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THE STORY OF T – Chapter 10 – Six Months Later

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THE STORY OF T – Chapter 10 – Six Months LaterTHE STORY OF TChapter 10 – Six Months LaterMy cell door bolts drew back…..I was doing my 324th consecutive pushup…..yet another new personal record. I was in wonderful physical condition. Exercise was all I had to keep myself sane.Startled, I scrambled to my position, and just made it before the door swung open. It was about mid-day, as far as I could judge. I had always been left completely alone all day up to now…. what’s happening! I held my nose to the wall, perfectly in position. I kept my legs well apart, so the ladies could see my ass and balls. I kept my back straight, and my chain taught. I was perfectly trained.I heard two sets of footsteps enter my cell…..Mindy’s footsteps I recognized…..but who was the other lady…. could it be my wife had come back to let me out at last?!!!“Which one is in this cell? Is it the new Englishman?” I heard a Lady’s voice ask.’No, this is the American, Madame. He’s come along well in the last 6 months under your training methods. Nice and lean now, very good condition as you can see. His behavior continues to improve. He’s become very obedient. He keeps a good position, as you can see. Many Ladies would wish to buy him now!’.‘My God…. have I really been here for 6 months?!’ I thought.The new footsteps came up to me. I felt a high heeled boot press on my ass and cuffs were fastened on my wrists. The lady reached down and inspected my padlock, then roughly turned my collar around and pulled at the chain. She carefully examined the thick links of the chain, one by one, then the ringbolt. As she dropped the heavy chain, I heard her laugh, bahis şirketleri very quietly.She stood up.’Everything is in order. His collar is padlocked. His chain is secure. Perfect! No escape for him!”Are you keeping him under strict discipline, as his wife ordered? And are you using the strap each day, as I ordered? How does he take the strap?’I realized it was Ms Grange. I recognized her voice. It was not my wife. My heart sank. My wife would never come back…I knew it now.’Yes, absolutely strict discipline, Madame. He’s very obedient now, but I give him six with the strap, every day, to keep him docile! He takes it better now, Madame. He can usually take three or four strokes, before he starts to yell!’“Is he masturbating? They all do that, if they can.”“No Madame. He’s been closely watched. I’m sure he hasn’t. And I’ve warned him that I’ll strap him severely, if I see his hands anywhere near his cock. He hates the strap, so I’m sure he wouldn’t risk it.”’Good work, Mindy. He looks in good condition, everything is secure, and he seems well trained. Give me another progress report in another 6 months’.Her footsteps receded……’What!..another six months ……here?’ I could not believe what I heard. I lost control of myself.’NO !!!!!!’ I shouted our loud.’I CAN’T STAND ANOTHER 6 MONTHS CHAINED HERE!!!!!!!!!!’I screamed ……. in a frenzy…..’PLEASE……. PLEASE………MADAME GRANGE……. PLEASE!!!!!!!! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTHS!!!………. PLEASE, CALL MY WIFE…. TELL HER TO COME AND GET ME!!!!!!!!I’LL DO ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!!!’I fell quiet and sobbed. I had broken her rule about speaking without bahis firmaları permission (screaming, actually). I tried to show the Ladies that I was still respectful by staying perfectly in position.I stayed perfectly in position, silent, my nose to the wall…..and waited……chained…..sobbingThe Ladies footsteps halted. There was complete silence.’I thought you told me he was “very obedient” said Ms Grange in a thoughtful voice’I’m so sorry Madame’ said Mindy ‘I didn’t expect that outburst…..he’s never done that before….he’ll get twelve with the strap for that insolence!’’Yes. That’s good’ said Ms Grange after a pause ‘but make it twenty, and make them nice and hard, Mindy!’ ‘Also, that outburst was not just a slip…. that was calculated, intentional disobedience. That’s a caning offence! I have a free afternoon a week from tomorrow. Please have him ready for caning then’.’Yes Madame, he’ll be ready’Ms Grange left, whilst I stayed rigidly in position.’Prisoner, you have disgraced me!’ said Mindy, after Ms Grange had left.’I’m going to give you 20 now!…hold in position……or you’ll get extra!’WHHAAPPP!!Mindy grunted with her effort, putting all her strength into the stroke.I gasped as a wide band of fire blazed across my buttocks. Tears came to my eyes…it was exquisitely painful….I could not bear it..WHHAAPPP!!Ohhhh…a little moan of pain sprung from my lips before I could stop myself.‘Do you like my strap, a****l? asked Ms Mindy, breathing hardWHHAAPPP!!‘Answer me, you fucking cock!’WHHAAPPP!!‘yes, madame….Please, Madame….its too severe!!!!’WHHAAPPP!!…… WHHAAPPP!!……. WHHAAPPP!!OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!. Please!…Please!!!!….. kaçak bahis siteleri OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!……’Now you’re howling well, a****l!’ cried Mindy, laughing with joy.WHHAAPPP!!…… WHHAAPPP!!……. WHHAAPPP!!OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!……. OOOHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!……I bellowed with pain as Mindy applied the strokes with precision, one stroke every 20 seconds, each one in exactly the same place on my buttocks.‘Keep your nose to the wall, cock a****l’.WHHAAPPP!!…… WHHAAPPP!!……. WHHAAPPP!!‘NOOoooo…..NOOoooo …PPLLLeeeeeaaasssee!!’’Hold your position, a****l’ snarled Mindy, breathing heavily.WHHAAPPP!!…… WHHAAPPP!!……. WHHAAPPP!!OOOHHHhhhhh!!!!!……. OOHHhhhhhh!!!!!…… OOOHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!‘Keep still, or I’ll give you extra! do you understand me? I mean it!!’ she shouted.’yes Madame……’WHHAAPPP!!…… WHHAAPPP!!……. WHHAAPPP!!OOOHHHhhhh!!!!!……. OOHHHHhhhhh!!!!!…… OOOHHHHHHhhhh!!!!!……At last I had received the last agonizing stroke, and my yells changed to sobbing. I held my position, sobbing, my ass burning. Mindy stood behind me, breathing hard from the effort, swinging her strap, her face flushed, watching me intently, with a look of fascinated disgust on her beautiful face.’Do you intend to be disobedient again, prisoner?’ Asked Ms Mindy, breathing hard.”No, Madame” I sobbed “I promise I’ll be obedient, I promise I promise!’‘You will be caned next week, prisoner’ Ms Mindy said, with relish ‘and you will find that the cane is much worse than the strap’.I heard the cell door slam and lock.I was left alone, chained to the wall.I tenderly put my hands on my buttocks…. the pressure helped the pain slightly……my chain jangled as I moved. The sound made my cock stiffen. I loved the look and sound of my chain.‘Surely….. the cane could not possibly be worse than the strap…..could it???!!!!’ I wondered. Soon, I would find out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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