Nis 25

The Squatters

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By Aleq de Satyr

My name is Clita di Scala. Actually that is my stage name. I’m a semi-retired 60 year old actress of French and Sicilian ancestry. I am reasonably attractive with a well-toned sexy body, thanks to regular sessions of Yoga and Pilates.

When I learned that some squatters have occupied the family’s vacation cottage on the outskirts of Pecos National Park, I was totally alarmed and decided to make the trip there to evict them with the help of the local PD. I had not been to the cottage in almost a year since the caretaker moved away. The trip from Santa Fe was uneventful except for a police chase on the highway. And the hot weather showed no signs of abating.

A Hispanic woman about my age greeted me at the cottage front door. Her tight kimono accentuated her curvy figure and she was rather good looking. Her hair prematurely gray like mine. She offered me some tequila and a joint which I politely declined. Her name was Elena. After I told her about my visit she apologized profusely and said she and her son had been told that the cottage was an abandoned property. They would leave as soon as they found a place to live. Indeed, the place looked clean and tidy, the front garden in good shape much to my surprise.

I was impressed with Elena’s accommodation; indeed, I felt some empathy with her, she was so affable. I decided to have some of her tequila and a joint. As she moved around the living room her kimono fell open to reveal her naked body, her very hairy cunt, much like mine and her nice boobs… Soon we were chatting lewdly and laughing like old friends…We told each other funny stories or those gouged with destiny and sex while a seductive Afro-Cuban music played in the background.

“I have spread my legs too many times” she said, her dark brown eyes glittering like jewels under lowered lashes. “This hole between my legs is never full enough; I’m a slut and I do love to fuck” she added taking a deep drag on the joint.

She was refreshingly vulgar and swore like a trooper. It occurred to me that my own cunt had lain fallow for the most part in three years since my divorce. Then her son Mateo walked in. He was a biracial with dreadlocks, muscular and very good looking seemingly in his early 30’s. His smile was very disarming. He bowed and kissed my hand. My eyes were riveted on the very big bulge in his sweat pants, the outline of a very large cock.

“I see you like Mateo’s big penga no” said Elena with a chuckle.

Then to my utter surprise Mateo dropped his pants and let out a semi erect dick and began to stroke it casually until it elongated and thickened to a full 12 inch erection bulging with veins…Holy fuck, I thought. And I noticed that his dick was a lot darker than the rest of him. It has been my fantasy for years to be fucked with such a dick.

“Would you like Mateo to fuck you yes?” asked Elena.

Wow how direct can one get I thought. “Don’t be silly” I retorted but I was feeling very much aroused; my cunt began to quiver, my clitoris throbbing. I was getting very wet fast. Mateo walked over to me and let me fondle his dick. It was rock hard. “Suck it” he said. I did for long moments. I could not believe I was sucking the cock of a complete stranger without any compunction and enjoying it. Surprise again. Mateo pulled out his dick and took maltepe escort a swig at some tequila while Elena undressed me, admiring my lush succulent trembling body, stroking my wet cunt.

“Relax” she whispered as she led me to the main bedroom and laid me on the bed still stroking my very wet cunt and clitoris. Mateo followed stroking his rampant erection, grinning wickedly.

“You are gonna be royally fucked today mi quiredo” said Elena. Mateo’s cock pointed to the ceiling…I began to tremble as Mateo knelt between my widespread legs and methodically rubbed his huge cock head against my vulva my clitoris making me squirm with pleasure. I was so fucking wet I felt my juices run down my ass crack. Elena sat in a chair sipping tequila as she watched.

