongue. Alteisha moaned delightfully as Florence licked her.”I love you, Mistress,” Alteisha whispered.”I love you too, darling sweet slave,” Florence replied.She turned off the light, pulled the covers over both of them, embraced her slave and kissed her passionately.”Goodnight, my sweet slave girl. You are such a wonderful and dear person, Alteisha.””Thank you, Mistress.”Holding Florence tightly the two lovers fell asleep.Castleton Chapter Eleven The “Maid’s” First Tea Party Gordon was seated at his desk deeply involved in the analysis of several stocks displayed on his computer screen. His pager beeped and he glanced at the number showing on the display. It was Mistress Florence. He returned her call immediately with his cell phone. Florence answered using a scrambler device to prevent anyone from listening in to her telephone calls. Her caller ID told her it was Gordon returning her page. “Speak Slave,” she said. “You paged me Mistress. What may I do for you?” Gordon responded. “I’m having some friends for cocktails and dinner this evening. They will arrive promptly at six thirty p.m., so you must be ready. To save time, I’m sending you, by courier, some things to wear. I want you to put everything on, under your suit, just as soon as you receive them. I will expect you to be home no later then six o’clock.”Alteisha is preparing dinner and you must be there in time to greet our guests, serve the cocktails and serve dinner to our guests. The courier should arrive within minutes. Even though you still have several hours to work, I want you to put on the things I’m sending you, just as soon as the courier leaves,” Florence hung up without waiting for an acknowledgment, or a goodbye. Gordon was uneasy, but returned to his analysis, even as he heard someone talking to his secretary, Maureen. “Mr. Phillips, there is a courier here with a package for you. He says that he must get your personal signature on the receipt,” Maureen said on the intercom. “Send him in, Maureen,” Gordon told her. A tall black man, in a courier’s uniform, entered Gordon’s office carrying a package. Gordon recognized him immediately. It was Robert. “Hello,” said Gordon, without using any name recognition. Robert smiled and nodded hello as he gave the package to Gordon and offered the receipt pad for signature. Gordon quickly signed the receipt, and returned to his computer.Robert left right away. Maureen asked Gordon if she should open the package for him, but he declined, asking her to shut the door behind her as she left. When he was alone Gordon quickly locked his office door and opened the package. It contained his net cock and ball restraint, the butt plug, a thin leather collar with a chain, a pair of crotchless frilly panties, net stockings, a garter belt, brassiere with openings for his nipples and his maids uniform. Gordon undressed and swiftly put on the clothes Mistress Florence had sent him. The butt plug was difficult to insert without lubricant, but he improvised by using his saliva to provide some lubrication. Even with the saliva, the plug felt as though it was dry and Gordon suffered to fully insert it into his ass, but at last it was done. Gordon attached the chain to the ring on the net cock and balls restraint, through the butt plug ring and then to the leather collar about his neck. He put on his shirt, tie, and suit over his maid’s uniform. Fully dressed, Gordon placed his male underwear in his briefcase, unlocked his door and returned to his work. The butt plug was even more uncomfortable in his office environment, than when wearing it at home. Sitting directly on it drove it deep into his ass, causing discomfort during the course of his work. More vexing than the butt plug was the cock and ball restraint, which kept pulling at his genitals with every movement he made. The chain pulled harshly at his cock and balls and the butt plug, each time he moved.Mistress Florence had deliberately made the chain shorter than usual to add to his discomfort, thus reminding him of who was in control. No matter, he relished his role. It was not a ‘predicament’, as some might think. For Gordon it was total liberation from the concerns and misgivings of daily life. His existence was now the concern of his Mistress, who knew far better than he, what he needed to be happy. What she required of him was love, devotion, obedience and worship of his Mistress. She would provide everything else necessary. He was totally content. Exactly at five forty five p.m., Gordon shut down his computer, grabbed his briefcase and left his office for the weekend. He told Maureen to have a nice weekend and hurried to the elevator. Maureen followed closely behind him as he left and joined him in the elevator. She smiled at him as they descended the twelve stories to the garage below.”Mr. Phillips,” she began, “What are your plans for this weekend? I hear the weather will be gorgeous, will you be going to the beach?” He became surprised and slightly uncomfortable at her asking into his activities. Usually, she was pretty closed mouthed and private, but he shrugged it off with his answer. “No. I will stay home,” he replied curtly, but courteously. “I’m going to the beach with some girl friends,” said Maureen, in a tone that he sensed she was not too thrilled about her weekend plans. “Sounds like a fun weekend,” Gordon said, just to make some small talk until they reached the garage level. “I guess,” she sighed. “Nothing exciting, but something to do at least. I guess it’s better than nothing.” “Oh,” replied Gordon, “there are an infinite variety of things that are better than nothing, Maureen.” “Well I wish some of them would happen to me,” she said as the elevator halted. They entered the garage and walked to their cars. Gordon pondered Maureen’s comment. He wondered if she might somehow need a change in her life, similar to the change he had undergone. He smiled at her as he stopped at his car, which was parked near hers. “Have a great weekend, Maureen. See you Monday,” he started the car, waved goodbye, pulled out of the parking space and drove away. As he left the city and drove towards the house of his Mistress he wondered about the evening and the humiliation he would happily suffer at the hands of the guests. He was excited about providing every service that could be asked of him. Hopefully they might even allow him to cum tonight. He hadn’t had an orgasm for nearly two weeks. Mistress Florence did not think he deserved to cum, judging from the marginal performances he had provided his Mistress. He still bore the welts across his ass from the whippings they had administered each night, but orgasm had always been denied him. Perhaps tonight he thought. Gordon turned into the driveway and pulled into the garage. He entered the house and went up the back staircase to his room. There he removed his outer clothing to reveal the maids uniform he wore underneath. He placed a pair of four-inch pumps on his feet and sat at the mirror to put on his lipstick. The door opened and Alteisha entered his room. “Hurry, Gordeeva, Mistress is waiting. It’s nearly six o’clock.”She took the lipstick from him and clasped his chin in her hand. “Here, let me do that.” And she finished painting his lips bright red. Her robe parted slightly and Gordon could tell that she was naked except for her collar, nipple and cunt rings and the little bells attached to them. He could hear the bell’s muffled ringing under her robe, as she finished putting lipstick on him. Gordon followed Alteisha to the kitchen to layout the wine and spirits that would be needed for cocktails. He placed various cheeses, finger sandwiches and fruits on silver trays and arranged other snacks in bowls and on decorative plates. He checked everything again to be sure everything was ready. He did not want to cause his Mistress any embarrassment in front of her guests. As he worked, he heard the kitchen door open behind him. It was Mistress Florence. She looked at him haughtily, then at his refreshment preparation. “Everything seems to be in order, ‘Gordeeva’.” She said curtly. “They should be here any minute. You will answer the door, place their wraps in the front closet and show them in.” She turned and left. The doorbell rang and it concerned Gordon. He had never been a ‘maid’ to anyone other than his Mistress, Alteisha and Robert. He was uncomfortable and wondered if he would be ridiculed by the guests. Perhaps he would not be able to go through with this tonight. After all, he had been required to do, he was puzzled why his Mistress would want to hold him up to such ridicule in front of her friends. Quickly, dismissing any second thoughts about his situation, he knew that if he balked at anything Mistress asked of him, she would dismiss him permanently. He couldn’t bear the thought of not being submissive to her every whim. ‘Gordeeva’ opened the door and greeted the three women who stood on the porch. “Welcome, please follow me,” he told them as they entered and followed him into the living room. He collected their wraps as they watched him intently. The ladies had smirks on their faces and Gordon knew immediately, that they were aware that he was a male.He placed their wraps in the closet. Mistress Florence entered wearing a studded black soft leather strap suit. It looked like a large net with crisscrossed straps around and between her bare breasts, crossed again at her navel, parting at her crotch on either side of her exposed cunt, and continuing across her back above her bare asscheeks, to a small collar at her neck. She wore silver bells in both her cunt and nipple rings with thigh high soft shinny black leather boots, with five-inch heels. For all practical purposes Florence was naked except for the boots and the leather straps. “Hello, how nice to see you again,” Florence greeted her guests. “How wonderful of you to come visit. It’s been such a long time,” she turned to Gordon and introduced her guests. “Gordeeva, these three ladies are dear friends of mine. This is Mistress Lira, who taught both Alteisha and me at Castleton, Mistress Lynette who gave us our wonderful rings and silver bells and Mistress Darla, who owned Alteisha, before she gave her to me. Ladies, this is my maid, Gordeeva.” “How nice, Mistress Florence,” said Lynette, “your maid seems very intriguing. I’m sure we will find ‘her’ interesting this weekend,” Gordon felt warm and worried that he was blushing, which in fact he was. The ladies enjoyed Gordon’s discomfort and smiled with glee at his blushing.Each of the ladies wore soft leather teddies and boots similar to Florence’s. Mistress Darla’s breasts, protruded through holes in her red teddy, which was also open at her crotch. Lynntte’s teddy was of white leather that ended in half cups just beneath her exposed breasts. Lira’s pink teddy exposed a single breast and had an opening to expose only the nipple of the other breast. The Mistresses cunts and asscheeks were fully exposed. Each wore a leather collar, whose color matched their teddies. All had cunt and nipple rings with tiny silver bells hanging from each ring. “Gordeeva, serve the cocktails now, please,” Florence ordered ‘her’ as the Mistresses sat down to continue their conversations. Florence had purposely not asked Alteisha to join them until she could gauge how Mistress Darla still felt about her former Slave. Darla sensed that Florence had the first move and decided to wait until later to ask about Alteisha. Although both Florence and Darla were mentally fencing, over Alteisha, both decided to put aside any potential disagreement over the Slave, for now. “Darla, Alteisha will join us later,” Florence told her sincerely. Darla smiled and nodded as she sipped her drink.”Gordeeva?” asked Lynette, “didn’t we have a little Russian girl Novice named Gordeeva?” “Yes,” replied Florence, “I named ‘her’ after the Novice we met at Castleton.” “How nice,” said Darla, “come here darling,” she said to Gordon, “and let me see you up close.” Gordon, still holding his tray and drinks, moved close to Darla and stood beside her chair. Mistress Darla lifted his skirt revealing his restrained cock and balls for all to see. “Oh, my!” exclaimed Darla, “such a huge clitoris on this ‘girl’. Let’s let it out of its netting, shall we?” “Of course,” agreed Florence. Darla released the nylon net that held Gordon’s cock and balls. With the obvious skill of having removed such restraints before, Darla, with one hand, expertly untied the leather cord, unsnapped the chain and pulled the nylon restraint free of Gordon’s genitals. His balls dropped down and slowly swung from side to side, while his cock immediately grew engorged and stood erect.Darla lightly fondled the huge cock and stroked his balls, as she continued conversing and sipping her drink. She pulled the foreskin down revealing a large bulbous purple cockhead. She lightly rubbed the smooth silken head with her thumb, then grasped the huge cock and began to pump the skin back and forth. Gordon’s sexual arousal was obvious, as he vainly tried not to squirm even slightly, as Darla continued to masturbate him. “Oh, how I would love to put a ring through that foreskin, – -I mean clitoris,” said Lynette laughing at her deliberately calling Gordon’s cock a clit. “Yes, Lynette, we know your passion for piercing, but it would be more fitting if Mistress Endora pierced ‘her’ clit would it not?” said Mistress Lira. “Oh, I suppose so, that’s her area of expertise, but wouldn’t it be fun to do it here tonight,” replied Lynette, causing all, except, Gordon to laugh heartily. He grew even more uncomfortable at the thought of getting his cock or foreskin pierced. Darla continued to masturbate him and he could feel the semen boiling in his balls, as he fought to prevent himself from cumming. Lynette knelt down in front of him and licked at the pre cum that seeped from his cock hole. Lira moved to the ‘maid’ and began to suck one of his nipples, while rolling the other one between her thumb and forefinger.Gordon’s juices boiled within him. He wanted to stop the three Mistresses, but was afraid to ask for permission to speak. He looked with pity in his eyes at his Mistress, but Florence ignored him, as she toyed with Lynette’s nipple. Gordon trembled. He