Eki 19

The Slumber Party Ch. 13

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Julia, Audrey, and Melissa returned to find Rod staring off into space on the living-room couch.

The women looked at one another, wondering if their master plan had gone horribly wrong. Why wasn’t he chatting up Isabel and making her feel comfortable around him? Was she so appalled at his sheik-like ways that she couldn’t bear the sight of him? Melissa, at least, had thought that Rod was actually becoming more or less friendly with her stern aunt, insofar as anyone could get friendly with her.

When she noticed that he didn’t respond to her, “Hey, what’s up?” she stalked over to him, stood right in front of him, and waved a hand before his face.

“Uh, Earth to Rod—are you there?” she said sharply.

He snapped out of his funk and stared up at her as if he had never seen her before.

“You okay, guy?” she said, now getting a bit concerned.

A dreamy smile came over his face. “Yeah, just fine,” he said.

“Where’s Aunt Isabel?”

“Up in her room.”

“What’s she doing there?”

“Um, resting, I guess.”

“Resting? Why aren’t you—?”

“Well, she had a little accident.”

“Accident? What the hell do you mean? Is she all right?”

“Sure, she’s all right. She just sprained or twisted her ankle.”

“What! How?”

“She slipped on the stairs. I came up and caught her before she could fall.”

Julia, who was transfixed while listening to this dialogue, now almost shrieked in terror.

“Omigod! She almost fell down the stairs? And you caught her? My stars, Rod, you saved her life!”

He blushed in sudden embarrassment. “Oh, I don’t know about that.”

“Well, it sure sounds like it! Is she all right? Do you think we should take her to the hospital?”

“I don’t think she’s hurt very badly,” he demurred.

Julia hardly heard him, for she was already flying up the stairs to take stock of the situation. Without even bothering to knock, she burst into Isabel’s room, clutching her heart as she saw her sister lying placidly on the bed.

“Isabel, are you all right? Are you in pain?”

Isabel, still groggy from sleep—she seemed to have rested very well—blinked a few times and said, “I’m fine, dear. Your young man” (my young man?) “has been enormously helpful.”

“He said you almost tumbled down the stairs. You could have died!”

“Well, I suppose there was a remote chance of that, but certainly there was the likelihood that I could have been seriously injured. So I suppose that nice young man saved me from that.”

“Oh, Isabel!” Julia cried, her eyes filling with tears. “Does it hurt?”

“Not very much. I’ve had a nice rest, so maybe I should get up and join the rest of you downstairs.”

By this time, all the others in the household had tramped up the stairs to see how Isabel was doing. When she saw Rod standing behind Julia’s daughters, she called to him:

“Rod, dear, perhaps you can help me stand up.”

Melissa looked at Audrey, stupefied. Rod, dear?

Rod approached the bed stiffly. As Isabel threw aside the blankets covering her, he slid her legs gently over the edge of the bed, then took her extended arm and helped her to her feet. She was a little wobbly and said, “You may need to stay with me and accompany me down the stairs.”

“I can carry you!” he said enthusiastically.

She gave him a sharp look and said, “That won’t be necessary. Just let me use you as a kind of crutch, and we’ll be fine.”

And so it happened. As the three other women gazed in wonder, Rod carefully led Isabel step by step down the stairs. He placed her on the couch in the living room while the others stalked slowly down like zombies, watching the whole thing with disbelieving eyes.

As Isabel sat strong and upright on the couch, Julia said, “I’d best start getting dinner ready.”

“I’ll help you, Mom,” Melissa said quickly.

“Me, too,” Audrey said, although she was pretty useless in the kitchen.

Rod, as expected, led Isabel to the dining table when dinner was served. Afterward, he led her back to the couch and sat beside her. Each time he did this, he couldn’t help feel the swell of one warm, round breast pressing up against his side—something that made him confused and light-headed. Once she was sitting down, she patted the space next to her and said to Rod, “Please keep me company, dear.” She actually smiled when she did so.

That caused Melissa and Audrey to come dangerously close to bursting out in hysterical laughter, but they managed to control themselves. For her part, Julia just watched the proceedings in a daze.

