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THE STORE ROOMDonna was working late doing some stock taking at the store she used to work at in town. She was wearing her work uniform, black blouse, grey skirt. She was putting some shoes away in size order cubby holes, Steve her manager, was passing them up to her, she was standing on a small ladder, this time she reached too far and wobbled, Steve put his hands on her bum so she wouldn’t fall.As she came down the ladder, Steve slipped his hands under her blouse and fondled her tits, when she got to the floor she turned around to face him, he kissed her and soon they were snogging, she had her hand around his neck and he had his on her tits. Then the door opened and in came Steve’s boss, Richard, he locked the door behind him and approached them.Richard slipped his hands up my wife’s top from behind and Donna turned round and bornova escort was soon snogging Richard, Steve unclipped her bra and fondled her tits as Richard unbuttoned her blouse. After a few minutes both men side walked her over to a cushioned bench, she bent down on her left knee and rubbed the front of Richards pants as he unbuttoned them they fell to the floor.Donna soon discarded his undies and wrapping her fist around his shaft she popped his cock into her mouth. Steve lifted up her skirt and ran his finger up and down her ass crack, she moaned. He soon brought his hand round to the front and was rubbing his fingers up and down her slit over her knickers, she was really moaning now.Slipping his fingers under the elastic he dipped one into her warm wet pussy and used his thumb to rub her bornova escort bayan clit, it wasn’t long before she was groaning out loud, a few minutes later she let go of Richard and gripped the cushions and screamed out her climax as Richard rolled her nipples. When she’d recovered she turned around to see Steve already had his cock in his hand.As Donna knelt on the bench and took Steve into her mouth Richard lifted up her skirt and rubbed her cunt, pulling down her knickers to her knees he opened her chunky legs and slotted himself deep in her pussy, fucking her hard but not too fast, she gasped as he entered her and moaned throughout, as she wanked and sucked Steve.Five minutes went by and Steve pulled away from Donna as Richard pulled out of her pussy, the two men changed sides, Steve pulled escort bornova her over and got her on her back, as he pulled her knickers off one leg, he opened her chubby thighs and slotted himself into her in the missionary position. Richard was knelt at the side as Donna took him into her mouth.As Steve banged my wife Richard knew he couldn’t last much longer and said to Donna “slow down I’m coming” but she carried on and within minutes Richard groaned and his seed shot out of his cock and straight into Donna’s mouth, it came at such a rate she couldn’t swallow it all and some dribbled out of her mouth and ran down to her tits.She sucked him dry. Steve was also moaning and Donna said “Don’t come inside me”, as he pulled out he waddled up towards her she grabbed hold of his cock and wanked him off, he came all over Donna’s tits, then he rubbed it into her skin like moisturiser. Both men got dressed and so did Donna, only she was sweating like a pig.As she got dressed both Steve and Richard said thanks and Donna said “It was good wasn’t it”, the men looked at each other knowing there could be another session sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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