My cunt was so slick and slippery Mateo pushed his huge cock all the way inside me to the base as my pussy gripped the rock hard dick tightly. My thighs trembled wide open, my big sprawling bush wet and humid; my pussy clenching the hard cock as he fucked me and fucked me. My desire was deep, red and raw…My cunt got wider, longer, bigger, moon-size, moon-strong my clitoris hard and erect as Mateo continued to fuck me with expertise…

I was languid with pleasure, my eyes open like stretching wings my lips mouthing dirty words; calling Mateo a sex-maniac, a wonderful, exquisite fuck as his cock plowed my screaming, joyous cunt…He fucked me hard, the way I wanted it; taking me out of this world. He fucked me so well I wept…Soaring on the wings of my cunt, the eternity of my movements, navigating the wild river of my opened up twat, my echoing womb, in a fine-tuned fucking…I yelled out in a primeval cry of orgasmic pleasure as I came and came, my body in paroxysms.

“Fuck her good” urged Elena. And he did and I kept coming and coming.

Mateo put me on all fours and tried to fuck my ass, but my hole was too tight for his huge dick. Besides I’ve never been fucked there before. He lubricated his cock and my ass then finally got his dick in halfway. He fucked me gently, slowly; I began to like it, it felt so good as my pussy squirted onto the sheets. I arched my back and stretched my cunt towards him. He plunged into my cunt. Drops of juice dripped onto the sheets. The feminine musky scent of my twat assailed my nostrils.

My snug cunt was flooded with juice, surging, levelling and exploding in magical orgasms coming and coming and coming…as he fucked me relentlessly…My sticky juices coating his balls and drenching both our pubic hairs…And he stayed with me, keeping the wave going, hearing my mournful cries of pleasure as I came explosively, spraying out cum like warm oil…His was close behind…Our bodies trembled and shook in unison as he pumped and pumped into me gallons full of hot thick cum…I collapsed onto the bed. He stayed inside me for a long time while we petted and chatted, not wanting to break that connection…Eventually I drifted off to sleep…Two hours later I went into the bathroom to wash my cunt and ass. Elena was there naked brushing her hair. “That was one hell of an awesome fuck. Mateo should be a porn star” I said. Elena told me that actually Mateo and his best buddy Dugan operate a stud service as a vocation, fucking well to do older women sluts in the area. Some of the women are married but their husbands can no longer fuck them. escort maltepe And hubby watches and videos while they are being royally fucked.

Elena began to play with my breasts sucking on my nipples, stroking my cunt. “Let’s have some fun shall we” she said. I was nervous hesitant; I’ve never had lesbian sex before. She spread me wide open on the bed and buried her face in my dripping cunt. She ate me ravenously with lips, tongue and teeth giving me enormous pleasure. My legs shook and my body trembled and I cried out loudly as I came violently…Then it was my turn to eat her. Purring sounds came from her and her body shivered with excitement…”This is truly wonderful” she whispered as she moved instinctively, responding to my every action. The fragrance of her woman ness rose to my nose like steam, the juices gathering at her opening…Her big clitoris again taut and throbbing visibly…

A strangled scream escaped from her as I thrust my tongue into her deeply, forcing out small geysers of liquid spurting from her cunt…She quivered and sprung, shaking violently, gasping. Elena had a glazed look as if in a trance…She writhed and moaned in pleasure as I ate her ravenously until she clung to me like a leech, her hips moving urgently then exploding in a very loud orgasm in a sweating mass…Suddenly the room was flooded with the golden-orange glow of the setting sun for a minute, then slowly faded away…The rustling leaves outside and the flapping of curtains suddenly stopped. Only the sound of our breathing resonated in the room…I was surprised again by my own expertise at cunnilingus…We spent the rest of the day eating boozing smoking pot and fucking. Elena confided that she belonged to a private, exclusive sex club for bisexuals and would like to enroll me. She also said that Mateo occasionally brought home some of his women paramours and fucks them while she watched and if she liked or fancy the woman she fucked her too…Wow I thought, what an awesome relationship between mother and son.