Melissa boldly placed herself on the other side of Rod, as if to claim at least a share of him. You may, by some miracle, have won Aunt Isabel over, but I’m still your best girl! They watched an old suspense movie that proved surprisingly gripping, even if they had all had seen it at least once before. Then they all decided it was time for bed; and Rod did his duty where Isabel was ankara escort concerned—and more than his duty. Disregarding her token objections, he now gathered her up in his arms and carried her slowly up the stairs, once again followed by his three other women. He lowered her gently on the bed and would have given her a little kiss on the mouth, were it not that Julia was gazing intensely at them from the threshold of the room. So he just wished her a good night’s sleep and left her alone.

The follow-up to this series of events came two nights later.

By this time, Julia was going pretty much insane with frustrated desire, and she had pleaded with Rod to sneak into her bedroom once it was certain that Isabel had fallen asleep. As they doffed their nightclothes (Julia had been wearing her usual nightgown, Rod his underwear) and got down to the serious business of reacquainting themselves with each other’s bodies, a strange sound came to their ears.

Rod, stopping short as he was sucking Julia’s nipple, raised his head and said, “What on earth’s that?”

Julia, initially irritated at Rod, listened sharply and let out a quiet chuckle. “Omigod, I don’t believe it!”

“Believe what?” Rod said, perplexed.

“Do you have any idea what that is?” Julia said teasingly.

“What? Tell me!”

To Rod’s surprise, Julia got up from the bed. “Maybe we should find out for ourselves.”

She was heading out the door, silently urging Rod to follow.

“Julia, are you crazy!” he said in a fierce whisper. “You’re naked!” Maybe the girls wouldn’t mind seeing their mother nude, but Isabel . . .

“Come on,” she said. “I think it’s time.”

Time for what? Rod thought, utterly baffled, as he willy-nilly got up from the bed and, as if hypnotized, followed Julia out the door.

She was heading toward Isabel’s room.

“Julia, what on earth do you think you’re doing!” Rod whispered, even more agitated than before.

“Trust me, it’ll be fine,” Julia said. And she blandly opened the door.

Isabel lay there on her back, one hand between her legs and the other kneading a breast. She was naked, having tossed her nightgown carelessly to the floor. She was moaning surprisingly loudly, and for some seconds didn’t even realize that her bedroom had been invaded.

Only when Rod and Julia were all but standing directly over her did she become aware that she was not alone. At first she let out a little shriek, but otherwise she did little but gaze up at the pair, breathing heavily.

Julia bent down on her knees and reached out to stroke Isabel’s face. With heartfelt gentleness she said, “Isabel, dear, would you like Rod to . . . help you?”

Rod was convinced that Isabel would fly into a rage and demand that the two of them exit stage left immediately. She opened her mouth as if to do just that, but then her expression suddenly changed. Looking over at Rod, her eyes bulged at his hugely erect member; then she nodded blankly, placing both hands at her sides as if preparing for an operation.

“Come over here, Rod,” Julia said, beckoning him with her hand. “Come and help her.”

Rod did come over. He gasped as he saw the creature lying supine before him. She was radiantly beautiful, was Isabel: her hair draped all around her face and shoulders, her breasts full and heaving, her stomach charmingly round, her thighs sturdy but shapely, and her calves elegantly curved. And, like all the Waters women, she had a thick, luxuriant bush—now dabbed with her juices—that had never felt the cruel razor’s touch.

Both Julia and Isabel thought that Rod would “help” with his hand—more properly, his fingers—but he surprised them by parting Isabel’s legs and plunging his face right into her sex. She gasped as she felt, for the first time, a man’s lips and tongue licking and sucking her labia and clitoris, and what seemed like a river of fluid started flowing out of her. Rod found the taste of her emission delectable and drank it all down while continuing to lick her, placing his hands firmly underneath her and squeezing her tight, small bottom. As Julia watched in rapture, Isabel curved her back and clutched the sheets with her hands as the culmination approached, and when her orgasm finally burst over her she cried out loud and then kept on moaning for minutes on end, as Rod relentlessly squeezed every last moment out of her climax.

Like Grant, he loved to make a woman come.

Curiously, Rod now got up out of bed and stood next to Julia. As Isabel recovered from her ecstasy, Julia said to her, “Would you like to take Rod in your mouth?”

Isabel gave a quick and frightened look at Rod’s quivering member. “It—it’s so big! I could never get it all the way in my mouth!”

Julia smiled genially at Isabel’s naïveté. “No woman can, dear. Just take in as much as you can, and use your lips and tongue.”

