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The Store Party

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I’d been working at a local grocery store for a couple years, well wholesale food store if there’s a difference I never figured it out. It had all the departments, and a wide selection. The cashiers were a mix of young girls and young housewives supplementing their household budgets. There were probably about 25 of them, mostly part time. I’d started as a part time stock boy and had just been promoted to run the stock crew. I had about 20 guys, 16 to around 25 working evenings cleaning and restocking. It was a fun job and most nights when we finished work, a group of guys would hang out and drink beer and just screw around. Part of my new responsibilities, aside from closing the store every week night, was to take my turn every few weeks opening or closing on weekends. This gave me an opportunity to interact with all the various cashiers and other department heads as well. I became friendly with most everyone that worked there, and took the opportunities to flirt as they presented themselves. As Christmas was approaching, the stores General manager announced the stores Christmas party would be held on a given Saturday. The store would run a light crew, and those that worked would be welcomed to the party when the store closed. In the weeks leading up to the party, the nightly conversations turned from the usual, to anticipation of what Cathy might wear. Would we be able to get a couple extra drinks into Connie, or Nancy. What it might be like to get a slow dance with Billie or Jean. And so the anticipation built. The schedule for that week came out and I was shocked to see that I wasn’t closing the store that night. Awesome! The night of the party finally got here, and I wasn’t going to be late. The first surprise of the evening was the place. I’d known it was being held at a “club house” at the apartment complex where one of the assistant managers lived. I was shocked at the size of the place. Not that it was huge, it just wasn’t small. Lots of room to spread out. A ping-pong table in one corner, a pool table not far from that. In the opposite corner, a large bar. 6 different seating areas with couches and loveseats, each of which could seat between 8-12 people. Mixed around the room were tables that would seat 4 to 10 people. This was a pretty nice place. Lots of wood and earth tones. Very warm and inviting. When I arrived, the general manager, his wife, and a few of the department heads and their wives/girlfriends were doing some light decorating, and setting the food out. Mike, the general manager was wearing the obligatory Santa hat. Nelly, his wife, was wearing a very sexy Mrs. Claus red velvet wrap dress that definitely caught my attention. When I realized that I was staring at the 5-10 blonde, I looked away, but not before she, and I think a few others had caught me. I offered my help, but was told it was under control. I quickly stepped up to the bar and grabbed a beer to help cover my embarrassment. The crowd quickly bayan escort beylikdüzü grew, and by 7pm nearly everyone who wasn’t working had a drink in their hand and based on the volume were having a good time. The Ping-pong table had a steady game going. Many of my stock crew were wagering pieces of their paychecks over who was better. I found the viewing area preferable to the game or two I played. As I cheered on one of my guys, Mrs Claus over. She feigned interest in the game and asked if I was having a good time. I said that it was a nice party, and she looked perfect for the occasion. She leaned in close and said, “Do you really think so? Mike thought it was too much.” “Too much? I don’t think so. It is Christmas after all.” I responded. She looked around quickly, leaned in and gave me a soft little kiss on the cheek. “He said it was too sexy.” She whispered in my ear. I looked her slowly up and down, realizing that she was giving my a lovely look down her cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I caught a lovely view of her small firm breasts. “That’s what makes it perfect from where I’m standing.” I could feel my cheeks turning red as I said it, but I had just about the right amount to drink, and didn’t care. I felt her hand on my ass and with a little squeeze she said, “I hope we can talk more later”. With that she was off to mingle. Here I stood, my cock half hard trying to figure out what my next move would be. As I scanned the room, Mike was standing with his back to me talking with a small group. I was fairly sure that he hadn’t noticed anything. As I continued to scan the room, there stood Nancy. Nancy was about 5-8 and was about 32 and had just the perfect figure. She was married, but she was standing alone. She was wearing a beautiful cream and red silky dress and she looked amazing. But what concerned me was she seemed to be staring right at me. Had she just seen the boss’ wife grab my ass? Still, I hadn’t done anything. I decided to say hi. As I walked toward her, I thought I saw a slight grin. “Hi Nancy, you look amazing!” I said. “You think so?” She teased. She did a slow turn, and said, “Not bad for an old lady I guess.” “Old Lady! I don’t think so. Hottest girl in the room I’d say. Your husband is a very lucky man.” “Right!” She laughed. “So lucky he couldn’t even stay in town for the party.” She went on to tell me that he’d had a hunting trip planned for this weekend, and she’d told him it was OK, but now she wished he was here to celebrate with her. I held my arm out to her and offered to buy her a drink. “Big spender! It’s an open bar!” She laughed. “Lucky me.” I answered and pulled her with me to the bar. That’s pretty much where we stayed for quite a while. I had a good time talking with her, and I flirted with her heavily, knowing it couldn’t go anywhere. But she did look great. The silky material clung to her body and more than once she caught me studying the way escort bayan beylikdüzü her nipple hinted at it’s presence. We chatted amongst ourselves