knew that he could not resist the sexual onslaught of the three Mistresses for much longer, without exploding in orgasm. He had not cum in nearly two weeks and he could not hold out much longer. Sensing his impending orgasm, Lynette withdrew his cockhead from her mouth and stood up. She enjoyed his discomfort for a moment then, slapped his cockhead as hard as she could. Next, she squeezed his cockhead to force the blood out of it and squelch his orgasm. The four Mistresses enjoyed a laugh at Gordon’s discomfort, as they returned to their drinks and snacks. “Shall we go into the dining room, ladies?” asked Florence, as they rose and followed her in to dinner. “Gordeeva, please start with the appetizer,” Florence sat at the head of the table with Lynette and Lira seated side by side to her left. Darla sat to Florence’s right with an open place setting between her and her hostess.Before Darla could ask who would be joining them, Alteisha entered the room wearing only her Slave collar, her cunt and nipple rings and silver bells. “Ah, there you are, Alteisha,” said Florence. “You remember this slut, Alteisha, I’m sure,” she continued to the guests. They all acknowledged Alteisha, especially Mistress Darla, who smiled slightly as she saw her previous Slave. “Alteisha will also join us for dinner as well as provide some entertainment,” announced Florence. “Alteisha, stand on this chair between Mistress Darla and I and masturbate for us.” Alteisha, looking absolutely delicious, responded “Yes, Mistress,” and stood on the chair and began to rub her finger over her clit, while the others watched. The Slave was fully aroused and breathed heavily as she continued rubbing herself. Mistress Darla was also getting aroused as she watched her former slave masturbate. She saw the moisture form at Alteisha’s cuntlips and she could feel her own juices beginning to boil within her cunt.’Gordeeva’ came in carrying a tray of shrimp cocktail appetizers, for the ladies. ‘She’ placed an appetizer before each of the place settings and stood back to watch Alteisha. Florence picked a large shrimp from her bowl and thrust it into Alteisha’s cunt as she continued to masturbate. Her Mistress rolled the shrimp about her slave’s cunt and took a bite of the shrimp. Florence continued to dip her shrimp into Alteisha’s cunt, then into her cocktail sauce before eating the shrimp. The others began to eat their appetizers and watch Alteisha, as she closed her eyes, moaning softly from the pleasure of rubbing her clit. “Alteisha, you may cum when we have all finished our shrimp cocktails, then sit here next to me and Mistress Darla,” her Mistress told her. The Mistresses ate in silence and, concurrent with last protracted bite of shrimp by Darla, Alteisha erupted in a mind numbing orgasm. She swayed uneasily and Florence reached out to steady her, to prevent her from falling. The other Mistresses applauded Alteisha’s masturbation until she sat down between her Mistress and Mistress Darla. Florence gave her permission to eat her appetizer and to join in the dinner conversation, until the dessert. Gordon served dinner, stood nearby as they ate, attending to their every need. He watched Alteisha as she sat between her current and former Mistress. It was obvious to him, and Mistress Florence, that Darla hoped her former slave would have expressed greater enthusiasm over her visit. After all, not too long ago they had been close, like lovers rather than slave and Mistress. During the meal, Darla would find every opportunity to touch Alteisha’s naked thigh or rub against her breasts. Florence too, had noticed Darla’s behavior, but ignored it. As a Mistress, Darla had the privilege to take such liberties with any slave of the Order. Alteisha was increasingly uncomfortable with Mistress Darla’s attentions, but controlled herself and did not outwardly display any displeasure. Inwardly, Alteisha felt that Mistress Darla had abandoned her at Castleton, in favor of a younger and fresher slave. Only her fellow Novice, now Mistress Florence, came to her aid that day. She rescued her by taking her into her service, with Darla’s eager concurrence. Now, apparently, Darla was having second thoughts and was making a play for Alteisha’s affection again. Darla sensed that her advances to Alteisha were being rejected.Darla changed her strategy and starting to pinch Alteisha teasingly, but with increasing force. Finally, without any pretense towards teasing, Darla pulled hard on Alteisha’s nipple ring, causing a burning pain to erupt in the slave’s breast. Alteisha jumped ever so slightly, but quickly regained her composure. She hoped that no one had sensed that Mistress Darla was angered and deliberately disciplining her. The little side play was not lost on Florence, who made a mental note to be alert to Darla’s vicious dark side. The meal continued, with some additional oral and physical barbs directed toward Alteisha by her former Mistress. When they finished the dinner course, Florence asked Gordon to clear away everything from the table, before serving the dessert of sugared strawberries and whipped cream. Gordon cleared the table and went to the kitchen get the dessert. When he returned he found Alteisha, lying on the table, with her legs spread wide.Florence asked Gordon to place some strawberries on Alteisha’s cunt and cover them with whipped cream. When Gordon completed his task, Florence invited Mistress Lynette to sit in front of the slave and eat her dessert. “How innovative!” exclaimed Lynette, greedily devouring the strawberries and whipped cream, while simultaneously licking at Alteishas’ clit. The Slave was obviously aroused and began to squirm each time Mistress Lynette’s tongue caressed her clit. Mistress’s Lira and Darla began to knead Alteisha’s nipples with their thumbs and forefingers, in rhythm with Lynette’s sucking of her cunt. Mistress Darla seemed to apply more force than necessary, as Florence sat at the table and watched Darla closely, to prevent any real injury to Alteisha from the vengeful Mistress. Florence told Gordon to stand next to her, so she could fondle his balls and cock as she enjoyed Alteisha’s obvious delight. Gordon’s cock stiffened rock hard, as his Mistress fondled him. She had not personally touched his genitals for nearly three weeks. Any sexual contact for him had come from Alteisha, Robert or himself, as sometimes he would be ordered to masturbate for the pleasure of his Mistress.He could feel the semen boiling in his balls, as Florence continued to play with his cock. Both of them watched Alteisha, explode in a gut wrenching orgasm from Mistress Lynette’s tongue. Lynette stood up and wiped her mouth with a towel. Gordon applied a fresh serving of dessert on the slaves’ cunt and Mistress Lira sat down to eat and resume Alteisha’s sexual delight. Alteisha rewarded Mistress Lira with a delightful and powerful orgasm, as thanks for Lira’s most pleasurable attentions to her cunt.Gordon placed additional dessert onto Alteisha, as Mistress Darla sat down and wickedly smiled at her ‘victim’. Darla reached across Alteisha’s body and grasped a nipple in each of her hands, while she ate her dessert’. Mistress Darla made no pretense of not hurting the spread-eagled slave, as she forcefully squeezed the nipples she held in her fingers. Similarly her ‘licking’ at Alteisha’s cunt, was more biting and pulling of her cuntlips with her clenched teeth. There was no effort to pleasure the slave spread out before her, or herself.Florence allowed Gordon’s cock to become flaccid, as she watched Darla intently, to preclude anything too violent from happening to her slave. It was one thing to deliver pain to a slave who wanted and needed it, but quite another to administer pain hatefully, or from vengeance. Soon Alteisha was crying painfully, as Darla bit her cunt hard and pulled wickedly at her nipples. The tears were flowing freely from Alteisha, as she sobbed from the evil ministrations of Darla’s teeth and fingers. “My turn to have dessert, Darla dear,” Florence finally said to stop the torture. Darla reluctantly arose and sneered at Alteisha, then sweetly smiled at Florence, as she offered her hostess the chair. Florence waited for Gordon to serve the dessert on Alteisha’s cunt. Slowly, she soothed her slave’s cunt with loving strokes of her tongue. She reached for Alteisha’s tits, before any of the other Mistresses could do so, to lightly rub and soothe her hurting nipples.Slowly, she nurtured her slave back from the extremely cruel punishment administered by Mistress Darla. Alteisha responded positively and Mistress Florence finished her dessert. She asked Gordon to clean the table and bring the instruments for the nights entertainment. “Alteisha, please help ‘Gordeeva’ or we shall be here all night. You know how slow ‘she’ can be,” glad to be temporarily rescued from Mistress Darla, Alteisha hurried to the kitchen to do as her Mistress ordered. Lynette and Lira recognized that Darla, wanted revenge from Alteisha, for not forsaking Mistress Florence, for Darla, when she first arrived. Without any visible discussion between them, the two understood that Darla was in an evil, vile mood and might deliberately injure Alteisha. She had been known to do so in the past. At Castleton, three years ago, she had whipped a female Helper so severely, that she had to be sent to a local hospital for nearly a week.Luckily for the Order, the chief resident and head nurse were members of the Order and the authorities did not get involved. Darla was on probation for a year, by the Grand Master, after the incident and there had not been a recurrence. Never the less, they each made mental notes to prevent any possibility of recurrence here at Florence’s home. Lynette and Lira decided to go to the bathroom together asking Florence for directions. Darla seethed with anger underneath her calm exterior, yet she did not have a clue that the three other Mistresses were wise to her intentions, regarding her former Slave, Alteisha. “Lira,” whispered Lynette, after entering the bathroom, “we may have a problem brewing.” “Yes, I know. We may have to borrow a set of restraints and a gag from Florence, if Darla doesn’t cool off. Be alert. She’ll really hurt Alteisha, in her present state of mind,” the two finished quickly and returned to the living room for the night’s entertainment. Mistress Florence had placed ‘Gordeeva’ in restraints, spread-eagled and hanging from the chains. He still wore ‘her’ maids’ uniform. His cock was rock hard and protruding outward from ‘her’ garter belt. Mistress Darla was fondling his balls with one hand and attaching clamps to his nipples with the other. Gordon’s asscheeks were vulnerable to Darla, as she alternated slapping them and pulling on his cock and balls.She tightened the nipple clamps and elicited a groan from Gordon. Pleased with her work, Darla selected a wide leather strap, which she rubbed all over Gordon’s cock, balls and asscheeks, causing him to shudder with anticipation. He was enveloped with a sense of dread, as he waited for Darla to administer the discipline he needed. Only Mistress Florence, Alteisha and occasionally Robert, had ever disciplined him. This was to be a completely new experience for him. He screamed as Darla’s first stroke with the strap struck him full across both asscheeks at once. Without waiting for his scream to subside, Mistress Darla struck him swiftly, twice again. She paused momentarily then, brought the strap down hard upon his rock hard cock. The edge of the strap caught the rim of his cockhead amplifying the pain coursing through his genitals.Mistress Darla grinned as she swiftly struck him several times in succession across his ass. She ended with a massive upward blow to his balls and cock. Gordon screamed and his eyes bulged, as the pain cutting through him was unbearable. He fainted away to hang u*********s in his restraints. Darla stepped back and smiled sweetly at Mistress Florence. She handed the strap to Mistress Lynette and accepted a cool glass of wine from Alteisha, with a sneer. Lynette kneeled in front of the semi conscious ‘maid’. She took his now flaccid cock into her mouth to lick away the savage beating Mistress Darla had delivered. Slowly both Gordon and his limp cock began to respond to Mistress Lynette’s soothing tongue. He opened his eyes and looked down at the Mistress sucking his cock. Slowly, her tongue moved down to his still hurting balls. She softly licked at them, taking each separately into her mouth to soothe away the hurt. Her mouth soon returned to his cock, licking and sucking his cockhead back to full hardness.Slowly, his pain gave way to pleasure, feeling his balls become embroiled in a desire to again spew forth his cum. As he regained his composure, he became cognizant of the pain in his nipples from the clamps squeezing them. Mistress Lira reached around to his chest and turned back the screws a half turn each, to relieve some, but not all, of the pain. Unfastening the Velcro strips she removed his maids’ uniform. She rubbed the strap slowly all over his upper and lower body. Gordon realized that his ordeal was not over. “Gordon,” Mistress Florence said to him, “Mistress Lynette will continue your arousal with her tongue, while Mistress Lira continues your discipline. When Mistress Lira finishes her discipline, you may cum into Mistress Lynette’s hands, clean them with your tongue and your discipline session will end. If you cum before Mistress Lira finishes, then you will lick cum from her hands and Mistress Lynette will take a turn disciplining you. Additionally, dear Gordon, I shall have to correct your behavior, for cumming without permission, and I shall be very irritated with your disobedience. Do you understand me?” “Yes Mistress,” he gasped. Mistress Lira looked deeply into his eyes and kissed his cheek softly. She stepped behind him and waited a few moments, while Mistress Lynette caused him to writhe from her sucking his cock. Lira brought the whip down sharply across both of his thighs. She methodically ‘strapped’ him firmly on his calves, thighs, ass and back. She continued to apply the strap up and down his tender body, while Mistress Lynette continued to suck his cock.Gordon strained