The bed was almost exactly at the height of Rod’s groin, so he sauntered over toward her head as she bent ankara escort bayan over onto her side and, taking his member delicately in her hand—using only her thumb and index finger—she first licked the tip with her tongue, then opened her mouth as wide as she could and placed about two or three inches into it. Her eyes widened at the novel sensation of this hard piston-like object slipping in between her teeth, and she did indeed use her tongue and lips to stimulate Rod to the best of her ability—which, in fact, was more than adequate for such a novice. By now she was grasping the lower end of the shaft with her entire hand, moving her head back and forth and coating the organ with her saliva.

Suddenly she took it out of her mouth and looked over to Julia, who had remained on her knees in front of her sister. “Can I,” she said hesitantly, “take his, um—you know . . .?”

“I don’t know,” Julia said. “What are you trying to say?”

Isabel sighed loudly and said in an embarrassed whisper, “I’d like to take his testicles in my mouth.”

Julia burst into a broad smile. “Well, of course! All guys like that. I didn’t think you wanted to do something so daring—many women are squeamish about it. Just be careful—and don’t bite down!”

Isabel frowned at her sister. “I know that, you silly,” she said.

She bent her head to have access to those precious globes, and her first taste of them—enclosed in their tight sac of thick skin, covered with a thin layer of dark down—was thrilling, if the moan she let out was any sign. Rod himself moaned with surprise and pleasure, and he gently cradled her head in his hands and thrust his hips in her direction so that she could reach his balls more easily.

Isabel now began alternating between cock and testicles, and Rod looked down with some apprehension at Julia. He didn’t have to articulate his thought: Omigod, Julia, she’s stimulating me so much that I may blow my wad in her mouth. I don’t think she’s ready for that, do you?

Julia silently agreed. Anyway, she wanted to be present for the main event.

“Isabel,” she said gently, “I think that’s enough.”

Julia’s sister stopped her actions abruptly. “What? Am I doing something wrong?”

“Um, no,” Julia said dryly. “In fact, you may be doing things all too well.”

Puzzled, Isabel lay back on the bed; but her eyes widened when she saw Rod sliding into bed with her, resting on his side all along her body.

“I think it’s time, Isabel,” Julia said. “Don’t you?”

Isabel said nothing for a few moments, then let out a pathetic whimper. “I’m scared, Julia.”

“I understand, dear. But Rod won’t hurt you. He’s gentle as a lamb. Truly he is.”

“But—but—he’s so big!”

“I know; it may be a little difficult at first. But trust me—you’ll be okay.” Then suddenly another thought occurred to her. “You don’t still have your hymen, do you?”

Isabel gulped painfully. “No. I—well, no, I don’t have it anymore.”

Julia didn’t ask for an explanation. Did she stick a cucumber or zucchini in her twat ages ago? Well, no matter—at least there won’t be any blood.

Rod began the careful process by climbing on top of Isabel, his head resting between her breasts. He had to nuzzle and suckle those superb works of art, hidden away from the male gaze and touch for so long; and he was glad he did. Her breasts were remarkably firm—why wouldn’t they be, since no man, woman, or child had ever tugged at them?—and he felt humbled and flattered that he was the first person to give them serious attention. He could tell that his ministrations were pleasing Isabel also, for her whimper turned into little squeals of delight as she held his head firmly to her chest with her hands. She was getting so excited that Rod wondered if she might come again just from this action.

But he too was eager to get on to bigger and better things. He had positioned himself between Isabel’s legs, which were lying flat and spread-eagled on the bed. She seemed to think that was how her belated deflowering was to happen. But as Rod took his cock in his hand and rubbed the inside of Isabel’s labia with it, coating it with her juices and startling her with its simultaneous hardness and softness, Julia again intervened.

“Isabel, you should lift your legs and bend your knees,” she said, pulling one of Isabel’s legs to demonstrate.

“Why?” Isabel said in incomprehension.

“It will make it easier for him to go in, dear. Less painful for you.”

Isabel obeyed silently, although still confused as to how such a strange position would make any difference. As Rod now inserted the first inch of his cock in her, she let out a choking squawk of pain that wrung his heart. Why the hell do I have to be so big? But who knew I’d ever have to be dealing with a forty-seven-year-old virgin?

“Take it easy, dear,” Julia said soothingly, stroking her sister’s arm. “Don’t tense up.”

As Rod went in further, Isabel exclaimed, “Oh, God, it escort ankara hurts!” Her face was crumpling in pain.

Rod turned to Julia. “Should I stop?”