and with others as we had 3 or 4 drinks. I got pulled back to the ping-pong game when Curt, one of my crew that had a way of getting under my skin, very loudly challenged me to a game. After declining a few times, he got more vocal, and before I knew it, much of the room was involved. I was pretty sure I could take him, and now that I was the focal point I decided I shouldn’t push my luck flirting with a married woman. Besides, there were so many girls around my age that if I put on a good show, maybe it would lead to something. So the game was on. After I beat him the first game he got a little belligerent. There were a lot of eyes on our game, and I’d had a fairly easy time of it. He wanted to bet, and after I’d turned him down a number of times, I agreed to a $20 bet just to shut him up. I have to admit all those pretty girls watching did have an effect. The second game was much more competitive, and I was not about to let him get the best of me. As I took a break at 17-18 to get a sip of my drink, I realized that Connie was standing there watching with a smile on her face and a drink in her hand. When did she get here? I loosened the top couple buttons of my shirt and back to the game. After another 15 points, I won 26-24. I picked up the $20 Curt threw onto the table and surveyed the crowd. Connie had retired over to one of the smaller seating areas, so I headed over there. “Glad you could make it.” I said, and meant. She’d obviously gone home to change after work, she looked great in a short tight skirt and a soft looking top. I wasn’t sure, but I couldn’t see any hint of a bra. I wondered what her perky little tits would feel like. I sat in the chair next to the couch she was on. As we chatted, a few others gathered and it was a very comfortable conversation. The party was starting to thin a bit as a number of people started to leave. I felt hands on my shoulders, and I looked up to see Nancy smiling down at me. “I’m having a few people over to my house in a half hour or so. I’d like it if you’d come too.” She said to the group. I looked at Connie and said, “That sound like fun, what do you think?” A few of the others chirped in saying maybe. I finished my drink coming to the realization that nothing was likely to happen with Connie or anyone else, and I was having fun, so I thought I’d see what was happening by Nancy. I got up, and started to say good night, when Connie looked at me and said, “What, No Christmas kiss?” I was stunned. I know I turned red and stammered, “We- well, sure, of course! How rude of me.” She smiled that girl next door smile and said, “Well, that’s better.” I held my hand out to her, and helped her to her feet. I’m 6-1, so as I pulled her to her feet, I leaned down and lightly pecked at her soft lips. She pulled kayaşehir escort my neck firmly to her and kissed me back with much more intensity than I could have dreamed of. All too soon the kiss ended, but that started a string of Christmas kisses around the remaining party goers. I saw Mike over in the corner being given an incredible looking kiss from Cathy, my friend Jeff was going from one to the next clearly enjoying himself. Before I knew it I was spun around and Mrs. Claus had her tongue tangling in my mouth and her hands were pulling my hips to hers. She clearly knew that I was hard by the time we broke that kiss. By the time I finally found my coat, and walked out the door, I’d been kissed by more girls than my entire life to that point. Between the alcohol and the soft sensual lips, my head was spinning and my cock was throbbing. I decided that I’d drive past Nancy’s house on the way toward home, and if there were lights on I’d stop in. I wasn’t sure if anyone else was going to stop, and by the time I got the car started, I was kicking myself for leaving. The 5 minute ride across town was about enough to ease the discomfort in my pants and I was happy to see the lights on at Nancy’s. I walked up to the door, and before I could knock she was opening the door. She looked great, she’d let her hair down, and had kicked off her heels. “What would you like to drink?” “A beer would be fine.” “OK, why don’t you make yourself comfortable in the living room.” I stepped in to the other room and there sat Mrs. Claus, her bare feet curled up next to her on the couch. I didn’t see anyone else in the house, but assumed that Mike must be in the bathroom or something. She curled her feet to the other side and patted the couch next to her. . . “Why don’t you sit over here?” I weighed my options, but in the end, the amount of thigh that she was showing in that position and the view of the bare tits from earlier won out and I slipped past the coffee table and sat by her. As Nancy came back into the room, she handed me my beer and I saw a look pass between them. A second later, there was a knock on the door and Nancy headed off to answer. With that opportunity, Mrs. Claus slipped her hand onto my leg and whispered, “Now that was a nice Christmas Kiss, wasn’t it?” Her hand finding my rapidly hardening cock. The room came to life as in walked Connie, Jeff, Billie, Tom, and Jean. They were in the midst of a conversation, so I don’t think anyone saw Mrs. Claus slip her hand off my leg. Some soft Christmas music was playing in the background and Nancy returned with drinks for everyone. “The rules in this house are simple, I get the first drink, but you’re on your own for the rest. Make yourselves at home, what’s mine is yours, and she sat down nearly on top of me. The effect was to squeeze me between the two older married women in the room. Not that I was complaining, but I started thinking here I am with 5 females, and I’m between the 2 who are unavailable. I watched and chatted as Tom & Jeff were trying to position themselves to score with the girls, while I swear I was getting groped on occasion. I leaned close to Nancy and asked, “Where’s the bathroom?” She pointed toward the kitchen, “Through the kitchen, just around the corner on the right.” “Thanks.

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