to keep from cumming. The tongue licking his cockhead brought him near the brink of orgasm several times, interrupted by the sharp pain of the strap. He gritted his teeth to keep from cumming, although Mistress Lynette’s expert cock sucking, kept him dangerously close to erupting. He tried to think of other things, though that was impossible to do for more than a few seconds, before the magnificent tongue brought him back to reality. Gordon’s plight was so convoluted, that he found he was glad for Mistress Lira’s whipping him, as it helped him to prevent cumming. Finally, his mind settled on thinking about Mistress Florence, how much he loved her and how he did not want to disappoint her, by cumming in disobedience. He found he could hold this thought firmly in his mind, while Mistress Lynette’s mouth worked its magic on his cock and Lira’s strapping continued. Florence was quietly proud of Gordon’s resistance to both Mistresses Lynette and Lira’s ministrations. She marveled at his ability to withstand Lynette’s mouth. She had witnessed others, at Castleton, who had succumbed to Lynette’s cock sucking with far less effort on her part.Mistress Lynette now felt challenged by Gordon’s resistance and redoubled her efforts with her tongue. Obviously tired, Mistress Lira was wearing down from strapping Gordon. She had changed from her right hand to her left and back again. She was visibly weary and her blows had lost their sting. Perspiration dripped from her body. Finally, she dropped the strap, smiled at Florence and took a cool glass of wine from Alteisha’s tray. “Gordon, you may cum now,” Florence said softly. Satisfied, she smiled at Alteisha, who was also grinning, pleased at Gordon’s display of endurance. Gordon erupted a huge volley of cum into Mistress Lynette’s mouth. She took it full into her throat and swallowed in time to receive the next volley, as Gordon’s cock spewed great quantities of semen, into the eagerly waiting mouth.Mistress Florence clasped her hands together; obviously thrilled that Mistress Lynette chose to accept and swallow the slave’s cum. It was a show of respect and admiration for his discipline, ability to endure and absolute devotion to his Mistress. “Release him, Alteisha,” Florence commanded. Her primary slave released Gordon’s legs and wrists from their restraints. He put his arm over her shoulder to help lower him gently to the floor. Gordon gazed into Alteisha’s eyes and she smiled at him. Just then he realized how much Alteisha cared for him as a friend and companion. He smiled back, laid his head on the thick carpet and sighed deeply. Alteisha took a deep breath and walked to the center of the room. She attached the restraints to her widely spread legs, then to her wrists and stood awaiting her Mistress’s pleasure. Mistress Darla moved quickly to pull the chains taut. She selected a wickedly firm, thin, long, braided leather whip and approached her victim. Alteisha trembled as she could sense the evil in Mistress Darla’s heart. She could not comprehend why Darla felt as she did. It was Darla’s choice to give her to Mistress Florence. Alteisha had no voice in the transaction.Florence had allowed her to decide to return to Mistress Darla if she so desired. Darla seemed genuinely pleased that she was rid of Alteisha. The tall bronze slave steeled herself to receive a severe discipline session from Mistress Darla. Her former Mistress flailed the air with the whip, creating a singing sound that only the whip can make. Alteisha looked quickly toward her Mistress Florence, then closed her eyes and waited. Darla’s first cut struck Alteisha flush across the tits. She screamed in pain. The second blow was delivered with increased force upward to the bottom of her tits, forcing another piercing scream from the slave. Alteisha gritted her teeth and resolved not to make any sound, thus deny Darla enjoyment. Her resolve quickly withered away when the next blow struck upward on her cunt. She screamed and sobbed as Darla struck her twice more on the cunt and clit. Alteisha hung from the chains while Mistress Darla struck savagely at her ass, thighs and back.Deep purple welts rose swiftly from the ferocious beating she was receiving. Darla gave her no relief, no pausing ever so slightly, to let her catch her breath and no quarter in her barbarous attack on Alteisha’s flesh. Mistress Darla braced herself with a wide stance, to increase her leverage and ferociously hit Alteisha across her tits, breaking the skin, causing blood to flow. Darla’s next vicious stroke was again delivered to Alteisha’s tits, cutting a tear in a nipple, which bled immediately. “Enough!” shouted Florence, as she grabbed Darla’s arm and relieved her of the whip. “What are you doing?” screamed Darla, “how dare you, stop me! You whore!” “It’s over, Darla,” said Lynette, “you don’t want to repeat what happened in the past.””Get your wraps. We’re leaving now!” Lira stated. “Florence, I’m sorry this happened. We were looking forward to a pleasant and delightful visit, but that’s been compromised now. Thank you for your hospitality, Florence. You’re fortunate to have slaves like Alteisha and Gordon,” she put on her coat, hugged Florence and ushered Lynette and Darla out of the house. She made sure Darla was in the car, then came back to Florence and whispered in her ear as she kissed her. “The Grand Master will hear of this,” she returned to the car and the three of them drove away.While Florence was seeing the visitors to their car, Gordon quickly released Alteisha and laid her on the living room floor. He bathed her open welts and cuts with disinfectant and comforted his friend and fellow slave. “Thank you, Gordon,” Alteisha told him through her sobs. Mistress Florence came in and told Gordon to lift her in his arms to carry her up to Florence’s bedroom.”Alteisha, I’m going to call our doctor to come look at you,” Florence told her.”No, Mistress, please wait. I don’t think I’m hurt that bad,” she replied. “Just let me rest awhile, please Mistress,” then, gratefully, she said, “Thank you for stopping her, Mistress.””Of course, sweetheart, but I don’t want you to tough this out because you’re afraid we’ll be found out. We do have a Member physician, that I can call, who will come here. You don’t have to go to his office or anything,” Florence said.”No, it’s not that. It’s that I want to be here, with you two. I care so much for both of you,” Alteisha confided. She paused to catch her breath, looking lovingly at Gordon, “Mistress, how about, Gordon? Wasn’t he magnificent? I was so proud of him.””Yes, Alteisha, you’re right. He was truly magnificent tonight. I’m proud of you and Gordon,” Florence said to both of them. “Gordon will bandage your open wounds, Alteisha, and then I want you to try to sleep. I’ll turn on the intercom and you call out to us if you need anything. Do you hear me, sweet slave?””Yes, thank you Mistress,” Alteisha whispered to Florence.Later that evening, Florence invited Gordon to share a nightcap and some conversation. Alteisha was sleeping peacefully. The two of them talked about how the evening had turned negative. Gordon told his Mistress that he was glad she stopped Mistress Darla when she did, because he had decided to rebel and stop her himself. “Mercy is never a rebellious action, Gordon. I’m happy you care that much about both Alteisha and me,” Florence told him. “Tonight, Gordon, I want to relive that night we met at the hotel. I don’t want to dominate anyone, tonight. I just want to make love and be loved in return. Will you sleep with me tonight, dear Gordon?” he took Florence in his arms, kissed her and carried her up to his bedroom.Weeks passed, and the residents at Mistress Florence’s house had put the episode with Darla behind them. Life was normal again, that is, normal for life at Mistress Florence’s household. Alteisha had healed without scarring. Florence was beginning to receive huge amounts of money from sales of her software. Gordon quit his job to become Mistress Florence’s personal financial manager. Life was good.Florence continued to dominate both Alteisha and Gordon. The corrective and discipline sessions were held regularly. Mistress Florence had decreed that both Alteisha and Gordon should remain naked throughout the day and night, unless of course, they were going out, or there were visitors in the house. Florence wore one of several Dominatrix outfits in the house and the usual business clothes while working. Robes were strategically placed at both the front and rear entrances of the house, to be quickly available if needed.One Saturday, Florence, sent both of her Slaves to shop and run some errands. Alone in the house, she performed some household chores usually done by her Slaves. The doorbell rang and Florence reached for a robe to put on, and answered the door. She opened the door to see a very pretty red headed woman standing on her porch. “Yes?” asked Florence.”Hello, I’m…ah…is Gordon…Does Gordon Phillips live here?””Who wants to know?” Florence answered, with her own question.”I’m Maureen…Maureen Thompson. I was Gordon’s secretary when he worked for the brokerage.””Oh, well, do come in,” Florence told her, “I’m Florence, Gordon’s friend and current employer.” Maureen entered and was shown into the living room where both women sat down. “Maureen, can I get you anything, coffee or tea?””No, thank you. I just stopped by to see Gordon. No one has seen him since he resigned to work for you. I just wanted to see how he was doing,” Maureen replied smiling. Florence told her that Gordon was just fine, that he had an office here at the house, where he managed her good fortune. She told Maureen that he had gone downtown, on business, and would be coming back soon.Florence asked Maureen to stay and wait for his return, but she declined saying that she had other commitments. Maureen gave Florence her home telephone number and told her to please ask Gordon to call her, if he wanted. With that, Maureen rose to leave and Florence escorted her to the door, thanked her for stopping by. She said she would tell Gordon that she had come to visit him.When Gordon and Alteisha returned, Florence told him about Maureen’s visit and gave him her phone number. Maureen, said Gordon, was pretty much a loner who rarely participated in office functions, or discussed her personal life with others. Gordon had been one of the few, at the firm, to engage in dialogue with her, and that was mostly small talk. Alteisha came into the room in time to hear the last of the discussion. She winked at her Mistress as she teased Gordon. “Why don’t you convince her to join us here as the maid, and you can become the butler,” the three of them laughed heartily at Alteisha’s quip.”You know, Maureen may just need our sort of freedom and release, from the normal daily existence,” said Florence to her slaves. “She seemed as though she could use friends and companions, not to mention some relief from her obvious tensions. You may have hit on a truthful solution to both Maureen’s and our problems, Alteisha. Since my security software sales have hit the big time, none of us have had the time to adequately perform our household and work requirements,” Florence explained. “Gordon, perhaps you should get to know Maureen better. It could be that our lifestyle might be just what she is looking for.””Yes, Mistress, but perhaps that might give Maureen false hopes that I may be interested in her,” replied Gordon.”I understand, but who knows, you might just find yourself attracted to her,” Florence teased him.”Respectfully, no, Mistress. I only love you and Alteisha!” he said emphatically.”Thank you Gordon, but I still want you to get in touch with her today. Spend some time with her. Determine if we should recruit her into our home and lifestyle,” Florence commanded. Gordon nodded, accepted Maureen’s telephone number from his Mistress and said he would call her after lunch.Maureen’s phone at rang just as she was entering her apartment. She quickly lifted the phone from its cradle and said hello. “Maureen? It’s Gordon Phillips.””Oh, hello.””Sorry I was out. Florence, my employer, told me about your visit. What can I do for you?””Oh nothing specific, I just wondered how you were doing in your new job.””Maureen, since I missed you this morning, could we perhaps have dinner tonight and talk about old times and trade ‘lies’ about my prior co-workers?” Gordon asked.”Dinner? Yes, that would be fine. I’d like that very much,” she replied.”Great. I’ll pick you up at seven o’clock. I have your address from the office Christmas list. See you then.”She striped to shower for her date. She looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. Most would consider her figure beautiful. Firm average size breasts, with large areolas and protruding nipples. She had lovely body with great legs, and a nicely shaped ass. She kept gazing at her body, as she prepared to shower. The thick red hair at her cunt needed some trimming. She attended to that task, shaved her legs and under arms.Gordon arrived promptly at seven and they drove off to their dinner date. The evening progressed nicely for both of them. The conversation drifted toward Maureen’s background and life in general. Maureen said that she was nearly alone in the world, except for a few very distant cousins who she had never met. Her parents passed away early in her life. She was raised by her aunt, and now, was alone.They finished their wine, Gordon paid the check and they walked to the car. He pulled into her driveway and stopped the car. “Maureen,” he said with a smile, “I hope you enjoyed this evening as much as I have.””Oh yes, Gordon. I can’t remember a dinner date that I enjoyed more than tonight,” she replied with a grin. “Gordon, would you like to come in for some coffee?” she asked.”Yes, that would be great.” In her apartment, Gordon and Maureen relaxed as they waited for the coffee to brew. Gordon saw a bookcase full of books and browsed through the titles. He came across a familiar book entitled ‘The Story of O’. He took it from the bookcase and held it in his hands. “I’ve read this too,” he told her.”I found it a bit daring,” she said “but, to be honest, it was different and exiting.” He smiled to himself as he