“No,” she said emphatically. “Just—try to be gentle.”

He did the best he could. He went in no more than half his length, then started pumping with exquisite slowness and tenderness. Suddenly Isabel seemed to deflate like a balloon that has had its air let out of it. But rather than lapsing into passivity, she became mildly active, wrapping her legs instinctively around Rod’s hips while making sure that that move didn’t hinder his own thrusts. She liked the feel of her thighs and calves rubbing against his muscular bottom, and at times she made so bold as to reach down with a hand and give his ass a good massage.

Rod got into a smooth and workable rhythm, occasionally kneading those spectacular breasts while also delivering kiss after passionate kiss to this delectable virgo intacta. Sometimes he himself reached down to squeeze Isabel’s bottom, an act that brought out squeals of pleasure from her. Once he actually slid his hand between their bodies and cupped her sex with it, feeling his cock pistoning in and out of her. Now he had gotten at least seven, perhaps eight inches into her, and she didn’t seem to be complaining.

In fact, within minutes of his penetration of her Isabel had a shuddering climax that almost caused Rod to slip out of her. Instead, he paused in his pumping while letting her enjoy her orgasm to its fullest extent without undue distraction. When her tremors had subsided, he resumed his work—and in a few more minutes, far sooner than he expected, he shot an immense load of his essence into her.

He collapsed heavily on top of Isabel, and she felt for the first time what it is to have a spent man engulfing her body and soul. She was reluctant to let him off, but finally she let him slide away and roll over to the other side of the bed.

She was staring blankly at the ceiling, huffing and puffing as if having just run a 100-yard dash.

Julia, who had witnessed the proceedings with rapt fascination, whispered in her ear, “How was it, Isabel?”

Isabel’s mouth worked a little before she could say, “Omigod! It was the loveliest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Julia smiled a tad smugly; but in fact she was thrilled that her sister had finally experienced the most transcendent pleasure a human being can feel.

In an excess of enthusiasm, Julia kissed her on the mouth.

That startled Isabel out of her reverie. “Julia, really! How naughty of you!”

“Sorry,” Julia said, abashed. “I couldn’t help it.”

Rod was now getting into the act. Reviving slightly, as his quivering cock made all too plain, he said, “Hey, where do I fit in?”

“There’s plenty for you to do, my dear,” Julia said confidently.

Looking over at her sister, Julia said, “Do you mind?” Scarcely waiting for an answer, she slipped into the bed from the other side, wriggling her way under Rod so that she was on her back with him on top of her. After all, they had earlier in the evening been interrupted by Isabel’s moans of self-pleasuring, and Julia for one wanted to finish what they had barely started.

“You really don’t mind, do you?” Julia said pleadingly to Isabel.

“Of course not,” Isabel said magnanimously.

Rod was puzzled by the whole exchange, since they had worked so frantically to hide the fact that he and Julia were intimate. But evidently Isabel had seen through the charade at an early stage, although she had kept the knowledge to herself.

But there was no time to think of that now. Obeying Julia’s orders (“Okay, guy, let’s get going”), Rod plunged into her—there was no need for foreplay, as Julia’s voyeur act had lubricated her more than adequately—and pummeled her for all she was worth. Isabel, inches away from them, took in the show with consuming interest, examining the flailing couple as they simultaneously gave and received pleasure. When Rod came thunderously, beating Julia’s orgasm by seconds, Isabel let out a little “Oh!” and wondered if her mere witnessing of this intimate act might have induced a mini-orgasm in herself.

The three lay flat on their backs. After some minutes, Rod whispered something into Julia’s ear. Julia let out a little scream and said, “Oh, for heaven’s sake, you can’t do that!”

“What?” Isabel said, rousing herself. She had almost fallen asleep, figuring the show—involving herself and her two companions—was over. As it was, she was amazed that Rod managed to be so potent with her sister after he had worked her over so thoroughly. In her naïveté she had somehow come to the belief that men could “do” it only once at a time.

“What is it?” Isabel pursued, after Julia failed to say anything.

“Nothing,” Julia said evasively. “It’s nothing.”

“Well, I think it’s something,” Isabel said.

“Um, well, the thing is . . .” Julia said evasively, trailing off.


Julia let the words out in a rush. “I think he wants to do you again.”

A shiver went through Isabel. My God, what sort of sexual superman have I got involved with? “Oh, Julia,” she said incredulously, “that’s not possible.”

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