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The Sleepover, Chapter 1

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Ellie rang the doorbell.  She stood face to face with the oak wooden door for twenty-five seconds as she contemplated the possibilities of the upcoming weekend that she hoped to be extremely eventful.  Ellie, or Eleanor (as her mother called her), was a beautiful girl.  She was sixteen years old and had a long, flowing blend of light brown and blonde hair that hung freely below her shoulder blades.  She was a slim girl, five foot five in height, with a typically attractive, ‘perfect-looking’ face.  Ellie lived with her parents, and visiting her closest friends for the entire weekend would be an exciting time for her.The door opened.  Florence was standing there, already in her pyjamas, tentatively awaiting the arrival of her two guests.  Florence was the sixteen-year-old etlik escort child of two proud owners of the large city mansion that Ellie was stepping into for the hundredth time.  She had long brown hair, a cute, pale face, with a button-like nose, and a sense of elegance in her stride.  They had been best friends since primary school and tended to meet up on a regular basis these days.Ellie dropped her heavy ‘overnight’ bag on to the floor and hugged her friend tightly.  “Hey, Mr & Mrs King,” projected Ellie through the gaping hallway to Florence’s parents who sat in the kitchen.  Florence grabbed her hand and led her up the first flight of stairs, to her bedroom.  It was a large, welcoming room, with everything ‘furry’ and ‘fluffy’, keçiören escort as if a princess-lover had been asked to design it.  Florence launched herself onto her king-sized bed.“Don’t worry, I’ve saved a room for you and Con,” she reassured Ellie. “I’d just rather keep my bed!”Ellie smiled in acknowledgement.  “I guess I should get changed!”  Ellie unzipped her bag and pulled out a pink polka dot pyjama set, with a matching top and bottoms.  “Aww, they’re so cute!” exclaimed Florence. “Put them on now, I wanna see your cute butt in them!”Ellie removed the t-shirt she was wearing and pulled down her leggings to reveal her underwear.  Without any hesitation in the presence of her friend, she loosened and removed her bra, which fell kızılay escort to the floor.  Despite the significant presence of her beautifully perky breasts, they were not the centre of attention.  The girls were close friends, and nothing more, seeing each other’s intimate parts was not unfamiliar to them.Next, Ellie pulled down her small, thong-like pants until they were around her ankles.  Florence noticed the triangle of pubic hair above her cute slit.  However, it was not visible for long, as soon, Ellie had slipped into her matching top and bottoms, and was turning glamorously to enable Florence to get a good glimpse at her perfect, young shape.“Wow, curvy little butt you got there!” said Florence, as she eyed Ellie up and down.“Flo!  Stop looking!  It’s not yours to see!” replied Ellie as she shied away in embarrassment.“I see you’ve neatened up your pubes,”  Florence giggled as she tried to pull the waistline of Ellie’s bottoms down slightly, to get a better view of her pubic region.“Hey, that’s not fair Flo, I gotta see yours now!”.

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