probed further.”You’re right, it was exciting.””I guess there are people who live that way,” said Maureen. Gordon realized that Maureen opened up more than he had expected, but the discussion was going in the direction he wanted to explore further.”Believe me, Maureen, there are people who not only live that way, but enjoy it and need it,” he answered. “I guess it truly excites them. What excited you about the ‘Story of O’, Maureen?” Gordon asked.Maureen swallowed hard and began to pour the coffee then, said. “I wondered if it really was fun to be spanked.””Spanked? There was more than just spanking involved with ‘O’s adventures,” he stated.”Yes I know, but it started with spanking and it finally led to other torments and sexual involvement,” she said with some hesitation. He decided to probe further.”I guess spanking could be fun,” Gordon said, raising his eyebrows to soften the impact of the words.”Well, she thought so…I mean ‘O’ enjoyed that lifestyle and, though I don’t think I’m kinky, it was exciting to read the story.””Don’t let me put words in your mouth, Maureen, but are you saying that the spanking and whipping passages in ‘The Story of O’, excited you?” asked Gordon.”Well, yes. That was the point of the story I think…I mean, that was what was supposed to excite the reader. Don’t you think?” Maureen responded.”Yes. That’s the part that excited me too, when I read it,” Gordon said, looking intently at Maureen for a sign. “Well, I guess that’s what was intended by the author,” he looked at his watch and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s eleven thirty already. I have to get up early, to work on some things for Florence,” he finished his coffee, stood up and walked to the door. “Maureen, thank you for a great evening. I would really like to see you again if you don’t mind.””Yes, I had a lot of fun too, Gordon. I think it would be great to see you again. Please call me again, soon,” Maureen replied. Gordon nodded agreement, smiled at her and left.Mistress Florence, Alteisha and Gordon had breakfast together to discuss Gordon’s date with Maureen. They discussed in depth Maureen’s interest in the ‘Story of O’, and how that might open up the avenue to recruit her. Alteisha suggested that Gordon should concentrate on the character ‘Justine’ and her female friend, with which she had a lesbian encounter, as well as Justine’s submissiveness. Florence concurred and said Gordon should bring Maureen home, some evening, so she could influence Maureen, from a woman’s point of view.She added that she thought the ‘woman on woman’ approach had worked best in other similar situations. They finished breakfast with Gordon being directed to ask Maureen for another date. If he thought Maureen was close to the edge in submitting to being spanked, he should suggest that they have a nightcap at Gordon’s house. If all worked out, Maureen might eventually become Mistress Florence’s new maid and hopefully her female Slave too.Maureen decided to let time take its course and if he called again, that would be great, if not – – nothing ventured – nothing gained. She decided to curl up with a book and a glass of wine. She poured some white wine into a glass and mused over which book to select. Her gaze came to rest on ‘The Story of O’. Remembering her conversation with Gordon about this book, she decided to look at it again. Maureen decided to go directly to the ‘juicy’ passages that she and Gordon had talked. As she read, she was becoming aroused at the adventures of the heroine and her friends. During a passage where O’s Master offers her to total strangers, Maureen could feel her pussy becoming very moist.Her arousal awakened desires within her and she slipped her hand down into her panties. She parted her cuntlips with her finger and quickly found her wet clitoris. Maureen rubbed it lightly, feeling her senses welling toward a heightened sexual awareness. Her orgasm began to boil deep within her cunt and was building toward release. She stopped momentarily to let the feeling subside a little then, began masturbating again.Maureen used a start and stop method of masturbating, to allow herself the maximum pleasure. Sometimes, she would hold off cumming for hours, then explode in a mind numbing orgasm that usually left her breathless, exhausted and ready to sleep. She continued playing with herself for nearly an hour and a half. She was rapidly rushing toward orgasm, when the phone rang interrupting her. Maureen stopped masturbating, sighed deeply and answered the phone. It was Gordon.”Hello, Maureen?””Yes, Hi Gordon, how are you,” she said as she wiped her sopping wet cunt with a tissue.”I’ve been busy with Florence’s finances,” he replied. He explained that he called to ask if she might like to go out for dinner or a drink.Maureen was happy he had called. She told him that she had eaten, but drinks and some conversation would be wonderful. They arranged for Gordon to pick her up at eight o’clock for cocktails and agreed to dress casually. Maureen selected a risquZ, for her, mini skirt with a revealing top that displayed a lot more cleavage than she normally would show. When he picked her up, Gordon commented on how great she looked.They drove off to a lounge near his home. The lounge was dark, with candlelight booths. Just right for private conversation and drinks, away from prying eyes. They selected a booth near the rear of the lounge, dimly lit by candlelight from a fishbowl lantern. Gordon ordered a bottle of wine. Maureen sipped the wine and told Gordon that she had been re-reading ‘The Story of O’, when he called.”Wonderful, Maureen, did you find it exciting again?” he asked anxiously.”Yes, I did. I got aroused just reading some of those passages again,” she confided to him with a blush that he did not see because of the lighting.Gordon breathed deeply and asked softly, “What parts did you read?””When O first went to the estate with her boyfriend,” she replied without looking him in the eyes. Her arousal began to stir within her again. Her panties were becoming moist from her juices that had not subsided from her masturbating. “I really got horny, when O was spanked, and stuff, by her boyfriend’s, friends.””That part was steamy,” he said, continuing the discussion. Maureen become more aroused as they talked, and her juices continued to ooze within her cunt. She decided to be bold and enlist Gordon in her desire to live out a spanking fantasy.”Gordon,” she began, speaking in measured words, “please don’t think of me as cheap or sleazy, but I really get excited about the kind of lifestyle O was involved in, she swallowed hard and proceeded slowly. “I would like to try what she did. I want you to…to…to spank me,” she stammered. Now it was Gordon’s turn to swallow hard and speak with deliberate words.”Well, I could do that, but in the book O was ‘initiated’ into the lifestyle by others, as her lover watched her, didn’t she?” he asked her, looking for some sign that she would concede the point. Maureen looked down at her wineglass and slowly replied.”Yes, she did, but I…I don’t know how…how we could do that, do you?” Maureen was really aroused now. She thought she might cum, just from the thought of really being sexually spanked. She controlled her urges, waiting for Gordon to respond.”Well, let’s go to my house and think about how we might go about doing this properly, O.K.?” he said hoping she would agree.”Isn’t Florence and her friend there?” Maureen asked.”Yes, but they are interested in each other, mostly, and would not care what we did,” he said with his fingers crossed.”If you don’t think they would mind if we were there, I guess we could go,” Maureen agreed. Gordon quickly paid the check and led Maureen to his car. As they drove the short distance to Gordon’s home, he told her that his room was in the rear of the house and was nearly soundproof. Maureen’s heart was beating rapidly as they pulled into the driveway. She had some second thoughts, but quickly put them out of her mind. She was committed to this evening’s activity and did not want anything ruining it.Gordon walked her to the door and they entered. Maureen’s heart was racing. She could feel it pounding in her chest, and could feel her cunt throbbing as they walked into the living room. As Gordon took her toward the stairs, Florence called out to them. “Hello, Maureen, isn’t it?” Florence asked. Maureen blushed and swallowed hard, as she turned to greet Florence, who was dressed in her red satin robe, bound tightly at the waist.”Yes. Gordon was going to show me his room,” she blurted out.Florence smiled and said. “Of course.” Gordon looked at his Mistress and then at Maureen, before stating their purpose for being there.”Florence,” he stated calmly, using his Mistress’s first name to calm Maureen, “We are here for more than just seeing my room. Both Maureen and I have been reading and discussing ‘The Story of O’, and we thought we might try some of the bondage and light S & M that O experienced,” he paused for effect then continued, “if you don’t want us to…if you prefer that we go elsewhere, we understand.””No, no, I don’t mean to discourage you at all. I would encourage you to do whatever you both like, however, didn’t O have someone else initiate her, while her friend watched?” Florence asked as though trying to understand what was happening.”Yes,” replied Maureen, “but there are only two of us, and we were going to try to experience O’s activity ourselves.””Why don’t you let me help?” Florence replied, “I could introduce you to light S & M while Gordon watches, if you like.” Maureen did not know what to say. Her purpose for being here was exposed. She was lost for a reply to a woman, that she barely knew, that had offered to spank her for Gordon’s and her enjoyment. Gordon saw an opportunity and grasped it.”Maureen that would be perfect! It would be just like O’s experience. Let’s do it. What do you say?” he asked her. Maureen was too aroused to refuse. She could feel her panties becoming wetter, and she wanted to cum so badly, she would agree to anything.”All right…I…I want to,” she said, as she resigned herself to Florence’s participation.”Wonderful, Maureen,” said Florence. “Gordon, you take a seat in that large chair and leave Maureen’s initiation to me,” she hugged Maureen and told her that her fantasy would be fulfilled, and she would love it. Florence sat down on a straight padded chair and asked Maureen to remove her skirt and top. Maureen sighed and slowly unfastened her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Both Florence and Gordon could see that her panties were wet. She pulled her top over her head and tossed it to the floor on the skirt.She stood, clad only in her bra and panties. Florence remarked how beautiful Maureen’s body was and she should be very proud to look that good. Next, Florence asked Maureen to remove her bra. The young woman meekly complied, revealing her magnificent tits. Florence felt a tinge of pulsing in her cunt, as she viewed the firm tits and rock hard nipples thrusting out from them.”Come closer, Maureen,” said Florence, as she examined her exposed tits with her hands. She rubbed the nipples very lightly and was secretly pleased as Maureen trembled slightly at her touch. Florence hooked her thumbs into Maureen’s string panties, pulled them down and off her feet. Her pussy, covered with curly red hair, was not fully visible beneath her pubic bush. “How beautiful you are, Maureen,” said Florence as she turned her around to look at her well-shaped firm asscheeks. She ran her hands over the cheeks and kneaded the pretty mounds with her fingers. Florence smiled at her young ‘victim’ and stood up to hug her.”Alteisha,” called Florence and her slave entered the room, naked except for her collar. “My robe please,” Alteisha nodded and helped her Mistress remove her robe, revealing her naked body, with her tits and cunt fully exposed for all to see. “Maureen, this is Alteisha. She is my sex slave. I am her Mistress, and she is devoted to obeying my every order. Please don’t worry Alteisha will only do what I tell her. You have nothing to fear,” Florence told her as she took Maureen by the hand and led her back to her chair. Florence sat down and pulled Maureen’s naked body across her lap with her stomach on Florence’s thighs and her legs hanging down barely touching the floor.Florence placed her left arm under Maureen’s abdomen with her left hand, palm up, under Maureen’s cunt. Maureen trembled, as Florence’s index finger parted her cuntlips, without touching or rubbing Maureen’s clit. “Maureen, I will give you twenty strokes. Five on each ass cheek then, I’ll pause, and give you five more on the other cheek. I’ll repeat the spanking until you receive the full twenty strokes. Do you understand?””Yes, Ms Florence, I understand.” Maureen replied with some hesitation.”Good. If you feel like cumming, please do, and feel free to cum as often as you like, or can,” Florence told her. “Alteisha will hold your wrists, to make sure you don’t slip off my lap and hurt yourself. When you receive the first few strokes and are comfortable, Alteisha will let go of your wrists,” she paused for effect then, added, “I’m so glad you agreed to let me spank you. If you don’t enjoy it, you don’t have to do it again, but you will endure the twenty strokes then, I’ll let you up,” Maureen nodded, as she trembled from anticipation. Gordon, in the meantime, unseen by Maureen, had removed his clothes and stood wearing only his panties, garter belt, net stockings, nylon net cock and ball restraint, the butt plug and his Slave collar.Alteisha gently grasped Maureen’s wrists, as Florence delivered a hard slap on Maureen’s left ass cheek. She bucked and bit her lip from the hurt. The next stroke fell solidly on the outline of the first, causing Maureen to feel the heat of the slap. She also felt the juices flowing within her cunt and felt Florence’s fingertip rub against her clit, causing her to shudder. Her ass cheek was turning a deep crimson. Florence continued the strokes, striking her harder each time.Maureen felt the burning and stinging of her flesh, but she also felt the rising tide of orgasm boiling in her loins. Florence flicked her fingertip several times over Maureen’s