Mar 23

The Shopping Centre

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Anal Porn

The Shopping CentreThe wife and I had gone out of town to a nearby shopping centre, as we entered the massive complex, I said “We’ll split up and meet up in a couple of hours Ok”, she said “That’s a good idea”, I said “I’ll ring you”, and with that sorted out we went to look round seperately. After half an hour I was bored and feeling a bit fruity looking at all the girls.I decided I needed a wank, watching all these MILS’s and mature women walking around. I found the toilets and went in, it was quiet and there were six cubicles, unusual I thought. I decided to go in the end one as I thought it would be even quieter. As I opened the door the cleanliness hit me it was so clean and smelled nice.As I stood there feeling myself to get in the mood, which didn’t take long, I already had a semi on. There was a knock on my door, I said “Yes”, the other voice said “You need anything”, “Like what” I replied, “Anything” I thought what an unusual thing to say, türbanlı çorum escort “Well” the voice said. I was taken aback by this and probably stupid of myself I opened the door.There stood a man in a suit, he looked around 30, 5’8″, I said “What do you want”, and with that he pushed his way into my cubicle. As he turned round and locked the door he looked at me and said “I can help you out”. He touched my cheek and smiled, he then touched the front of my trousers, and said “Ahh I knew you’d need me”.He turned and sat on the seat still rubbing my crotch, as he got level with me he unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the floor, he was still stroking me through my undies. “You like that”, “mmmm” I answered. As he slipped my briefs down my cock aprang up he bent down and gently licked my helmet, cupping my balls in the process.It did feel good. Then her wrapped his fist around my shaft and started türbanlı çorum escort bayan to wank me off slowly, as he did he put his entire mouth around me, licking me and jerking me. God I was so turned on. I looked down and he was rubbing his own cock through his pants as he licked mine. After what seemed only a few minutes but was probably about twenty I knew I was coming.I said “I’m close”, as he carried on doing me slowly, I said “Fucking speed up”, but he ignored me and carried on slowly, it was driving me insane. As he continued to lick me he stopped wanking me and just used his mouth as his hand. God it was driving me nuts. He just edged his finger into my ass but to be honest I didn’t really care.As he pushed his finger slowly into my ass it felt good, he was also rubbing that bit by my prostate, and, well it was so good. I said “I’m coming”, as his mouth and lips did their magic türbanlı escort çorum on my cock and his fingers were doing something else. I tried to stop myself from coming but the turn on was so great.I sighed as I pumped my seed down his throat, it seemed I was shooting gallons of the stuff it was so intense, probably one of the best orgasms I’d ever had. When i’d finished he stood up and smiled, turned me around so I was facing the wall, he pulled down his own pants, I heard the zip. And teased my ass with his cock.Then he stopped and fiddled with something I said “What you doing” and he said “Putting on a condom”, then he slipped his cock into me. It felt quite large but as I had not seen him I wasn’t sure. He built up some rhythm and was fucking me faster than he wanked me. After a short space of time he pulled out and turned me to face him.Pushing me down onto the seat, I looked and saw his cock, it was the same length as mine, 6″ but thinner, he whipped off his condom and pushed his cock in my face. I licked him twice and he grunted, soon his climax was apparent and he came, shooting his come on the floor, as it was too quick for me.He said “Sorry but I can never last too long”, I said “Never mind”. As we put our tackle away he left first and I was left wondering if that had really happened.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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