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The Shower , Jetted Tub

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My girlfriend finally made the decision to sell her house in Yonkers, NY and move down to Florida to live with me.

Since she had been here with me before, we already knew where we wanted to live and what house we wanted built.

She put her house up for sale and I met with the builder. Since we already knew colors and the necessities of the new house, things went well with the builder.

We decided on a secluded piece of property, which was a must, as we are nudists. The house would have two large bedrooms, one being the master.

What we wanted that was different from the cookie cutter floor plan was a sumptuous master bathroom.

We wanted a large jetted tub, big enough for two comfortably. We also wanted a stone shower that was big enough for four, with multiple shower heads.

You must think we are crazy but over the years, the most erotic sex my girlfriend and I have ever had has been in large tubs or showers. We find them very erotic for our sexual activities.

The house was going to be built in three months which was enough time for my girlfriend to sell and close on her house.

My girlfriend’s house sold in two months and the closing was scheduled for the following month, which was perfect timing.

The canlı bahis new house was almost ready and the builder was just adding enough trees and shrubbery, along with an eight foot high privacy fence all around the 1/2 acre backyard.

The inside of the house was completed and the master bathroom was perfect.

The house up north closed and whatever stuff she had was packed and on a truck coming south.

My girlfriend drove down and she stayed with me a couple of days before we closed on the new house and moved in.

She loved the place, especially how private and secluded it was from the outside world.

When she saw the master bathroom, I thought she was going to pass out from sight of it. She said it was everything she wanted.

She put whatever clothing and stuff away and we went out to dinner to celebrate.

I asked her how her trip was and she said it was great. There was no traffic and the drive was easier than she thought it would be. She said she wasn’t even tired.

We had a great meal and some nice wine. By the time we finished, it was getting late.

We headed back to our new home. We didn’t have any tv yet so we decided to get ready for bed.

I asked her if she wanted to test out our new shower bahis siteleri and, with a gleam in her eyes, she said yes.

We undressed and went into the bathroom. We hugged and kissed and my cock was hard in a second.

We entered the cavernous shower and I turned the water on. Then, six shower heads spurted out warm water all over our bodies. The feeling was terrific.

As the water hit our bodies from various angles, we pulled our bodies together and kissed. Her mouth opened to take in my tongue. Our hands were all over each other.

I managed to lather some soap on her nakedness and massaged the lather all over her, with special attention to her big breasts and nipples.

As I was lathering her body, she moved her hand down to my hard cock and grasped my shaft gently.

Then my love knelt down and engulfed my cock into her open mouth and started sucking my pulsating member as water sprayed on us from every direction.

I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth further onto my cock until she had my cock completely in her mouth.

I told her I was going to cum. She stopped sucking my cock and removed it from her mouth and started jerking me off. Just then, I shot stream after stream of my cum into her mouth and on bahis şirketleri her face and tits.

When my cock stopped spurting out cum, she got up and kissed me, sharing my cum. I rubbed my cum all over her then let the water wash away what was left.

Eventually we finished and then my love said she wanted to try the jetted tub.

So, I started filling the tub up and we continued our lovemaking as the tub filled. Once there was enough water, we got in and put the Jets on.

Our bodies were hit by a multitude of water jets all over our bodies. We pulled our bodies together and enjoyed the pulsating water hitting us.

I pulled her on top of me and she was able to slip my cock into her cunt. She started riding me, sliding up and down on my rigid shaft.

We kissed and then she pushed her nipple in my mouth and I started sucking, all the time playing with her tit.

She started riding me harder and faster and she said she was going to cum. Then her body started shaking, going into spasms as her cunt muscles tightened on my shaft. As she came, I shot a small amount of cum into her.

After she came, we just staid in that position with the jets relaxing our bodies.

We finally finished and got out and dried ourselves off and headed to bed.

We cuddled with my arm around her nakedness and just before she fell asleep she said that she was happy that we got the large shower and jetted tub and looked forward to many nights like we just had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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