clit, as she hammered home the fifth blow to her left ass cheek. The combination caused Maureen to erupt in a satisfying orgasm that left her trembling on Florence’s lap.”That was a lovely cum, Maureen,” said Florence, as she rubbed the hurt from Maureen’s burning ass cheek. “Did you like that, dear?””Yes,” sighed Maureen, as she prepared herself for the next series of strokes. She did not have to wait long. Florence brought her palm down hard on the girls right ass cheek, eliciting a whimper mixed in with hard breathing. Florence nodded to Alteisha, who let go of Maureen’s wrists, and lay down underneath to softly rub Maureen’s nipples, while her Mistress continued the spanking. The strokes were applied in a measured and deliberate manner.Alteisha rubbed Maureen’s nipples in rhythm with the strokes, heightening Maureen’s pleasure while she endured the pain. Florence increased the rhythm of her fingertip on the girl’s clit, as she delivered the ninth stroke and extracted another, more powerful orgasm from Maureen. She came again, as the tenth blow fell full upon her crimson ass cheek. She shuddered through two hard successive orgasms. Rubbing her nipples caused her to cum again, as Florence moved her fingertip expertly against her clit.Again Florence slowly rubbed the hot red flesh of Maureen’s ass, as she prepared to deliver the next five strokes to her left cheek again. “You’re doing just great, Maureen,” Florence told her. “Don’t you just love cumming, while your asscheeks burn and hurt so good?””Oh yes, I love it. I love the burning feeling, my nipples and your fingers. I love it all!” Maureen exclaimed.”Your ass looks so lovely glowing red and trembling, as it aches for me to continue,” Florence said, delivering the eleventh stroke to her left ass cheek. A nod to Alteisha caused her to take one of Maureen’s hard nipples into her mouth, while continuing to rub the other nipple with her fingers. She sucked and licked the nipples, alternating from one nipple to the other, as her Mistress continued the slow spanking.Maureen quivered and came hard again. Alteisha’s sucking her nipples enhanced the pleasure of her orgasm and she came again, before she could fully catch her breath. Her cunt juices were flowing freely over the insides of her thighs, and pouring copiously on Florence’s thighs as well. The fifteenth stroke was especially fiercely delivered, causing her to vault up from Florence’s lap cumming again, settling onto the fingertip rubbing her clit.Maureen’s ass was a fiery red and her flesh burned, as Florence rubbed it. Her cunt was completely wet and the juices continued to drench the lap of her tormentor. Florence drew her hand across her wet thigh then rubbed the cunt juice over Maureen’s red stinging flesh. Maureen felt momentarily soothed by the wetness on her sore ass, but it was short lived, as her right ass cheek seared with the callous application of the sixteenth blow.The mutual stimulation of her cunt, ass, and nipples was more than Maureen could stand, and she exploded in a mind numbing orgasm concurrent with the eighteenth stroke. She continued cumming, while Florence laid the last two blows very hard on the glowing red flesh of her ass. Alteisha bit the nipple in her mouth and squeezed the other nipple hard, between her thumb and forefinger. Maureen bit her lip to squelch a scream, and stoically withstood this last assault on her ass and tits.”That was marvelous, Maureen,” said Florence, as she moved her off of her lap leaving Maureen on all fours. “I’m so proud of you, darling, you received your pleasure, and your pain, so deliciously. We’re all proud of you, aren’t we?” directing the question to both Alteisha and Gordon. Maureen, still naked and on all fours, looked around to see Gordon in his women’s underwear, collar, cock and balls net and butt plug. Florence saw the quizzical look on Maureen’s face and she motioned Gordon to come kneel next to his Mistress.”Maureen, Gordon is also my sex slave and my ‘maid’. He serves Alteisha and me as our maid, because we have no female slave, at a low enough level, to fill that role. He too, is devoted to worshipping my body and my every need or whim,” Maureen listened intently to Florence, but seemed relieved that Gordon too was involved in this type of sexual behavior. “Gordon, please lick Maureen’s juices from my thighs,” Florence commanded. Gordon immediately fell to his task, while Maureen watched him with a smile on her face.Maureen was close to Florence as Gordon cleansed his Mistress and she could smell her musk emanating from her cunt. “Come closer, Maureen,” Florence said. As the young woman crawled to her, she spread her thighs exposing her steaming cunt. Speaking in a deliberate and measured tone, Florence asked Maureen to place her mouth over her cunt. As though she was mesmerized by the words, Maureen obeyed, “Now lick and suck at my cunt and clit, darling.”Maureen could not believe what she was doing, but was too aroused to complain or stop. Although she had fantasized about sex with another woman, it had always been only a fantasy to her. Yet here it was, becoming true. As she sucked, she saw Florence undo the cord holding Gordon’s cock and ball restraint. His cock immediately sprang upright in a raging hard-on. Florence clasped her hand behind Maureen’s head to hold it against her cunt, as she came hard from the tongue flicking at her clit. His Mistress motioned to Gordon. He moved behind Maureen and placed the tip of his cock between Maureen’s cunt lips. Slowly, Gordon pushed his massive cock into the tight cunt.It was obvious to Gordon, that Maureen had not been fucked too often, as the walls of her pussy seemed to have to be forced apart, as his cock pursued its upward and forward motion. She gasped wide-eyed as the massive shaft proceeded to impale her, while she continued sucking Florence’s cunt, “Do you like his cock, Maureen?” Florence asked. Maureen nodded as she continued licking Florence’s cunt.”Don’t worry, dear, he won’t cum inside you, because I haven’t given him permission to cum. You may not understand, but I control both Alteishas’ and Gordon’s orgasms. They can only cum if I agree and permit them to do so. If they violate my command, and disobey me, they will be disciplined, or punished, for their indiscretions,” Maureen could not reply because Florence still clasped her head to her cunt. Florence came again simultaneously with Maureen, as she came from Gordon’s rock hard cock thrusting in and out of her cunt. The orgasm was so powerful that Maureen’s legs failed her and she fell to the floor, forcibly withdrawing Gordon’s cock, leaving it throbbing and sticking out proudly.”Mistress, please?” pleaded Alteisha to her Mistress. Florence nodded agreement and Alteisha quickly moved to Gordon on her hands and knees. She stopped with her ass facing Gordon, reached between her legs to grasp his cock, and guided it into her quivering wet cunt. Gordon began to thrust deeply into Alteisha and she met his thrusts with backward thrusts of her own. Maureen watched the two slaves fucking for their Mistress’s enjoyment, as neither of them knew if their Mistress would allow them to cum.She watched, as Florence amused herself looking at both Alteisha and Gordon fucking breathlessly. They were looking to their Mistress for any sign that they might be allowed to cum. Florence took Maureen by the hand and led her to the couch where they sat and watched the slaves fuck, while their eyes implored Florence to let them cum.”I dearly love to watch them fuck,” said Florence to Maureen, holding the naked woman tightly against her. “Gordon wants to cum so bad, that he is straining to prevent it. If he cums, I will have Alteisha thrash his ass until he can barely sit. If he cums you may stay and watch him take his punishment, if you want,” Maureen nodded as she watched transfixed at the two slaves fucking. They gasped and strained as they fucked.Florence arose and walked behind Gordon. She retrieved a small leather paddle from her belt and swatted Gordon’s balls causing him to scream and shudder as he continued to fuck. “Come here, dear,” she called to Maureen. “You may swat him too. It hurts I know, but not nearly as much as the whipping he will get if he cums. Also, the swat prevents him from cumming, so that we may enjoy his fucking Alteisha, all the more,” Maureen took the paddle and swatted Gordon’s balls rather harder than Florence did. He nearly collapsed, as he buckled over from the pain, but he continued fucking.”Alteisha, you may cum only when you truly cannot hold it back any more, but no cheating!” Florence said, leading Maureen back to the couch to resume embracing her. “Poor Gordon. You may not cum, Gordon, because I don’t want you to.” She smiled at Maureen, kissed her on the cheek and rose to get them each a cool glass of Blush wine. “He hasn’t cum in nearly two weeks and there’s no need to start now. I may let him cum later, or perhaps tomorrow. I don’t know, it doesn’t matter I like to watch him suffer, don’t you Maureen?””I guess so,” she responded, “I never thought about it before.””Think about it this way, Maureen. How many times did men fuck you, cum before you did, then let you suffer, as they rolled over to sleep, while you either got frustrated, or masturbated, or both,” she smiled. “This lets him know what it’s like, plus, it’s fun to watch him.” Florence laughed as Maureen giggled slightly and they continued to watch the slaves fuck. Alteisha stiffened as she fucked and struggled hard to prevent orgasm. She fought against the urge and she was sweating profusely, her face grimaced in her battle with nature. Suddenly Alteisha screamed and bucked, as she exploded in a shattering series of intense orgasms.Gordon continued to thrust even more deeply, as she was in the throes of multiple orgasms. His face was distorted in a weird grimace. He restrained himself while Alteisha screamed her satisfaction and relief. Florence laughed with pleasure at Gordon’s discomfort and agony. Finally, Alteisha quit cumming and fell to the floor, detaching herself from Gordon’s cock. Gordon’s seemed as though he would burst into tears as his hand, trembling, reached out for his cock, as though he would masturbate, but he sighed despondently and sat back on his haunches breathing heavily.Florence applauded the slaves’ performance and smiled as she exclaimed. “That was wonderful! I’m proud of both of you. Now let’s get dressed and go to the sitting room for a drink. ‘Gordeeva’ drinks for each of us all. Even you,” she led Maureen to the sitting room as Alteisha arose from the floor, gathered the clothes and followed her Mistress and guest. Florence and Alteisha put on their robes. Maureen picked up her panties and started to put the on.”No, Maureen,” said Florence, “leave your panties and bra off. Never wear them here again, if you decide to return. They’re unnecessary, and only delay our pleasure, dear.” Gordon, still naked and displaying a massive throbbing hard-on, entered carrying a tray of cocktails. “Now then, Gordon, please call a taxi for Maureen and pay the driver well to see she gets home safely.” Gordon set out to call the cab while the three women talked and finished their drinks. Soon the taxi arrived and Maureen said her good-byes, kissed Gordon goodnight and left.Return to CastletonMaureen quickly adapted to her new lifestyle with a relish seldom seen in a submissive. She truly enjoyed being bound and disciplined. Especially when both she and Gordon were disciplined jointly. Alteisha had authority over both Gordon and Maureen, and often corrected them simply for the sheer amusement of her Mistress and herself. Florence had Maureen quit her job and take full time employment as her maid. The rewards in both cash and domination were generous, to say the least, and Florence considered adding Maureen to the financial portfolio she had established for Alteisha and Gordon. Life was sweet, especially for Florence, but the others also benefited.Winter slowly flowed forward into spring, and the residents of Mistress Florence’s house were anticipating the coming of summer, and a return to Castleton for Florence and Alteisha. Florence wanted to sponsor both Gordon and Maureen as Novices for the upcoming class. The ‘Rules of the Order’ prohibited describing any of the Castleton activities, rites or ceremonies to potential Novices, but they correctly deduced that domination and submission was the general theme.Mistress Florence did not press her Slaves for an immediate answer on attending the Castleton Novices class, but would mention it from time to time. Alteisha too, was unsure about why she should return. She did not fully covet becoming a Mistress in her own right and she was leery about encountering Mistress Darla again. Florence did not press Alteisha either, and bided her time until summer.Mistress Florence expanded her domination activities to regularly include some other close friends including Francis and some of her friends. She had frequent occasions to hold ‘Domme Parties’ where she, Alteisha, Robert and Francis assumed the dominant roles, and Gordon, Maureen and some of Francis’s very close circle of friends, were the submissives. Often they would play games like harnessing Gordon and fondling his cock and balls all evening without allowing him to cum.They would tighten his cock harness and all the females would fuck themselves to their hearts desire on his cock, without permitting him relief. Occasionally the women would bind him in exposed and provocative positions and Robert would fuck him in the ass for the ladies pleasure. Often, Maureen would be similarly bound and used by Robert, Gordon and the women for their sexual pleasures and perversions.Robert was a frequent visitor and had advised Florence that he had been invited, and would go, to Castleton as a Helper in July. That coincided with the start of the next Novice class. Florence made a mental note to accelerate pressure on Gordon and Maureen, to agree to join the Novice class. The two lower Slaves had often questioned Alteisha about Castleton, since their Mistress would not discuss it with them. Alteisha would only tell them that they must each make up their own minds, about Castleton, based upon their