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The Room Mate

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The Room MateThe Room MateMy wife and I have been happily married for about nine years now. We had never slept with anyone else during our relationship. I have greatly enjoyed my time with her. However a few weeks ago a coworker of my wife’s moved in with us. Her name was Denise and she had just lost her job, car, and about everything she owned in about three days. We were glad to help her out in any way we could. We set up a second bedroom in our modest apartment. At first things were normal, at least for having another person living with us. Then something happened, something I did not expect. I needed to use the toilet and I heard my wife taking a shower. We only have the one bathroom so I walked in and began to pee. She was very quiet, and usually she bitches at me for doing this, but only in jest. She does it to me all the time, only I don’t flush the toilet. I talked to her like I always do, then when I was done I turned and saw Denise in the shower.We just stared at each other, me with my cock in hand. And her dripping wet from the shower. Her long dark ebony skin, and straitened black, large breasts with erect nipples, all dripping wet. Then my eyes dropped and I saw her nearly erect ten inch cock that she was stroking. I couldn’t take my eyes of it, I was stunned.She smirked and said “do you normally walk in on your guests while their taking a shower or am I special.” I tried to say something but couldn’t. “Now you’re just staring at my clit” she said, “my eyes are up here.” I quickly returned my gaze back to her eyes, but still could not talk. “I should be very offended by you walking in on my shower, but perhaps I’ll tell your wife.”This brought me back to reality. I started to apologies but she interrupted me. “That’s what I’ll do. I’ll go tell your wife you were watching me in the shower.” Then she started to step out of the shower, all the while stroking her cock. I handed her a towel and said “look I didn’t mean to walk in on you, and…”She once again interrupted me by taking her index finger and pushing it to my lips. “You don’t want me to tell your wife,” she questioned and I nodded. “Then you must do something for me. It will be easy I promise.” I now had an idea of what she wanted. “Besides you have not kissed my finger anadolu yakası escort after I just touched my cock. You just need to do one more things.”I stammered and she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her breast. “Lick them,” and I did so as she dropped the towel and locked the door. Her nipples were hard and erect, and her breasts were firm and I could tell they were fake. I sucked each nipple and fondled her breasts as she moaned softly. My wife was sitting in the room next to this but at this point it did not seem to matter.“Now there is something else you must do,” she said pulling away from me. Her hand grasped mine and she pulled my hand to her cock. I jolted at the touch of it, but then began to rub it. “Good but that’s not it.” I stopped and looked into her eyes. I could tell she was enjoying torturing me. “Get on your knees” and she put her hand on my shoulders gently pushing me down. I was terrified; thoughts of my wife’s reaction filled my head. All in all I was powerless, and she knew it. I wonder how many other strait men she had seduced in a similar fashion.I knelt before her with my face an inch or so from her cock. “Kiss it” she said and I hesitated but I kissed the head softly. “See that was not so bad. Now lick it” she said calmly. I licked the head and mouthed down the shaft. Her soft had massaged my head and heir. “You’re almost done. Open your mouth, and put it in.” I opened my mouth and began to suck the head. “Now you are a cock sucker. Isn’t it nice?” I continued to suck it and stroke her. She moaned softly as I did this. Licking, sucking, and stroking or sucking her balls. Her balls were very big and I was only able to get one in my mouth at a time. I did this for I don’t know how long, and then there was a knock at the door. I froze but she held my head and slowly thrust her massive cock in and out of my mouth. “I’ll be out in a minute” she replied to the knock.“Have you seen my husband,” I heard my wife say from the other side of the door.She continued to slide her cock in and out of my mouth, “no he said something about taking a walk.” I thought we were busted.“He didn’t say anything to me, but…” my wife said and there was silence.She giggled ataşehir escort and continued to slowly fuck me. “Do you like that? You are getting better, but you had better finish before you wife become more suspicious.” I stopped and looked up into her eyes. She smiled and said “you didn’t expect to get me hard and then not get me off did you.” I was unsure how this would have ended and really didn’t give it much thought.She quickened her pace and soon I could feel hot shots of salty liquid squirt into my mouth. She stroked her cock and fed me her cum. I did not swallow, but soon I did just out of reflex. “I was expecting you to spit, but you swallowed every drop. Good boy. Now you’re not only a cock sucker but a cumslut as well.” She bent over and kissed me, then walked out of the bathroom completely naked. I knelt stunned on the floor before washing my face and then brushing my teeth. Things seemed normal for a while then one day while my wife was out and I was reading on my bed, Denise came into my room. She was naked and had a giant erection. I wondered how long she going to make me suck her cock, blackmailing me.“You were such a good little cock sucking cum slut, I decided to have another go with you,” she said. I was about to protest when she climbed on the bed and began rubbing my cock through my pants. “We can’t keep doing this. What if my wife walks in on us? Besides I didn’t really enjoy the last time, and” she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Inserting the entire length into her mouth she sucked. I gasped, as I had never felt this way before. I continued to argue about how this was… wrong and… she should… um stop…Please don’t umm…She was slowly undressing me while blowing me. I had a few great blowjobs in the past but this was the best. Soon I found her on top of me in a sixty nine position. This I did enjoy. She made it very hard to concentrate but somehow I did. I’m not even sure why I sucked her cock again but I did. We did this for a few minutes before she said “have you ever had someone eat your ass.” I replied I had not and she told me to bend over.“On one condition” I said “keep your cock away from my ass. I don’t do that stuff.” She agreed and promised to not do anything funny. ümraniye escort Bent over and she tongued me and licked my balls. This did really feel good and I even enjoyed when she stuck a finger or two in me. I was lost on the verge of orgasm when I felt the head of her cock against my virgin asshole. At first I did not realize what she was about to do. Even when she slipped the tip in, I thought it was her tongue or fingers. Then wrapping her arms around my waist, she thrust deep into me. I screamed and fought back but she just held me, pushing me to the bed. I was pinned with my face burrowed in a pillow.She stayed like that for a little while then she pulled back a little. I tried to escape but she thrust again lay on top of me. She would pull out a little I would fight she would thrust in again. She was using my unwillingness to be assfucked against me. I suppose if I really wanted I could have gotten out of her grasp, but I did not. I soon stopped fighting and just let it happen.When I did this something amazing happened. I started to enjoy it. She was smooth and easy with here thrusts. I could not believe how good it felt to have her cock massage my asshole and prostate. She quickened her pace and soon she was no longer on top of me. “See once you get used to it feels so doesn’t it” she said as she scrapped her long nails down my back. I could feel an orgasm welling inside me, as she reached around and began to stroke me. It felt so good when I did cum. Thick gobs of jizz landed on the bedspread and rocked back and forth to her rhythm. I was enjoying this, and was lost as I felt another orgasm building inside me. Her thrusts were fast and furious now.“You’re a little slut you know that” she said through heavy breaths. “You like getting your ass fucked by my big black cock don’t you. You want me to fuck you now.” She taunted. “Now I’m going to cum and you will be my cumslut.” She pulled out and shot onto my ass and back. I could feel the hot spooge splatter with each time it shot out. Then she thrust inside me once more, emptying her cock of cum.It was then I saw flash of a camera. I looked over to see my wife holder her phone and smiling evilly. “Now you will never walk in on me taking a shower, will you” my wife said. “Or perhaps you’d like to be fucked again.” I am no Denise’s cumslut and for fear of my wife posting pictures of me doing things I do what they ask, when they ask. I guess that if I really wanted I could get them to stop, but I really think I like it. Besides my sex life with Denise and my wife is better than it’s ever been.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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