Part Two

The next day was very hot but breezy. Elena and I were totally naked in the house. Mateo returned from his tryst with a 70 year old going on 25 widow, a new client whom he described as a first rate slut. His buddy Dugan was with him. Dugan aka The Black Stallion was a Black Afro-Cuban, good looking with a strong well-muscled athletic body and a terrific sense of humor. He was about Mateo’s age. He had come over to fuck Elena as usual but found me “very attractive, with a fine jiggly ass and hairy cunt”

He decided to fuck me first. Well I thought these folks don’t waste time. They get to the point. Then he dropped his cargo pants to release a massive 15 inch super thick erect monster cock bulging with huge veins and a very big scrotum…

“Holy mother of God” I exclaimed. “He should carry that dick in a wheel barrow” cackled Elena. I was mesmerized by the sight of the mammoth dick. A veritable stallion indeed. My cunt quivered and twitched, juices ran down my inner thighs and I trembled. At last my fantasy was about to come true I thought with delight.

Tears of joy ran down my face as Dunga pushed the mighty, rock hard throbbing dick between my ass cheeks and slowly walked me to the bedroom fondling my tits my clitoris. The sensation was exquisite. I was so turned on so fucking horny. I wanted maltepe escort bayan to be fucked and fucked.

Dunga stroked and caressed my body in a lengthy foreplay then went down on me…I rotated my hips and ground against his face, fully enjoying the sucking, biting and licking, in a frenzy until I came and came, screaming and thrashing about. With my legs raised and wide open my hands gripping my ankles, Dunga plunged his rock hard cock deep within my cunt and stroking my clitoris, then my G-spot, then cervix and back again. Over and over, setting my pussy on fire, with buoyant movement as my walls twitched and contracted against the thrusting powerful cock, pulling him deeper inside like a slowly ingesting boa… The smell of sex was all around us, the room filled with the wet slurpy sounds from my cunt and my farts as he fucked me relentlessly. Elena watched intently.

Dunga luxuriated in my ripened full cunt, while I watched his massive dark cock, slick with my creamy juices, and move in and out of my soaking twat. He stroked my face, gazing thru my eyes into my soul. I moaned and wailed, demanding an endless fucking. Time stood motionless. Passion, lust, love has taken charge of our senses, harnessed with positive sexual energy, we celebrated an orgy. He fucked me and fucked me with increasing intensity, making me come and come. Our bodies quivered with burning currents of pleasure, melting, dissolving into incandescent, suspended ecstasy. Savoring the delicious fucking, the limitless span of the ancient, eternal act of sacred sex. A unification of bodies and with the universe; a healing that is far beyond pleasure, until I was lost in the eruption of extravagant orgasms.

“Give it all to me, let it all go…push me over the limit” I wailed as Dunga continued to fuck me. Doing wonderful things to me, amazing things. And being stoned on pot only made him smoother, incomparable…Until finally he erupted an avalanche of spunk deep into my womb, his body shaking and trembling.

Five hours later after some booze, pot and smoked sea food, Mateo and Dunga fucked me sandwich-style; Dunga in my cunt Mateo in my ass. I was getting what I wanted but good. Holy shit this is how I want to be fucked… They were intent on destroying my cunt and ass and I was willing to be wrecked by the two dudes as I came and came. They pumped me full of hot spunk my overwhelmed cunt fully satiated.

A Propos

An encounter that is both serendipitous and a Kismet that led to a reawakening of my dormant rampant sensuality and a discovery of the slut inside me that has been screaming to be liberated, not to mention my inner lesbianism. On a mission for retribution instead I surrendered to a total sexual nirvana and reached the outer limits of supreme erotic ecstasy. My aging cunt became a raging voracious volcano that devoured massive dicks with relish. I was fucked senseless until I forgot my name. And fuck yes, size matters!

I was intoxicated by the roguish compelling and delectable eroticism. I discovered new dimensions of sex I’d previously overlooked or missed out of ignorance…The resonant, exciting language of lechery, the sweet madness, the risk, the spontaneity, the savoir-faire, the imagination and ingenuity…The acting out of elaborate fantasies, the frisson of perversity…Rituals of sex opened to me, in divine hard core fucking redolent with the force of fierce, lusty passion…The tumultuous orgasms that surge and crash like huge tidal waves…I am now the sacred harlot, queen of the night; my reawakened cunt is open 24/7 only huge cocks are welcome.


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