own desires with respect to domination and submission. Florence had considered pressuring them during corrective, discipline or punishment sessions, but abandoned that thought because they truly should be free to decide for themselves.Springtime and early summer also allowed the four of them to take day and weekend trips to parks, museums and other nearby attractions. Usually, lodging on weekend trips involved renting a cottage or house in an out of the way area, so that their particular brand of indulgence could take place unfettered by nosy neighbors. On a particularly warm day in late June, Florence and her entourage rented a beach house on the ocean with a private beach.Mistress Florence enjoyed conducting the discipline sessions outdoors on the beach, with a bonfire providing warmth during the late evening. The thrill of outdoor sessions was enhanced by the possibility of being discovered by people who did not share their unusual persuasion. Another facet of outdoor sessions was the use of ball gags on the Slaves during their sessions. It would not do to hear piercing screams coming from the beaches.Mistress Florence introduced new twists on the frequent ‘Corrective Sessions’ that she held, regardless of whether they were really needed, or simply manufactured to satisfy Florence’s perversions. Each of the Slaves would be required to endure their corrective sessions in silence, as they received the cuts of the whip, until they could no longer hold their silence and they cried out. Florence provided rewards for endurance, such as privileges to cum at will, or the thrill of correcting a fellow Slave that evening.The competition served to build up their endurance and amused Florence. She reveled in inflicting different torments upon them. Some of the corrective sessions involved only blows delivered on their genitals, only to their nipples, or only their asscheeks. Other times the three Slaves would be required to fondle and stimulate each other’s genitals until someone could no longer stand the stimulation and they would cum. The two ‘survivors’ would then jointly ‘correct’ the Slave that had the audacity and the ingratitude to embarrass their Mistress by cumming.Florence was proud of the discipline demonstrated by her Slaves, in the ability to withhold orgasm for hours during the fondling and stimulation sessions. She knew that this capability would serve them well if they decided to attend the Castleton Novice class this summer. The women usually won these endurance contests, unless Gordon was permitted to wear his cock and balls harness, which was very infrequently. When he was permitted this ‘luxury’, it would be offset, by denying him the privilege of orgasm for two or three weeks. Gordon preferred to take his chances without the harness, because it at least allowed him an opportunity to cum. The downside was that he received the more frequent corrections hence he was more vulnerable to real injury through the more frequent whippings. Although Gordon craved the whip, Florence knew that no one could withstand that number of corrections without injury. She saw to it that he wore the harness frequently.Robert often attended these competitive corrective sessions to watch and play with Mistress Florence. They fucked or sucked one another, while the Slaves stimulated and titillated one another, trying to cause one of them to reach orgasm before the others. Robert sometimes supervised the whipping of the loser by directing the location of the blows. Often one of the winners would suck Robert’s cock, balls or asshole while the other Slave administrated correction then the Slaves would exchange positions.Usually all sessions ended with the three Slaves, and Robert, if he were in attendance, all worshiping and servicing Mistress Florence, until she achieved multiple orgasms. Infrequently, Mistress Florence would ask a Slave, usually Alteisha, to also satisfy her cravings for the whip. Mistress Florence controlled and directed these sessions. The Slaves knew better than to apply strokes too harshly, unless their Mistress encouraged them to do so. The Slaves were often astounded at the severity of correction that Mistress Florence could withstand. Alteisha loved these sessions because her Mistress would have her soothe her welts by licking the ache from them, and in the process, arousing both of them to magnificent sexual interludes.On the first of July, the postman brought Florence the letter that she had long awaited. The Grand Master, Octavian, had invited Florence to come to Castleton on the second Sunday in July, and to sponsor new Novices to the summer class. Training would begin that same day with the Novitiates Initiation that evening. The Novices would train until the Labor Day weekend when their Ordeals and selection would take place.Octavian’s letter also addressed the wonderful time he had spent with Florence when she was his Slave, before she became a Mistress in her own right. He closed by hoping that Florence would sponsor her uninitiated Slaves to Castleton and to bring the magnificent Slave, Alteisha, back for him to enjoy once more. There was no mention of the rumor that she had heard from another Master who had visited Florence at her office. This Member had confided to her that he expected Octavian to step down as Grand Master of the Order for personal reasons. It was rumored that the Grand Master was to be posted abroad by his company, and he would not be available to carry out the duties of Grand Master adequately. Rather than have the Order suffer, Octavian would step down and a new leader chosen prior to the Novices Ordeals on Labor Day weekend.Florence was eager to go to Castleton and even more eager to sponsor her two lower Slaves to attend the Novitiates class. Alteisha was another matter. She would participate as Mistress Florence’s private and personal Slave to attend to her Mistress’s needs. Alteisha could be used to serve another Master or Mistress only with Florence’s permission. Normally any Master or Mistress could claim the services of any Slave by giving the owner one-day notice. In this private and personal capacity, Florence and Alteisha could both be insulated against a possible request by Mistress Darla to take Alteisha for an evening or for overnight service.Darla still had to be dealt with. Florence knew that Darla was not easily appeased. Mistress Darla would seek some angle to claim her revenge against both Alteisha and herself. Mistress Darla was too mean spirited to accept being asked to leave Florence’s house without seeking vengeance. Mistress Florence would have to be on her guard. She must assure that Darla would not find some obscure rule of the Order that would override the personal and private services Alteisha would perform. Florence decided that she would not allow Alteisha to perform services for anyone other than Octavian.Maureen had worked out better than anyone expected. She enjoyed the lifestyle immensely, especially the corrective sessions. She craved the whip and strap and the other instruments of her pleasure-pain. Additionally, Maureen had been transformed into a sexual a****l, rivaling Alteisha’s sexual drive. Gordon had always been completely submissive to Florence and he would do whatever Florence or Alteisha demanded of him.Both of her lower Slaves were prime candidates as Novitiates to the Order. Florence would give the dilemma a great deal of thought in the next few days. The time to decide was becoming shorter, and neither Gordon nor Maureen had decided. She would have to encourage her Slaves to decide quickly on attending the Novice class at Castleton.Maureen had prepared dinner and was waiting for the other household members to come to the dining room. Alteisha entered the room naked, except for her collar and nipple and cunt rings complete with silver bells. She greeted Maureen and kneeled at the right of her Mistress’s chair awaiting her arrival. Gordon too, entered naked, except for his collar, butt plug and the nylon netting encasing his cock and balls. He kneeled to the left of Mistress Florence’s chair and awaited his Mistress.Several minutes passed before their Mistress came into the room dressed in a black leather waist cincher, long high-heeled boots and a black leather jacket with cutaways to fully expose both of her lovely breasts. She too wore the nipple and cunt rings and was naked below the waist. Florence took her seat and bade her two higher Slaves sit at the table. Maureen waited until her fellow Slaves placed their napkins on their laps, before laying a napkin on her Mistress’s lap.Florence reached out to her Slave putting her hand on Maureen’s cunt and took her cuntlips between thumb and forefinger. She could feel Maureen’s clit becoming engorged and waited until the little nub swelled and pushed its way between the cuntlips surrounding it. Florence rubbed the clit between the cuntlips with her thumb and forefinger, stirring the oils deep within Maureen. She started to breath heavier and trembled as she became extremely aroused.Maureen hoped that Mistress Florence would let her cum, but in her heart she knew that it wouldn’t happen. Florence was just playing a little game of ‘torment the maid’. The Mistress tired of this game and removed her hand to allow Maureen to serve them. She served them in order of their rank, pausing at each one to endure more fondling of her cunt and clit. Gordon enjoyed rubbing pieces of his food between her cuntlips before consuming them, adding to Maureen’s lust. She knew that by the end of the evening meal she would be quivering with passion and eager to begin the evening’s sessions.Alteisha liked to pull at Maureen’s cuntlips as she served the meal, or to tweak her nipples, if the maid’s uniform of the day exposed Maureen’s lovely tits. Mistress Florence took longer than usual to finish this evening’s meal, as though she had something on her mind. Alteisha correctly suspected that it concerned the return to Castleton. The Slaves had been discussing Castleton among themselves. Both Gordon and Maureen asked many questions about Castleton, but Alteisha would only tell them that she encouraged them to go and enjoy the experience.”Maureen, please sit at the table,” Florence began, directing her comments to Gordon and Maureen, “I recently received the letter I had been expecting from Castleton. The time is nearly upon us, and Alteisha and I will be leaving soon. It was my hope that both of you would decide to join us. As you well know, you must make this decision. Neither Alteisha nor I can decide for you, nor order you to go. I must make reservations for either or both of you, if you’re going,” she paused to let the thought sink in then continued, “I must have your decision by morning.” “I’ve decided to go, Mistress,” Gordon said. He watched Florence’s eyes light up over his decision. Florence turned to face Maureen, who had knelt down beside her Mistress.”I too, want to go, Mistress,” she said bending down to lick and kiss her Mistress’s boots. Florence smiled at her and lifted Maureen’s chin to her cunt.”Service me, sweet Maureen,” Florence told her as Maureen set about to her task. Mistress Florence gathered her other Slaves to her tits to suck at her nipples. She reveled in their attentions and withheld from orgasm for nearly half an hour before exploding into a massive orgasm. “Thank you, my darling Slaves. Now I must go and make the arrangements for your trip to Castleton,” Florence arose from the dining table and walked to the stairs. “Alteisha, please correct both Gordon and Maureen. I’ll join all of you later in the Discipline Room, to complete the evenings sessions.” With that Florence climbed the stairs to her room.Florence was visibly excited the next day, as the household was packing and preparing to go to Castleton. The Slaves had little to pack, as they would only need clothes for the trip to Castleton, and some thing to wear when they returned. Without Alteisha’s knowledge, Florence packed some evening clothes for her primary Slave, to be used for evening social activities to which it might be appropriate to bring a Slave.Gordon and Maureen would travel to Castleton by bus with the other Novices. Alteisha would drive with her Mistress. Now it was time to take the Gordon and Maureen to the bus station. They would travel in a chartered bus driven by a Helper, who would keep the destination and activities of Castleton very confidential. Alteisha drove her fellow Slaves to the station and cautioned them both to understand that, at Castleton, neither she nor Mistress Florence would even acknowledge that they know either one of them. Maureen asked why, but Alteisha just ignored her.Having dropped off the two Novices at the bus station, Alteisha returned home to pick up Florence. Both women were excited and sexually aroused at the prospect of returning to the place they had first met. Although they had time to dally a bit before departing, they decided that it might be more exciting to wait until they arrived at Castleton before having sex. After all, Castleton was about sex in all its wonderful and perverted ways, why not wait and enjoy the many pleasures that await them there. They placed their bags in the car and drove off.It was late afternoon when they turned into the long driveway to the Great House Castleton. The thickly wooded grounds hid the house from casual drivers who drove by the gates. Their key card opened the gates and they drove onto the grounds. Both of them were happy to return and anxious to renew their friendships with other members of the Order. Without speaking both had been thinking about Mistress Darla’s visit and her potential for mischief, or worse. “Mistress,” asked Alteisha, “have you thought about our mutual acquaintance?””Oh yes, I’ve been thinking about Octavian since I received his letter,” replied Florence with a twinkle in her eye.”No, Mistress, not the Grand Master. I was thinking of Mistress Darla,” Alteisha said.”I know what you meant. I was just teasing, my wonderful and beautiful Slave,” said Florence, “Darla will not be a problem. Mistress Lira took care of anything that needed to be done. Darla won’t bother either of us. If she tries to take you, you have permission to refuse, because you will be my private and personal Slave. She’ll understand that,” Florence explained as the Great House came into view.They stopped at the massive front entrance and waited while a Helper opened the car doors. Florence gave the Helper the car keys and he quickly opened the trunk to bring the bags to their room. Florence and Alteisha went inside and were greeted warmly by Mistress Lea. She took them to the chambers reserved for Mistress Florence and showed them inside the spacious suite. Lea reminded them that dinner was at seven o’clock and took her leave.”Mistress, may I shower before dinner?” asked Alteisha.”Only if you take your Mistress with you,” teased Florence as the two women nearly tore off their clothes in their enthusiasm to race to the shower. The water was warm and splashed freely over their naked bodies. Florence stood on tiptoes to reach Alteisha to kiss her mouth. Her Slave then dropped to her knees to lick at her Mistress’s cunt. “Wow, we better slow down or we will miss dinner,” gasped Florence as she stopped her Slave from exacting an orgasm from her. Alteisha smiled as she embraced her Mistress and kissed her longingly again, intertwining their tongues.”I love you, Mistress,” Alteisha whispered in her Mistress’s ear.”I love you too, Alteisha,” Florence sighed. She smiled at her Slave and then teased her. “Do you love me so much that you no longer want any big cock fucking your cunt? Do you want to never suck another cock again, or lick someone else’s sweet clitty? Do you love me that much?””Well, Mistress, I do love you so much that the only way those naughty things will happen, to me, is if I’m ****d or something,” smiled Alteisha.”Will you struggle fiercely, against anyone trying to **** you, my darling?” Florence teased her.”Yes, Mistress, I will fight fiercely, for at least two seconds, before I surrender to the r****ts’ awful lust,” Alteisha playfully replied. They laughed and sensually helped each other bathe, with playful attention paid to nipples and clits. Alteisha shaved her Mistress’s cunt, legs and armpits and did the same for herself. They rinsed the soap lather and hair from their bodies, dried themselves and dressed for dinner at Castleton.Florence wore a net strap outfit of black leather that fully exposed her tits and cunt. She selected a pair of knee high boots, with four-inch heels, and attached a riding crop, a leather strap with a paddle to her leather net Dominatrix garb. Florence donned her red satin Members robe to complete her ensemble. Alteisha’s outfit was much less complex consisting of only her Slaves collar and white robe trimmed with red. Satisfied that they were ready, the Mistress and her Slave left their chambers to descend to the dining room.Inside the dining room Florence was reunited with her fellow Masters and Mistresses. Alteisha moved quietly at her side, neither speaking nor partaking of refreshments, as was expected of Slaves. At nearly the same time, both Florence and Alteisha saw Mistress Darla across the room. Darla gave them a quick smile, nodded then turned her direction back to the group she was with.Florence grinned quickly at Alteisha and, as if to set her Slave at ease, she clipped a leash to Alteisha’s Slave collar and held it fast in her hand. Grand Master Octavian spotted them and left the group he was talking with, and quickly made his way toward them. “Mistress Florence,” he said as he embraced Florence and kissed her on the cheek. “How nice to see you again, my sweet Florence. I have truly missed you,” he kissed her again, but this time on the lips.”And the lovely Slave, Alteisha. You look simply ravishing. I must make sure that I get the opportunity to ravish you both as soon as possible. Perhaps together, wouldn’t that be wonderful?” Octavian whispered something in Florence’s ear and she nodded as he smiled and left to greet other arrivals.A Helper rang the dinner chimes calling the Masters and Mistresses to dinner. The Members took their seats, and their Slaves kneeled at their sides, all awaiting the Grand Masters toast. Octavian rose to pay homage to the assembled Members with a toast. “Dear Ladies and Gentlemen Members of our Order. I welcome you all to the initiation of a new class of Novitiates to be trained in our arts. I toast the wisdom of your selections, and sponsorships of the Novices, that will start this centuries old tradition in the morning.'”Each of you that have sponsored a Novice have in effect, assured that our Order will continue, flourish and prosper well into the future. All of the Members thank you for seeking out and delivering new potential members, to share and participate in the splendor of this Order. I, and the Members, Helpers and Slaves living at Castleton, toast your magnificent efforts and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” The Members all raised and drank from their wine goblets, then roundly applauded their Grand Master.When the applause died down, Octavian held up his hands and waited for quiet. When the dining room was silent, a solemn look crossed his handsome face. “Dear Members,” he began, “this summers conclave also marks my last as your Grand Master.” A rush of mumbling and whispered talking filled the room as he again held up his hands to quiet the assembled Members. When quiet was restored he continued. “I have been posted to St. Petersburg, in Russia, by the needs of my business. Although I could continue wearing the mantle of Grand Master for life, it would not be in the interests of the Order to do so. I could not devote full time to the duties of my current office. Hence, I could not, in good conscience, continue to hold this office and title,”Of course, I would continue as a Member, participate as much as I can with the Order’s Chapters in Russia, and hopefully, will be able, from time to time, to visit Castleton to see many of you on those occasions,” Octavian paused to let his announcement sink in to the silent Membership.”Therefore,” he continued, “I will call for you to submit names of potential candidates to be placed before a special commission, that I will create, to select your next leader. The only caution that must guide you is that the individual you select will be your leader for life. Choose wisely! Your decision carries with it nothing less than the survival of the Order. “I will appoint the special commission this weekend. As you know, no member of the selection commission may be selected as the Leader. Therefore, if you have any desire to be selected as the Leader, then you must decline to serve on the special commission. Finally, the new Leader will be announced at the banquet following the last Novice’s Ordeal,” he paused again. The Members voices filled the dining room with the buzzing sound of many people talking at once. “Now, let’s dine and welcome in the new Novitiate season.”Octavian sat down and motioned to the Helpers to begin serving. Alteisha looked up at her Mistress as if to ask a question, but Florence shook her head slightly, indicating that she was not to speak. Alteisha lowered her eyes to her bowl that lay on the floor in front of her knees. As the Helper served Mistress Florence her plate, she cut a piece of the prime rib, took the piece of meat in her fingers, rubbed it in her cunt and dropped it into Alteisha’s Slave bowl. Alteisha quickly picked up the meat and ate it. The other Masters and Mistresses also fed their Slaves in a similar manner throughout the dinner.The Members dined and drank well into the evening, with several Masters providing entertainment through the humiliation and submission of their Slaves. Several male Slaves, were ordered to masturbate into their food bowls or into another Slaves bowl. Some female Slaves fellated other Masters and male Slaves until the dinner slowly degenerated towards an orgy. As the Helpers cleared the room of the dining service, Octavian rose to bid goodnight to the revelers and left the dining room for his chambers.Mistress Florence calmly watched the orgy unfolding and held tightly to Alteisha’s leash. Florence declined several requests to offer Alteisha to other Masters or Mistresses, and similarly declined to participate in the orgy herself. She watched for nearly half an hour then bid the other member’s goodnight as she guided Alteisha out of the dining room by the leash on her collar.They climbed the stairs to their chambers and went inside. “Refresh yourself, Alteisha. The Grand Master has asked that we visit him in his chambers.” Florence told her Slave. Now Alteisha knew what Octavian had whispered on her Mistress’s ear when he greeted them earlier in the evening. She and her Mistress cleansed themselves and prepared for their call on Octavian. Alteisha watched as her Mistress removed all of her makeup and she followed Florence’s lead.The removal of the makeup could only mean a session. The lack of makeup allowed one to sweat profusely without the worry of mascara running, or similar problems caused by makeup. Alteisha wondered why her Mistress had also cleansed her makeup. It could only mean that Florence would participate in the session, but not as someone in charge. Florence knew that her Slave had realized what was happening, smiled at her quickly then kissed and hugged her.Alteisha did not say anything. She knew that Mistress Florence had been selected as Octavian’s Slave following her Ordeal. Octavian obviously wanted another session with Florence, perhaps his last since he would be leaving the country soon. However, she was unsure why Florence was also taking her along. Maybe it was her way of keeping her out of Mistress Darla’s way, at any rate she would soon know. Florence removed all of her Domme garb and was completely naked beneath her red satin robe. Alteisha too, was naked under her Slaves robe.The two women moved quickly to the Grand Master’s chambers in the Great House. They encountered no one on the way. Finally, they stopped at the Grand Master’s door. Mistress Florence knocked on the door and waited. Octavian opened the door himself and embraced his former Slave and kissed her deeply, intertwining their tongues. He released her and bade them both to enter, closing the door behind him. Immediately, Alteisha dropped to her knees and looked down at the floor.She felt Octavian’s flaccid cock rub against her cheek and she turned to kiss the bulbous head, briefly lick at his huge balls then drop down to kiss and lick his bare feet. Octavian acknowledged the homage by patting Alteisha’s head, taking her hand and helping her rise to her feet. He led her to the platform and had her drop her robe to stand naked on the platform. He motioned to Florence and she quickly fastened wrist restraints onto her Slave and secured them to chains hanging from the ceiling. Florence placed ankle restraints on Alteisha, spread her legs then secured the restraints to steel rings embedded in the platform floor.Octavian put his finger between Alteisha’s cuntlips, rubbed it about, and then placed it in his mouth to taste the musk of her marvelous cunt. Next, he disrobed Florence and placed wrist and ankle restraints on her naked body and fastened her to another pair of chains that hung down from the ceiling. Florence stood facing Alteisha, separated by only a few inches. They could easily move their bodies together to touch each other, but could not free themselves of their bonds.He sensuously ran his fingertips over their bodies, pausing to tweak their nipples and pull slightly at their cuntlips. The bound women were becoming very sexually aroused, and the wetness in their cunts told Octavian that they would soon be ready for the session. He heightened their anxiety by placing various leather whips, straps and clamps where the two women could see them. Octavian selected a wide leather strap, wheeled it about his head and brought it down hard on Florence’s asscheeks. The ferocity of the blow startled both women, especially Florence. The next few blows were equally divided between Florence and Alteisha until both women were openly sobbing.Octavian nodded to Florence and she moved her body against her Slave and kissed her full on the lips. Alteisha eagerly returned the kiss and soon their tongues were entwined as they licked and kissed one another. Florence heard a rustle in a dark corner of the room and she wheeled her head about to see a kneeling form in the darkness. She thought that it must be Octavian’s current Slave. Alteisha too, had heard the rustle and was straining to see who was kneeling in the darkness.Octavian, obviously pleased that they had noticed the form in the corner, called out to the individual to come into the light. The form rose and walked naked into the glaring spotlight flooding the platform. It was Mistress Darla! Both Florence and Alteisha’s heart gave a start, at the sight of the woman who had hurt Alteisha so savagely at Florence’s home. “Select a whip, Darla,” Octavian ordered her. Darla chose a braided leather whip and stepped onto the platform.Both Florence and Alteisha’s hearts were beating heavily beneath their breasts, as fear overtook them, at the sight of Darla with a whip in her hands, and both of them bound and helpless before her. “Good choice, Darla,” said Octavian as he took the whip from her and struck an obviously frightened Alteisha across the ass leaving a rising welt. “Now lick the hurt from the welt,” he commanded her. Darla dropped to her knees behind Alteisha and ran her tongue along the length of the welt, soothing the rising ache within it.Octavian prodded Darla with the tip of the whip and she smoothly ran her tongue across the Slaves ass cheek, to the crack of her ass. Slowly, Darla’s tongue moved down the cleft of Alteisha’s ass, to rest on the Slaves asshole. Languidly, Darla’s tongue rested on Alteisha’s asshole and she began to lick and probe at it, trying to part the sphincter with her tongue. With great effort Darla pushed hard and managed to admit the tip of her tongue into the sphincter. She rolled her tongue about and Alteisha was visibly in rapture from the tongue invading her asshole.Alteisha looked lovingly at her bound Mistress and her eyes rolled with pleasure at the wonderful sensations visited upon her by Mistress Darla. Florence swayed her body against her beautiful Slave and kissed her deeply. As they kissed, Octavian resumed his assault on Florence’s asscheeks with the whip Darla had given him. The two bound women continued to kiss, then licked and sucked at each other’s tongues while one reveled in pleasure and the other writhed in pain.Alteisha was quickly building toward orgasm, while Florence steeled herself to receive the bites of the whip on the back of her thighs. The welts grew rapidly, matching the growth of the urges to cum, deep in Alteisha’s loins. The sexual magnificence of Darla’s tongue was more than she could bear and Alteisha erupted in a powerful orgasm, that momentarily left her slumped in her chains.Octavian motioned to Darla to move behind Mistress Florence and begin tonguing of her asshole, just as she had done to Alteisha. Darla set to her task, beginning with the licking of Florence’s welts to soothe their aching. Florence relished the wet silky tongue flowing over and into her asshole. Octavian positioned himself behind the Slave Alteisha, and he gave her a tightlipped smile as the whip stung her flesh.She cried out and bucked as the whip found its target again and again on her ass and thighs. This time it was Alteisha who reached out to her Mistress, to be kissed and loved through her ordeal from the Grand Masters whip. As the bound women exchanged kisses and entwined their tongues, the pain grew more intense for Alteisha, and Florence was quickly writhing in pleasure toward orgasm. Crying out in a sea of pleasure, Florence exploded in a devastating orgasm, brought forth by Darla’s tongue penetrating her asshole.Octavian put the whip down and selected the leather strap again. The strap permitted him to strike with greater force without breaking the skin, as would happen with the whip. He positioned Darla between the chained women and set her to licking and sucking Alteisha’s cunt. Next, he selected nipple clamps joined together with elastic bands. He fitted a clamp on Alteisha’s left nipple and the other end to Florence’s left nipple. Next he attached a nipple clamps from the right nipples of Florence and Alteisha to each of Darla’s nipples, as she kneeled between the bound women, sucking Alteisha’s cunt. Darla reached up to grasp both of Alteisha’s asscheeks to pull her cunt tight against her mouth. Octavian moved Florence forward, to place her cunt against the back of Darla’s head, and Florence began to rub her cunt against Darla’s sweat matted hair.As the pleasure mounted in Alteisha’s cunt, she once again hungrily kissed her Mistress’s lips and sucked at her tongue. The nipple clamps hurt, but in a good sort of way, that heightened the pleasure of all three women. Octavian allowed them to indulge one another for a few minutes. When he knew they were no longer thinking about the strap in his hand, he savagely hammered the strap against Florence’s asscheeks.She screamed from the sudden pain and jerked back jostling her body in violent spasms. Florence’s jerking movements caused the elastic bands on the nipple clamps to stretch tightly, brutally pulling and pinching each of the women’s nipples. All of them moaned at the sudden pain being visited on their nipples. Octavian kept strapping Florence’s ass and thighs, as Alteisha came from Darla’s tongue licking her clit. He continued wielding the strap until Florence too, came hard from rubbing her cunt against the back of Darla’s head.Without adjusting the nipple clamps, Octavian had Darla turn her body toward Florence and ordered her to suck her cunt. The nipple clamps twisted and pulled savagely on all the women’s nipples, increasing their torment and pain. He pushed Alteisha’s cunt against Darla’s head and told her to rub hard against the hair matted with sweat. As Alteisha complied, Octavian brought the strap hard against Alteisha’s ass again, causing the jerking and pulling of their bodies and the corresponding persecution of their nipples.Octavian continued the strapping hence the torment of their nipples, until both Florence and Alteisha rocked their bodies in violent orgasms. Leaving the two bound women slumping in their chains, Octavian moved Darla out from between them and bound her wrists and ankles together. He placed a leather belt around her waist and fastened it to a chain suspended from the ceiling. Darla was fully bound. Her cunt, clit and asshole completely exposed to the Grand Masters whims. The nipple clamps remained in place, but fully stretched, thus continuing their assault on the three women’s nipples.Satisfied that Darla was securely bound, Octavian produced a device with three alligator clips suspended from a common center by elastic bands. He clasped an alligator clip on each of the bound women’s clitoris to increase his pleasure and their torment. Darla’s cunt was wet with her juices from her sexual engagement with both Florence and Alteisha.Octavian displayed a massive hard on and he rubbed the bulbous cockhead in Darla’s cunt fluids flowing down her thighs. Next, he placed the tip of his cock on Darla’s asshole and slowly pushed against the tight sphincter fighting to repel the intruder. Darla strained and jerked trying to avoid the penetration, causing the women piercing pain from the nipple and clit clamps.They all moaned from the torment, then Darla screamed and bucked as the massive cock fiercely pushed the sphincter aside and buried itself deep into her ass. Octavian grabbed Darla’s hips and pulled her into him with each thrust of his enormous cock. The pain in her ass slowly transformed into pleasure, as he fucked her without letup. He kept pulling at her body causing the alligator clip to painfully terrorize her clitoris, thus reducing her ability to cum from the wonderful ass fucking he was giving her.Octavian’s own lust, however, was mounting with each thrust of his cock deeply into her ass. Suddenly he groaned as his cock was poised to erupt. Quickly he pulled his cock out of her ass and moved in front of Darla’s face. As she looked up to see why he stopped, Octavian exploded in a torrent of semen that splashed against her lips and nose, cascading all over her face.He kept spewing his seed as she opened her mouth to receive and swallow as much as she could, considering the way that she was bound. Octavian’s cock finished cumming and he rubbed it in the semen thickening on Darla’s face, to cover his shaft and cockhead with his seed. He turned toward Florence and Alteisha, mounted a small stool, and offered his semen-covered cock to them both. The Slave and her Mistress licked at the thick, pearly nectar until they cleansed their Grand Master of all the semen offered them.The Grand Master moved to Darla and scooped the remaining cum from her face with his finger and placed it into her open mouth. Darla eagerly accepted the nectar and dreaded what she knew would follow. Octavian took up the whip and moved behind Darla again. She closed her eyes and braced herself as the whip struck fiercely on her asscheeks breaking the skin. She screamed in pain as the blood seeped slowly from the forming welt.He struck her several times, breaking the skin each time he struck her. Florence watched as cut after cut opened on the helpless ass being pummeled before her. Darla’s screams and shrieks were indescribably deafening, as the obviously torturous pain racked and jarred her ravished body. The tears were literally spilling from Darla’s eyes, as Florence felt her own eyes welling up with tears.”Enough, Grand Master!” shouted Florence. Octavian was momentarily stunned by her command. He turned to face this wisp of a woman who dared command him.”What?” he asked incredulously, the whip at his side.”Octavian, I said that you have punished Mistress Darla enough,” Florence replied with a stoic will in her voice. “Please release me, so that I may tend to our wounded sister, Grand Master.” Octavian smiled and a warm glow slowly covered his face. He dropped the whip and removed Florence’s restraints. When she was free of the restraints, she removed the nipple and clit clamps from herself and the other women.Florence freed Darla and helped lay her face down on Octavian’s bed. She returned to the platform and released Alteisha, instructing her to fetch towels and ice. Next, she returned to Darla, who was sobbing on the bed, and began to lick the welts and broken skin to soothe the burning hurt. Alteisha burst into the chamber with the ice and towels and quickly applied the ice to the welts. Florence made a large ice pack with the towels and placed it on Mistress Darla’s ass.The sigh emitted from Darla’s lips told everyone that worst seemed to be over. Florence moved to Octavian, embraced him and kissed him dearly. “Thank you, my darling Grand Master. I am truly sorry that I shouted and was brazen enough to command you. I am ready to be punished now.” Florence moved towards the platform when Octavian’s firm hand grasped her arm and gently pulled her to him.”Dearest Florence,” he said, “you always find a way to remind me of how much I love you.” He embraced her again and said aloud to her, “You deserve no punishment, only admiration of your compassion for your sister, Mistress Darla. I learned much this evening. You are wonderful! I shall remember tonight, always.”Mistress Florence regained her Mistresses composure and ordered Alteisha to tidy up the Grand Masters chambers while she ministered to Darla. Octavian poured four glasses of cool wine and bade each of them to drink a nightcap with him. They all drank deeply and the women took their leave of their Grand Master.Florence and Alteisha supported Mistress Darla, as they helped her to reach her room. Inside they washed and dressed her wounds and tucked her into bed. Darla began to cry as she looked up at Mistress Florence and her former Slave Alteisha. “Do you hurt so deeply, Darla?” asked Florence. “I’ll call the doctor to come examine you.””No, Florence, I’m all right. I’m crying because you are so wonderful. Again you saved me, this time at great risk to yourself. Thankfully it was Octavian, and not some other Master who would not be wise enough to recognize that your challenge was just. You saved me when you asked me to give Alteisha to you, so I could dally with another less deserving Slave, who is now gone, I might add. You saved me again, at your home, from savagely hurting someone I love, our darling Slave Alteisha. And tonight, you saved me from the richly deserved wrath of the Grand Master, for my detestable behavior at your house. Thank you, Florence. I shall never forget it. Can either of you ever forgive me?” Darla said truthfully, as her tears continued to flow.”Of course, Darla. I forgive you,” Florence told her with a tear in her own eye.”I forgive you, Mistress Darla,” Alteisha said as she broke into tears, embraced and kissed her former Mistress profusely.Florence felt a great happiness in her heart. How wonderful this evening turned out. She sat on the bed and took Mistress Darla’s hand in her own. “Alteisha, why don’t you go into Mistress Darla’s bathroom and shower while I sit with her. When you are dry, come out and help Mistress Darla through the night.” Darla’s eyes filled with tears again and Alteisha quickly moved to the bathroom to shower. When she finished she returned to the bedroom to see Florence still holding Darla’s hand.Mistress Florence smiled at Alteisha, stood up and held open the bedcovers so Alteisha could slip her naked body next to Mistress Darla. “I’ll see you both for breakfast,” she kissed them both and left closing the door behind her. Before the door fully closed, Alteisha had taken one of Mistress Darla’s nipples in her mouth and with her hand, was fingering her former Mistress’s cunt and clit. Mistress Florence felt good about how things had worked out and she was lighthearted as she knocked softly on Octavian’s door, then without waiting for an answer, she entered.The EndEpilogueThe summer at Castleton passed, with the Novices successfully completing their training and their individual ordeals. Octavian spent a great deal of his remaining time in the United States, with Florence. He visited and spent several weeks her at her home, where they vacationed, interacted and engaged in many mutual domination sessions. They returned to Castleton together on the Labor Day weekend, to watch the last two Ordeals in which Gordon and Maureen were the ‘stars’.Octavian, following the session with Florence, Darla and Alteisha, had elevated Alteisha to the position of Mistress in spite of her protests, which she quickly set aside. The Selection Committee, appointed by Octavian, included Mistress Darla, who was instrumental in nominating and electing Mistress Florence as the Order’s first Grand Mistress. Florence graciously accepted the Order’s leadership to the applause and gratitude of all of the Members.Mistress Darla selected Maureen as her new Slave. Mistress Alteisha selected Gordon as the Slave to serve her every need. As Grand Mistress, Florence moved to take permanent residence at Castleton, hence she gave her home to Alteisha. Florence continued to employ Gordon as her financial manager. Darla and Maureen stayed at Castleton with their Grand Mistress, who assumed the chambers previously occupied by Octavian.Grand Mistress Florence welcomed Mistress Alteisha and her Slave Gordon often, as visitors to Castleton where she, Alteisha, Gordon, Darla and Maureen held many joint corrective and discipline sessions. Robert sometimes joined them. The other Members sometimes affectionately called the six of them ‘The Entourage’. From time to time, Octavian would spend weekends at Castleton, when his business travels brought him to the United States. Those weekends were the most memorable for Grand Mistress Florence and her entourage.Life was good for all of these Members of the Order of the Marquis. Each of them found happiness in the life they chose, which combined the pleasures and pain that the lifestyle offered, in a way that only the Members of the Order could fully understand. Perhaps at some future date the Grand Mistress will allow other tales of life in the Order to be told to those that so need to know them. But alas, those are other tales.Some Parts are missing. sorry for that..

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